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Raymond Lemieux Talk

Raymond Lemieux, president of the "Ligue pour l'intégration scolaire", gives a talk at Sir George Williams University about his views on French language education in Quebec.


The series contains interviews conducted by Linda Kay with CWPC members during the Centennial anniversary of the Club in 2004 and recordings of the entire event which includes a re-enactment of the original Sweet Sixteen trip to the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904.

Research Material and Publications

The series is composed of correspondence, articles, and photocopies of various documents (mainly 1887-1904) mainly related to the 16 pioneering female journalists. The Alice Asselin file contains a few original documents (textual and photos). The series also includes documentation specifically on the Canadian Women’s Press Club and various publications.


This series holds published and referencial documents found in the fonds. Denis Diniacopoulos contributed to many of those publications through his work.


This series is about the work of Denis Diniacopoulos as a professional photographer, mostly working under the name Denis Vincent.

Diniacopoulos, Denis


This series is about the teaching activities of Denis Diniacopoulos for the Loyola College and Concordia University.

Diniacopoulos, Denis

Personal life

This series is about the personal life of Denis Diniacopoulos.

Diniacopoulos, Denis


This series holds personal letters received by Denis Diniacopoulos through the course of his life.


The series documents in photographic form the people, places, and activities of the Quebec YMCA from the 1870s until the 1990s.

Subjects photographed include staff, buildings, camp activities, soldiers at the YMCA during the Second World War, social events such as dancing, theatre, banquets, games, sports, general assemblies, and awards ceremonies. There are also many photographs of the performances of the Quebec YMCA theatre group "La Patère", mostly from the early 1980s.

The total number of photographs also includes 5 photo albums, which feature photographs of YMCA camps and activities, promotional pamphlets and cards, and small memorabilia such as medals and patches, with approximate dates ranging from the 1920s to the 1980s.

External Relations

The series documents the external relations of the Quebec YMCA and other YMCA bodies and branches with the public, through publicity and press coverage, between 1871 and 2001.

The records include promotional pamphlets, programs, and brochures for the Quebec YMCA, photocopies of press clippings on activities and events, and transcripts of public addresses for the opening of the Holt Memorial. The records also include 12 scrapbooks containing press clippings, pamphlets, and publicities on subjects such as the opening of the Holt Memorial, the YMCA's involvement with the Second World War, and general YMCA events and activities, with dates ranging from 1871 to 1971.

The records also include 66 objects which evidence the promotional activities of the Quebec YMCA, including pins, flags, trophies, plaques, mostly from the 1980s and 1990s. Notable items include dedication plaques for the first Quebec YMCA building, and 42 printing plates identified as belonging to the Y's Men's Club. The records also include two promotional videocassettes on YMCA Camps and the history of the Quebec YMCA.


The series documents the development and administration of programs at the Quebec YMCA mostly between the 1940s and 1970s. There are two main programs documented: Camp Naskapi, a summer camp at Lac des Chicots operated by the Quebec YMCA from 1943 to 1978; and the Management Development Course, a course organized by the National Council of YMCAs of Canada in partnership with an affiliated association, the Canadian Council of Foreman's Clubs (later known as the Industrial Management Clubs of Canada). The course was taught at Université de Laval à Québec, Western University in London, Ontario, and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver in 1962, and possibly other years as well.

Records include camp committee reports and meeting minutes for Camp Naskapi, camp budgets and figures, camp brochures, forms and guidelines, and correspondence and legal documents relating to the Quebec YMCA's use of Lac des Chicots. Records also include the files of M. Jos. E Huot, who was chairman of the Management Development Course in 1962, and include correspondence, reports and minutes. There are also files related to le Club des contremaîtres du Québec and the Canadian Council of Foreman's Clubs, which were both affiliated to the YMCA. These files include meeting minutes and agendas, financial reports, correspondence, and some promotional materials, forms, pamphlets and newspaper clippings.

Branches, Buildings, Facilities

The series documents administrative activities relating to the buildings, branches, and facilities of the Quebec YMCA, between 1879 and 1981.

The records include construction contracts and estimates for the Quebec YMCA building, renovation specifications, leases and deeds for properties occupied by or owned by the Quebec YMCA, and early municipal tax assessment and utility bills.

The records also include 7 architectural drawings for the Quebec YMCA building, designed by Peachy & Dussault, Architects.

Human Resources Administration

The series documents administrative activities related to human resources.

The records include payroll ledgers and sheets, personnel files, and resumes.

Financial Administration

The series documents the financial administration and related activities of the Quebec YMCA, from 1885 to 1976.

The records include annual financial statements and reports, comparative reports, early subscription receipts, records of receipts and expenditures, and some financial memoranda and other finance-related correspondence. The records also include legal documents and account statements related to bequeathed estates, including the John Holt and Whitefield Shannon estates.

Reports and Minutes

The series documents the activities of the administrative boards and committees of the Quebec YMCA from 1870 until 1976.

The records include meeting minutes and reports from general annual meetings, board of trustees minutes, board of directors minutes, and special committees minutes, as well as some general correspondence and memoranda addressed to administrative figures. The records include 22 bound minute books produced by various committees, with dates ranging from 1870 to 1948.

Founding Documents, Constitution, By-Laws, Histories

The series documents the founding, legislative and regulatory framework, and administrative history of the Quebec YMCA.

The records include constitutions, by-laws, amendments, declarations and other documents related to the status of the Quebec YMCA as a legal corporate entity. The records also include handwritten notes on the legal and administrative history of the Quebec YMCA.

Unidentified Letters

This series presents letters written between 1825 and 1831. Their origin and creator remains unclear at the moment. For now, it is hard to state if those archives are linked to the Vincent and Olga Diniacopoulos fonds, but they were found in their documents.
The letters are written in French, as the author appears to live in Paris. They seem to address money and art transactions. The quality of the written language makes them sometimes hard to read. They are in a rough condition due to their age.


This series is a compilation of the published and referential records found in the fonds. The materials are comprised mainly of full newspaper pages and clippings.

Ars Classica Gallery

This series is about the activities of the Ars Classica gallery, located in Montreal and operating in the 50’ and 60’. It contains textual records mainly about the exhibitions organized by Ars Classica, or to which it contributed.

Diniacopoulos, Vincent

Business Documents

The series is about the commercial activities of Vincent and Olga Diniacopoulos. It contains textual and financial records, lists and inventories and graphic materials about their activities.

Diniacopoulos, Olga

Miscellaneous by and of Anne Savage

The series contains records of paintings by Anne Savage and price lists for exhibitions, as well as two drafts of a memorial profile on Ethel Seath and a book review of September Gale by Anne Savage.

Pedagogical Notes

The series contains Anne Savage's pedagogical notes for her teaching activities at the Art Association of Montreal and at McGill University.

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