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John O'Neill Gallery fonds
P0136 · Fonds · 1913-1919

The fonds provides information on sports at Loyola College and McGill University, real-estate transactions in Montreal, and Canadian history.

The fonds consists of a scrapbook of press clippings documenting student sports activities at Loyola College; the clippings were gathered by John O'Neill Gallery while he was a student. Also included are early 20th-century legal documents, primarily related to real estate transactions conducted by the O'Neill / Gallery families; nine late 19th- / early 20th-century books on Montreal and Canadian history; a 1904 book entitled Irish Literature, and a photograph of the 1919 McGill University rugby team .

Gallery, John O'Neill
P135-11-006 · Item · 2003-12-16
Part of Meilan Lam fonds

June 1998 working interview with Bernice Jordan Whims by Meilan Lam, for the making of the film Show Girls (National Film Board).

Lam, Meilan
RMA-2024-16 · Accession · 1952-1956
Part of Concordia University Alumni Archives Collection

These records document the academic career of Kenneth John Arthur at Sir George Williams College.

It contains textual records, graphic material and objects dating from 1952 to 1956. These includes student transcripts of Credit, correspondence from Sir George Williams College, the Charles E. Frosst medal awarded in 1956 as well as a patch of the Frosst medal crest.

Arthur, Kenneth John
C039 · Collection · [194-]-[199-]

The Velma Weeks Barker collection contains materials related to the life and contributions of Velma Weeks Barker.

This collection contains photographs and textual records. The personal photographs that comprise the collection show Weeks Barker and her family and include photographs taken in Little Burgundy and inside community spaces, including Union United Church. Many of the images were also taken in family spaces. The textual records include newspaper clippings referring to activities occurring at the Negro Community Centre and the Negro Theater Guild. This collection also contains materials related to her husband, Darnley Cecil Barker, including information about his participation in the Canadian Army and his immigration from Barbados to Canada to serve.

The Velma Weeks Barker collection includes the following items:

  • 35 photographs
  • 1 honorary degree certificate (Concordia University)
  • 1 marriage certificate (Union United Church)
  • 6 newspaper clippings
  • 1 letter

It also includes the following material, which belonged to her husband Darnley Cecil Barker:

  • 1 army discharge certificate
  • 3 soldier's pay book
  • 1 certificate of Canadian citizenship
  • 1 tradesman qualifications certificate
  • 1 discharge certificate from the Canadian Army
Weeks Barker, Velma
F045 · Fonds · 1992-2021

The Black Community Resource Centre fonds (BCRC) provides information about the administration, finances, projects, services, and activities of the BCRC from its founding in 1992 to 2021. The fonds also includes extensive documentation on several partnerships between the BCRC and other organizations with whom they partnered on a variety of programs and workshops.

The Black Community Resource Centre fonds consists mostly of textual records that detail the administrative process of the organization and the daily activities of the BCRC. The fonds contains partnership agreements, meeting minutes, agendas, bulletins, newsletters, correspondence, annual reports, financial records, project evaluations, presentation slides, and job descriptions, among other administrative documents. In addition, the fonds includes photographs, posters, and promotional materials for several events and programs offered by the BCRC and other organizations, including but not limited to the School Readiness Program, Volunteer Bureau, House of King and Queens, and A Taste of the Caribbean festival. It also contains research documentation and other materials preserved by the BCRC for use in their resource centre.

The Black Community Resource Center fonds is divided into 4 series:

  • F045/A Administration
  • F045/B Financial Records
  • F045/C Projects, Events and Partnerships
  • F045/D Reference Documentation
Black Community Resource Centre
Lorna Roth fonds
P0207 · Fonds · 1970-2017, predominant 1993-1999

The fonds provides information on Lorna Roth’s research and teaching activities mainly between 1983 and 2012, especially on the First Nations media development in Canada.

The fonds includes, articles, manuscripts, course materials, and research materials composed of reports, memoranda, articles, and media coverage. There is for instance material related to her studies on the CBC Northern Service for the Royal Commission on Electoral Reform and Party Financing (1989-1991), and on the development of the First Peoples TV broadcasting in Northern Canada. There are also Roth’s articles and material relating to the 1995 Oka Crisis and a few Roth’s articles on colour skin balance (2000-2012).

Roth, Lorna
François Brault fonds
P110 · Fonds · 1961-1995

The fonds consists primarily of slides on liturgical art in Quebec. It includes slides on the production of films and books on art.

Brault, François
Maïr Verthuy fonds
P0291 · Fonds · ca. 1965-2021

The fonds provides information on Maïr Verthuy's PROFESSIONAL LIFE as a teacher in the department of Études françaises and a writer of articles on feminism, French literature and female migrant authors.

The TEACHING subseries contains records related to the courses Verthuy taught at Concordia University in the department of Études Françaises as well as at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute she founded in 1978 and that she directed from its inception to 1983. The records includes course outlines, bibliographies, some promotional material and correspondence. 'Littérature et francophonie', 'Huit siècles de poésie féminine', 'Le Romantisme', 'La littérature françaises au féminin' and more are all themes Verthuy taught.

