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Gerald Clark fonds

  • P0220
  • Fonds
  • 1939-2001

The Gerald Clark fonds contains documents pertaining to the Gerald Cohen's professional life and documents current events occuring in the period that he was active as a newspaper correspondent.

The fonds is composed of research materials, notes, drafts of articles and books, clippings of articles, correspondence, and speeches, among other materials. It also includes recorded interviews with world figures.

Clark, Gerald

Don Bell fonds

  • P0235
  • Fonds
  • 1936-2004

The fonds documents the personal and professional life of Don Bell, his work as a magazine journalist and used and rare book dealer and many features of life in Montreal and elsewhere during his working life.

It includes personal and family documents, correspondence, manuscripts, research materials, notebooks, and photographs.

Bell, Don

Ann Charney fonds

  • P0237
  • Fonds
  • 1954-2009

The Ann Charney fonds provides information on Ann Charney’s journalistic and literary career as well as her personal life. It documents both Charney's fiction and non-fiction writings from the 1960s until 2009, and provides insight into the process of publishing from the author’s point of view. The fonds also includes information on the Blue Metropolis foundation, a not-for-profit organization located in Montreal, Quebec, responsible for the annual Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival. Finally, the fonds provides a glimpse into the life of Jewish emigrants. It also contains information about Canadian and international artists working during the second half of the 20th century.

The fonds contains drafts and final versions of novels and short stories written by Ann Charney; personal and professional correspondence; newspaper articles; publicity material; meeting minutes; agreements; financial documents; photographs; reports; and magazines, among other documents.

The fonds is organized into the following series:

P0237/A Fiction
P0237/B Non-fiction
P0237/C Correspondence
P0237/D Blue Metropolis

Charney, Ann

May Cutler fonds

  • P0197
  • Fonds
  • 1977-1979, 1991

The fonds relates to language and cultural policy in Quebec. First, it provides information on the implementation of bill 101, also known as Charter of the French Language, and the reactions of Anglophone publishers. Second, it provides information on the protest against the so-called Arpin-report, published 1991 under the title “Une politique de la culture et des arts”.

The fonds includes without limitation correspondence, newspaper clippings, government publications, newsletters, court documents

The fonds is organized into the following series:

P0197/A Quebec Publisher fight against Bill 101
P0197/B Fight against Arpin Report

Cutler, May E.

Hour collection

  • C033
  • Collection
  • 1993-2012

The Hour collection is composed of 72 bound volumes of the Hour newspaper published between 1993 and 2011 and those issues published under the name Hour Community in 2011 and 2012. The bound volumes comprise almost every issue of Hour and Hour Community published between February 1993 and May 2012, with the exception of volume 2, numbers 18 to 35 (1994), which are missing from the collection. The collection also contains the prototype of Hour.


Véhicule Press fonds

  • P071
  • Fonds
  • 1972-1998

The fonds provides information on the editing and publishing work of Véhicule Press.

The fonds consists of manuscripts, published and bound books, and publicity materials; production materials including correspondence, pamphlets, layouts and sketches for covers, printing templates, printing quotes, typescripts, page proofs with corrections, editors' and authors' notes, biographies of authors, curricula vitae, pictures of various authors and agendas; and posters and post cards that were printed for the Véhicule Art gallery.

Véhicule Press

Fonds Lawrence Sabbath

  • P0138
  • Fonds
  • 1960-1992

Le fonds porte sur le théâtre de langue française et sur les arts visuels à Montréal entre les années 1950 et les 1980.

Il contient le manuscrit d'un livre non publié sur l'histoire du théâtre francophone au Québec, des manuscrits d'articles et de conférences, des programmes de théâtre, des photographies de théâtre, des coupures de presse et d'autres documents. Par exemple, il y a des dossiers sur des productions théâtrales à Montréal (ex. : Théâtre du Rideau Vert et Théâtre de Quat'sous), sur des auteurs (ex. : Gratien Gélinas et Michel Tremblay) et sur des comédiens (ex. : Denise Pellettier).

