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The Canadian (The Gazette)
04 · Dossier · March 20, 1976
Fait partie de Dora Pleet fonds

Contains the March 20, 1976, issue of The Canadian. Includes article “Irving Layton’s Crown of Thorns: If Zionism is racism, what is Christianity?” by Beverly Slopen.

The Senior Times
06 · Dossier · April 4, 1997
Fait partie de Dora Pleet fonds

Contains April 4, 1997, issue of The Senior Times (volume 11, number 7). Includes article “Friends and followers extol Layton’s work” by Irwin Block.

Leaflet and pamphlet
03 · Dossier · 1972-1986
Fait partie de Dora Pleet fonds

Contains a leaflet for Irving Layton's reading "What is Jewish about my poetry?" at the Cummings Memorial Auditorium and a pamphlet for the National Film Board of Canada documentary "Life transformed: Canadian writers at work."

Instructional records
F010/D · Série · 1796 – 1861
Fait partie de Grant Family fonds

Series contains prescriptions for ailments, notes regarding waterproofing of various garments, research notes, sheets of poetry, religious documents including hymns and a book of saints, and a handwritten math textbook from Scotland, which covers addition, notations, subtraction, multiplication, division, reduction, the rule of three, the rule of five, and a practice section.

F010/E · Série · [18--?]
Fait partie de Grant Family fonds

Series contains one leather wallet and a tin box, which held the wallet. The wallet previously held correspondence.

F014/D · Série · [19--]
Fait partie de Christopher Fry fonds

Series consists of 2 photographs of Christopher Fry. The first is an undated reproduction of a photograph by Tom L. Blau which appeared in the biography Christopher Fry by Derek Stanford, first published in 1954. The second is a black and white portrait of the playwright (photographer unknown).

F009/A · Série · [196-?] – 1976
Fait partie de Peter Desbarats fonds

Series contains records relating to interviews conducted during the writing of Peter Desbarats’s book René: A Canadian in Search of a Country. Material consists of interview transcripts, notes and audio cassettes of taped interviews. Interviews were conducted with Quebec and Canadian politicians, lawyers, journalists, professors, and editors.