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            Al Baculis fonds
            P0215 · Fonds · [196-?]

            The Al Baculis fonds documents Al Baculis’ career as a jazz musician.

            The fonds consists of arrangements written by Al Baculis in the 1960s. It includes scores for Caravan, I believe in you, Love for sale, Out of Bounds, Round the Bend, Say si si, Will you still be mine?, and Wives and Lovers.

            Baculis, Al
            Al Palmer fonds
            P084 · Fonds · [19--] ; 1936-1971

            The Al Palmer Fonds provides information on Montreal and other cities, as gathered by Al Palmer through his journalistic career between 1940 and 1971.

            The fonds includes thematic files on people and topics that Al Palmer covered in his columns and police chronicles. It contains notes, copies of court records, clippings, programs, brochures, and photographs.

            Palmer, Alan Douglas
            Alex Robertson fonds
            P023 · Fonds · 1853-1988

            Between 1940 and 1986, Alex Robertson collected records. Most of the recordings in the fonds are 78 rpm's pressed in Montreal by Berliner and Compo: Berliner was the first Canadian company to produce records, and Compo was the first to record Canadian Black musicians. The fonds contains a large number of sound recordings that have never had commercial or widespread distribution. The fonds includes about 3,000 pieces of sheet music of various genres, dating from ca 1885 to 1970; about 1,000 pieces have Canadian content. The fonds includes numerous catalogues and promotional pamphlets from record and sheet-music publishing companies, dealers, clubs, and radio stations. Also included are books annotated by Alex Robertson in the course of his disco-graphical research. Alex Robertson's research materials on record labels and series, as well as on Montreal musical activity between 1913 and 1970 are included in the fonds. His extensive correspondence and related newsletters are included. The fonds includes photographs of Alex Robertson with his family; there is also a photograph of Alex Robertson with jazz author George Martin, and several of a reception held in his honor in the Concordia University Archives reading room in 1988.

            The fonds is organized into the following series:
            P0023/A Correspondence
            P0023/B Research on record labels and series
            P0023/C Research on Montreal music activity
            P0023/D Photographs

            Robertson, Alex
            Bob Redmond fonds
            P0064 · Fonds · 1935-2018

            The Bob Redmond fonds provides information about Robert Redmond's life and his career as lead saxophonist with many bands like the Stardusters, the Escorts, and the Johnny Holmes Orchestra. It also provides information about Redmond's experience as a musician during World War II. Furthermore, it includes materials related to the history of Jazz in general and in Montreal in particular, as well as the big-band era in Montreal. The fonds includes several unpublished novels, poems and other texts written by Bob Redmond.

            The fonds contains Redmond’s notes and essays as well as correspondence, sheet music, a scrapbook, clippings, photographs, publicity materials, directories, and books and magazines from Redmond’s library. It also contains audio cassettes, CDs, videocassettes, a DVD and over 300 audio discs

            Redmond, Robert
            Clyde Duncan Fonds
            P018 · Fonds · [193-]-1986

            The fonds provides information about Clyde Duncan's career as a jazz musician.

            The fonds contains musical engagement contracts (1939-1940), the Canadian Federation of Musicians by-laws (1930), concert programs, press clippings, photographs, and sound recordings.

            Duncan, Clyde
            P078 · Collection · [193-]-[196-]

            Collection provides information on jazz music in Montreal from the 1930s through the 1960s. The collection complements other fonds and collections housed in the Concordia University Archives and Concordia University Library, Special Collections.

            The collection includes swizzle sticks and other memorabilia from Montreal jazz night clubs such as Rockhead's Paradise, the Rainbow Bar Café, and Dinty Moore's. It also contains sound recordings, photographs of Rockhead's Paradise and owner Rufus Rockhead, sheet music, videotape copies of televisions shows on jazz musicians Oliver Jones, Paul Bley, and Oscar Peterson, and a copy of the book Montreal Confidential by Al Palmer.