Sabbath, Lawrence

Daniel Feist fonds

  • P203
  • Fonds
  • 1953-2005, predominant [199-]-2004

The fonds documents Daniel Feist’s work as a freelance broadcaster, journalist, musician and teacher, including his travels and participation in events such as Montreal’s Nuits d’Afrique festival, the United Nations Conference on Racism, music awards, and others. The material mainly covers the genre of world-beat music (also known as world music) in the period from 1990 to 2005. Some sound recordings of music performances include interviews with the artists.

The fonds includes without limitations biographies of artists, drafts of articles, consulting reports, teaching material, correspondence, books, sound recordings (digital audio tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, cassette tapes, and CDs), newspaper clippings, notes, and photographs (on CD-ROM and printed out in black and white).

The fonds is organized in the following series:

P0203/A. – Personal life.

P0203/B. – Broadcasting.

P0203/C. – Radio consulting.

P0203/D. – Print journalism.

P0203/E. – Teaching.

P0203/F. – Resource materials.

Feist, Daniel

Blue Metropolis Foundation fonds

  • P0232
  • Fonds
  • 1997-2005

The Blue Metropolis Foundation fonds provides information on the Blue Metropolis Foundation from its beginnings in 1997 to 2005. The fonds documents not only the administrative organisation of the Foundation, but also includes materials related to the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival's held between 1999 and 2004. The Festival takes place annually in Montreal, Quebec. The fonds also contains information about the artists which participated in the festival in various years.

The fonds contains administrative records, minutes, correspondence, financial records, programs, publicity material, photographs, biographical information, and newspapers.

The fonds is organized in the following series:
P0232/A Administrative records
P0232/B Blue Metropolis Literary Festival
P0232/C Writers
P0232/D Year-round Literacy activities

Blue Metropolis Foundation

Underground newspaper collection

  • C032
  • Collection
  • [196-]-[197-] ; 1968-1975, predominant 1969-1971

The Underground Newspaper Collection is comprised of 178 copies of underground, alternative newspapers, newsletters, and journals, mostly published in Canada and the United States. These publications discuss both local and international issues of interest to the communities responsible for their creation. Among many other topics, the following subjects are represented throughout this collection: Vietnam war, defections, and the anti-war movement; anti-establishment and counterculture movements; Black power; poverty; socialism; music, art, and literature; and environmentalism.

The Underground Newspaper Collection contains copies of Up to the Neck, Old Mole, This Paper Belongs to the People, View from the Bottom, Rising up Angry, Berkeley Tribe, Move Speak, The Sea-Turtle and the Shark, Good times, Sabot, Broadside and the Free Press, Ann Arbor Argus, Freedom Anarchist Weekly, The Long Beach Free Press, The 4th Estate, Los Angeles Free Press, Quicksilver Times, The Bond – the Serviceman’s Newspaper, American Avatar, High Gauge, The Post-American, The Second Front, Free Ranger International News Service, Mobilizer, Guerilla, Your Military Left, Aboveground, The Rebel, Yankee Refugee, Yankee Refugee – West Coast Newsletter of American Exiles, Antithesis, Soul Force, Socialist Standard, Free Press, Hotcha!, Hapt, Athelstane, The Niagara Peninsula Free Press Aquarius, Orpheus, Bellicume, Bulldozer, Afterthrought, Carpe Diem, The Panic Button, and Alternate Society. The collection also contains other underground publications, including Black and Red – The Revolutionary Project, a Selective Service Memorandum on Channeling, and Niagara Liberation Front publications.

CBC Current Affairs, The Fifth Estate

The subseries provides information on documentaries Brian McKenna worked on or produced while working for The Fifth Estate from 1975 to 1989.

