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The Adams family and Sur Rodney (Sur)’s personal life

The series documents Sur Rodney (Sur)’s childhood in Montreal and his family background, illustrating the life of a black family in Montreal in the second half of the 20th century. Most of the documents have been collected by Jean [Gertrude Peters] Gordon.
The series contains correspondence between Sur Rodney (Sur) and his parents, Desmond Adams and Jean Adams, and documents related to family members, namely Desmond Rupert Adams, Sur Rodney (Sur)’s grandmother Hazel Irene Pierce, and Rodney’s brother David Adams. Several photo albums illustrate Sur Rodney’s childhood and his larger family. This series also contains documents related to the Negro Community Centre (NCC) and Union United Church, which both were frequented by family members, as well as Expo 67 and the Watchtower Society. Furthermore, the series informs about Sur Rodney (Sur)’s name change and his marriage to Geoffrey Hendricks.

The series includes, but is not limited to, correspondence, photographs, leaflets, programs, flyers, forms, diploma, passports and other pieces of identification, artwork, postcards, brochures, newspaper clippings, a scrapbook and an autograph book.

The Artist Sur Rodney (Sur) and fellow artists

The series illustrates the North-American and more precisely the New York East Village art scene around Sur Rodney (Sur) from the 1960s to 2018. It depicts Sur Rodney (Sur)’s career as an artist, his involvement in the art scene and his relation to fellow artists. It gives an insight in the life of various artists by the means of personal correspondence exchanged with Sur Rodney (Sur), exhibition catalogues, and documents related to The Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1980) and the All New Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1981), which were both presenting artists from the Manhattan's Lower East Side art scene. Artists mentioned in the series are, among others, Andreas Senser, Gracie Mansion, Geoffrey Hendricks, Pauline Graham Leathem, Ronald Heydon, Nan Goldin, John Brill and Lorraine O'Grady. The series covers subjects like Black Contemporary Art, Performance art, and Queer Art. It also refers to Visual Aids, an organization working on AIDS awareness through art projects, while supporting artists living with AIDS and archiving their work.

The series is organized into the following sub-series:
P0234/ B1 Sur Rodney (Sur)’s talks, presentations and writings
P0234/ B2 Works of fellow artists
P0234/ B3 Correspondence with fellow artists

The series contains, but is not limited to, correspondence, newspaper articles, drafts, scrapbooks, exhibition catalogs, magazines and other publications, posters, notebooks, calendars, photographs, flyers, moving images, a press kit, a sound recording, and an Acker Awards box.

Radio work

Series documents the work of Magnus Isacsson for the CBC’s English and French-language networks, where he worked as a producer for several programs, including Le Point, The Fifth State, and Contrechamps.

Series includes memorandums, photographs, sound recordings, scripts, notes on projects, correspondence, balance sheets, clippings, handwritten notes, research documentation for several projects, project proposals, and budget estimation.

Personal Papers

Series documents the life of Magnus Isacsson as an educator, his involvement with the Gierson Seminar, and other affiliations within the documentary filmmaking community. It also contains articles written about Isacsson and his work as an independent filmmaker.

The series contains interviews with Magnus Isacsson and articles written about him and his work, photographs, teaching material for courses and workshops, lists of students, course syllabus, registrations to professional events, seminar programs, information concerning seminars and conferences Isacsson attended, correspondence, handwritten notes, magazines, clippings, and a printout of Magnus’s blog.

Journalism and Writing

Series documents the works of Magnus Isacsson as a freelance journalist for Canadian and Swedish radio, newspapers and magazines, covering environmental and political issues across North and Central America

The series contains research documents, drafts, photographs, articles written by Isacsson, newspaper clippings, correspondence, magazines, handwritten notes, and interviews.

Documentary Projects

Series provides documentation about the production and filmmaking process of Magnus Isacsson’s released and unreleased documentaries and audiovisual projects, from his first independent film Uranium (1990) to Granny Power (2014).

