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Fonds du Black Theatre Workshop

  • F034
  • Fonds
  • [1940]-2016, predominant 1972-2007

The Black Theater Workshop fonds is composed of materials created and compiled by the Black Theater Workshop (BTW) and contains materials documenting the activities and operations of the BTW from its founding in 1972 until its 2007-2008 season. Documents are also reflective of the BTW's contributions to Montreal’s Black communities and to theater in Canada. Textual records and other materials document the BTW's administration, finances, awards, plays, programming, promotional activities, communications, and facilities, among other things.

The fonds is divided into the following series :
F034/A Administration
F034/B Financial records
F034/C External relations
F034/D Productions / Programming

The fonds is composed of textual records, including without limitations financial documents, grant applications, board meeting minutes, reports, play scripts, newspapers and newspaper clippings, promotional material, and correspondence; graphic materials as photographs, posters, logos, drawings, and others, sound recordings, moving images, and a T-shirt.

Black Theater Workshop

Fonds Galerie d’art Optica

  • P056
  • Fonds
  • 1971-1996

Le fonds témoigne des activités administratives de la Galerie Optica, à partir de ses débuts en 1972 jusqu'à 1992.

Le fonds contient des documents tels que des programmes d'expositions, des curriculum vitae et des portfolios d'artistes, des pièces audiovisuelles provenant d'expositions, des dossiers d'employés, des dossiers financiers, des demandes de subvention et de la correspondance. Le fonds regroupe les séries suivantes:

P056/1 Finances
P056/2 Administration
P056/3 Ressources humaines
P056/4 Programmation
P056/5 Expositions et activités

Galerie d'art Optica

Corporate-Higher Education Forum fonds

  • P0003
  • Fonds
  • 1984 - 1994

The fonds provides detailed information on major issues, primarily globalization, related to business education at the post-secondary level in Canada.

The fonds consists of reports, studies, and research materials; material related to C-HEF symposia on such topics as the impact of globalization on business education; questionnaires and survey results; correspondence, and meeting notices, agendas, and supporting documentation.

Corporate-Higher Education Forum

Fonds John Gilmore

  • P004
  • Fonds
  • 1912-2007

Le fonds porte sur le jazz à Montréal, de 1916 à 2007.

Le fonds est constitué de l'ensemble des documents de recherche recueillis par John Gilmore au cours de la préparation de ses livres. Le fonds contient une copie manuscrite du livre Swinging in Paradise : The Story of Jazz in Montréal, des notes de recherche, des documents sonores comprenant des entrevues avec des musiciens et d'autres personnes, des photographies, des affiches, ainsi que de la correspondance.

Le fonds est organisé selon les séries suivantes:
P004/A Dossiers de recherche
P004/B Manuscrits
P004/C Revues
P004/D Conférences et entrevues

Gilmore, John

Frank Barry fonds

  • P0273
  • Fonds
  • 1930-2013

The fonds provides information on Frank Barry’s career as an art educator and an artist.

The fonds contains course materials, sketching books, drawings and photographs, dated between ca. 1950 and 2013.

Barry, Frank

Concordia University Television fonds

  • P0024
  • Fonds
  • 1968 - 1995

The fonds documents the activities of CUTV.

It is mainly composed of CUTV member’s productions which amounts to approximately 250 titles. There are also some administrative records for the period of 1970-1989.

Concordia University. Television

Véhicule Press fonds

  • P071
  • Fonds
  • 1972-1998

The fonds provides information on the editing and publishing work of Véhicule Press.

The fonds consists of manuscripts, published and bound books, and publicity materials; production materials including correspondence, pamphlets, layouts and sketches for covers, printing templates, printing quotes, typescripts, page proofs with corrections, editors' and authors' notes, biographies of authors, curricula vitae, pictures of various authors and agendas; and posters and post cards that were printed for the Véhicule Art gallery.

