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Series documents the early years of the communist movement and contains 90 pamphlets dated between 1912 and 1920 collected by S.A. Rochlin and published by or on behalf of various organizations, committees, and unions. Organizations, committees, and unions include: Communist Party of South Africa, African Workers' Club, Building Workers Industrial Union of South Africa, Workers' International League, African National Congress, National Union of South African Students, Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union, South African Native Congress, South African Native Delegation, International Socialist League, All African Convention, and United Party.

Periodicals and newspapers

Series contains 46 periodicals and newspapers dated between 1919 and 1957 collected by S.A. Rochlin published by the Communist Party of South Africa, South African Labour Party, the Socialist Workers’ League, Labour League of the Youth of South Africa, Anti-Nazi Vigilance Committee, League for the Maintenance of Democracy, Industrial Socialist League, South African Labour Defence, Youth League of South Africa, Young Communist League of South Africa, and Young Communist International, among others.

Newspapers and periodicals include: Labour's Voice, Socialist Action, The Revolutionary Communist: a journal, of Marxist-Leninism, Anti-Nazi, The Democrat, The Bolshevik: official organ of the Industrial Socialist League of South Africa, Umvikeli-Thebe/The African Defender, The African World: the mouthpiece of the Cape African National Congress, South African Young Communist, organ of the Young Communist League, The Torch: the organ of the unemployed of South Africa, The Workers' Dreadnought for International Communism, and The Workers' Voice, among others.


Series contains 471 documents of all types dated between 1915 and 1954 organized into folders, probably by S.A. Rochlin. Documents include minutes, agendas, accounts, manuscripts, poems, leaflets, flyers, pamphlets, posters, newspaper clippings, manifestos, petitions, reports, speeches, constitutions, telegrams, press releases, applications, invitations, correspondence, and handbills. Documents concern the South African Labour Party, Workers’ International League, South African Labour Defence, Irish Republican Association of South Africa, South African Labour Defence, African National Congress, Communist Party of South Africa, African National Improvement Movement, Congress of the People, United Communist Party, United Communist Party of South Africa, South African Section of the Communist International, International Socialist League, Communist Propaganda Group, and Youth League of South Africa, among others.


Series contains correspondence between Gertrude Katz, Carl Katz, and Irving Layton. Series also includes correspondence between Gertrude Katz, Carl Katz, Kathleen C. Moore, and Elspeth Cameron, related to the life and work of Irving Layton, and Cameron’s biography on the poet. A copy of a letter from Irving Layton and Moore may also be found in this series.

Poetry and publications

Series contains a typescript of Irving Layton’s “The Red Moujhik,” and offprints of the poet’s “A Tall Man Executes a Jog” (1958), “Cain” (1961), and “On the Assassination of President Kennedy” (1964). Appended to “The Red Moujhik” is a letter signed by Irving Layton. Series also contains a catalogue based on exhibition of Irving Layton’s books, a list of the poet’s rare and out-of-print books, and a transcript of a rare recording of the short story “The World We Live In” by Irving Layton that aired on CBC’s “Wednesday Night Short Stores” on August 24, 1960. Series also contains rare first editions, limited editions, and presentation copies of Irving Layton’s books. Books include The Bull Calf and Other Poems (1956), Improved Binoculars (1956), A laughter in the Mind (1958), The Swinging Flesh (1961), Love Where the Nights are Long (1962), The Laughing Rooster (1964), Periods of the Moon (1967), The Shattered Plinths (1968), The Whole Bloody Bird (1969), Nail Polish (1971), Lovers and Lesser Men (1973), Seventy-five Greek Poems (1974), The Pole Vaulter (1974), For My Brother Jesus (1976), The Covenant (1977), Treici Poesie e Sette Disegni (1978), Waiting for the Messiah (1985), Anvil Blood (1973), and New Holes in the Wall (1973). Series also contains a phonographic record of Irving Layton reading his poetry at Le Hibou in 1963.

Promotional materials

Series contains promotional materials collected about Irving Layton, including invitations to events celebrating the life and work of the poet, the program for the dedication of Irving Layton Avenue in Montreal. Series also contains programs to the event “Scene: Love and Maple Syrup,” an invitation to the Concordia University convocation honoring the poet, and a bookmark to Seven Steps Bookshop where he gave many readings.


