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Clarence Bayne fonds

  • P0083
  • Fonds
  • 1973-1991

The fonds provides information on Clarence Bayne's teaching career and on the Black community of Montreal.

The fonds consists of course notes and other materials from classes he offered in the 1970s and 1980s, a draft copy of the statistics text book he prepared in collaboration with colleagues from Concordia University, and a copy of a paper, Problems Facing the Black Community of Montréal, given in 1991 by Clarence Bayne on behalf of the Black Theatre Workshop of Montreal, the Black Community Council of Quebec, and the Black Studies Centre, to the administration of the City of Montreal.

Bayne, Clarence S.

Pnina Gagnon fonds

  • P0282
  • Fonds
  • 1953 - 2021

The fonds provides information on Pnina Gagnon’s professional life as an artist. It consists of records on her creative works, exhibitions, writings and publications, media coverage, correspondence and conferences or talks she took part in.

The fonds also contains records about her private life. It consists mainly of personal correspondence, journals and agendas, records on her education, family, travels and spirituality.

Gagnon, Pnina Cohen

Family Records

Subseries provides information about Alfie and Patricia's family and includes documentation on their parents' immigration to Canada. Subseries also contains documents pertaining to Alfie and Patricia’s friends, including funeral service programs, photographs and other documents.

Subseries includes correspondence, photographs, genealogy of the Roberts family, notebooks, school documents, invoices, and travel permits, photographs and other documents.


Series compiles articles about Alfie Roberts’ life, his work and contribution to the black community. It also includes documentation pertaining to his death.

Series includes short biographies, newspapers clippings, family-tree of the Roberts family, death certificate, cremation certificate, correspondence, obituary, timeline of accomplishments written by Alfie and some documentation pertaining to the publication of the Book A View of Freedom: Alfie Roberts Speaks (2005) by David Austin.


Subseries provides information on the socio-political climate of several countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. It covers subjects related to black history, the Grenada and Cuban revolutions, imperialism, slavery, liberation, racism, labour, the history of St. Vincent, capitalism, communism, fascism, and human rights, among other topics.

Subseries includes speech transcripts, government publications, pamphlets, and booklets published in North America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Library and Research Documentation

Series compiles a wide variety of publications and research documentation that were part of Alfie and Patricia’s personal library as well as the Alfie Roberts Institute.

Series includes books, booklets, newspapers, journals, magazines, brochures, articles, photocopies of book chapters, clippings, booklets, pamphlets, leaflets, reports, flyers, government publications, press releases, newsletters, speeches and interview transcripts, poems, songs lyrics, books and records catalogues, documents with annotations and some handwritten notes.

The series is organized into the following four sub-series:
C025/C1 Books
C025/C2 Booklets
C025/C3 Periodicals
C025/C4 Research Documentation
C025/C5 Business Cards


Subseries covers topics related to race, politics, socialism, communism, and history published in North America and the Caribbean.

Subseries includes paperbacks, hardbacks and unbound copies of books.

Other Community Organizations

Subseries provides information related to the activities and programming of several community organizations from Montreal and the rest of Canada, including the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, The Black Community Council of Quebec, the Black Theatre Workshop, the Negro Community Centre, The South Shore Black Community Association among others.

Subseries includes, among other documents, correspondence, newsletters, financial documents, agendas, meeting minutes, flyers, invitations to events, posters, brochures, communiques, releases and event programs.

Research Documentation

Subseries provides information on a variety of subjects pertaining to communism, socialism, Marxism, the US-Grenada invasion, economics, politics, sociology, slavery, racism, colonialism, imperialism, police brutality, Caribbean history, Black history, Africa, Pan-Africanism, the Computer Centre Incident, Maurice Bishop murder, Walter Rodney’s assassination, the Soviet Union and the Cuban revolution.

Series includes copies of articles and book chapters, newspaper clippings, booklets, pamphlets, leaflets, periodicals, reports, flyers, news releases, government publications, press releases, bulletins, newsletters, speeches and interview transcripts, poems, songs lyrics, books and records catalogues, documents with annotations and some handwritten notes, postcards and photographs.

Business Cards

Subseries covers a collection of business cards, possibly owned by Alfie and Patricia, of several business, including black-owned businesses of restaurants, hair salons, financial advisors, hotels and housing, government, records and book shops, travel, and other businesses.

Alfie Roberts Institute

Subseries documents some of the activities of the Alfie Roberts Institute related to their finances, administration and programming.

