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Board of Governors fonds

  • I0203
  • Fonds
  • August 10, 1973 - June 21, 2000

The fonds documents Concordia University’s management and decision making.

It mainly consists of meeting minutes (open and closed) and supporting documents of the Board of Governors and its associated committees.

Concordia University. Board of Governors

George Rudé fonds

  • P0009
  • Fonds
  • [195-]- [197-]

The fonds provides information primarily on the study of the crowd in history and on European revolutions.

The fonds consists of research notes, correspondence, and manuscripts. It includes microfilmed documents from other archives.

Rudé, George

Studio A

Concordia University Audio Visual Department television studio activities over the year 1980-1981.

Department of Communication Studies

This transfer contains analog and digital administrative records from the Department of Communication Studies. The following RCRP categories are contained within this records transfer:

5111 Meetings of Units (1967-2008)
5160 University Events (1965-2000)
5430 Media Coverage (1967-2017)
5450 University Publications (1992-1993)
5461 Promotional Material (1969)
9130 Alumni Relations (2001)

Department of Communication Studies fonds

  • I0104
  • Fonds
  • 1965 - 2017

The fonds provides information on the activities and management of the department.

The fonds includes minutes of departmental meetings, budget and administrative files, brochures, and posters.

Concordia University. Department of Communication Studies

Department of Communication Studies

These records contain administrative records of the Department of Communications Studies. The following RCRP categories are contained within this records transfer:

1140 Academic Program Management
1310 Academic Session Organization (1992-1997)
1313 Course Outlines (1996-2007)
2410 Student Orientation Activities (2001)
2430 Awards and Scholarship Programs (2006-2007)
5111 Meetings of Units (1995-2000)
5112 Reports, Studies and Analyses (2000)
5160 University Events (1996-2009)
5403 Media Coverage (1997)
5450 University Publications (1990-2002)
5461 Promotional Material (1988-1998)
7210 Official Budgets (1991)

Lecture by Lieutenant General Roméo Dallaire

A lecture at Concordia University by Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire, Force Commander of the UN peacekeeping mission during the 1993-1994 Rwandan genocide. An Abitibi-Consolidated Lecture. Welcome by John Aylen, President of the Concordia University Alumni Association. Lieutenant-General Dallaire is introduced by Dr. F. Lowy, Rector and Vice Chancellor of Concordia University

Student Inserts

Scenes from Vanier Library, Loyola Lounge exteriors of Loyola and construction of the Campus Centre; Loyola Students' Association elections.

Jackie Apple

Edited performance pieces by Fine Art students, possibly part of the Jackie Apple workshop.

Indian Government: 1950 to the Present

Mike Mitchell gives a description of the culture and political situation of Aboriginal peoples. Mike Mitchell, Director of North America Indian Travelling College. This lecture was part of the Loyola's Native Peoples of Canada Series.

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