Series contains 3 photographs of Irving Layton, including a photograph of Layton with Seymour Mayne, a portrait of the poet dedicated to Gertrude and Carl Katz, and a photograph of Layton receiving his honorary degree at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Quebec.

Financial documents

Series contains financial documents concerning the property holdings of Irving Layton and Gertrude and Carl Katz, and the property title and deed of sale of property to Irving Layton.

The Flaming Apron

Series contains documents concerning The Flaming Apron craft store. This series includes documents concerning the closing of this craft store, as well as items created for sale at The Flaming Apron. These items, created or collected by Margaret Griffin, include a jean skirt by Billie-Joe Mericle purchased by Griffin at The Flaming Apron, a crochet sweater by Griffin made during the period of the Flaming Apron, and 2 basalt clay pots by Griffin made for sale at the craft store.

Art in Canada

Series contains miscellaneous documents concerning the Canadian art scene in the 1970s. Documents include a pamphlet for Corridart dans la Rue Sherbrooke, an exhibition put on in conjunction with the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, and Vehicle: Handbook of Toronto Cultural Resources (1972) edited by Isobel Harry and Marlene Sober.

Textual records

Series contains textual records relating to Black History in Montreal; the Negro Community Centre; Union United Church; the Coloured Women’s Club; The Red Feather and the Welfare Federation; Railway Porters; the Elks; the documentary film Show Girls; and Jazz in Montreal.


Series mostly contains photocopies of photographs relating to the Negro Community Centre; Union United Church; the Coloured Vet’s Canadian Legion Softball Banquet; and jazz in Montreal. Photographs concerning the activities of the Negro Community Centre showcase, among other things, basketball; tap dance; annual meetings; the NCC’s move to the Iverly Community Centre building on Coursol Street in 1955; the task force for the revitalization of the NCC; and the teen program. Photographs of Ethel Bruneau, Bernice Jordan Whims, Olga Spencer Foderingham, Tina Baines Brereton, Meilan Lam, and Louis Stanley Hooper, among others, are found in this series.


Series contains one book on Black history in Canada and three poetry books published between 1966 and 1982. This is my Song (1982) and Going Black Home ([198-?]) by Peter Bailey were self-published by the author and inscribed to Ralph Whims. Leo Bertley’s Canada and its people of African Descent (1977) and Studies in Black and White (1966) by Dave Pinson can also be found in this series.

Textual material

Series contains textual records documenting the objects in the collection of the Monastère des Ursulines de Québec. It is composed of a catalogue documenting the objects in the collection and contains information about artist(s), title, date, dimensions, and medium for each work. It also includes a note describing where they appear in the publication "Répertoire des gravures conservées au Monastère des ursulines de Québec" (dossier number). The series also contains 3 documents regarding missing slides.

Photographic material

Series contains photographs of the objects from the collection of the Monastère des Ursulines de Québec. It is composed of 465 slides, many of which were reproduced in the publication "Répertoire des gravures conservées au Monastère des ursulines de Québec."

Sound recordings

Series contains two phonographic records by Oscar Peterson and Eddie Baxter. The first contains the songs "Just You and Me" and "Body and Soul" (cracked). The second contains "Laura" and "I got Rhythm."


Series contains 54 photographs documenting the daily life of Dorothy Harper. Photographs, which include portraits and landscapes, were mostly taken in Quebec, specifically in Montreal, Sainte- Agathe, Saint-Sauveur, and Sainte-Adèle. Photographs also showcase scenes in Ottawa, Ontario; Burlington, Vermont; and New York City, New York. Significantly, a number of photographs were taken inside jazz clubs in Montreal, including Café Esquire and El Morocco. Three photographs depict Oscar Peterson in concert.


Series consists of a bust depicting Irving Layton, carved by Lyman E. Francis and a plaque dedicated to Irving Layton from Baron Byng High School in Montreal.

Audio recordings

Series contains audio recordings relating to the Irving Layton fonds. Material consists of several recordings of the Pierre Berton Show, interviews with Layton including several interviews with Malka Cohen, Layton on talk shows including Special Occasions, Identities, and Crossfires, and several tapes of Layton’s lectures.


Series contains newspaper articles about Irving Layton from international and national newspapers, including the Gazette, the Toronto Star, the Georgian, the Telegram, and the Poetry Canada Review.

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