Series contains administrative and financial records, contracts, project proposals, scripts, interviews, promotional material, flyers, posters, leaflets, shooting tapes, masters betacams, copies of English and French versions of various films, audio mixes, DVDs, research material, clippings, newspapers, magazines, handwritten notes, communiqués, award and nomination certificates, invitation cards, press releases, brochures and press coverage.

Canadian Press

Contains records related to Stewart's career in the Canadian press.

The series is divided in sub-series:
P0195/3A 1933-1940
P0195/3B World War II Europe 1941-1945 and post-war
P0195/3C World War II Southeast Asia Command 1945 and post-war
P0195/3D Far East correspondent 1945-1947
P0195/3E Quebec City bureau chief 1948-1952
P0195/3F Montreal bureau chief 1952-1974
P0195/3G CP General executive 1975-1979

Productions / Programming

This series documents the various plays produced by the Black Theatre Workshop (BTW) from its beginnings in the early 1970s to 2013, as well as other events organized by the theatre.

This series is divided into the following sub-series :
F034/D1 General audience
F034/D2 Theater for Young Audiences program
F034/D3 Youthworks

This series contains photographs, programs, press releases, newspapers and newspaper clippings, drawings, floor plans, collages, project proposals, reports, entrance tickets, box office records, correspondence, goboes, promotional material, educational material (teachers’ guides), financial records, contracts, booking sheets, performance evaluations, sheet music, play scripts, meeting notes, communications, schedules, moving images, and sound recordings, among other documents.

External relations

This series provides information on the relationship between the Black Theatre Workshop (BTW) and other cultural, political or social organizations. The series contains documentation pertaining to the relationships between the BTW and other organizations working within the Montreal Black community, including Union United Church. It is also composed of materials that provide insight into the relationships between the BTW and organizations and suppliers working within or supporting theater and the arts in Montreal. Among others, you will find information about other theater groups, including the Centaur Theater and the Dance Theatre of Harlem, and a number of humanitarian organizations. Several documents in this series are related to the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday Commission or Black History Month. One folder illustrates the history of Union United Church. The series also includes a brief about visible minorities’ art and culture, a report about subventions given to theatre companies, some issues of community newspapers like Community Contact, and a collection of newspaper clippings documenting not only the work of the Black Theatre Workshop, but Black life in Montreal and the theatre scene as well.

The series contains, among other documents, promotional material, photographs, correspondence, moving images, newsletters, newspapers and newspaper clippings, play scripts, sound recordings, study proposals, leases, permits, reports, programs, and briefs.

Financial records

The series gives an overview of the financial situation of the Black Theatre Workshop throughout the years, from its beginnings in the early 1970s to 2013. It documents the financial support received by the Black Theatre Workshop through grants and fundraising campaigns on the one hand, and the expenses of the organization on the other hand.

This series is divided into the following sub-series :
F034/B1 Accounting
F034/B2 Funding

The series contains, among other documents, agreements, publicity, financial statements, expense reports, budgets, ledger pages, invoices, grant applications, reports, newspaper articles and newspapers, fundraising plans, presentation folios, correspondence, photographs, invitations, and program descriptions.


Series documents the historical and organizational development of the Black Theatre Workshop (BTW), from its beginnings in 1965 as the Trinidad & Tobago Association (TTA) Drama group, through its incorporation as the BTW in 1972, to today. This series contains materials concerning the work of the Board of Directors and related committees. It also documents the planning and the management of human resources at the BTW.

The series is divided into the following sub-series :
F034/A1 History and constitution
F034/A2 Meetings and committees
F034/A3 Human resources
F034/A4 Planning

The series contains, among other documents, letters patent, programs, newspaper clippings, a constitution, historical outlines, photographs, play scripts, letterheads, logos, poster, newsletters, membership lists, briefs, mission statements, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, lists of board members, organizational charts, job descriptions, meeting notes, grant applications, and contracts.

Textual records

The series provides information on Vernon Isaac and other jazz musicians. It presents Isaac’s life as a musician as well as his family. It also contains material on Jazz Ottawa.

The series contains, among other materials, personal papers, newspaper clippings, correspondence, flyers, programs, biographies, invitations, newsletters, meeting minutes, financial documents and certificates.