Véhicule Press

Merrily Weisbord fonds

  • P240
  • Fonds
  • 1941-1994

Fonds consists of research material and oral history interviews conducted by Merrily Weisbord for the writing of The Strangest Dream. The interviews cover various aspects of the evolution of the Communist Party of Canada (renamed the Labour Progressive Party in 1943) and the life of some of its Quebec members.

Fonds includes more than 20 hours of sound recordings consisting of interviews with about fifteen individuals who were members of the party between the 1930s and the 1950s, such as Lea Roback, Irene Kon, Gilles Hénault and Fred Taylor. All the players, from the upper middle class intellectual Stanley Ryerson to the working class lumber camp labour organizer, Gérard Fortin, are included. There is also a 15 minute recorded message by Paul Robeson urging Montreal voters to reelect Fred Rose in 1945. Fonds also includes interview notes and transcriptions, correspondence, and printed materials.

Weisbord, Merrily

YMCA of Montreal Fonds

  • P0145
  • Fonds
  • 1851-2004

The fonds documents the mission, structure, senior personnel, administration, programs, activities, facilities, and evolution of the Montreal YMCA (as of 2009, Le Y du Québec) from its founding in 1851 to the late 20th century.

The records document the Montreal YMCA's relationships with a wide range of external bodies, including YMCAs in other Canadian cities and towns, the National Council of YMCAs of Canada, the YMCA movement in North America and the world, and other entities.

The records document Concordia University founding institution Sir George Williams College/University and its precursors in the YMCA's educational programs. In addition, the records document the demographic history of the Montreal region, in particular the English-speaking Protestant community.

The fonds includes materials that were amassed by Harold C. Cross and Murray C. Ross when they were developing their histories of the Montreal Association and the YMCA in Canada, respectively.

The fonds includes materials from the former Metropolitan Montreal YMCA library/documentation centre.

The fonds includes correspondence of YMCA officials and others, board and committee minutes and related records, program and fund-raising publicity, books, newsletters, annual reports, year books, statistical and other reports, demographic studies, lecture notes, photographs, sound recordings on tape and vinyl, videotapes, films and film strips, posters, commemorative T-shirts, badges, trophies and other objects, artwork, blueprints, maps and other items on a variety of material media.

The fonds is arranged according to the following classification plan.

P0145/01 Founding documents, constitution, by-laws, histories.
P0145/01A Founding documents, constitution, by-laws.
P0145/01B Histories.

P0145/02 Metropolitan Board of Directors.
P0145/02A Directors, presidents.
P0145/02B Metropolitan Board and Executive Committee meetings.
P0145/02C Nominating Committee.
P0145/02D Annual Reports.

P0145/03 Annual and Special General Meetings.

P0145/04 Professional Staff.
P0145/04A Individual senior employed officers.
P0145/04B Staff professional development.
P0145/04C Training for YMCA secretaryship (Fellowship Plan).
P0145/04D Managerial groups.
P0145/04D01 Meetings, conferences, administration.
P0145/04D02 Publications, studies.

P0145/05 Planning, policy, structure.
P0145/05A Mission.
P0145/05B Organization charts, directories.
P0145/05C Organizational review.
P0145/05D Policies, procedures.
P0145/05D02 Policies.
P0145/05D03 Language policy.
P0145/05E Planning, surveys.
P0145/05E01 1925 Montreal YMCA Population Study.
P0145/05E02 1946 Hugg Study.
P0145/05E03 1949-1952 Branch Study.
P0145/05E04 Guide Lines to the Sixties.
P0145/05E05 1964-1969 Planning and Development.
P0145/05E06 1969-1970 Planning Process.
P0145/05E07 1971 Planning Process Mobilization.
P0145/05E08 Development Plan for 1980-1985.
P0145/05E09 1984-1987 Strategic Plan.
P0145/05E10 1986-1988 Strategic Planning Review.
P0145/05E11 1990s surveys.
P0145/05E12 Small surveys and planning exercises.
P0145/05E13 Proposals for unrealized branches, facilities.
P0145/05E14 Source materials.

