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            9 Archival description results for Literature (writings)

            Beatrice Bazar fonds
            F008 · Fonds · 1934-2009

            The Beatrice Bazar fonds contain materials created or accumulated by Beatrice Bazar from 1935 to 2009. The fonds also includes material related to Bazar’s relationship with Irving Layton.

            The fonds consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, honors and awards given to Bazar, invitation cards to several diplomatic events and ceremonies, newspaper clippings, and documentation about Bazar's work and community services, including her participation as a board member of the United Nations Association in Canada. The fonds also includes newspaper clippings of Layton’s poems, one of which is signed, love letters and poems to Beatrice Bazar from Irving Layton, and photographs, The Beatrice Bazar Fonds is part of the Irving Layton Collection.

            The fonds is divided into three series:
            F008/A Letters
            F008/B Photographs
            F008/C Poems
            F008/D Work and Community Service
            F008/E Personal records

            Bazar, Beatrice
            Carolyn Smith fonds
            F002 · Fonds · [196-?]-2005

            Fonds contains records relating to Carolyn Smith as Irving Layton’s friend. Material consists of letters, postcards, photographs, poems, and newspaper clippings. The Carolyn Smith Fonds is part of the Irving Layton Collection.

            The fonds has been divided into 4 series:
            F002/A Correspondence
            F002/B Clippings
            F002/C Photographs
            F002/D Publicity

            Smith, Carolyn
            Dorothy Rath fonds
            F007 · Fonds · 1957–1997

            Dorothy Rath Fonds consist of records relating to Dorothy Rath as Layton’s friend. Records include correspondence between Rath and Layton, photographs of Dorothy Rath, Irving Layton, and friends, audio recordings of Layton’s public readings, video clips of Layton’s television appearances and book readings, newspaper clippings relating to Layton’s works, and promotional and publicity material regarding Layton’s appearances. The Dorothy Rath Fonds is part of the Irving Layton Collection.

            The fonds is divided into 8 series:
            F007/A Audio recordings
            F007/B Clippings
            F007/C Correspondence
            F007/D Photographs
            F007/E Poems
            F007/F Promotional Material
            F007/G Sculptures
            F007/H Video recordings

            Rath, Dorothy
            Gertrude Katz collection
            C010 · Collection · 1956-2007, predominant 1956-1983

            The collection consists of materials accumulated by Gertrude and Carl Katz related to Gertrude's friendship and working relationship with Irving Layton. The documents concern the life and work of Irving Layton.

            The collection includes correspondence, poems, offprints and reprints, programs, photographs, clippings, financial documents, a transcript, a deed of sale, books and a phonographic record.

            The collection is divided into six series:
            C010/A. Correspondence
            C010/B. Poetry and publications
            C010/C. Promotional materials
            C010/D. Photographs
            C010/E. Clippings
            C010/F. Financial documents

            Katz, Gertrude
            C014 · Collection · 1955 – 1959

            Collection composed of letters and postcards written by the founder of Jargon Press, Jonathan Williams, to Ida Hodes. The letters contain information about poetry and publications, about subscriptions, poetry and poetry circles in the United States, a discussion of career prospects, and publicity for recent publications by Jargon Press.

            Williams, Jonathan
            Irving Layton fonds
            F001 · Fonds · 1912-1997

            Irving Layton fonds consists of records relating to Layton’s life and activities as a writer. Records include correspondence between family members, professionals, friends, newspapers and periodicals, colleges and universities, reviews of Layton’s works, fan letters, published material, offprints of poems, transcripts of interviews, publicity for public appearances and readings, reviews of his works, foreign language articles, manuscripts and drafts of monographs and poems, transcripts of interviews, newspaper clippings, notebooks, journals, calendars, schedules, agendas, personal papers including bills, invoices, finances, awards and certificates, and audio visual material.

            The fonds is divided into 16 series:
            F001/A Objects
            F001/B Audio recordings
            F001/C Clippings
            F001/D Conferences and festivals
            F001/E Correspondence
            F001/F Art works
            F001/G Manuscripts, poems, articles, and essays
            F001/H Notebooks and journals
            F001/I Personal papers
            F001/J Photographs
            F001/K Public appearances
            F001/L Reviews
            F001/M Schedules
            F001/N Scrapbooks
            F001/O Transcripts and interviews
            F001/P Video recordings

            Layton, Irving
            Marion Wagschal fonds
            F003 · Fonds · [196-] – 1984

            Fonds contain records relating to Marion Wagschal as an artist and Irving Layton’s friend. Material consists of drawings, slides, postcards, and handwritten letters from Irving Layton. The Marion Wagschal Fonds is part of the Irving Layton Collection.

            The fonds has been divided into the following series:
            F003/A Correspondence
            F003/B Drawings and paintings
            F003/C Poems.

            Wagschal, Marion
            Peter Desbarats fonds
            F009 · Fonds · [196-?] – 1976

            Fonds contains records relating to the research and writing of Peter Desbarats’ monograph René: A Canadian in Search of a Country. Material consists of transcripts, notes, manuscript and typed drafts and corrections, and correspondence between Desbarats and René Levesque and Desbarats and Dick Brown from Canadian Magazine.

            The fonds is divided into three series:
            F009/A Interviews
            F009/B Manuscripts
            F009/C Correspondence

            Desbarats, Peter
            Wynne Francis fonds
            F006 · Fonds · 1950-1997

            The fonds documents Wynne Francis’ friendship with Irving Layton. It consists of letters, sound recordings, research material and notes for Francis’ unfinished biography of Irving Layton, photographs, promotional material, written works, poems, and teaching notes. The Wynne Francis Fonds is part of the Irving Layton Collection.

            The fonds has been divided into 9 series:
            F006/A Sound Recordings
            F006/B Clippings
            F006/C Correspondence
            F006/D Manuscripts, Articles, and Drafts
            F006/E Photographs
            F006/F Poems
            F006/G Promotional Material
            F006/H Research Material
            F006/I Teaching Material

            Francis, Wynne