The series contains research materials, notes, scripts, drafts of documentaries and correspondence, court records, work copies of videos and other documents. The subseries includes the following documentaries:

Apparitions. - 1985-1986. - 0.01 m of textual records.
In January 1988 McKenna travelled to Yugoslavia to investigate the claims of six peasant children that they were experiencing apparitions of the Virgin Mary every day at 6:45 pm, and the impact on their small Serbian village.

Arnold Expedition Reenactment. - 1975-1991. - 0.05 m of textual records.
Belugas. - 1983-1988. - 0.03 m of textual records. - 1 videocassette.
The Fifth Estate film called Belugas documents attempts to save the small white whales from massive pollution of their St. Lawrence River habitat.

Bismark. -1987. - 0.005 m of textual records.
Bourrassa and Lévesque. - 1976, 1978. - 0.02 m of textual records.
Car Rackets. - 1972-1975. - 0.02 m of textual records.
In his first season at The Fifth Estate, McKenna produced Car Rackets, aninvestigation into corruption and cover-up in the auto industry.

The Cardinal. - 1972-1980. - 0.04 m of textual records. - 1 videocassette. - 1 photograph.
In 1979 McKenna produced a profile of Cardinal Paul-Émile Léger as he travelled to the Thai-Cambodian border to draw attention to the terrible plight of refugees fleeing the killing fields.

CBW. - 1983-1985. - 0.02 m of textual records.
Children of the Lost. - 1981-1984. - 0.02 m of textual records.
The story of two Argentine doctors attempting to heal the trauma in children whose parents were killed or disappeared by the security forces during the so-called dirty war.

Collaborators. - 1984-1994. - 0.55 m of textual records.
With researcher and associate producer Oleh Rumak, McKenna investigated how top Slovak officials from the Nazi Collaborationist government ended up in Canada. The film, code-named Slovaks II has not been shown to the public.

A Cruel Place. -1981. - 0.025 m of textual records. - 1 videocassette.
In January 1981, McKenna volunteered to cover the Civil War in El Salvador. The resulting documentary A Cruel Place documented the state-sponsored terrorism in that country.

Death of a Godfather. - 1986. - 1 videocassette.
A glimpse behind the scenes at the forces which brought down Canadian Mafia chieftain Paolo Violi. Contains a video of Cotroni's funeral.

Death Squad. - [198?]. - 0.005 m of textual records.
Death in Tripoli. - 1986-1988. - 0.15 m of textual records. - 1 videocassette. - 19 photographs.
Death in Tripoli is the story McKenna uncovered in 1988 when travelling to Khaddafi's Libya, on the violent and mysterious death of Canadian Christopher Halens, a young Southam journalist.

Empress of Ireland. - 1986. - 0.015 m of textual records.
In 1988, McKenna filmed a documentary on the Empress of Ireland, a Titanic -size steamship which sank in the St. Lawrence River, and is now being pillaged by scavenger hunters, including one who brought up a human skeleton.

Fallen Star. - 1979. - 0.005 m of textual records.
The history of the final days of the century-old newspaper, The Montreal Star.

Gypsies. - 1982-1984. - 0.005 m of textual records.
The Hooded Men. - 1979-1982. - 0.01 m of textual records.
The file provides information used for the documentary McKenna directed and co-wrote on the investigation of torture and torturers in Northern Ireland, Greece, Argentina and, Nicaragua. In 1982, when Argentina returned to democracy McKenna travelled back to Argentina to film The Hooded Men, also known as The Return, and took newspaper publisher Jacobo Timmerman back to the jail on the outskirts of Buenos Aires where he had been held and tortured.

In The Nick of Time. - 1978. - 1 videocassette.
In 1978 McKenna directed a film called In the Nick of Time, reporting on journalist politician Nick Auf der Maur's successful attempt to restructure the Los Angeles Olympics.

Iran Drug Film. - 1988-1989. - 0.005 m of textual records.
A Journey Back. - 1985-1987. - 0.02 m of textual records. - 1 videocassette.
In 1983 McKenna investigated Nazi collaborators hiding in Canada. The film focuses on the story of New York off-Broadway producer Jack Garfein. Garfein is brought back to his home town in Slovakia for the first time and then to the Auschwitz and Birkenhau death camps to discover his past. In the film Garfein confronts the gauleiter who had killed his family.