P0145/06 Financial administration.
P0145/06A Committees, policies.
P0145/06B Budget.
P0145/06C Budget control, accounting.
P0145/06D Financial statements.
P0145/06E Funding.
P0145/06F Investments, gifts.
P0145/06G Tax-exempt status.
P0145/06H Purchasing.

P0145/07 Human resources.
P0145/07A Personnel committee and personnel management.
P0145/07B Employee files.
P0145/07C Union affairs.
P0145/07D Payroll.
P0145/07E Benefits.
P0145/07F Volunteers.

P0145/08 Communications.
P0145/08A Committees.
P0145/08B Public relations.
P0145/08C Advertising.
P0145/08D Publications.
P0145/08E Records management.

P0145/09 Membership.

P0145/10 Programs.
P0145/10A Committees, policies.
P0145/10B Aquatics.
P0145/10C Boys work, boys and girls work, girls work, youth work.
P0145/10D Citizenship training.
P0145/10E Community development.
P0145/10F Community justice.
P0145/10G Education.
P0145/10G01 Constitutive documents, histories.
P0145/10G02 Administration.
P0145/10G03 Financial management.
P0145/10G04 Communications.
P0145/10G05 Buildings, properties.
P0145/10G06 Faculty, staff.
P0145/10G07 Students, student services, associations.
P0145/10G08 Curriculum, programs.
P0145/10G09 Research.
P0145/10G10 External relations.
P0145/10H Employment.
P0145/10I Environment.
P0145/10J Handicapped persons.
P0145/10K Health care.
P0145/10L Immigrants, refugees.
P0145/10M Industrial Work.
P0145/10N International Development.
P0145/10O Leadership development.
P0145/10P Physical Education.
P0145/10Q Pre-school, children.
P0145/10R Railroad Work.
P0145/10S Religious Work.
P0145/10T Seniors.
P0145/10U Social recreation.
P0145/10V Women.
P0145/10W Y's Men, Y's Menettes.

P0145/11 Branches, buildings, facilities.
P0145/11A Branches and facilities general.
P0145/11B YMCA Centre-ville.
P0145/11B01 Histories.
P0145/11B02 Administration, Board of Management.
P0145/11B03 Annual Reports.
P0145/11B04 Annual General Meetings.
P0145/11B05 Financial administration.
P0145/11B06 Planning.
P0145/11B07 Human resources administration.
P0145/11B08 Communications.
P0145/11B09 Facilities, buildings, equipment, supplies.
P0145/11B10 Programs.
P0145/11C Du Parc/North/International/Fairmount.
P0145/11D Lachine/Lachine-Dorval.
P0145/11E Pointe St-Charles.
P0145/11F Railroad.
P0145/11G West Island.
P0145/11H Westmount.

P0145/12 Camping, outdoor programs.
P0145/12A Committees.
P0145/12B Kamp Kanawana.
P0145/12B01 General administration.
P0145/12B02 Financial administration.
P0145/12B03 Land, facilities, equipment, supplies.
P0145/12B04 Communications.
P0145/12B05 Staff, counsellors.
P0145/12B06 Campers.
P0145/12B07 Program.
P0145/12C Camp Otoreke.
P0145/12C01 General administration.
P0145/12C02 Financial administration.
P0145/12C03 Land, facilities, equipment, supplies.
P0145/12C04 Communications.
P0145/12C05 Staff, counsellors.
P0145/12C06 Campers.
P0145/12C07 Program.
P0145/12D Camp Becsies.
P0145/12E Camp Dorval.
P0145/12F Camp Weredale.
P0145/12G Camp Perrot.
P0145/12H Ski lodge.
P0145/12I Camp Thunderbird.
P0145/12J Wilderness Survival Camp.
P0145/12K Les Voyageurs de la Vérendrye.
P0145/12L Lac St-Joseph/Camp Jubilee.
P0145/12M Day camp.
P0145/12N Camping associations.
P0145/12N01 American Camping Association.
P0145/12N02 Canadian Camping Association.
P0145/12N03 Quebec Section, Canadian Camping Association (also known as Quebec Camping Association).
P0145/12N04 Quebec Camping Association/Association des camps du Québec.