The records in the series are related to the development, management, and delivery of programs of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA.

The series is arranged in the following sub-series:

P0145/10A Committees and Policies
P0145/10B Aquatics
P0145/10C Youth Work
P0145/10D Citizenship Training
P0145/10E Community Development
P0145/10F Community Justice
P0145/10G Education
P0145/10G01 Constitutive documents, histories
P0145/10G02 Administration
P0145/10G03 Financial management
P0145/10G04 Communications
P0145/10G05 Buildings, properties
P0145/10G06 Faculty, staff.
P0145/10G07 Students, student services, associations.
P0145/10G08 Curriculum, programs.
P0145/10G09 Research
P0145/10G10 External relations
P0145/10H Employment
P0145/10I Environment
P0145/10J Handicapped persons
P0145/10K Health Care
P0145/10L Immigrants, refugee.
P0145/10M Industrial Work
P0145/10N International Development
P0145/10O Leadership Development
P0145/10P Physical Education
P0145/10Q Pre-school, children
P0145/10R Railroad Work
P0145/10S Religious Work
P0145/10T Seniors
P0145/10U Social Recreation
P0145/10V Women
P0145/10W Y's Men, Y's Menettes


The series documents the promotion of memberships, programs and activities of the Montreal YMCA.

The records include minutes, correspondence, promotional pamphlets, programs, and brochures and press clippings on activities and events of the YMCA. The records also include scrapbooks containing on subjects such as the Central branch and residence, financial campaigns, and general YMCA events and activities.

This series is organized into the following sub-series:

P0145/08A Committees
P0145/08B Public Relations
P0145/08C Advertising
P0145/08D Publications
P0145/08E Records Management

Financial Administration

The series documents the financial administration and related activities of the Montreal YMCA.

The records include financial statements, budget reports, general ledgers, journals, committee minutes, and correspondence. The records also include legal documents and account statements related to gifts and bequeathed estates.

This series is organized into the following sub-series:

P0145/06A Committees and Policies
P0145/06B Financial Reports
P0145/06C Accounting
P0145/06D Funding and Investments

Human Resources

The series documents administrative activities related to human resources.

The records include committee minutes, payroll ledgers, personnel files, union negotiations, resumes, job descriptions, staff training and programs.

The series is organized into the following sub-series:

P0145/07A Committee and Policies
P0145/07B Personnel Management
P0145/07C Employee Files
P0145/07D Payroll
P0145/07E Benefits

Founding documents

The series documents the founding, legislative and regulatory framework, and historical studies of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA.

The series is arranged in sub-series:

P0145/01A Founding documents, constitution, by-laws.
P0145/01B Histories.


The series provides an overview of research conducted, supported or collected by the Black Studies Center, predominantly in the 1970s. It provides information on the history, culture, contributions and experiences of Black populations in Montreal, America, and Africa. Subjects covered include the visual arts, Black identity, the Montreal music scene, minorities in the education system, and politics, among many others

The series is divided in the following two subseries:

F035/E1 Research conducted or supported by the Black Studies Centre
F035/E2 Research papers collected by the Black Studies Centre

The series contains, among other documents, surveys, questionnaires, notes, research papers, correspondence, statistics, address lists, project reports, biographical sketches, and meeting minutes.

Reference documentation

The series documents the Black Studies Centre’s efforts to make crucial information about Black history and culture available to the community by providing access to a vast collection of books and other textual material, slides, audio recordings and films. This documentation is represented not only through the original card catalog, lists and bibliographies, but also through a wide array of publications collected by the Center that are available as part of the fonds. In addition, the series contains documents pertaining to the organization of the Black Studies Centre library and the work of its employees.
The series contains both fiction and non-fiction writing related to the life, culture, and contributions of Black communities throughout Canada, the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean, from the end of the 18th century to today. The series also includes documents concerning significant events. Several folders in this series document the Sir George Williams Affair, also sometimes referred to as the Sir George Williams Computer Centre Incident, the Anderson Affair, and the Sir George Williams University Computer Riot.
The series is divided into the following subseries:

F035/F1 BCS Library collection
F035/F2 BCS Newspaper collection
F035/F3 Other reference documentation

The series contains, among other documents, bibliographies, bibliographic records, biographies, catalogues, drawings, flyers, class papers, interview transcripts, reproductions of historical documents, reviews, poems, essays, speeches, summaries of newspaper articles, song texts, short stories, lists, leaflets, brochures, newsletters, pamphlets, play scripts, booklets, studies, accession records, photographs, thesis, reports, magazine and newspaper articles, correspondence, newspapers, magazines, subscriptions, notes, and press releases.