JFK Projects. - 1963-1996. - 0.28 m of textual records. - 5 photographs. - 3 videocassettes. - 1 audio cassette.
In 1978, McKenna wrote and directed the first national television documentary challenging the conclusions of the official report into the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963. Dallas and After was followed by three more documentaries on new evidence: In 1979, Crossfire, reported the conclusion of a Congressional Committee that Kennedy was probably killed as the result of a conspiracy. The Coffin was Empty (198?) is a documentary on testimony that medical evidence was tampered with during and after the autopsy of Kennedy. McKenna produced Who Shot JFK?, a program summarizing the evidence, on the 20th anniversary of the assassination.

Lévesque in New York. - 1977. - 0.02 m of textual records.
McKenna filmed Lévesque in New York on Quebec's newly elected and first separatist premier's trip to New York to try to reassure nervous investors.

McGarr. - 1987-1988. - 0.04 m of textual records. - 16 videocassettes.
McGarr is an examination through the eyes of a Montréal street police officer of the stress that creates among police the highest rate of alcoholism, divorce and suicide of any profession.

Making of a Saint. - 1978. - 1 item of textual records. - 1 videocassette.
Marathon Man Jerome Drayton. - 1978. - 1 item of textual records.
Mirabel. - 1981. - 0.005 m of textual records.
The Money Pit. - 1986-1987. - 0.015 m of textual records.
A portrait and investigation of attempts made to find buried treasure in the mysterious and secret man-made passages of Nova Scotia's Oak Island

Murder of Hilda Murrer. -1984-1985. - 0.005 m of textual records.
A whodunnit investigation of the strange murder of this eccentric English country woman whose death may have been linked to secrets surrounding the sinking of the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano during the Falklands war.

Noah's Ark. - [ca. 1988]. - 3 videocassettes. - 1 item of textual records.
In January 1988, McKenna travelled to Turkey's Mount Ararat with astronaut James Irwin who was leading an expedition of Christian fundamentalist Americans in search of the remains of Noah's Ark. They were producing a film entitled The Search for Noah's Ark, to prove that the Bible and Creation story are literally true.

Ocean Ranger. - [198?]. - 1 videocassette.
The Old Man and C. - 1976-1988. - 0.01 m of textual records.
A profile of Nobel laureate Linus Pauling and his claims for the healing properties of Vitamin C.

Olympic Connection. - 1976. - 0.005 m of textual records. - 1 videocassette.
In his first season at The Fifth Estate (ca. 1975), McKenna started investigations of corruption during the construction for the 1976 Montréal Olympic Games, resulting in the show The Olympic Connection.

Olympic Tower. - [197?]. - 0.01 m of textual records.
Panzers on the Prairies. - 1987. - 0.03 m of textual records. - 5 maps.
Papa Plouffe. - [197?]. - 0.01 m of textual records. - 1 videocassette.
A profile of a character in Roger Lemelin's Les Plouffe series for CBC.

Peroff Mounties. - 197?. - 0.005 m of textual records.
Pipe Major. - 1986. - 0.015 m of textual records.
The Plot. - 1976-1981. - 0.025 m of textual records.
Political Corruption. - [197-]-[198-]. - 0.01 m of textual records.
The Power and the Glory. - 1972-1979. - 0.01 m of textual records. - 1 videocassette.
In 1979 McKenna produced a major inquiry into the politics surrounding the building of the James Bay Hydroelectric Project.

Referendums. - 1977-1981. - 0.045 m of textual records.
A documentary looking at referendums, including the 1948 vote that brought Newfoundland into Canadian Confederation and leading up to the 1980 referendum on Québec independence and sovereignty association and the Yvette women's movement, as well as the slick methods used in California referendums.

