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Ingrid Bachmann fonds
P0285 · Fonds · [ca.1986] - 2017

The fonds provides information on Ingrid Bachman's professional life as a contemporary artist and as a teacher at Concordia University and at the Art Institute of Chicago, her involvement with Design Cooperative and the Banff Art Residency Program. The CONFERENCE, LECTURES, TALKS subseries includes records related to the Conversations in Contemporary Art (CICA), the Studio Arts Visiting Artists Program as well as texts for presentations and lectures Bachmann gave at the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS) conference and the Practice-Led Research Conference, to name a few. The PROJECTS subseries is comprised of notes, video scripts, promotional material and press clippings of reviews, and other records related to the logistics of coordinating and producing art installations such as Fault Lines, Digital Crustaceans, Nomad Web, Berlin Stories and 48 Hours/48 Rooms, among others. This subseries also includes the ProWeave software. The TEACHING subseries contains outlines and assignment directives of courses Bachman gave at the Art Institute of Chicago and Concordia University and the WRITINGS subseries records related to articles Bachmann published. The MEDIA COVERAGE subseries includes articles and reviews of Bachmann's works.

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Bruce Le Dain fonds
P0294 · Fonds · 1941 - 1999

The fonds provides information on the professional life of Canadian artist Bruce Le Dain.

It is comprised of journals held more or less regularly by Le Dain between 1963 and 1999. They include records of personal accounting and painting income summaries as well as some correspondence and press clippings.

The CORRESPONDENCE subseries includes letters exchanged with fellow Canadian artist John Little between 1974 and 1992. It also includes a binder of miscellaneous correspondence and memorabilia as well as some reference documentation on the subject of art.

The DISTINCTIONS subseries includes some correspondence and framed honours granted to Le Dain: an Honorary Life Membership to the Arts Club of Montreal in 1994 as well as a recognition from the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA) for his contribution in the arts of painting in 1985.

The SLIDES subseries is comprised of annotated slides of many of Le Dain's paintings done between 1972 and 1999.

The fonds also includes a souvenir photo album of Le Dain's first one-man exhibition held at the Klinkhoff Gallery in 1972 and a wooden box custom-made by Le Dain, a box he used to store his tools when he was painting.

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Barry Frank fonds
P0293 · Fonds · 1962 - 2000

The fonds is organized in 2 series: PROFESSIONAL LIFE and PRIVATE LIFE.

The PROFESSIONAL LIFE series includes CORRESPONDENCE related to Frank's career at Concordia University, records linked to his Long Service Recognition (after 25 years at Concordia University) and articles published (in collaboration with C. Y. Cheung, O. Mitran, G. Barnea, S. J. Knak Jensen, O. G. Mouritsen and K. Nath among others) between 1969 and 1997.

The PRIVATE LIFE series is comprised of records related to Frank's EDUCATION, most notably a thesis submitted to the University of British Columbia and to McGill University.

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Howard Fink fonds
P0292 · Fonds · 1964 - 2004

The fonds is organized in two series PRIVATE LIFE and PROFESSIONAL LIFE.

The PROFESSIONAL LIFE series contains a TEACHING sub-series with records on Howard Fink's career at Sir George Williams and Concordia University: an agenda, miscellaneous correspondence, course outlines, an honour student file, examination questionnaire samples. There's a sub-series titled COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT related to his involvement with the Canadian Association of Emeriti and Retired Academics (CAERA), the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) and the Association for the Study of Canadian Radio and Television (ASCRT). The POETRY READING SERIES and the FACE TO FACE CONFERENCE sub-series include correspondence, programmes, publicity and other records related to the logistics of those events. The RESEARCH sub-series contains record about a France-Quebec collaboration on the study radio-drama tradition. The fonds also contains records about the Centre for Broadcasting Studies Fink helped establishing and the CBC Radio Drama Bibliography.

The PRIVATE LIFE series contains personal correspondence.

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Maïr Verthuy fonds
P0291 · Fonds · ca. 1965-2021

The fonds provides information on Maïr Verthuy's PROFESSIONAL LIFE as a teacher in the department of Études françaises and a writer of articles on feminism, French literature and female migrant authors.

The TEACHING subseries contains records related to the courses Verthuy taught at Concordia University in the department of Études Françaises as well as at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute she founded in 1978 and that she directed from its inception to 1983. The records includes course outlines, bibliographies, some promotional material and correspondence. 'Littérature et francophonie', 'Huit siècles de poésie féminine', 'Le Romantisme', 'La littérature françaises au féminin' and more are all themes Verthuy taught.

