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This series includes set lists and documents used by Norman Marshall Villeneuve in preparation of concerts.

Law & Order: Los Angeles documents

Series consists of production documents associated with the series Law & Order: Los Angeles (LOLA). Material consists of filming schedules, scripts, administrative documents, cast lists, set diagrams, props, research, broadcasting standards, on screen credits and beat sheets

Articles and blogs

Series contains articles relating to René Balcer and his work. Material consists of articles about the three Law & Order television series, a printout of webpage search results for Law & Order, blog posts about the shows, printouts of interviews with Balcer, audio interview about screen writing, and articles dealing with Universal and Vivendi studios.

Law & Order: Los Angeles research

Series consists of research associated with the series Law & Order: Los Angeles (LOLA). Material consists of news articles from newspapers and online news sources that were explored and consulted for story ideas for the series.


The series contains interviews conducted by Linda Kay with CWPC members during the Centennial anniversary of the Club in 2004 and recordings of the entire event which includes a re-enactment of the original Sweet Sixteen trip to the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904.

Legal Affairs

The series provides information on the security management at the gallery.

The series contains police reports.

Statistics and figures

Series consists of documents created, collected, and related to the Law & Order franchise. The documents consist of financial documents and network figures, ratings of Law & Order episodes, and profits for Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Hopewell documents

Series includes records relating to the television series Hopewell. Material consists of drafts and final scripts, beat sheets, research, photographs of production stills used for the opening sequence, set design drawings for set construction and layout, photographs of set items with annotations about the colour, design and layout of a particular set, samples of flooring, paint colours, and shades used in the production, location agreements, a list of directors, cast and crew lists, schedules, production budgets, contacts, and contracts.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent costs

Series contains financial records relating to the series Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Material consists of episodic cost recaps, amortization cost reports, drafts and full budget reports for different seasons, production costs, and episodic cost breakdowns.

Year-round Literacy Activities

The series provides information on literacy activities organized by the Blue Metropolis Foundation in Montreal from 2000 to 2003, but not directly related to the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival.

The series contains programs, grant applications, correspondence and a poster.

Seminars and conferences

Series consists of seminar and conference documents. Material consists of speeches made by René Balcer at conferences and seminars on the subject of television and script-writing.


The series provides information on writers who participated in the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival.

The series contains photographs, biographies, and other materials.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent documents

Series consists of production documents associated with the series Law & Order: Criminal Intent (LOCI). Material consists of filming schedules, scripts, administrative documents, cast lists, research regarding clearance of character and company names used in the production, broadcasting standards, screen credits, consulting documents, and beat sheets.

Administrative Records

The series provides information on the administrative structure of the Blue Metropolis Foundation. It includes information on different committees and their meetings. It also provides information on the funding of the foundation.

The series contains meeting minutes, financial records, mandates, correspondence, flyers, job applications, contracts and other materials.

Blue Metropolis Literary Festival

The series provides information on the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival in Montreal, Quebec, from 1999 to 2004. It includes the planning and organization of the festival as well as publicity material used to promote the festival. The series also documents events organized by partner organizations within the festival.

The series contains financial documents, programs, flyers, pamphlets, photographs, newsletters, magazines, correspondence, reports, newspapers, a cotton bag and other material.

Departmental Management

The series consists of some management files of the Public Affairs and Government Relations department, mainly for the period 2002-2006. It includes reports, correspondence, and minutes. The series also consists of some digital records of moving images on Convocation ceremonies, 2012-2017.

The series is organized in the following sub-series:
I0185/5110 Administration Planning. - 2003-2005
I0185/5111 Meetings of Units. - 2002-2003
I0185/5112 Reports, Studies & Analysis. - 2001-2005
I0185/5160 University Events. - 2012-2017
I0185/5170 External Relations. - 1996-2004
I0185/5171 Conferences & Seminars - External. - 2002


This series consists mostly of posters created by Louise Artibello-Villeneuve advertising concerts of Norman Marshall Villeneuve’s Jazz band, but also includes posters of other concerts in which Norman Marshall Villeneuve participated.

Blue Metropolis

The series contains documentation relating to Ann Charney’s involvement with the Blue Metropolis Foundation, a not-for-profit organization located in Montreal, Quebec. The series gives information on the organization itself, its magazine, the Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival, and other events arranged by the organization. It also contains evidence of Ann Charney’s participation in such events. The series also illustrates the "Write pour ecrire" project, the literary event at the origin of the Blue Metropolis Festival. "Write pour ecrire" took place in 1996 and was organized by Linda Leith, Ann Charney and Mary Soderstrom, in partnership with the Union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois (UNEQ).

The series contains newspaper articles, publicity material, meeting minutes, correspondence, financial documents, reports, and a special presentation issue of the Blue Metropolis magazine, among other documents.


Material consists of one bust of Irving Layton carved by Esther Wertheimer.


Series consist of scrapbooks put together by René Balcer. The scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings, printed articles, magazine clippings, invitations, awards, photographs, and passes. The material chronicles Balcer’s participation in the Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and the Law & Order: Los Angeles series.


The series mainly consists of internal announcements, 2001-2008; press conference files on academic, social and cultural events at Concordia, 2003-2009; and information files on various university units and programs, 1988-2006. Some files of this series were initiated by Public Relations Department before 2002.

The series mainly includes internal releases, press kits, press releases, press clippings, addresses and speeches, correspondence, photos, moving images, sound recordings, and promotional materials.

The fonds is organized in the following series:
I0185/5410 Internal News & Announcements. - 2001-2008
I0185/5420 Media Relations. - 2002-2009
I0185/5430 Media Coverage. - 1988-2006
I0185/5400 Promotional Material. - 2007-2013, predominant 2007-2009

Law & Order documents

Series consists of production documents associated with the series Law & Order. Material consists of filming schedules, drafts and final scripts, administrative documents, cast list, set diagrams, props, research, broadcasting standards, screen credits beat sheets, DVDs of episodes, and the Law & Order production bible featuring samples of forms, sample budgets, press releases, production report and schedules, wardrobe and custom notes, props breakdown, location scouting information, crew and cast lists, and character breakdowns.

Publicity and ads

Series consists of publicity and advertisement material collected by René Balcer. Material consists of publicity pamphlets for the Calligraffiti exhibit, publicity material for the production Gung Ho, and ads related to the Law & Order franchise.

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