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            Alan Hustak fonds
            P0191 · Fonds · 1829-2005

            The fonds is related to Alan Hustak’s work as a journalist and author.
            It consists mostly of research material on the Quebec physician and Montreal mayor of Irish origin Sir William Hales Hingston, (1829-1907). The material was collected by Alan Hustak in preparation of his book Sir William Hingston : Montreal Mayor, Surgeon and Banker, published in 2004.
            The research material and articles on pilot Albert Mah (1920-2005) and Canadian broadcaster Jimmy Tapp (1918-2004) give an insight in Hustak’s work as a journalist. The fonds also includes photographs of singer Norma Hutton.

            The fonds includes without limitations correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, brochures, manuscripts, book chapters and personal documents. Most documents are reproductions, made in the 1990s or later.

            The fonds is organized into the following series:
            P0191/A. Research material on Sir William Hale Hingston
            P0191/B. Hustaks journalistic work

            Hustak, Alan
            Bellelle Guerin fonds
            F029 · Fonds · [1847?]-1972, predominant 1875-1920

            The Bellelle Guerin fonds documents life and work of the Guerin family. Most significantly, the materials contained in the fonds pertain to the careers of John Edmund Guerin and Bellelle Guerin. The fonds also contains materials concerning other members of the Guerin family. Two scrapbooks document John Edmund Guerin’s political career as mayor of Montreal from his election in 1910 until 1912. These scrapbooks also contain materials concerning important events occurring during his mandate, including the International Eucharist Congress; the visits of Earl Grey and the duke and duchess of Connaught; and the death of King Edward 7th, among others. A third scrapbook contains information pertaining to the 1917 election and the Catholic Women’s League of Canada. Some documents are also related to Thomas or Mary Carroll Guerin. The fourth scrapbook contains clippings of newspaper articles, most of which were written by Thomas Guerin, Bellelle’s father. These articles concern Thomas Guerin's work as a civil engineer in Montreal in the 1870s and 1880s, and document a number of his concerns, including sewerage problems and floods in Montreal.

            The Bellelle Guerin fonds is composed of 4 scrapbooks containing clippings and memorabilia, and a pin given to James John Edmund Guerin during the Eucharist Congress in 1910.

            Guerin, Bellelle
            P151 · Collection · 1896, 1901

            The fonds consists of an 1896 photograph of the choir of St. Patrick's Church, Montreal and a menu of the 20th Century Drive and Banquet, held by the St. Ann’s Young Men’s Society Montreal on January 8, 1901.

            Concordia University. Records Management and Archives
            P123 · Fonds · 1964-1973

            The fonds document the activities of the Irish Canadian Heritage Society, located in Montreal, from the foundation of the organization in 1965 until 1973. It reflects the needs and interests of Montreal citizens of Irish descent in the culture of their country of origin. It also contains information on other organizations related to Irish communities in North America, especially the Irish American Heritage Society, but also Action for Irish Distress and others.

            The fonds consists of copies of the society’s constitution, meeting minutes, financial statements, annual reports, correspondence, invitations, announcements of events, speeches, photographs, membership forms, newspaper clippings, leaflets, newsletters, booklets and a rubber stamp.

            Irish Canadian Heritage Society
            John Joseph Curran fonds
            P108 · Fonds · 1882

            The fonds consists of a gold watch inscribed J.J. Curran Q.C.L.L.D. on his 40th birthday by the Irishmen of Montreal, February 22, 1882.

            Curran, John Joseph
            John Loye fonds
            P072 · Fonds · 1819-1949

            The fonds provides information on the Irish community of Montreal in the 19th and early 20th century, and its view of Ireland and Irish culture. Some documents relate to the United Irish Societies (U.I.S.) of Montreal and the Saint Patrick’s Society of Montreal, as well as to Thomas d’Arcy McGee and John Loye, whereas others are standing in connection to James McAran, a Montreal merchant. The fonds also gives information on the Irish Question and reactions to it in Canada, through an album of newspaper clippings collected by James Albert Whittaker during 1920 to 1923, augmented by correspondence and small brochures from the same time period.

