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I0041-09-0012 · Pièce · 1999
Fait partie de University Advancement Office fonds

A video (includes testimonials) created for the University's 25th anniversary. This video was presented just before the Concordia Shuffle 10 on September 24, 1999. It includes accounts by Jim Corsi (B. Eng) '76 - Goaltender Coach with Buffalo Sabres; Dr. Rita Shane (S. BA) '37, one of the seven original Sir George Graduates; Kameil Khan L. BComm (Accounting) '73, Escher-Grad Technologies Controller; Michael Di Grappa (BA) '84, Executive Director, Concordia Physical Resources; Faye Corbin (BA in Pscyhology and English) '83 Webster Library Reference; Caroline Van Vlaardingen (BA Journalism) '84, CFCF Journalist/Host, CUAA Board.

I0006-11-0289 · Pièce · 1977
Fait partie de Audio-Visual Department fonds

Wayne Grigsby and Katie Malloch interview Dr. Rita Shane, Sir George Williams graduate, class of 1937. This interview was recorded during the 40th anniversary celebration. Shane talks about the challenges of studying at Sir George Williams at the time.

Gibson - backup 1994-1995 mixes
P0096-11-0007 · Pièce · 1994-1995
Fait partie de Arthur and Marilouise Kroker fonds

Music by Steve Gibson . 1. I will tell U 3 things (3:30); 2. Fissures (10:17); 3. Lamentations III (13:48); 4. Lamentations IV (10:30); 5. Madonna Mutant Mutant -'94 re-mix (5:00); 6. Nostalgie (2:00); 7. Coda: Blue (2:35); 8. Xenotropic (10:45).

René Lévesque Lecture
I0006-11-0056 · Pièce · February 20, 1970
Fait partie de Audio-Visual Department fonds

René Lévesque, leader of Parti Québécois, speaks to students of Sir George Williams University about Québec Independence (Political Science Society Meeting).

Graham Martin Interview
I0026-11-0002 · Pièce · April 11, 1995
Fait partie de Computing Services fonds

Interview with Graham Martin conducted by Sabina C. Walser for the History of Computing Services project.

I0007-09-0023 · Pièce · March 11, 1975
Fait partie de Library fonds

Peter Murdock (Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec) speaks about co-ops in Northern Canada, particularly how they apply to Inuit art. This lecture was part of the Loyola's Native Peoples of Canada Series.