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The World Alliance of YMCAs, World Councils, World Conferences, international visits

The records in the sub-series document Montreal YMCA involvement at the world level, including international visits to the Montreal YMCA and by Montreal YMCA officials. The records include books, correspondence, conference proceedings and memorabilia, reports, and other materials. The materials are arranged in the following sub-series:

P0145/14A01 - World Alliance, World Councils, World Conferences.
P0145/14A02 - International visits.

Annual Reports

The sub-series consists of annual reports issued by the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA and working documents used in their preparation.

YMCAs of the United Kingdom

The sub-series consists of materials generated by YMCA bodies in the United Kingdom that were kept by Montreal YMCA staff members or held in the library of the Montreal YMCA.

YMCAs of the United States

The sub-series consists of materials generated by local YMCAs in the United States as well as the American National Council of YMCAs and its precursors. The sub-series documents American YMCA activity at the national, international, and local levels.

International Committee, other North American YMCA organizations

The sub-series documents collaboration between the Montreal YMCA and joint Canada-U.S. YMCA bodies, apart from Foreign Work/World Service.

It includes yearbooks for North American YMCAs (1889-1973, with some years missing) that were published by or by authority of the International Committee, statistical reports prepared for the year books, as well as other textual

Directors, presidents

Records in the sub-series document individuals who served as directors and presidents of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA. It includes correspondence, research notes, speeches, biographical records, obituaries, photographs, speeches, a menu, and other materials.

Canadian local YMCAs

The materials in the sub-sub-series include annual reports and other documents published or created by Canadian YMCAs or YM-YWCAs other than the Montreal YMCA, materials gathered in preparation for histories of the YMCA in Canada, and correspondence.

World Service, Foreign Work

The sub-series documents the Montreal YMCA's involvement in World Service, Foreign Programs, and International Development activities in collaboration with the Canada-U.S. International Committee and the Canadian National Council. It also holds records related to the Canadian National Council's International Development/Development Education work.

The sub-series includes correspondence, reports, fund-raising documents, meeting documents, and other materials.


The sub-series documents the creation of histories of the Montreal YMCA. It holds research notes, manuscripts, correspondence, and other documents related to Harold C. Cross' book One Hundred years of Service with Youth: The Story of the Montreal Y.M.C.A. 1851-1951, published by the YMCA in 1951.

The sub-series includes timelines and historical sketches, research notes, correspondence, essays, press clippings, books, photographs, and other materials.

YMCA Centre-ville

The sub-series documents the buildings, administration, and programs of the main branch of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA from the time of its founding. It includes correspondence, minutes, reports, rosters, specifications, scrapbooks, photographs, blueprints, maps, and other materials. The records are arranged in the following sub-sub-series:

P0145/11B01 - Histories.
P0145/11B02 - Administration, Board of Management.
P0145/11B03 - Annual Reports.
P0145/11B04 - Annual General Meetings.
P0145/11B05 - Financial administration.
P0145/11B06 - Planning.
P0145/11B07 - Human resources administration.
P0145/11B08 - Communications.
P0145/11B09 - Facilities, buildings, equipment, supplies.
P0145/11B10 - Programs.

Regional YMCA councils, committees

The sub-series documents the activities of various regional and territorial councils and committees, including territorial committees and other groups within the National Council and other groups of local YMCAs.

Religious Work

The sub-series documents the YMCA's religious programs. It includes publications, reports, notes, clippings, and other materials.


The sub-series documents Montreal YMCA educational programs. The documents are arranged in the following sub-sub-series:

P0145/10G01 - Constitutive documents, histories.
P0145/10G02 - Administration.
P0145/10G03 - Financial management.
P0145/10G04 - Communications.
P0145/10G05 - Buildings, properties.
P0145/10G06 - Faculty, staff.
P0145/10G07 - Students, student services, associations.
P0145/10G08 - Curriculum, programs.
P0145/10G09 - Research.
P0145/10G10 - External relations.


The sub-series documents the YMCA's reflection on its mission, mandate, objectives, philosophy, values, and role.