Programming and Services

The series provides insight into the activities and services offered by the Black Studies Center, including day camps, lecture series, immigration aid, exhibitions, and workshops, as well as other educational programs.

The series contains, among other documents, leaflets, flyers, invitations, programs, posters, newspaper clippings, biographies, schedules, correspondence, reports, attendance records, lists, meeting minutes, plays, stories, poems, song texts, illustrations, drawings, photographs, notes, forms, drafts, financial records, a discussion transcript, costumes, a guest book, and a musical instrument.

External relations

The series provides insight into the relationships between the Black Studies Center and other organizations, such as the Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC), National Black Coalition of Canada (NBCC), Black Community Central Administration of Quebec (BCCAQ), Black Community Council of Quebec, Black Theatre Workshop (BTW), Negro Community Centre (NCC), Quebec Board of Black Educators (QBBE), Montreal Negro Alumni Group, Open Door Society, Maison d’Haiti, Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, Black Action Party, and more. It also contains information about the relationship between the Black Studies Centre and the municipal government. In some instances, documents that concern the internal operations of these organizations, including financial statements, meeting minutes, and letters patent, among others, can be found. The series also contains information about organizations that existed prior to the foundation of the Black Studies Center, including the Trinidad & Tobago Association, the Conference Committee, and the Conference on West Indian Affairs. Finally, the series illustrates carnivals, exhibitions, conferences, and major events like the World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture in Lagos. Several folders contain documents that are related to the Montreal cultural magazine The Real Scene.
The series contains, among other documents, correspondence, directories, financial documents, meeting minutes, reports, annual reports, programs, bylaws, newspapers and newspaper articles, press releases, newsletters, leaflets, flyers, bills, briefs, invitations, brochures, play scripts, mail registers, letters patent, proposals, communications, magazines, catalogs, photographs, notes, index cards, moving images, sound recordings, and posters.

Financial records

The series provides an overview of the Black Studies Center’s financial situation between 1966 to 2007. By the means of grant applications and reports, the series also provides information about various projects undertaken by the Black Studies Center.
The series is divided into the following subseries:
F035/B1 Accounting
F035/B2 Funding

The series contains, among other documents, financial statements, expense reports, budgets, grant applications, correspondence, bank statements, balance sheets, receipts, brochures, project reports, tax accounts, by-laws, invoices, ledgers, journals, loans, and an address.


The series documents the management and development of the Black Studies Center from its beginnings as National Black Coalition Quebec Institute of Research, founded and directed by Dr. Clarence Bayne, to 2007. It provides important insight into the administration and organizational structure of the Black Studies Center. It also contains information about the building occupied by the Black Studies Center, located at 1968 De Maisonneuve West in Montreal.

The series is divided into the following subseries:
F035/A1 History and constitution
F035/A2 Meetings and committees
F035/A3 Facilities Management
F035/A4 Human resources
F035/A5 Legal Affairs

The series contains, among other documents, meeting minutes, agendas, reports, policies, correspondence, memos, a case study, letters patent, a constitution, statistics, a video of the opening reception of the institute, proposals, programs, registered charity information returns, photographs, architectural plans, descriptive texts of the BSC, a letterhead, two logos, deeds of sale, a certificate of location, insurance policies, permits, contracts, agreements, organizational charts, resumes, work schedules, job descriptions, attendance register, lists, insurance claims, funding requests, and the Black Studies Center Newsletter vol. 1, no. 1 (June 1974), including working documents related to its production.

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