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Taras Grescoe fonds
P223 · Fonds · 1982 - 2022

Fonds consists of materials related to the life and work of Taras Grescoe and documents the research conducted during the process of writing the following publications: Sacré Blues (2000), The End of Elsewhere (2003), The Devil's Picnic (2005), Bottomfeeder: How to Ear Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood (2008), Straphanger: Saving Our Cities and Ourselves from the Automobile (2012), and Shanghai Grand: Forbidden Love and International Intrigue in a Doomed World (2016). These publications document Quebec society, tourism, the environment, history, and the prohibited food and substance business, among other topics.
The fonds includes audio interviews and transcripts and interview transcripts, research documentation, drafts of book chapters and articles, travel notebooks, correspondence, and manuscripts.

The records include sound recordings and transcripts of interviews, research materials, drafts of book chapters and articles, travel notebooks, and correspondence.

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C025 · Collection · 1916 ; 1934-2010

La collection documente la vie et le travail d'Alfie Roberts et de Patricia Cambridge. Elle comprend de la documentation sur leurs études postsecondaires, leur expérience professionnelle dans différentes entreprises et organisations, leur contribution à la communauté noire et leur affiliation à divers organismes communautaires tels que la St. Vincent and Grenadines Association of Montreal, le Emancipation 150 Committee, le Black Community Council of Quebec et le Project Genesis. La collection fournit des informations sur plusieurs organisations de la communauté noire à Montréal, dans le reste du Canada et en Amérique du Nord, y compris du matériel promotionnel d'événements qui donne un aperçu des activités culturelles organisées entre les années 60 et 90. De plus, la collection contient de nombreuses publications telles que des périodiques, des brochures et des livres qui faisaient partie de la bibliothèque personnelle d'Alfie et Patricia et de l'Alfie Roberts Institute. Certains des périodiques trouvés dans la collection comprennent des numéros de The Vincentian, Afro-Can, Gramma, Uhuru, Caribbean Contact, The Afro Canadian, The Militant, The Struggle, Outlet, Focus Umoja, Justice, Freedom, The Crusader, Nam Speaks, Speak Out, Day Clean, Forum et New Beginning, entre autres publications. La collection couvre des sujets liés, mais non limités à l'histoire des Noirs, l'impérialisme, l'esclavage, le racisme, la libération, le colonialisme, le marxisme, le communisme, le socialisme, le logement et la ségrégation, l'urbanisme, le travail et l'histoire de l'Afrique, des Caraïbes et de l'Amérique latine.
La collection Alfie Roberts and Patricia Cambridge est organisée selon les séries suivantes:
• C025/A Documents personnels
• C025/B Relations communautaires
• C025/C Bibliothèque et documentation de recherche
• C025/D Biographies

La collection contient de la correspondance, des notes, manuscrites, des essais écrits par Alfie Roberts et Patricia Cambridge, des documents de recherche, des livres, des périodiques, des coupures de presse, des brochures, des transcriptions de discours, des dépliants, des dessins, des documents de conférence, des affiches, des enregistrements sonores, des images en mouvement, des bulletins, des procès-verbaux de réunions, des ordres du jour, des photographies, des cartes et des objets.

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Montreal Jazz History / John Gilmore
P004-11-115 · Pièce · [19--?]
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

Copies of vintage Montreal recordings, used by John Gilmore for guest lectures, talks, and radio appearances in connection with Swinging in Paradise. Music on tape: "Honeysuckle Rose", "Wilk's Bop" and "All The Things You Are".

Oscar / Montreal Jazz History Lecture
P004-11-114 · Pièce · [198-]
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

Copies of vintage Montreal recordings, used by John Gilmore for guest lectures, talks, and radio appearances in connection with Swinging in Paradise. Music on tape: "Flying Home" and "If I Could Be With You".

P004-11-108 · Pièce · [196-]
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

Polydor Records. Includes the following songs:
Side A: "Mantra" (14 min., 7 sec.).
Side B: "Mantra" (suite) (15 min., 23 sec.).
Produced by L'Infonie and Tony Roman.

The Billy Scorpio Horne Trio
P004-11-101 · Pièce · 1988
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

The Billy Horne Trio recorded live in Montreal. Includes the following songs: "Impressions", "Jam Blues", "Scorpio's Signs", "No Greater Love", "Summertime", "Sylvain Gagnon Bass", "Since I Fell For You", "Blues From The Housetop", and "Paper Moon". Re-recorded on May 22, 1988.

P004-11-091 · Pièce · 1978-1979
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

Includes the following recordings: 1) Live at L'Imprevu, 1978 and 2) Live at Jazz de Chez Nous (festival for CBC), 1979.

Tony Romandini and his Orchestra
P004-11-088 · Pièce · [196-?]
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

Tony Romandini and Orchestra. Includes the following songs:
Side 1: "Laila", "Autumn in Rome", "Flamingo", and "Ghost of a Chance".
Side 2: "Tony's Moods", "Funky Blues", "You Are Too Beautiful", and "Swingin' Frets".
Tony Romandini (guitar) Nick Ayoub (sax, flute).