Individual senior employed officers

The series holds documents created or received by senior employed officers of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA, including correspondence, clippings, articles, photographs, and other materials. Other titles for the position have included general secretary, executive secretary, director general, and president and chief executive officer.

National Council of YMCAs of Canada

The sub-series documents the Montreal YMCA's relationships with the National Council and the Montreal YMCA's participation in national conventions and conferences.

Records in the sub-series include correspondence, conference proceedings, annual and other reports, architectural drawings, photographs, maps, and other materials.The materials are arranged in the following sub-sub-series:

P0145/14D01 - Constitutive documents.
P0145/14D02 - Histories.
P0145/14D03 - Annual Reports.
P0145/14D04 - Correspondence, reports.
P0145/14D05 - Meetings of Council, Board, Executive Committee, staff.
P0145/14D06 - Committee meetings, reports.
P0145/14D07 - Annual, Special General Meetings.
P0145/14D08 - National conferences, conventions.
P0145/14D09 - Policy, planning, surveys.
P0145/14D10 - Program support.
P0145/14D11 - Military Work.
P0145/14D11e - Post-World War II.
P0145/14D12 - Geneva Park: Couchiching national centre.
P0145/14D13 - Camp Canada.
P0145/14D14 - Human resources administration.
P0145/14D15 - Financial administration.
P0145/14D16 - Communications, public relations.
P0145/14D17 - Directories, rosters.


The sub-series documents the various bodies that have had responsibility for the Montreal YMCA's camping and outdoor programs. The sub-series documents the general organization and management of the YMCA's camping and outdoor programs. It documents research programs related to camp leadership and to other aspects of the theory of camping.

It includes committee minutes, correspondence, membership lists, rosters, reports, questionnaires, and other materials.

Lac St-Joseph/Camp Jubilee

The sub-series documents the first Montreal YMCA camp. It includes scrapbooks, publicity materials, reports, correspondence, and other materials.


The sub-series documents the development, facilities, and activities of the Railroad Branch YMCAs. It includes correspondence, reports, financial records, and a souvenir book.

Kamp Kanawana

The sub-series documents the administration, property, buildings, equipment, publicity, staff, campers, and program of Kamp Kanawana. The sub-series includes directors' reports, annual reports, correspondence, camper applications, blueprints, maps, photographs, publicity brochures and films, t-shirts, badges, ribbons, pennants, and other materials. The materials are arranged in the following sub-sub-series:

P0145/12B01 - General administration.
P0145/12B02 - Financial administration.
P0145/12B03 - Land, facilities, equipment, supplies.
P0145/12B04 - Communications.
P0145/12B05 - Staff, counsellors.
P0145/12B06 - Campers.
P0145/12B07 - Program.

Music theory and technique

The sub-series contains music scores, note book exercises and other textual items concerning music theory and technique relating to Herb Johnson.

YWCA, other organizations

The materials in the sub-series document the Montreal YMCA's relationships with organizations such as the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) and the Montreal Council of Social Agencies. The first joint YM-YWCA was opened in Windsor, Ontario in 1926. The sub-series also documents relations with the Student Christian Movement (which grew out of the YMCA's university branches in the 1920s), the Montreal Young Men's Hebrew Association, and other organizations.

Branches and facilities general

The sub-series documents building and other committees that have been involved with the construction or renovation of Metropolitan Montreal YMCA facilities. The sub-series documents aspects of physical plant that cover more than one branch, requests from branches for major repairs and replacements, and calculations of space requirements sent from branches to the central administration. It includes correspondence, minutes, reports, statistical studies, contracts, and publicity materials for supplies and equipment.

Leadership Development

The sub-series documents Montreal the YMCA's leadership training programs. The sub-series includes reports, certificates, course materials, a photograph, and other materials.

Managerial groups

The materials in the sub-series document the activities of managerial groups in which executives of the Montreal YMCA have taken part. The records include correspondence, reports, minutes and other meeting documents, as well as various working documents, reports, studies, and publications. The materials are arranged in the following sub-sub-series:

P0145/04D01 - Meetings, conferences, administration.
P0145/04D02 - Publications and studies.

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