            The fonds consists of four albums and several separate documents. The albums contain collections of greeting cards, Irish songs and poetry, family photographs, and newspaper clippings on the Irish Question. Furthermore, the fonds includes without limitations newspapers, sheet music, brochures, correspondence, a map of Ireland, drawings (including original artwork for the United Irish Societies of Montreal logo), and the text of an address on Irish-Canadian history given at the St. Patrick's Society Ball in 1872 by John O'Farrell, president of the Hibernian Benevolent Society of Quebec.

            Loye, John
            Mary Mahon fonds
            P189 · Fonds · 1915-1943

            The materials in the fonds document the political and religious life of an Irish immigrant living in Montreal in the early 20th century.

            The fonds includes correspondence, flags, and various memorabilia.

            Mahon, Mary
            Maura McKeon fonds
            P0212 · Fonds · 1918, 1935-1963

            The fonds illustrates theatre life in Montreal from 1918 to 1963, in particular the presentations at His Majesty’s Theatre, later Her Majesty’s Theatre, in Montreal, Quebec.

            The fonds consists of theatre programs from the His Majesty’s Theatre, later known as Her Majesty’s Theatre, Montreal.

            McKeon, Maura
            McCorkill Family fonds
            P0188 · Fonds · 1821-1928, 1995

            The fonds illustrates life of an Irish immigrant family in the eastern Townships in the 19th century, and gives information on the decendants of John McCorkill.

            The fonds consists of letters, accounting records, legal documents, and genealogical information on the McCorkill family.

            McCorkill Family
            Montreal Irish TV fonds
            P187 · Fonds · 1983-2001

            The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

            Patricia Burns fonds
            P204 · Fonds · 1990-1993

            The fonds documents an oral history project of the Irish of Montreal made by Patricia Burns on behalf of the St. Patrick's Society of Montreal between 1990 and 1992. The materials were used by Patricia Burns for her book The Shamrock and the Shield : an oral history of the Irish in Montreal.

            The fonds is mainly composed of sound recordings and transcriptions of 54 interviews conducted by Patricia Burns and some by Kevin O'Donnell, with people of Irish origin living in Montreal, and many having grown up in Griffintown.

            Burns, Patricia
            P026 · Fonds · 1856-2007, predominant 1950-2000

            The fonds provides information on the Irish community in Montreal and on the history, activities, and operations of the St. Patrick's Society. There are no original records before 1863; they were most likely destroyed in the 1872 fire in St. Patrick’s Hall. The fonds mainly contains administrative records, minutes, correspondence, financial records, programs, photographs, press clippings, and printed materials.

            The fonds is organized in the following series:
            P0026/A Administrative records
            P0026/B Membership
            P0026/C Financial records
            P0026/D Events
            P0026/E Printed records
            P0026/F Objects

            St. Patrick's Society of Montreal
            P0109 · Fonds · 1868-1903

            The fonds provides information on the activities of the St. Patrick's Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society.

            The fonds contains proceedings of the St. Patrick's Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society.

            St. Patrick’s Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society
            F023 · Fonds · 1896-1974, predominant 1896-1944

            The St. Ann's Young Men's Society fonds contains records relating to the activities and functions of the St. Ann's Young Men's Society. Materials in this fonds document the Society's programs in athletics, drama, debating, and theater. Records also concern the general operation and administration of the Society.

            Documents include, but are not limited to, correspondence, reports (annual reports, treasurer reports, secretary reports, librarian reports, meeting reports, and activity reports), flyers, calendars of events, programs, contracts, lists of participants, financial statements, newspaper clippings, receipts, and a ledger.

            St. Ann's Young Men's Society
            The Cathespian Guild fonds
            P142 · Fonds · 1940-1954

            The fonds provides information on the annual Catholic Drama Festival organized by the Guild between 1940 and 1953.

            The fonds contains some handouts on the Cathespian Guild and a few programs and photographs of some of the annual Catholic Drama Festivals. It also contains the Drama Festival award book entitled Award for Distinguished Achievement in Catholic Theatre.

            Cathespian Guild
            P030 · Collection · 1844-1968

            The collection provides information on Thomas D'Arcy McGee's history and his relation with his family.

            It consists mainly of documents copied from a variety of archival sources by Timothy Slattery for The Assassination of D'Arcy McGee, published in 1968.

            The collection includes about 50 original letters exchanged between Thomas D'Arcy McGee and members of his family. The collection includes several photographs, including a portrait of McGee by William Notman. The collection is also composed of newspaper clippings and objects.

            McGee, Thomas D'Arcy