P0145/13 Special events.
P0145/13A Visits of dignitaries.
P0145/13B Anniversaries.
P0145/13C Open house.
P0145/13D Memorials, tributes, testimonials, honours.
P0145/13E Expo 1967/Canadian centennial.
P0145/13F 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.

P0145/14 External relations.
P0145/14A The World Alliance of YMCAs, World Councils, World Conferences, international visits.
P0145/14A01 World Alliance, World Councils, World Conferences.
P0145/14A02 International visits.
P0145/14B World Service, Foreign Work.
P0145/14C International Committee, other North American YMCA organizations.
P0145/14D National Council of YMCAs of Canada.
P0145/14D01 Constitutive documents.
P0145/14D02 Histories.
P0145/14D03 Annual Reports.
P0145/14D04 Correspondence, reports.
P0145/14D05 Meetings of Council, Board, Executive Committee, staff.
P0145/14D06 Committee meetings, reports.
P0145/14D07 Annual, Special General Meetings.
P0145/14D08 National conferences, conventions.
P0145/14D09 Policy, planning, surveys.
P0145/14D10 Program support.
P0145/14D11 Military Work.
P0145/14D11a Boer War.
P0145/14D11b World War I.
P0145/14D11c Interwar period.
P0145/14D11d World War II.
P0145/14D11e Post-World War II.
P0145/14D12 Geneva Park: Couchiching national centre.
P0145/14D13 Camp Canada.
P0145/14D14 Human resources administration.
P0145/14D15 Financial administration.
P0145/14D16 Communications, public relations.
P0145/14D17 Directories, rosters.
P0145/14E Regional YMCA councils, committees.
P0145/14F YMCAs of the United Kingdom.
P0145/14G YMCAs of the United States.
P0145/14H Canadian local YMCAs.
P0145/14I YWCA, other organizations.
P0145/14J Governments.
P0145/14K Churches.

YMCA of Montreal

Dorothy Davis fonds

  • P098
  • Fonds
  • 1919-1993

The fonds provides information on Montreal Children's Theatre and its founders.

The fonds consists of five scrapbooks including press clippings and articles, as well as photographs, a video cassette of a media interviews with Dorothy Davis [ca. 1983, 1984] and of a report on her death in 1993, and the honourary degrees conferred by Concordia University on Dorothy Davis and Violet Walters in 1984.

Davis, Dorothy

Department of Accountancy fonds

  • I0102
  • Fonds
  • [198-?] - 2009

The fonds provides information on the Chartered Accounting Program, between the 1980s and 2009. The program started in 1978 and became the Chartered Professional Accountancy (CPA) Program around 2014.

The fonds is composed of reports, minutes, course guides, and photographs.

Concordia University. Department of Accountancy

Centre for Mature Students fonds

  • I0095
  • Fonds
  • 1977 - 2007

The fonds documents the administration and activities of the Centre for Mature Students, between 1977 and 2007. It mainly consists of reports, correspondence, and promotional material.

Concordia University. Centre for Mature Students

Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies fonds

  • I0125
  • Fonds
  • 1963 - 2008

The fonds provides information on the administrative evolution and structure of the Centre and its main functions: consultation, training and research activities, mainly between 1970 and 2006.

The fonds includes administrative documents such as minutes, annual reports and correspondence as well as workshop documentation and evaluations, internal publications and promotional material.

Concordia University. Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies

Academic Planning Office fonds

  • I0038
  • Fonds
  • 1936 - 1986, mainly 1961 - 1984

Fonds provides information on the activities of the Academic Planning Office from 1967 to 1984, years for which J. H. Whitelaw was Curriculum Coordinator, Associate Vice-Rector and Vice-Rector (Academic). It also provides information on related activities in which J. H. Whitelaw was involved from 1961-1984.

