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Georgiantics 1942
P0069-02-07 · Pièce · 1942
Fait partie de Fred Kerner fonds

Sailors Swing: Hughie Capra, Adeline Ciment, Fritzie Miller, Blanche Perlove, Anita Sanchez (second from left) Pat Walsh at microphone: Lorna Moore

Georgiantics 1942
P0069-02-12 · Pièce · 1942
Fait partie de Fred Kerner fonds

At Brownsburg after the show, the local community fed the entire crew before they boarded buses en route back to Montreal. Among faces discernable in the crowd are Ray Brooks, Zangwill Godlovich, Helen Pearson, Lorna M oore, Merv Gelfand, Andy Fyfe, Roslyn Gurberg, Jean Lockhart, Anita Sanchez, Dorothy Marshall, and Mortimer Tunis.

Georgiantics 1942
P0069-02-13 · Pièce · March 14, 1942
Fait partie de Fred Kerner fonds

For the first time in its four-year history, Georgiantics had a prevue performance. The date was March 14, 1942, and the run-through venue was the community centre at Brownsbuurg, P.Q. The hall was filled to capacity and conductor Merv Gelfand prepares to raise his baton on the overture.

Georgiantics 1942
P0069-02-26 · Pièce · 1942
Fait partie de Fred Kerner fonds

Concordia Salus (the entire cast singing the finale). From left to right, where discernable: Lorna Moore (soloist), Lucille Stern (in "1867" costume) and other "House Members", Waltzing: (see separate photo for names), Indian Dance: Peggy Butler, Hughie Capra, Adeline Ciment, Winnie Cook, Martha Geoff rion, Therese Hurtubise, Fritzie Miller, Rose Palevsky, Blanche Perlove, Anita Sanchez, Audrey Schmauder (at lef t), Pat Walsh (at right). Blanche Michlin (standing behind Schmauder and Sanchez), Lillian Berman( at microphone), Grenadier Girls: (see separate photo), Waltzing: (Monique Nantel, in black gown), Sailor's Swing: (see separate photo), Terminal Taps: (see separate photo), Conductor: Merv Gelfand, Violinists: Herschel Darwin (dark hair), Heactor Chandler (in profile at right)

Georgiantics 1942
P0069-02-31 · Pièce · 1942
Fait partie de Fred Kerner fonds

Waltzing: Virginia Dwane (back centre)?, Betty Lacoe?, Dorpthy Marshall?, Zelda Miller?, Dorothy Mulligan?, Monique Nantel?, Helen Pearson? (back left), Vici Tuyl?

Office of the Principal fonds
I0010 · Fonds · [ca. 1924] - 1985

The fonds provides information on the evolution of Sir George Williams University and on the beginning of Concordia University. This fonds is mainly composed Dr. John W. O’Brien’s files as Principal of SGWU until 1974 and as Concordia University’s first Rector until May 1984. There are also some Michael Sheldon's files as Assistant to Principal of SGWU.

The fonds includes such textual records as correspondence, minutes, financial and other reports, clippings, and procedures and policies. It includes photographs, cartographic items, artifacts, and sound recordings. The fonds is divided into the following series:

I010/01 Associations
I010/02 Budget
I010/03 Budget control and accounting
I010/04 Buildings and properties
I010/05 Committees
I010/06 Computer facilities and operations
I010/07 Conferences, seminars, and special activities
I010/08 Cooperation and exchange activities
I010/09 Curriculum and programs
I010/10 Financing
I010/11 General correspondence
I010/12 Insurance
I010/13 Legal affairs and contracts
I010/14 Libraries and documentation centres
I010/15 Publications
I010/16 Publicity and public relations
I010/17 Relations /services, external
I010/18 Relations /services, internal
I010/19 Research activities
I010/20 Scholarships, awards and prizes
I010/21 Staff, general
I010/22 Staff, administrative and support
I010/23 Staff, teaching
I010/24 Statistics
I010/25 Student life
I010/26 Student records
I010/27 Teaching activities
I010/28 University organizations, policy and planning
I010/29 Photographs

Sans titre
General Associations
I0010/01A · Sous-série · 1955-1983
Fait partie de Office of the Principal fonds

The sub-series consists of records documenting the relations between the Principal or Rector's Office and external associations. The sub-series contains records of activity related to the following associations:
Alliance Quebec
American Association of University Administrators
Association des professeurs des universités de langue française du Québec
Association canadienne des éducateurs de langue française
Association for Higher Education
Association of Canadian Universities Active in Northern Research
Association of Commonwealth Universities
Canadian Association for Hebrew Education and Culture
Canadian Association of College and University Student Services
Canadian Association of Adult Education
Canadian Association of University Teachers
Canadian Mental Health Association Québec Division
Canadian Political Science Association
Canadian University Association (Hong Kong)
Canadian Universities Foundation
Canadian University Service Overseas
Fédération des associations de professeurs des universités du Québec
International Association of Universities
Positive Action Group
Provincial Association of Protestant Teachers of Québec
Québec Student Debating Association.

I0010/04A · Sous-série · 1961-1983
Fait partie de Office of the Principal fonds

The sub-series consists of records relating to the acquisition of land or property by S.G.W. It contains notes and correspondence.

Lewis A. Coser
I0010-02-0003 · Pièce · July 3, 1964
Fait partie de Office of the Principal fonds

Lewis A. Coser, visiting professor from Brandeis University (Massachusetts) who taught a Sociology course during the 1st Summer Session in Sociology inaugurated in 1964.

Neil Compton
I0010-02-0011 · Pièce
Fait partie de Office of the Principal fonds

Neil Compton, professor of English and Chairman of the English department at Sir George Williams University from 1952 to 1969.

R.E. Heartz
I0010-02-0029 · Pièce · [195-?]
Fait partie de Office of the Principal fonds

Chairman of the Board of the Shawinigan Engineering Co. Ltd. and a Director The Shawinigan Water and Power Company.