            Concordia University. Records Management and Archives
            David (Dave) Clark fonds
            F021 · Fonds · [19--]-2006

            The David Clark fonds provides insight into the career of musician David Clark in the second half of the 20th century. It documents Dave Clark’s professional activity as an instrumentalist, bandleader, arranger and transcriber; and as a teacher. The fonds also documents Dave Clark’s involvement in the Fossils Club of Montreal and serves to document some of the club's musical performances.

            The fonds includes musical scores, sheet music, and song books, covering both classical music and jazz; scripts for plays; programs; sound recordings; plaques; and photographs. In addition to published music, the fonds includes music arranged or transcribed by Dave Clark and other musicians.

            The fonds is organized into the following series:
            F021/A Fossils Club of Montreal
            F021/B Musical scores
            F021/C Sound recordings

            Clark, David
            David Lee fonds
            P233 · Fonds · 1984-2000

            The David Lee fonds illustrates David Lee’s work as an author as well as the life of Paul Bley. It contains material related to the biography of the Montreal-born jazz pianist Paul Bley (1932-2016), entitled “Stopping Time : Paul Bley and the Transformation of Jazz” by Paul Bley and David Lee, published by Vehicule Press in 1998.

            The fonds includes transcripts of interviews with Paul Bley; manuscripts for the book “Stopping Time : Paul Bley and the Transformation of Jazz” by Paul Bley and David Lee; correspondence; and photographs, among other documents.

            Lee, David
            Edwin Orion Brownell fonds
            P0147 · Fonds · 1999-2000

            The fonds provides information on rhythm and blues music in Montreal.

            The fonds contains a Concordia University paper written in 2000, entitled Notes in Time: A Brief Oral History of Montreal's Rhythm and Blues Club Circuit, on the club circuit in Montreal 1967-1999. It includes video interviews with four rhythm and blues musicians and a laser copy of an exterior photograph of the Montreal night club Rockhead's Paradise.

            Orion Brownell, Edwin
            Georgiantics 1942
            P0069-02-08 · Item · 1942
            Part of Fred Kerner fonds

            "Taking Ten"- a breather during rehearsals. Claire Katze (actor) (upper left), Lorna Moore (singer) (at Claire's left), Lucille Stern (lower left), Fred Kerner (at the keyboard)

            Gerry Hanson fonds
            P0175 · Fonds · [194-]-1983

            The Gerry Hanson fonds contains documentation pertaining to Montreal's music scene during the big-band era, and illustrates Gerry Hanson’s life as a musician.

            The fonds consists of 12 photographs showcasing Montreal orchestras in which Hanson performed, including the Westernaires, the Blue Serenaders, the Alouette Band, and Paul Beauregard’s Orchestra. The performers depicted in these photographs are mostly identified. The fonds also includes photocopies of press clippings.

            Hanson, Gerry
            Gordie Fleming fonds
            P178 · Fonds · [195-]-[197-]

            The fonds consists mainly of recordings of radio broadcasts featuring musical performances by Gordie Fleming and his group. Most were broadcast on Radio-Canada and CBC on Lower Canada Swing, Saturday Set, Les joyeux troubadours, Jazz en liberté and Les fantaisistes.

            Fleming, Gordie
            Guy Thouin fonds
            F040 · Fonds · 1942 - 2021

            The fonds documents Guy Thouin’s career from the 1950s to 2021, including his time at the Quatuor de jazz libre du Québec (1967-1971), L’Infornie (1969-1971), The Heart Ensemble (1989-present), and Nouveau Jazz Libre du Québec (2012). The fonds also provides information about Thouin’s personal life, including his early years in elementary school, his time playing with the cadets, moments with his family and friends, his studies in Quebec, and his life in India.