Fonds contains mainly curriculum, statistics, textual records, correspondence, minutes, reports, press clippings, procedures and policies. The fonds is organized according to the following series:

I0038/01 Associations
I0038/02 Budget
I0038/03 Budget Control and Accounting
I0038/04 Committees
I0038/05 Computer Facilities and Operations
I0038/06 Cooperation and Exchange Activities
I0038/07 Curriculum & Programmes
I0038/08 Departmental Affairs
I0038/09 Financing
I0038/10 General Correspondence
I0038/11 Publications
I0038/12 Relations / Services External
I0038/13 Relations / Services Internal
I0038/14 Research Activities
I0038/15 Staff General
I0038/16 Staff Teaching
I0038/17 Statistics
I0038/18 Student Life
I0038/19 University Organizations, Policy and Planning

Concordia University. Academic Planning Office

Leila Sujir fonds

  • P0277
  • Fonds
  • 1972 - 2008

The fonds provides information on the Sujir’s art projects and professional activities as an artist researcher and faculty member at Concordia for the period between 1972 and 2008.

The fonds consists of project administrative records, research materials and video and audio recordings of her film productions.

Sujir, Leila

Fonds Leon Llewellyn

  • F032
  • Fonds
  • [19--] ; 1966-2018, predominant 1969-1979

Le fonds Leon Llewellyn documents la vie et la carrière de Leon Llewellyn. De manière significative, le fonds est composé de documentation relative à la communauté noire anglophone de Montréal, incluant les activités et les fonctions de diverses organisations communautaires noires, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter, le Negro Community Centre/Charles H. Este Cultural Centre; le Centre d'études noires; le Conseil québécois des éducateurs noirs; la Black Community Central Administration of Quebec; le Conseil de la communauté noire du Québec; la Coalition nationale des Noirs du Canada; l’Association de la communauté noire de Côte-des-Neiges; l’Association de la communauté noire de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce; le Projet de développement de la communauté noire de Côte-des-Neiges; le Black Theater Workshop ; l’Association des artistes noirs ; la Société de photographie noire de Montréal; Union United Church; la Black Action Party; le National Black Coalition Institute of Research in the Black Experience; le Congrès national des femmes noires ; le Black Community Communications Media; Black Is! ; le Negro Theater Arts Club; le Revue Théâtre; l’Association des travailleurs noirs ; Black Youth Radio; et le Black Youth Television Workshop. Des documents liés à la Concordia Student Union; le Concordia University's Black Student Union; le McGill Black Student Union, la Caribbean Students' Society of McGill University; et le Black Students' Association du Collège Champlain se retrouvent également dans ce fonds. De plus, ce fonds contient divers numéros d'importants journaux et magazines communautaires, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter, Uhuru; Focus Umoja ; Focus Magazine; Afro-Can ; Afro-canadien; Contrast; The Black Voice; Montréal Camera; Community Contact; The Montreal Challenger; The Montreal Oracle; African Awakener; Canadian Tribune; Voice of Montreal; et The Black : A Canadian Journal of Self Expression. Le fonds contient également des documents liés à la publication du livre "Journey into Our Caribbean Past" d'Eric Llewellyn.
Le fonds Leon Llewellyn est composé d'une grande variété de documents textuels et graphiques, y compris des photographies, des négatifs, des planches-contacts, des croquis et des dessins, des cartes de souhaits, des journaux, des magazines, de la correspondance, des rapports, des procès-verbaux et des ordres du jour, des bulletins, des invitations, des dépliants, des brochures, des affiches, des documents financiers, des programmes et des programmes d'études, parmi beaucoup d'autres. Le fonds contient également quelques objets.
Le fonds Leon Llewellyn est divisé en trois séries :
F032/A Organismes et événements communautaires
F032/B Journaux et magazines communautaires
F032/C Documents personnels

Llewellyn, Leon

Desmond Rupert Adams fonds

  • P241
  • Fonds
  • 1925-2007

The Desmond Rupert Adams fonds consists of personal, family, and studio photographs including studio portraits, commercial assignments and personal explorations. The majority of the photographs are portraits. Some photographs depict Expo '67, the Olympic games in Montreal 1976, and street life in Montreal.

The fonds contains a variety of photographic formats, art works, and exhibition prints. There are photo albums, some audio-visual documents and some studio client files.