The WRITINGS subseries includes records on the many articles and book reviews that Verthuy wrote from the mid-1960's to 2016 such 'Quebec Feminist Writing/Les écrits feminists au Québec' with Jeanne Maranda in 1977, 'Manifeste pour un ‘Gynocentrisme’ universitaire' in 1986, 'Flirting with Female Be-ing: the Uneasy Search of Hélène Ouvrard' in 1987, 'Hélène Parmelin and the Question of Time, Taking our Time: Feminist Perspectives on Temporality' in 1989, 'Les romancières immigrées et la politique ‘autre’ : Véra Pollak et Régine Robin' in 1995, 'Assia Djebar : le regard dé-voilé' in 1997, 'L’autobiographie de la migrance au Québec : Régine Robin et Nadine Ltaïf' in 2001, to only name a few. The records consist of drafts of manuscrits, photocopies of articles as well as some correspondence.

The CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, TALKS subseries is comprised of records related to the many presentations Verthuy made at different conferences and colloquia in Canada, in the United States and in Europe, most notably 'Virgile, non, Manastabal, si!' presented at the Congrès Société internationale de phénoménologie et de littérature in 1986, 'Hélène Parmelin ou la peinture faite roman' at the Association des professeurs de français des universités et collèges canadiens (APFUCC) in Victoria in 1990, 'L’hétérogénéité culturelle dans l’écriture féminine' at the Colloque du Centre de coopération interuniversitaire franco-québécoise held in Paris in 1991, 'Jeanne Hyvrard, d’un-e innommé-e l’autre' at the Colloque Le Littéraire et le sacré of the Département d’Études françaises at Concordia University in 1991, 'La Peinture au service du polar' at the Colloque Le roman français de la dernière décennie held Dalhousie University, Halifax in 1998. Maïr Verthuy was instrumental in the organization of the International Conference on Research and Teaching Related to Women held at Concordia University in the Summer of 1982. The files from the subseries include texts and drafts of texts of the presentations, some programs of the conferences and correspondence.

The DISTINCTIONS subseries provides information on the many prizes and awards Verthuy have received throughout her career: Personalité féminine de l'année at the Salon de la Femme in 1979, the John O'Brien Distinguished Teaching Award in 1985, the YWCA's Women of Distinction Awards in 1997, the Prix du Gouverneur-Général du Québec in 2008, the Order of Canada in 2012 and the Ordre national du Québec in 2019.

The COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT subseries is comprised of records related to Verthuy's involvement with different organizations outside of Concordia University between 1987 and 2010: the Conseil de la magistrature, the Montreal Council of Women (MCM) and the Commission de consultation sur les pratiques d'accomodements reliés aux différences culturelles, among others.

The RESEARCH AND REFERENCE DOCUMENTATION subseries includes publications, notes, photocopies of articles on different subjects related to Verthuy's expertise, most notably authors Assia Djebar, Hélène Parmelin, poet Louis Aragon and of course Simone de Beauvoir. The subseries is also contains reference documentation on Jeanne Hyvrard as well as correspondence held with the writer between 1982 and 2019.

The fonds also includes some MEDIA COVERAGE: articles about Verthuy, reviews of some of her publications, as well as some records related to the 2015 documentary 'Autour de Maïr'. Records pertaining to her PRIVATE LIFE can also be found in the fonds: some correspondence and files related to her education (class notes).

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Martin Duckworth fonds
P0290 · Fonds · 1975 - 2017

The fonds consists of records pertaining to Duckworth's professional life as a movie director and cinematographer.

The PRODUCTIONS sub-series contains records related to development of movies he worked on such as 'Peacemaker at War', 'Dear Santa', 'Oliver Jones in Africa' and 'Chaos in our Soul', among others. Contracts, proposals, correspondence, notes, research and reference documentation, photos and some media coverage are comprised in these files.

The TEACHING sub-series includes correspondence, course outlines, class lists, teaching and student evaluations, a sample of student works and some notes.

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Philip Szporer fonds
P0289 · Fonds · 1980 - 2022

The fonds provides information on Philip Szporer's career as a part-time instructor at Concordia University but also as a filmmaker and a journalist.

The PROFESSIONAL LIFE series includes material related to Stress, the Official Journal of the International Institute of Stress and its Affiliates Szporer edited in the beginning of the 1980's, some of films he directed as well as conferences and festivals he attended or actively took part in.