René Lévesque. - 1978-1980. - 0.005 m of textual records.
Richard Blass. - [198?]. - 0.005 m of textual records.
In his first season at The Fifth Estate (ca. 1975), McKenna started with a tough look at a mobster named Richard Blass.

Robert F. Kennedy. - [198?]. - 0.005 m of textual records.
The Rocket at 50. - [1976]. - 0.02 m of textual records.
In his first season at The Fifth Estate McKenna made a feature on hockey star Maurice The Rocket Richard as he turned 50.

Rosie Douglas. - [197?]. - 0.005 m of textual records.
A look at mobster Rosie Douglas.

Secret Cargo. - 1985-1996. - 0.5 m of textual records.
In 1979 McKenna co-wrote with Eric Malling and directed Secret Cargo (1980), a documentary investigation on allegations that Pakistan was attempting to smuggle and import through Canada and the United States key components for the construction of an Islamic atomic bomb.

Secret Test. - 1984-1988). - 0.1 m of textual records.
In 1984-1985, McKenna directed and co-wrote a film on the CIA-sponsored brainwashing experiments in the late '50s and early '60s on unsuspecting psychiatric patients at the Royal Victoria Hospital Allen Memorial Psychiatric Institute in Montréal.

Shooting the Messenger. - ca. 1981. - 1 videocassette.
In January 1981, while in El Salvador, McKenna produced the documentary called Shooting the Messenger, on the torture and murder of Latin American journalists and the occasional foreign correspondent.

State of Siege. - [1976?]. - 0.01 m of textual records.
This documentary is an inquiry into communist and fascist terrorism in Italy including the infamous Red Brigade.

Sunshine Soldiers. - 1980-1981. - 0.01 m of textual records.
The story of soldiers trained to make war doing a good job keeping the peace in Cyprus.

Veliotis. - 1986. - 0.01 m of textual records.
VIP. - [198-?]. - 0.005 m of textual records. - 1 videocassette.

Fonds Magnus Isacsson

  • F038
  • Fonds
  • 1969 - 2017

Le fonds Magnus Isacsson documente la vie et l'œuvre de Magnus Isacsson de 1971 à 2014. Il contient des documents couvrant son début de carrière comme producteur de télévision, son expérience comme journaliste indépendant et éducateur ainsi que des nombreuses années qu'il a travaillé comme cinéaste indépendant. Le fonds donne un aperçu des projets d'Isacsson et comprend des œuvres complétés, inachevées et inédites. Le fonds inclut également de la documentation sur la sortie, la projection et la réception critique de ses films.

Le fonds Magnus Isacsson contient des documents sur divers supports et formats qui détaillent les processus administratifs et créatifs de son travail à la télévision, au cinéma et comme éducateur. Entre autres types de documents, le fonds contient la recherche et les notes d'Isacsson; des bandes de tournage, des séquences brutes et des bandes maîtresses dans plusieurs formats; des enregistrements sonores; des photographies; du matériel promotionnel; des contrats; de la correspondance; des propositions de projets; des articles et coupures de journaux; des dossiers financiers; et du matériel pédagogique.

Le Fonds Magnus Isacsson est organisé selon les séries suivantes:
• F037/A Projets documentaires
• F037/B Journalisme et écriture
• F037/C Papiers personnels

Isacsson, Magnus

Fonds Jack Tietolman

  • P0113
  • Fonds
  • 1909-1994

Le fonds témoigne de la gestion et de la croissance d'une poste radiophonique AM et FM à Montréal dès les années 1930 jusqu'aux années 1990, ainsi qu'aux activités professionnelles du propriétaire, Jack Tietolman. Il porte surtout sur l'administration et sur le fonctionnement de la société de portefeuille Radio Futura et des stations radiophoniques CKVL et CKOI. Le fonds témoigne également de l'engagement sociale et communautaire de Jack Tietolman dans de nombreuses associations.