Subseries includes notebooks, financial plans and statements, agendas, meeting minutes, mission, vision and objectives of the institute, flyers, posters, description of workshops, account for tenancy, balance sheets, invoices of books published by the Alfie Roberts Institute and sold to several bookstores, workshop proposals, correspondence, Alfie Roberts domain registry, leaflets, handwritten notes and sound recording of meeting held in December 23.


Subseries provides information related to the programming and content of several conferences, congresses, colloquiums, seminars and symposiums. Topics of conferences cover numerous topics such as pan-Africanism, politics, the Caribbean, labour, women, communism, Black youth, and racism. Subseries mostly documents the Sixth Pan-African Congress in Tanzania which Alfie Roberts attended and photographed. It is unclear if Alfie or Patricia attended all the events listed in the series.

Subseries includes correspondence, program schedules, leaflets, flyers, brochures, photographs, speech transcripts, reports, booklets, bulletins, public releases, newsletters, and posters.


Subseries covers a wide range of publications from the Black community in Montreal and the rest of North America as well as from the Caribbean, Latin American and Africa. Subseries includes, among others, issues of the following newspapers: Gramma, The Vincentian, Vanguard, Free West Indian, Free Press Black Spark Edition, Afro-Can, Uhuru, The Black Voice, The Star, The Trinidad Guardian, The Trinidad and Tobago Review, TAPIA, Caribbean Contact, The Afro Canadian, The New Jewel, The Militant, Moscow News, The Struggle, Caribbean Express, Journal Cote-des-Neiges, Community Contact, The Georgian, Montreal Daily News, Outlet, and The Link. Subseries also includes several community publications such as Focus Umoja, Justice, The Crusader, Nam Speaks, Thunder, The Black Liberator, Unity, Speak Out, Intercontinental Press, The Vincy Quebeker, Caribbean Perspective, Blacknews, Freedom, Day Clean, Forum, New Beginning, New Times, Power of Women, Workers Monthly, Race Today, Abeng, Fourth International, The Gaither, and Focus, among others.

Subseries contains newspapers, journals, newsletters, magazines and bulletins.

Identification and immigration

Subseries provides information related to Alfie Roberts immigration to Canada, his Canadian citizenship and some identification documents from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Subseries includes correspondence, driver’s license, copies of citizenship certificate, government documents and one photograph.


Subseries provides information on Alfie’s travel outside Canada. It is unclear if Patricia was present during these trips and whether travel was done for personal reasons, conferences or work.

Subseries includes flight tickets, photographs of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Ghana, Libya, Moscow, and unidentified places.

11th World Festival of Youth and Students

Subseries documents Alfie’s trip to Cuba for the 11th World Festival of Youth and Students in 1978.

Subseries contains Alfie’s application form to attend the congress, activity reports, leaflets, information bulleting of the 11th Festival, flyers, photographs, promotional material, festival schedule, festival information documents, Cuba information guides, posters, magazines and festival souvenir bag.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Montreal

Subseries documents Alfie and Patricia’s involvement with the St. Vincent and Grenadines Association of Montreal, to which Alfie was a founding member and Patricia the coordinator of the annual Pageant and Dance. Subseries also provides information related to the administration, finances, and programming of the association.

Subseries includes, among other documents, budget estimations, income statements, balance sheets, correspondence, newsletters, agendas and meeting minutes, flyers, leaflets, event programs, invitation cards, legal documents, handwritten notes, photographs, posters, anniversary magazine, newsletters, grant applications, reports, membership forms, clippings, constitution, essays, brochures, calendar of events, and press releases.

Emancipation 150 Committee

Subseries provides information related to Alfie Roberts involvement with the Emancipation 150 Committee as well as the activities the committee organized to commemorate the 150 years of the abolition of slavery.

Subseries includes certificates to those who made contributions during the 1983-1984 150 anniversary of the ending of slavery, emancipation committee programs, Emancipation 150 Conference program, speech transcripts, agendas, essays, publication Emancipation 150 vol. 1, correspondence, clippings, proposals for financial support, handwritten notes, 1984 conference budget, brochures, leaflets, invitation cards, press releases and wall banner.

Patricia Cambridge career

Sub-subseries documents Patricia Roberts job search in Canada, her Urban Planning project at the Quebec Human Rights Commission and her freelance work at the Afro-Canada Citizens Enhancement Society and the Black Community Council of Quebec.

Sub-subseries contains job postings, application letters, curriculum vitae, research documents, research projects written by Patricia, correspondence, training program documents, brochures, newspaper clippings, project proposals, family support program documentation, reports, newspapers, New Focus publication by the Black Community Council of Quebec, leaflets, Conjugal Violence Prevention program documents, clippings, documentation on workshops and presentations, flyers, meeting minutes and handwritten notes.