McGill Jazz Workshop
P004-11-085 · Pièce · 1979
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

A live recording of the McGill Jazz Band's first concert of the season. Recorded November 22, 1979.

P004-11-084 · Pièce · [19--?]
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

Songs played by the Galt MacDermot Trio: "Pink Tincture", "Minor Changes", "His Dog and Master in Hot Pursuit", "The Devil's Descent", "African Fiddle Song", "I'm for Love", "African Waltz", "The Calymo Tree", "Blues Fantasy", "Colled from the Dross", "Bass' Ace", and "James' Bay" - dedicated to Harry James.
Songs played by the Sextet: "African Waltz" and "Columbine". MacDermot (piano); Herbie Spanier (trumpet); Bob Roby (tenor); Gilles Moisan (baritone); Stan Zadak (bass); Pierre Beluse (drums).

P004-11-082 · Pièce · 1980
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

Jazzbar, October 5, 1980. Features Charlie Duncan (drums, vocals), Ivan Symonds (guitar) and Noble Samuels (acoustic bass?).

P004-11-081 · Pièce · [19--?]
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

Music performed by The Ted Elfstrom Octet. Includes the following songs:
Side A: "Horns Of Plenty", "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To", "Willow Weep For Me", "Free Verse", and "Jazz Baroque Suite".
Side B: "Just A Gigolo", "Angel Eyes", "Something to Blow About", "How Green Was My Valet", "What's New?", and "Surprise! Surprise!".
Performers - Nick Ayoub (oboe, tenor); Joe Christies (alto, clarinet); Berry Darovitch (clarinet, alto); Ronny Page (drums); Don Habib (bass); Marcel Baillargeon (flute); Gilles Moisan (bass clarinet); Ed Assaly (spinet).

Nick Ayoub
P004-11-078 · Pièce · [1947?]
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

Amateur recording of a jam session that includes the songs "You Can Depend" and "Body & Soul".

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Now's the Time
P004-11-089 · Pièce · [19--?]
Fait partie de Fonds John Gilmore

Includes the following tracks:
Side A: "Sax No End", "Bossa Cordova", "Doozy", "Lester Leaps In", "Topical Delights", "Sax No End - out chorus".
Side B: 1) C Parker & Miles, 1945; 2) Sonny Rollins, Herbie Hancock, Roy McCurdy, Ron Carter; 3) Eddie Jefferson, 1959.

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Faculty of Science (Loyola) fonds
I0152 · Fonds · 1954 - 1975

The fonds documents the activities of the Loyola College Faculty of Science.

This fonds consists mainly of meetings of units and reports: meetings from the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of English, the Department of Geology, the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Physics, the Department of Political Science, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Theology.

The following RCRP categories are contained within this fonds:

1110 Academic Planning (1973-1974)
1131 Curriculum Development (1969-1973)
2120 Enrolment Statistics (1968-1975)
4110 Charter & By-Laws (1962-1970)
4120 Governing Bodies (1964-1974)
4130 Organizational Charts & Mandates (1968-1974)
4210 University Policies (1965-1973)
4130 Organizational Charts and Mandates (1971-1972)
5111 Meetings of Units (1964-1974)
5112 Reports, Studies and Analyses (1967-1970)
5113 Statistics (1965-1972)
5120 General Administrative Management (1962-1970)
5170 External Relations (1967-1974)
5173 Professional Services (1969)
5450 University Publications (1971-1972)
5461 Promotional Material (1971-1972)
6500 Labour Relations (1969-1970)
7220 Financial Statements & Reports (1968)
8121 Estate Inventories (1967)

CUTV fonds
P0024 · Fonds · 1975 - 1995

The fonds is mainly composed of CUTV member’s productions which amounts to approximately 250 titles.
The textual records are organized in 3 series:


The PRODUCTIONS series includes records on different shows produced by CUTV and include scripts, release forms, crew lists, inventories. The ADMINISTRATION series includes membership forms, budget files, some minutes from the CUTV Executive and correspondence. The COMMUNICATION series includes some press clippings, promotional material and photos.

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P078 · Collection · null

La collection porte sur le jazz à Montréal de 1930 à 1960. Cette collection est un complément aux autres fonds et collections d'archives conservés au Service des archives de l'Université Concordia.

La collection comprend des fouets à coquetel et d'autres souvenirs du Rockhead's Paradise, du Rainbow Bar Café et du Dinty Moore's. Il contient également des documents sonores, des photographies de Rockhead's Paradise et de son propriétaire Rufus Rockhead, des partitions musicales, des copies sur vidéocassette des émissions télévisuelles portant sur les musiciens Oliver Jones, Paul Bley et Oscar Peterson et une copie du livre d'Al Palmer intitulé Montreal Confidential.

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P0056/4 · Série · 1972-1992
Fait partie de Fonds Galerie d’art Optica

La série témoigne des différents aspects de la programmation de la Galerie.

La série contient des documents tels que de la correspondance, des portfolios d’artistes, des calendriers d’événements, des permis et des listes d’envoi. La série est divisée selon les deux sous-séries suivantes:

P056/4A Demandes d’exposition
P056/4B Organisation des activités