Le fonds comprend principalement des documents administratifs et financiers, des documents portant sur la vente de publicité, et d'autres portant sur la radiodiffusion. Il contient aussi des documents et des objets personnels.

Le fonds regroupe les séries suivantes:

P113/A Documents personnels
P113/B Administration de stations radiophoniques

Tietolman, Jack

Taras Grescoe fonds

  • P0223
  • Fonds
  • 1982-2005, predominant 1998-2004

Fonds consists of a record of the research Taras Grescoe conducted during the process of writing his books Sacré Blues, The Devil's Picnic, and The End of Elsewhere. They document Quebec Society, global tourism, and the prohibited food and substance business.

The records include sound recordings and transcripts of interviews, research materials, drafts of book chapters and articles, travel note books, and correspondence.

Grescoe, Taras

Linda Leith fonds

  • P227
  • Fonds

The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

Harriet Eisenkraft fonds

  • P0068
  • Fonds
  • April 2009

The fonds consists of interviews conducted by Harriet Eisenkraft.

Eisenkraft, Harriet

Collection Paul Monty

  • C023
  • Collection
  • 1968-2018

La collection Paul Monty contient des documents liés à l'histoire et aux décisions du Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes (CRTC) dès sa création le 1er avril 1968 jusqu'en 2019. Les documents sont classés par sujet et par question pour faciliter la recherche sur l'histoire de la Politique et réglementation canadiennes de la radiodiffusion.
La collection contient du matériel analogique et numérique concernant la radiodiffusion; les entreprises de distribution de radiodiffusion; la radio; télévision et télécommunications; et les services discrétionnaires.
Les documents comprennent des rapports annuels et d'autres rapports; publications officielles; lois, règlements et décisions; déclarations de politique et politiques; bibliographies; listes; articles de journaux; et discours, entre autres documents.

Monty, Paul

Boyce Richardson fonds

  • P231
  • Fonds
  • 1948-2003

The fonds documents the professional life of Boyce Richardson.

It includes manuscripts of articles, research materials, correspondence, newspaper clippings, film proposals and scripts, and photographs of the James Bay Cree community.

Richardson, Boyce

Fonds Peter Desbarats

  • F009
  • Fonds
  • [196-?] – 1976

Le fonds contient des documents relatifs à la recherche et à la rédaction de la monographie de Peter Desbarats, intitule « René Lévesque ou le projet inachevé », publié dans la version originale anglaise en 1976.
Le fond comprend des transcriptions, des notes, des brouillons manuscrits et dactylographiés, ainsi que de la correspondance entre Desbarats et René Levesque et Desbarats et Dick Brown de Canadian Magazine.

Le fonds est divisé en trois séries :
F009 / A Entretiens
F009 / B Manuscrits
F009 / C Correspondance

Desbarats, Peter

Fonds Jacques Trépanier

  • P246
  • Fonds
  • 1947-1954

Le fonds couvre la carrière journalistique de Jacques Trépanier au début des années 1950 et documente principalement la scène artistique montréalaise. Le fonds se compose surtout de coupures de presse de La Patrie, conservées dans deux spicilèges. Plusieurs articles sont des chroniques portant sur les clubs de nuit à Montréal de 1950 à 1954, publiés sous une rubrique intitulée « La Ronde des cabarets ». Le fonds inclut également une quarantaine de photos de presse et quelques pièces de correspondance.

Trépanier, Jacques

Bill Stewart fonds

  • P0195
  • Fonds
  • [188-]-2005

The fonds documents William Stewart's early life, his family, his work as a World War II war correspondent, his later work as a journalist and executive with Canadian Press, and his activities in retirement. The fonds also documents the history of Canadian Press/La Presse Canadienne, Canadian politics, journalism, French-English relations in Canada, figures such as Roger Lemelin, J.W. Pickersgill, Claude Ryan, Clyde Gilmour, and other subjects.

