Reading Room Rules

To ensure the long-term preservation of archival documents, it is important to follow the rules listed below. These rules apply to both the Library's Special Collections and Records Management and Archives Reading Rooms.


  1. Material may not be removed from the research area(s).
  2. Bring only what you need to take notes. Leave coats, bags, and other similar items in the lockers or on the coat racks provided. Electronic devices are allowed.
  3. No food or drink is permitted.
  4. Use pencils only. No pens of any kind may be used.
  5. Consult only one box of materials at a time.
  6. Remove only one folder from a box at a time.
  7. Maintain order of the materials in the folder. Do not reorganize or reclassify archival materials.
  8. Do not annotate or dirty documents.
  9. Do not mark pages with sticky notes. Use the markers provided.
  10. Report any accident or damage to a document immediately


  1. Handle all materials with care.
  2. Handle the enclosure or the container rather than the documents.
  3. Do not lean on documents, books, enclosures or archives boxes.
  4. Do not place your note pad or electronic equipment on top of collection material.
  5. Replace documents you are not using into file folders and boxes.
  6. Realign papers manually before returning the file folder to a box.
  7. Support fragile bindings by using book-rests.
  8. Use lint-free gloves while consulting photographic materials and fragile documents.