            The Guy Thouin fonds contains photographs, music scores composed by Guy Thouin from 1968 to 2020, sound and audiovisual recordings of live performances, posters, records, clippings about Guy Thouin and his musical projects, flyers, curriculum vitae, biographical notes, postcards, press releases, certificate of birth and baptism, and certificate of optician license.

            The Guy Thouin fonds is divided into 4 series:
            F040/A Scores
            F040/B Photographs
            F040/C Musical career
            F040/D Personal records

            Thouin, Guy
            Harriet Eisenkraft fonds
            P068 · Fonds · April 2009

            The fonds consists of interviews conducted by Harriet Eisenkraft.

            Eisenkraft, Harriet
            Henry Whiston fonds
            P158 · Fonds · 1943-1976, predominant 1956-1976

            The fonds is a source of jazz history in the mid-20th century.

            The fonds consists of 491 reel-to-reel audio tapes. Most of them contain interviews conducted by Henry Whiston with jazz personalities, in preparation for the show "Jazz at Its Best" and other radio shows. The interviews served as source material from which excerpts were edited into the program. A large part of the documents are related to Glenn Miller or the Duke Ellington orchestra.

            Whiston, Henry
            Herb Johnson fonds
            P0088 · Fonds · 1898-1987

            The fonds consists of materials assembled by Herb Johnson. It reflects his career as a musical performer, combo and dance band/orchestra leader, and musicians' union member and executive, as well as his personal interests and personal life.

            The fonds documents the dance band and jazz music scene from the 1930s through the 1980s, primarily in Montreal. It is a valuable source of documentation on the bebop style of jazz that emerged in the 1940s, and of documentation related to the Senior Musicians' Association and Orchestra.

            The fonds consists of manuscript and print music, including arrangements by Herb Johnson; personal correspondence; saxophone and clarinet technique books and articles; books and articles on arranging, harmonizing, and other facets of music; photographs; notebooks; personal financial records; programs, clippings, and other memorabilia; and magazines. The fonds includes sound recordings as well as objects including music portfolios, pocket handkerchiefs, and a record carrying case. There are also union-related correspondence, financial documents, contracts and other documents related to musicians' pay and benefits, founding documents, constitutions and by-laws, questionnaires, ballot papers, agendas, minutes, and address books.

            The fonds is arranged in the following series and sub-series:

            P0088/1 Correspondents
            P0088/1A Family and friends
            P0088/1B Music colleagues
            P0088/1C Personal business correspondents
            P0088/2 Personal files
            P0088/2A Personal interests and personal affairs
            P0088/2B Music industry
            P0088/2C Music technique
            P0088/2D Photographs
            P0088/3 Union activity
            P0088/3A Musicians' Guild of Montreal
            P0088/3B Senior Musicians' Association
            P0088/4 Print and manuscript music
            P0088/5 Technique books, manuals, tutors, methods
            P0088/6 Magazines and promotional literature
            P0088/7 Collection of sound recordings
            P0088/7A Privately recorded sound recordings
            P0088/7B Commercial sound recordings.

            Johnson, Herb
            Hour collection
            C033 · Collection · 1993-2012

            The Hour collection is composed of 72 bound volumes of the Hour newspaper published between 1993 and 2011 and those issues published under the name Hour Community in 2011 and 2012. The bound volumes comprise almost every issue of Hour and Hour Community published between February 1993 and May 2012, with the exception of volume 2, numbers 18 to 35 (1994), which are missing from the collection. The collection also contains the prototype of Hour.

            P066 · Fonds · 1990

            Fonds consists of a manuscript of the musical score The Upper Neighbours Suitewhich. The Upper Neighbours Suitewhich was commissioned by the Association, composed and arranged by Jimmy Heath, and performed by Jimmy Heath and Richard Parris at its world premiere on October 6, 1990, at the Concordia University Concert Hall.

