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Paul Babarik fonds

  • P0085
  • Fonds
  • 197?-1983

The fonds provides information on the Canadian roots of community psychology and William Line.

The fonds consists mainly of sound recordings of Paul Babarik's interviews with eminent psychologists. There are also copies of books he edited and wrote.

Babarik, Paul


The records in the series are related to the development, management, and delivery of programs of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA.

The series is arranged in the following sub-series:

P0145/10A Committees and policies
P0145/10B Aquatics.
P0145/10C Youth Work
P0145/10D Citizenship training
P0145/10E Community development
P0145/10F Community justice
P0145/10G Education
P0145/10G01 Constitutive documents, histories
P0145/10G02 Administration
P0145/10G03 Financial management
P0145/10G04 Communications
P0145/10G05 Buildings, properties
P0145/10G06 Faculty, staff.
P0145/10G07 Students, student services, associations.
P0145/10G08 Curriculum, programs.
P0145/10G09 Research
P0145/10G10 External relations
P0145/10H Employment
P0145/10I Environment
P0145/10J Handicapped persons
P0145/10K Health care
P0145/10L Immigrants, refugee.
P0145/10M Industrial Work
P0145/10N International Development
P0145/10O Leadership Development
P0145/10P Physical Education
P0145/10Q Pre-school, children
P0145/10R Railroad Work
P0145/10S Religious Work
P0145/10T Seniors
P0145/10U Social recreation
P0145/10V Women
P0145/10W Y's Men, Y's Menettes

The Centre for Building Studies - English version

This video is a promotional documentary on the Centre for Building Studies of Concordia University. It mentions the four different programs of this unit: Building Environment, Building Science, Building Structures and Construction Management. Also included, a presentation of the 1983 winners of the Raymond C. Reese Research Prize, Avtar Singh Pall and Cedric Marsh. Narration by Neil Shee.

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