Adams, Desmond Rupert

Sur Rodney (Sur) fonds

  • P234
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1900]-2019, predominantly 1974-2019

The Sur Rodney (Sur) fonds gives an insight into the life and career of Sur Rodney (Sur), from his childhood in Montreal until today. It informs about his family background and early life as part of Montreal’s black community during the 1950s and 1960s. The fonds illustrates Sur Rodney’s work as an artist and activist, and it presents the North-American and more precisely the New York East Village art scene around Sur Rodney (Sur) from the 1960s to 2018, by the means of personal correspondence exchanged with Sur Rodney (Sur), exhibition catalogues, and documents related to The Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1980) and the All New Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1981). It also contains information about the AIDS crisis, the organization Visual Aids and Sur Rodney’s implication within this context.

The fonds is organized into the following series:

P0234/A The Adams family and Sur Rodney (Sur)’s personal life
P0234/B The Artist Sur Rodney (Sur) and fellow artists

The fonds includes, but is not limited to, photographs, art works, scrap-books, posters, speaking notes, correspondence, programs, flyers, newspaper clippings, ephemera, publications with contributions by Sur Rodney (Sur), moving images and sound recordings.

Sur Rodney (Sur)

Vernon Isaac fonds

  • P228
  • Fonds
  • [193-?]-2000

The materials in the fonds document Vernon Isaac’s life as a jazz musician and the Canadian jazz scene of the 1970s to 1990s. The fonds also contains information about Vernon Isaac’s family.

The fonds includes personal documents, photographs of Vernon Isaac’s family, friends and other performers, press clippings, programs, posters, commemorative plaques, and sound and audiovisual recordings of Vernon Isaac.

The fonds is organized into the following series:
P0228/A. Textual records
P0228/B. Scrapbooks, photo albums and other graphic material
P0228/C Audio-visual material
P0228/D Objects

Isaac, Vernon

Peter K. Johnston fonds

  • P199
  • Fonds
  • [193- ?]-2005

The Peter K. Johnston fonds contains documentation pertaining to the American Jazz musician Harry James (1916-1983) and the Big band era. The fonds primarily documents the musical career of Harry James as bandleader and trumpeter. It also includes information on the Montreal Vintage Music Society (MVMS), and on other jazz musicians, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Metcalf, Oscar Peterson, and Glenn Miller, among many others.

The fonds contains memorabilia, correspondence, magazines, discographies, photographs, newspaper clippings, reference documentation, posters, moving images, and an audio recording, among other material. Some of the documents are arranged in scrapbooks.

The fonds is arranged in the following series :
P0199 / A Harry James
P0199 / B Other Jazz musicians
P0199 / C Peter Johnston as a collector

Johnston, Peter K.

Fonds Meilan Lam

  • P135
  • Fonds
  • 1931-1999

Le fonds se compose de documents recueillis ou créés durant la production du documentaire Show Girls de l'Office national du film du Canada. Il porte sur la scène du jazz montréalaise des années 1920 aux années 1960 et fait la chronique de la vie de trois femmes, Tina Baines Brereton, Bernice Jordan Whims et Olga Spencer Foderingham, qui ont fait partie de chorus lines dans des boîtes de nuit comme Rockhead's Paradise, The Terminal et le Café St-Michel.

Le fonds comprend des notes de recherche, des séquences inédites, des vidéocassettes, des transcriptions d'entrevues avec les protagonistes du film, des enregistrements sonores d'entrevues de différentes sources, des plans d'archives, des listes de plans, des coupures de presse de publicités des boîtes de nuit, des livres de référence et des copies VHS du documentaire.

Lam, Meilan

Fonds Herb Johnson

  • P0088
  • Fonds
  • 1898-1987

Le fonds documente la scène des orchestres de danse et de musique de jazz des années 1930 aux années 1980, surtout à Montréal. C'est une source de documentation de grande valeur sur le bebop, style musical de jazz qui emergeat dans les années 1940 et sur l'Association des musiciens séniors et de l'orchestre qui en est issu.