            Jazz Association of Montreal Inc.
            Jean Préfontaine fonds
            P020 · Fonds · 1967-2008, predominant 1967-1975

            The fonds provides an overview of Jean Préfontaine's career until 1979. It includes information on the Petit Québec Libre (1971); Quatuor de Jazz du Québec (1968-1972); La Colonie Artistique Val-David (1979); La Ferme du Jazz Libre (1970-1972); l'Amorce (1972-1974); Relève-Kébec; l'Association coopérative ouvrière de production, les amis du Québec (ACOPAQ); and l'Atelier Pathografik.

            Documents include, but are not limited to: correspondence, notes, photographs, newspaper clippings, a Local Initiatives Program application and related documentation, posters, programs, a questionnaire, song lyrics, a score and corresponding sound cards, a phone book, a lease, a loan agreement, contracts and other legal documents.

            Préfontaine, Jean
            Joe Bell fonds
            P010 · Fonds · 1934-1950, predominantly 1934-1945

            The fonds provides information on jazz music and musicians in Montreal during the 1930s and 1940s.

            The fonds consists of two scrapbooks Joe Bell kept during those years. It contains publicity photographs of orchestras and individual performers, clippings, menus, and cards from various night clubs and ballrooms. The fonds also includes 11 audio discs.

            Bell, Joe
            John Gilmore fonds
            P004 · Fonds · [ca. 1912?]-2021, predominantly 1981-1983

            The fonds provides information on jazz in Montreal between 1916 and 2007.

            The fonds contains the material John Gilmore gathered for his two books. It contains research notes, sound recordings including interviews with musicians and others, photographs, posters, correspondence, and a manuscript of Swinging in Paradise: The Story of Jazz in Montreal.

            The fonds is organized in the following series:
            P0004/A Research material
            P0004/B Manuscripts
            P0004/C Reviews
            P0004/D Lectures and interviews

            Gilmore, John
            Johnny Holmes fonds
            P0016 · Fonds · [194-]-1989

            The fonds provides information on jazz in Montreal, particularly on radio, during the 1950s and 1960s.

            The fonds contains music that Johnny Holmes arranged and conducted, audiotapes of CBC radio broadcasts, photographs of performers, and press clippings.

            Holmes, Johnny
            Johnny Reno fonds
            P0065 · Fonds · 1943

            The Johnny Reno fonds consists of two photographs of Percy Ferguson's Victory Serenadors, including Oscar Peterson, at Canadian Pacific's Rosemont Hall in Montreal in 1943.

            Reno, Johnny
            Kenneth S. Muer collection
            P106 · Collection · [190-]-[194-]

            The collection consists of sheet music for a variety of musical styles.

            Muer, Kenneth S.
            Logos collection
            C034 · Collection · 1967-1972

            The Logos collection contains 27 issues of Logos, published between 1967 and 1972. It also contains three issues of The Local Rag, also published in Montreal, which date to 1969, and one issue of The Astral Projection (published in the 1960s or 1970s).

            Maury Kaye fonds
            P0031 · Fonds · [195-]-[198-]

            The Maury Kaye fonds consists of arrangements done by Maury Kaye in the 1950s and the 1960s, and contains 106 pieces for piano, bass, and drums. The fonds also contains five sound recordings featuring Maury Kaye playing some of his hit songs.

            Kaye, Maury
            Meilan Lam fonds
            P135 · Fonds · 1931-1999

            The fonds provides information on Montreal's Black jazz scene from the 1920s to the 1960s, chronicling the lives of three women - Tina Baines Brereton, Bernice Jordan Whims, and Olga Spencer Foderingham - who danced in night clubs such as Rockhead's Paradise, The Terminal, and Café St. Michel.

            The fonds consists of materials gathered, and in some cases created, during the National Film Board of Canada's production of Show Girls / Les Girls. It includes research notes, edited sequences on videotape, video tapes and transcripts of interviews with the film's principals, audio tapes of interviews with various sources, stock footage, shot lists, clippings of night clubs ads, historical reference books, and VHS copies of the documentary.

            Lam, Meilan