The DISTINCTIONS sub-series is comprised of records related to the Jacqueline Lemieux Prize and the Distinguished Teaching Award he received in 2010 and 2016, respectively.

The TEACHING sub-series contains course outlines, records related to the CUPFA grants Szporer received throughout the years, some correspondence, a working copy of the Concordia University Contemporary Dance Department Assessment Report he produced in 2001 as well as some course materials, including slides on the history of modern dance as well as the works of dancers: Doris Humphrey, Isadora Duncan, Loie Fuller, Maud Allen, Martha Graham, Ruth St. Denis, and Twyla Tharp among others.

The WRITINGS sub-series includes articles Szporer wrote for Dance Connection, Dance Journal USA, Cinema Canada as well as Concordia's Thursday Report.

The PERSONAL LIFE series contains a case study on the distribution of 'Not a Love Story' submitted to the department of Communication Studies in 1981 while Szporer was completing his graduate studies at Concordia University.

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Robert E. Wall fonds
P0288 · Fonds · 1963 - 1976

The fonds provides information on Wall’s professional life as an instructor and researcher on early politics in Massachusetts.

The series Professional Life is organized in 4 sub-series:

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Henry Beissel fonds
P0287 · Fonds · 1941 - 2022

The fonds is organized in 2 series: PROFESSIONAL LIFE and PRIVATE LIFE.

The PROFESSIONAL LIFE series is comprised of 8 sub-series. The CORRESPONDENCE sub-series consists of letters, postcards and greeting cards from peers (artists, writers, professors, humanists, publishers) of Beissel including Angelika Arend, Werner Berchem, Werner Berg, Per Brask, Ronnie Brown, Anthony Cassils, Patrick Drysdale, Leo Enright, Heide Fruth-Sachs, Keith Garebian, Gary Geddes, Albert-Reiner Glaap, Amanda Hale, Jack Herbert, Jürgen Jankofsky, Anne Kulling, Renée Makino, Helmut Markus, Rob McLennan, Najwa Nasr, Anja Oppermann, Bruno Petrenko, Andrew Proctor, Uta Regoli, Walter Riedell, Gillian Rimington, Gerd Rohmann, Fruma Rothberg Sanders, Desmond Scott, John Smith, Richard Thain, Axel Vieregg and Norman Yates, to name a few. There is also an extended correspondence with Edward Lacey, Walter Bauer and Wolfgang Bottenberg.

The WRITINGS sub-series includes notebooks, manuscript and some correspondence related to Beissel's works in poetry (What If Zen Gardens, Season of Blood suite, Cantos North, The Dragon and the Pearl, Feel with your Eyes, etc.) and theatre (Inuk in the Sun, Under Coyote's Eye, For Crying Out Loud, Goya, The Noose and Improvisations for Mr. X., etc.) mostly but also essays (On the High Wires of the Imagination, Recovering the Child Inside or How to Write for Sarah and Jason, The Second Humanist Revolution: Eco-Humanism, Epic in Transition: A Challenge to the Contemporary Poet, etc.) and prose (The Sniper, As Flies to Wanton Boys, etc.). The sub-series also contains records related to the Irving Layton Festschrift published by Concordia that Beissel edited with Joy Bennett in the beginning of the 1990's.

The TRANSLATION sub-series includes notes and manuscripts of translations of works by Pablo Neruda, Tor Age Bringsvaerd, François Charron, Tankred Dorst, Shie Min, André Simard, Helmut Markus and Henrik Ibsen among others, but most notably Walter Bauer and Peter Huchel.

The CONFERENCES, TOURS AND RESEARCH TRIPS sub-series is comprised of correspondence, promotional material, speaking notes and travel reports related to Beissel's participation in many conferences, talks, festivals around the world including Peru, Kenya, China, Japan and Mexico but mostly in Canada and Germany where he often toured extensively. This sub-series includes a number of audio recordings created during his attendance at the Cultural Congress of Havana which took place January 4-11, 1968. It also contains records one the Face-to-Face National Conference on Contemporary English-Canadian Theatre Beissel helped organize at Concordia University in 1975.

The TEACHING sub-series includes records related to Beissel's work at the University of the West Indies, the University of Alberta and the Munich University in Germany, but mostly at Concordia University as a full professor at the Department of English and as a coordinator of the Creative Writing Program he was instrumental in establishing and coordinating. The sub-series is comprised of correspondence, evaluations, some meeting minutes and course notes on modern European literature, Canadian literature and modern drama.

The COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT sub-series testifies of Beissel's involvement with different organizations and associations (the League of Canadian Poets, the Humanist Association of Ottawa, the Universities Faculty Committee for Peace in Vietnam, the Canadian Humanists Publications, the Book and Periodical Development Council, the Writers' Union of Canada, the International Theatre Institute, the Playwrights Guild of Canada and more) and his work as an editor of the magazines Humanist Perspectives and Edge. It is comprised mostly of correspondence but also includes some meeting agendas, minutes and notes.

The DISTINCTIONS sub-series is comprised of records related to the prizes and awards Beissel either won or was nominated for, including a Literary Award in Honour of Walter Bauer, an Ottawa Book Award and a Concordia University Alumni Associations Honorary Life Membership.

The MEDIA COVERAGE sub-series includes miscellaneous press clippings, reviews of Beissel's prose, poetry and plays as well as promotional material related to his publications, correspondence with poetry magazines as well as an extensive interview with Per Brask.

The PRIVATE LIFE series is comprised of 3 sub-series. The EDUCATION sub-series includes records related to Beissel's studies at University of Toronto: course notes, correspondence and syllabi of the courses he attended to. The sub-series also includes earlier course notes and writings [ca.1943-1950].

The JOURNALS sub-series includes the many diaries Beissel held between 1941 and 2015, including travel diaries written in Cuba, Kenya, Japan, England and China and a German war camp journal.

The CORRESPONDENCE sub-series consists of letters, greeting cards and postcards from friends and family members, including Beissel's parents and his daughters.

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Donald L. Boisvert fonds
P0286 · Fonds · 1965 - 2019

The fonds provides information on Boisvert's professional life and private life.
The Professional Life series is organized in 9 sub-series:

The Private Life series is organized in 3 sub-series:

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Tom Gibson fonds
P0284 · Fonds

The fonds consists of photos, work prints, contact sheets and negatives created by Gibson over the years. The photos were taken during his many travels but mostly in Montreal, Toronto, New York, London, Edinburgh.

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Ira Robinson fonds
P0283 · Fonds · 1974 - 2021

The fonds provides information about Ira Robinson’s research and teaching career.
The fonds is divided in 5 main series:


It consists of course files, records on the many conferences, colloquiums and lectures Robinson took part in, records on the books and articles he published throughout the years. There are also records related to his involvement with the Jewish Public Library and his role as a leader in the field of Canadian Jewish Studies.

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Pnina Gagnon fonds
P0282 · Fonds · 1953 - 2021

The fonds provides information on Pnina Gagnon’s professional life as an artist. It consists of records on her creative works, exhibitions, writings and publications, media coverage, correspondence and conferences or talks she took part in.

The fonds also contains records about her private life. It consists mainly of personal correspondence, journals and agendas, records on her education, family, travels and spirituality.

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Susan Briscoe fonds
P0281 · Fonds · 1966 - 2018

The fonds highlights Susan Briscoe's professional life as an educator and writer. It consists of records pertaining to her teaching and research work while at Dawson College. A personal records series consists of born-digital photos taken by Susan Briscoe on subjects including: Flora and fauna, family and travel.

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François-Marc Gagnon fonds
P0280 · Fonds · 1946-2019

The fonds is organized in 2 series: VIE PERSONNELLE and VIE PROFESSIONNELLE. The VIE PERSONNELLE series is comprised of records related to François-Marc Gagnon’s education at Collège Stanislas, Université de Paris, Université d’Ottawa and the Grand séminaire d’Ottawa. It also includes personal correspondence, photos and slides of his travels and his family and friends, journals and agendas and some drawings.

The VIE PROFESSIONNELLE series is comprised of 6 sub-series: the CONFÉRENCES, COLLOQUES ET EXPOSITIONS sub-series is comprised of records related to the many presentations and lectures Gagnon gave during his career in France, Israel and in the United States but mostly in Canada, on subjects as varied as modern American art, impressionist paintings, Mayan and archaic American art, visual perception, archeology, anthropology and philosophy but mostly Paul-Émile Borduas and the Refus global artists, the automatists, ancient art in Quebec and the representation of first nations in Canadian art.