Le fonds comprend de la musique publiée et manuscrite, incluant les arrangements de Herb Johnson; de la correspondance personnelle; des livres et des articles sur les techniques du saxophone et de la clarinette; des livres et des articles sur les arrangements, les harmonies et d'autres facettes de la musique; des photographies; des carnets de notes; des documents financiers personnels; des programmes, des coupures de presse et d'autres souvenirs; des magazines. Le fonds inlcut des enregistrements sonores ainsi que des objets comme des cartables de musique, des mouchoirs de poche et une valise pour les disques. Il y a aussi des documents liés aux activités syndicales du musicien comme de la correspondance, des documents financiers, des documents de fondation, la constitution, les règlements, des questionnaires, des bulletins de vote, des agendas, des procès-verbaux et des carnets d'adresse.

Le fonds est organisé selon les séries et sous-séries suivantes:

P088/1 Correspondents
P088/1A Family and friends
P088/1B Music colleagues
P088/1C Personal business correspondents
P088/2 Personal files
P088/2A Personal interests and personal affairs
P088/2B Music industry
P088/2C Music technique
P088/2D Photographs
P088/3 Union activity
P088/3A Musicians' Guild of Montreal
P088/3B Senior Musicians' Association
P088/4 Print and manuscript music
P088/5 Technique books, manuals, tutors, methods
P088/6 Magazines and promotional literature
P088/7 Collection of sound recordings
P088/7A Privately recorded sound recordings
P088/7B Commercial sound recordings

Johnson, Herb

Fonds Johnny Holmes

  • P0016
  • Fonds
  • [194-]-1989

Le fonds porte sur le jazz à Montréal, surtout à la radio, durant les années 1950 et 1960.

Il est constitué d'arrangements originaux de Johnny Holmes, d'enregistrements des émissions radiophoniques de la CBC, de coupures de presse et de photographies.

Holmes, Johnny

Fonds Norman Marshall Villeneuve

  • F022
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1946]-2016

Le fonds Norman Marshall Villeneuve documente la carrière de Norman Marshall Villeneuve en tant que musicien de jazz. Il contient également des documents relatifs à d'autres musiciens de jazz canadiens et américains. Les documents de ce fonds sont datés entre 1946 et 2016, la majorité des documents datant des années 1960 aux années 1980. La plupart du matériel a été créé à Toronto, en Ontario, et à Montréal, au Québec.

Le fonds comprend des coupures de journaux, des photographies, des affiches, des programmes, des magazines, des dessins et des notes.

Le fonds est organisé selon les séries suivantes :
F022/A Coupures de journaux et magazines
F022/B Photographies
F022/C Affiches
F022/D Correspondance
F022/E Notes

Villeneuve, Norman Marshall

Fonds Tina Brereton

  • P074
  • Fonds
  • [194-]

Le fonds est constitué de photographies évoquant les moments où Tina Brereton dansait dans des spectacles accompagnés de musique de jazz au Café St-Michel, à Montréal durant les années 1940.

Brereton, Tina

Fonds Myron Sutton

  • P019
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1945

Le fonds donne un aperçu de la carrière musicale de Myron Sutton aux États-Unis ainsi qu'au Canada, et particulièrement à Montréal. Il documente également la carrière des groupes avec lesquels Myron Sutton jouait et ceux qu'il dirigeait incluant les Royal Ambassadors et les Canadian Ambassadors, en plus de porter sur la scène musicale du jazz et sur la vie nocturne de Montréal au cours des années 1930.

Le fonds comprend des documents sonores, un spicilège contenant de la correspondance, des contrats, des programmes, des coupures de presse et des photographies.

Sutton, Myron

Fonds Maurice Tynes

  • F031
  • Fonds
  • [194-] ; 1959-1961 ; 1978

Le fonds Maurice Tynes contient du matériel iconographique et textuel documentant le service de Maurice Tynes dans les Forces armées canadiennes.

Le fonds contient quatre photographies en noir et blanc et deux documents textuels.

Tynes, Maurice

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