Subseries provides information on the awards given to Alfie Roberts from different community and cultural organizations.

Subseries contains award plaque from the Muhammad Mosque of Montreal in honor to Alfie’s lifelong work and contribution to the community. Award plaque for Elder of the Year from Also Known As X (A.K.A.X), and Cricket certificate of award.

Community relations

Series provides information about Alfie’s affiliation to the 150 Emancipation Committee, the St. Vincent and Grenadines Association of Montreal, the 11th World Festival for Youth and Students and the International Caribbean Service Bureau. Subseries also provides information related to Patricia Cambridge’s involvement with the Project Genesis and the St. Vincent and Grenadines Association of Montreal. Series also provides information on other community organizations’ activities as well as conferences organized by community organizations and non-community organization in Canada and overseas.

Series includes leaflets, flyers, posters, correspondence, newsletters, event programs, brochures, press releases, periodicals, meeting minutes and agendas, administrative and financial documents, speech transcripts, clippings, objects, photographs, sound recording and notebooks.

The series is organized into the following eight sub-series:
C025/B1 St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Montreal
C025/B2 Emancipation 150 Committee
C025/B3 National Council of St. Vincent and Grenadines Associations in Canada
C025/B4 11th World Festival of Youth and Students
C025/B5 Project Genesis
C025/B6 Alfie Roberts Institute
C025/B7 Other Community Organizations
C025/B8 Conferences

National Council of St. Vincent and Grenadines Associations in Canada

Subseries provides information about the activities of the National Council of St. Vincent and Grenadines Associations in Canada.

Subseries includes correspondence, constitution and by-laws, meeting minutes, agendas, financial documents, fund-raising proposals, newsletters, events and conference programs, list of activities, flyers.

Project Genesis

Subseries provides information on Patricia Cambridge’s involvement with the the Project Genesis, a community organization that assists individuals affected by social inequalities.

Subseries includes documentation about the activities of Project Genesis, clippings, handwritten notes, reports, agendas, meeting minutes, staff policy and project proposals.


Subseries documents Alfie Roberts and Patricia Cambridge’s post-secondary studies in Canada.

Subseries includes, among other documents, diplomas, certificates, student records, course notes, notebooks, course outlines, assignments, essays, handwritten notes, course readings, drawings, photographs and correspondence.

The subseries is organized into the following two sub-subseries:
C025/A1.1 Alfie Roberts post-secondary education
C025/A1.2 Patricia Cambridge post-secondary education

Essays and Notes

Subseries documents Alfie Roberts’ essays and notes on several topics related to socialism, police brutality, imperialism, history of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, politics, and Black history among others. Subseries also includes short notes on several pieces of scrap paper and loose pages. Some notes may have been written by Patricia Cambridge and other people.

Series includes typed and handwritten essays, reports, notebooks, notepads, planners, some research documentation, and several pieces of scrap paper and loose pages with handwritten notes.

Alfie Roberts career

Sub-subseries provides some information related to Alfie Roberts work experience as a civil servant in St. Lucia and documents his career at the administration department of SIDBEC, a steelwork company in Montreal where he worked for 20 years.

Sub-subseries contains manuals from SIDBEC, communiques, inventories, budgets, business cards, memorandums, handwritten and typed notes, curriculum vitae, map, articles, correspondence, annual reports, collective agreements, booklets, job descriptions, data reports and other documents.

Alfie Roberts post-secondary education

Sub-subseries documents Alfie Roberts’ studies at Concordia University and provides information on Alfie’s studies at Carleton University and Dawson College.

Sub-subseries includes Alfie’s diplomas from Concordia and Carleton university, course notes, notebooks, course outlines, assignments, essays, research papers, handwritten notes, course reading, correspondence, and reference material on sociology, political sciences, economics, English and history.

Patricia Cambridge post-secondary education

Sub-subseries documents Patricia Cambridge’s master’s degree in Urban Planning at McGill University.

Sub-subseries includes Patricia’s course notes, notebooks, course outlines, assignments, essays, research papers, handwritten notes, course readings, and research documentation on urban planning, segregation, race, racial discrimination in housing, sociology, English and geography.


Subseries consists of correspondence sent to Alfie and Patricia from family and friends, cultural and community organizations, from their employers, the government and educational institutions. It also contains photocopies of letters written by Alfie to several people, including to his father Theodore Roberts and mother Naomi Walker Roberts.

Subseries includes typed and handwritten letters, postcards, Christmas and greeting cards, brochures, leaflets, invitation cards, emails, photocopies of correspondence and photographs.

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