The WRITINGS subseries includes records on the many articles and book reviews that Verthuy wrote from the mid-1960's to 2016 such 'Quebec Feminist Writing/Les écrits feminists au Québec' with Jeanne Maranda in 1977, 'Manifeste pour un ‘Gynocentrisme’ universitaire' in 1986, 'Flirting with Female Be-ing: the Uneasy Search of Hélène Ouvrard' in 1987, 'Hélène Parmelin and the Question of Time, Taking our Time: Feminist Perspectives on Temporality' in 1989, 'Les romancières immigrées et la politique ‘autre’ : Véra Pollak et Régine Robin' in 1995, 'Assia Djebar : le regard dé-voilé' in 1997, 'L’autobiographie de la migrance au Québec : Régine Robin et Nadine Ltaïf' in 2001, to only name a few. The records consist of drafts of manuscrits, photocopies of articles as well as some correspondence.

The CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, TALKS subseries is comprised of records related to the many presentations Verthuy made at different conferences and colloquia in Canada, in the United States and in Europe, most notably 'Virgile, non, Manastabal, si!' presented at the Congrès Société internationale de phénoménologie et de littérature in 1986, 'Hélène Parmelin ou la peinture faite roman' at the Association des professeurs de français des universités et collèges canadiens (APFUCC) in Victoria in 1990, 'L’hétérogénéité culturelle dans l’écriture féminine' at the Colloque du Centre de coopération interuniversitaire franco-québécoise held in Paris in 1991, 'Jeanne Hyvrard, d’un-e innommé-e l’autre' at the Colloque Le Littéraire et le sacré of the Département d’Études françaises at Concordia University in 1991, 'La Peinture au service du polar' at the Colloque Le roman français de la dernière décennie held Dalhousie University, Halifax in 1998. Maïr Verthuy was instrumental in the organization of the International Conference on Research and Teaching Related to Women held at Concordia University in the Summer of 1982. The files from the subseries include texts and drafts of texts of the presentations, some programs of the conferences and correspondence.

The DISTINCTIONS subseries provides information on the many prizes and awards Verthuy have received throughout her career: Personalité féminine de l'année at the Salon de la Femme in 1979, the John O'Brien Distinguished Teaching Award in 1985, the YWCA's Women of Distinction Awards in 1997, the Prix du Gouverneur-Général du Québec in 2008, the Order of Canada in 2012 and the Ordre national du Québec in 2019.

The COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT subseries is comprised of records related to Verthuy's involvement with different organizations outside of Concordia University between 1987 and 2010: the Conseil de la magistrature, the Montreal Council of Women (MCM) and the Commission de consultation sur les pratiques d'accomodements reliés aux différences culturelles, among others.

The RESEARCH AND REFERENCE DOCUMENTATION subseries includes publications, notes, photocopies of articles on different subjects related to Verthuy's expertise, most notably authors Assia Djebar, Hélène Parmelin, poet Louis Aragon and of course Simone de Beauvoir. The subseries is also contains reference documentation on Jeanne Hyvrard as well as correspondence held with the writer between 1982 and 2019.

The fonds also includes some MEDIA COVERAGE: articles about Verthuy, reviews of some of her publications, as well as some records related to the 2015 documentary 'Autour de Maïr'. Records pertaining to her PRIVATE LIFE can also be found in the fonds: some correspondence and files related to her education (class notes).

Verthuy, Maïr
I0107 · Fonds · 1982 - 2019

This fonds documents the administrative activities of the Institute for Cooperative Education. The following RCRP categories are contained within this fonds:

2430 Awards & Scholarships
5112 Reports, Studies & Analyses
5160 University Events
5430 Media Coverage
5450 University Publications
5461 Promotional Material

The following publications are included in this fonds:

  • Hire Education Newsletter, 2003-2004 (PUB-335)
  • Sco-op Newsletter, 1984
RMA-2023-13 · Accession · 1982 - 2019
Part of Institute for Cooperative Education fonds

This transfer contains paper-based, digitized and born-digital administrative records from the Institute of Cooperative Education. The following RCRP categories are contained within this records transfer:

2430 Awards & Scholarships (2002-2011)
5112 Reports, Studies & Analyses (2006-2009)
5160 University Events (2007-2019)
5430 Media Coverage (1982-2009)
5450 University Publications (1984-2004)
5461 Promotional Material

P004-09-003 · Item · 2000
Part of John Gilmore fonds

Two Brazilian television commercials with John Gilmore in acting roles - NET (directed by Jose Pédro) and CLARO (directed by Diego de Godoy). Produced at Zeppelin Studios, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

RSB Mundo
P004-09-002 · Item · 1997
Part of John Gilmore fonds

Brazilian corporate video (?) with John Gilmore in acting role. Produced at Zeppelin Studios, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Stitch and Save
P004-09-001 · Item · [198-?]
Part of John Gilmore fonds

A videocassette copy (U-matic) of the 1943 NFB animated film 'Stitch and Save'. Soundtrack music by the Jimmy Jones sextet.

Bouncy / Blue at Dawn
P078-11-009 · Item · [1945?]
Part of Concordia University Archives Jazz collection

On the Continental label - "Bouncy" and "Blue at Dawn" by Timmie [sic] [Timme?] Rosenkrantz and His Barons. Red Norvo - vibraharp; Ch. Venturo - tenor sax; O.J. Hardwick - alto sax; J.A. Bothwell - alto sax; H.H. Carney Jr. - baritone sax; J.H. Jones - piano; Spec's Powell - drums; J. O. Levy - bass. Both sides composed by Rosenkrantz, Jones and Cavanaugh