The ENSEIGNEMENT sub-series includes course outlines and teaching material related to Gagnon’s teaching positions at Université de Montréal (1967-2000), McGill University (1999) and Concordia University (2000-2019). The ÉCRITS sub-series contains records related to the books Gagnon wrote or took part in as well as articles he wrote for Larousse, Muse, RACAR, Recherches amérindiennes du Québec, Espace and Études françaises to name a few. The DISTINCTIONS sub-series contains records related to the many prizes and awards Gagnon received: an honorary degree from Concordia University, the Prix d’excellence en enseignement and Professeur émérite of Université de Montréal, Prix Gérard-Morisset, Prix d’histoire du Gouverneur general and Officier de l’Ordre national du Québec among others. The CORRESPONDANCE sub-series testifies of the professional relations of Gagnon with different museums, cultural centres and institutions.

Finally, the RECHERCHE ET MATÉRIEL DE RÉFÉRENCE sub-series is comprised of photocopies of articles and books chapters, reading fiches and notes on different subjects related to Gagnon’s fields of expertise: iconography of first peoples, Mayan art and history, modern art and artists Paul-Émile Borduas, Ozias Leduc, Fernand Léger and Jacques Hurtubise to only name a few. The subseries also includes scrapbooks containing extensive correspondence on or about Jean Dubuffet.

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Jane Hackett fonds
P0278 · Fonds · 1972-1997, predominant 1972-1975

The fonds mainly provides information on the activities of Thé-Arts Loyola and general music and drama productions at Concordia University.

The fonds contains press clippings, theatre programs, small posters, and a souvenir book of the 25th anniversary of Thé-Arts’ reunion in 1997. It also contains slides of Thé-Arts productions Applause and Once Upon a Mattress which were donated by photographer Jeff Barber, former student and a member of Thé-Arts Loyola.

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Leila Sujir fonds
P0277 · Fonds · 1972 - 2008

The fonds provides information on the Sujir’s art projects and professional activities as an artist researcher and faculty member at Concordia for the period between 1972 and 2008.

The fonds consists of project administrative records, research materials and video and audio recordings of her film productions.

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Robert N. Wilkins fonds
P0276 · Fonds · 1967 - 1970, [ca. 2009]

The fonds consists of one sound recording and 43 photographs (slides, prints, and digital) related to various events which occurred at Sir George Williams University in 1967, 1969, and 1970.

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Martin Singer fonds
P0275 · Fonds · 1972 - 2009

The fonds provides information on Martin Singer’s research and teaching between 1972 and 2009. It also documents his career as a university administrator at Concordia University.

The fonds consists of course materials, lectures, reports, and presentations. There is for instance material related to the extensive field trips to East Asia in 1975 and 1976 (which include more than 700 slides and a few sound recordings of lectures and interviews. The fonds also contains extensive research material related to the Martin Singer research projects on Canadian academic relations with China, sponsored respectively by IDRC (1982-1986) and AUCC (1994-1996). This material is composed of cassette tapes of interviews made with numerous Canadian and Chinese academics and government and NGO officials across Canada.

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Frank Barry fonds
P0273 · Fonds · [ca. 1930]-2013

The fonds is organized in 2 series: PERSONNAL LIFE and PROFESSIONNAL LIFE.

The PERSONNAL LIFE series is comprised of 1 subseries: the EDUCATION sub-series is comprised of records related to Frank Barry’s early education in art at the Ealing School of Art, the Hornsey School of Art and the Carisbrooke Grammar School where he was and Art Masters, and records from his later studies in Art Education at Sir George Williams University. It includes notes on different artists and pedagogical notes on different books related to his master’s degree in art education. It also includes multiple diplomas of the different schools he attended. The PERSONNAL LIFE series also includes personal correspondence.

The PROFESSIONNAL LIFE series is comprised of 2 subseries. The TEACHING subseries is comprised of 1 sub-subseries: the SIR GEORGE WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY AND CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY sub-subseries is comprised of course notes and bibliographies of the Psychology 591 course, a “Guide pédagogique” sent to translation and research for his theses in team-teaching in art education. The TEACHING subseries also contains a notebook from Carisbrooke Grammar school and art exams from Northmount High School.

The CREATION AND ARTWORKS subseries is comprised of 2 sub-subseries. The MONTREAL sub-subseries is comprised of sketchbooks, drawings, artwork and unpublished works produced most notably in Montreal and at other places. The OTHERS sub-subseries is comprised of sketchbooks, drawings, artwork and unpublished works created before he moved to Montreal. It includes drawings of war times and many sketches of the Isle of Whight in the UK where his children were born.