The fonds includes news and feature articles by William Stewart in various forms (drafts, wire copy, clippings), correspondence received and sent, photographs, artwork, reports, newsletters, family documents, articles by other writers, and a small number of objects related to his work as a war correspondent and his later activity.

The materials are arranged in the following series:
P0195/1 Early life, family, visual art, diaries, personal documents, honors and awards
P0195/2 Correspondence with friends and colleagues
P0195/3 Canadian Press
P0195/4 Retirement, freelance activity
P0195/5 Canadian Press War Correspondents' Association
P0195/6 Canadian War Correspondents Association
P0195/7 Research materials

Stewart, Bill

Hugh Percival Illsley fonds

  • P012
  • Fonds
  • 1914-[198-]

The fonds provides information on Hugh P. Illsley's military service, his travel to Europe with his family, and his work as a Montreal architect.

The fonds consists of correspondence, a photograph album, sets of photographs, ledgers, and scrapbooks.

Percival, Hugh

The Gazette collection

  • P076
  • Collection
  • [194-]-1945

The collection provides visual information on World War II. The pictures were taken in Europe, Japan, China, the Philippines, and the Arctic. The collection also includes National Film Board photojournalism on uranium mining for nuclear power in Canada, and other topics.

The collection consists of pictures, many of them produced under the auspices of the War Records Office of International News Agencies. The Collection contains news service photographs as well as photographs from the Canadian Armed Forces. Also included are original identifying captions that accompanied their transmission by news media wire services. Most of the photographers remain unidentified. They made their photographs while on assignment for international news agencies or the War Records Office for distribution to the news media.

Montreal Gazette

Mark Abley fonds

  • P0182
  • Fonds

The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

Merrily Weisbord fonds

  • P240
  • Fonds
  • 1941-1994

Fonds consists of research material and oral history interviews conducted by Merrily Weisbord for the writing of The Strangest Dream. The interviews cover various aspects of the evolution of the Communist Party of Canada (renamed the Labour Progressive Party in 1943) and the life of some of its Quebec members.

Fonds includes more than 20 hours of sound recordings consisting of interviews with about fifteen individuals who were members of the party between the 1930s and the 1950s, such as Lea Roback, Irene Kon, Gilles Hénault and Fred Taylor. All the players, from the upper middle class intellectual Stanley Ryerson to the working class lumber camp labour organizer, Gérard Fortin, are included. There is also a 15 minute recorded message by Paul Robeson urging Montreal voters to reelect Fred Rose in 1945. Fonds also includes interview notes and transcriptions, correspondence, and printed materials.

Weisbord, Merrily

Fonds Brian McKenna

  • P0112
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1996, predominant 1945-1996

Le fonds Brian McKenna témoigne d'une grande panoplie d'événements, de personnages et d'actualités du deuxième moitié du vingtième siècle.

Le fonds consiste des matériaux en formats variés accumulés par Brian McKenna au cours de son travail sur des films documentaires et sur d'autres projets pour The Fifth Estate. Le fonds comprend son travail comme réalisateur indépendant de films. Le fonds couvre ses articles et ses livres, et son implication de professeur invité de la bourse Max Bell à l'École de journalisme de l'Université de Regina et son implication avec le Comité pour le Journalisme d'enquête. Le fonds fournit également des informations sur la McKenna Purcell Productions Inc.

Le fonds contient des notes de recherche, des scripts, des manuscrits, des épreuves, du matériel vidéo de base et final, des transcriptions d'entrevues et d'auditions juridiques et des coupures de presse pour la majorité des documentaires et projets de films.

Le fonds est organisé selon les séries suivantes:

P112/A Dossiers personnel et activités étudiantes
P112/B Journaliste
P112/C Implication dans la communauté journalistique
P112/D Communications
P112/E Prix
P112/F Administration et personnel
P112/G Documentaires

La série la plus importante est celle des documentaires P112/G; elle s'organise en ordre alphabétique selon le nom du programme pour lequel chaque film était destiné.

McKenna, Brian