The PROFESSIONNAL LIFE series also includes articles and different press clippings mentioning Frank Barry’s work. It includes records of his involvement in the Provincial Association of Protestant Teachers of Quebec (PAPT) and the Associations of Arts Specialists of the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal. It also includes Frank Barry’s Sir Georges Williams access card, a notebook and correspondence.

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Ana Cappelluto fonds
P0272 · Fonds · 1997-2000, [2015]

The fonds provides information on Ana Cappelluto’s project with the CNC on Quebec theatre costume designers, mainly between 1997 and 2000.
The fonds mainly consists of a web site entitled “Archive de costume de Montréal / Montréal Costumes Archive”. There are also a few administrative records and some reference materials on the history of costumes.

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P0271 · Fonds · 2004-2020

The fonds provides information on art history related topics and on the publication of the journal.

The fonds contains administrative records, manuscripts, published issues and graphic materials (such as posters and logos).

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Thomas Waugh fonds
P0270 · Fonds · 1980 - 2017

The fonds provides information on Thomas Waugh’s teaching activities with his contributions to the development of courses in Film Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies and on issues related to the HIV/AIDS pandemic at Concordia University.

The TEACHING subseries includes performance evaluations, workload reports and course evaluations, course materials and course outlines Thomas Waugh developed, most notably on HIV/AIDS in social sciences, natural sciences and in the media.

The ADMINISTRATION subseries is comprised of records related to Thomas Waugh's participation in the HIV/AIDS Advisory Committee (1993-1998), in the Faculty of Fine Arts Task Group on Canadian and Quebec Cultural Issues (1983-1984) and in the Working Group on Curriculum of the Status of Women Committee (1986-1987).

The CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, TALKS subseries includes records related to the attendance of Thomas Waugh to various conferences in Quebec and Ontario, most notably at the Representing AIDS: Crisis and Criticism Conference held at the University of Western Ontario where he made a presentation on the theme of 'Erotic self-images in the Gay Male AIDS Melodrama' in November 1988. The subseries also contains records related to his involvement in Concordia University's HIV/AIDS Lecture Series from 1993 to 2013 with correspondence, logistics files, media coverage and promotional material.

The RESEARCH AND REFERENCE DOCUMENTATION subseries is comprised of some writings and notes as well as reference documentation on HIV/AIDS related to women and First Nations Peoples, among other subjects.

The fonds also includes records related to Thomas Waugh's input as the editor of the moving images section of the GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies between 2003 and 2006.

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Lewis J. Poteet fonds
P0269 · Fonds · 1948-2017

The fonds provides information on Lewis Poteet’s research on language, dialect and slang. The fonds also gives genealogical information on the Poteet family.

The fonds contains research materials, drafts, correspondence with other lexicographers and writers, and notes. The fonds also includes materials on Poteet’s latest literary project: Voetsek – Revisiting Swasiland and Soweto, a narrative non-fiction memory of his childhood in South Africa.

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Stanley Morris fonds
P0268 · Fonds · 1964-1967

The fonds provides information on the Sir George Williams University annual staff conferences for the years of 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1967. These two-day conferences which started in 1938 were usually held each year, at the end of May or on the first days of June.

The fonds consists of minutes, articles, reports, and programs.

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Muriel Armstrong fonds
P0267 · Fonds · 1966-1969

The fonds provides information on the events which preceded the Computer Centre Incident at Sir George Williams University in 1969.

The fonds mainly consists of reports, articles, and letters. It includes a typed copy of “Chronicle of Events” happening at Sir George, which was published in the “Statement” first issue (January 28, 1969).

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Harry Hyland fonds
P0266 · Fonds · [193-?]-1969

The fonds consists of a Harry Hyland’s photo portrait, his Loyola Sports Hall of Fame plaque, and a Loyola Winter Carnival plaque (1969).

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Linda Kay fonds
P0265 · Fonds · [193-]-2017, predominant 2004-2016

The fonds mainly provides information on Linda Kay’s research on the pioneering female journalists who travelled together to cover St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904 and on the Canadian Women’s Press Club (CWPC).

The fonds includes research materials mainly composed of correspondence, articles, and photocopies of various documents (mainly 1887-1904) related to the pioneering female journalists. It also contains interviews with CWPC members during the Centennial anniversary of the Club in 2004 and recordings of the entire event which includes a re-enactment of the original Sweet Sixteen trip to the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904. There are also original documents related to one of the 1904 pioneering female journalist, Alice Asselin (nee LeBoutillier): five photographs (1930s-1950s), and a few textual records on the history of the LeBoutillier family.

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