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Concordia University performance recordings collection

  • C015
  • Collection
  • 1986-2005

Collection consists of 1278 audio recordings of musical performances by Concordia students, faculty and guests. They were recorded at the Loyola Chapel and at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall between 1986 and 2005. Most are in audio cassette format with the latest ones on compact disc.

Veneranda Kreipans (McGrath) Wilson fonds

  • F004
  • Fonds
  • 1976-2005

Contains records relating to Veneranda Kreipans (McGrath) Wilson as Irving Layton’s friend. Material consists of typed and handwritten letters, postcards, photographs, poems, and newspaper clippings. The Veneranda Kreipans (McGrath) Wilson Fonds is part of the Irving Layton Collection.

The fonds has been divided into 3 series:
F004/A Correspondence
F004/B Poems
F004/C Photographs

Kreipans Wilson, Veneranda

Irving Layton fonds

  • F001
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1997

Irving Layton fonds consists of records relating to Layton’s life and activities as a writer. Records include correspondence between family members, professionals, friends, newspapers and periodicals, colleges and universities, reviews of Layton’s works, fan letters, published material, offprints of poems, transcripts of interviews, publicity for public appearances and readings, reviews of his works, foreign language articles, manuscripts and drafts of monographs and poems, transcripts of interviews, newspaper clippings, notebooks, journals, calendars, schedules, agendas, personal papers including bills, invoices, finances, awards and certificates, and audio visual material.

The fonds is divided into 16 series:
F001/A 3-Dimensional objects
F001/B Audio recordings
F001/C Clippings
F001/D Conferences and festivals
F001/E Correspondence
F001/F Drawings
F001/G Manuscripts, poems, articles, and essays
F001/H Notebooks and journals
F001/I Personal papers
F001/J Photographs
F001/K Public appearances
F001/L Reviews
F001/M Schedules
F001/N Scrapbooks
F001/O Transcripts and interviews
F001/P Video recordings

Layton, Irving

Russell Thornton fonds

  • F005
  • Fonds
  • [197-]–1992

Fonds is composed of records relating to Russell Thornton, friend of Irving Layton. Material consists of thirty-one letters between Russell Thornton and Irving Layton, in which Layton offers advice and encouragement to the young poet. The letters also chronicle Layton’s personal and professional life. The fonds also contains signed typescript copies of Layton’s poems. The Russell Thornton Fonds is part of the Irving Layton Collection.

The fonds has been divided into 2 series:
F005/A Correspondence
F005/B Poems

Thornton, Russell

Dorothy Rath fonds

  • F007
  • Fonds
  • 1957–1997

Dorothy Rath Fonds consist of records relating to Dorothy Rath as Layton’s friend. Records include correspondence between Rath and Layton, photographs of Dorothy Rath, Irving Layton, and friends, audio recordings of Layton’s public readings, video clips of Layton’s television appearances and book readings, newspaper clippings relating to Layton’s works, and promotional and publicity material regarding Layton’s appearances. The Dorothy Rath Fonds is part of the Irving Layton Collection.

The fonds is divided into 8 series:
F007/A Audio recordings
F007/B Clippings
F007/C Correspondence
F007/D Photographs
F007/E Poems
F007/F Promotional Material
F007/G Sculptures
F007/H Video recordings

Rath, Dorothy

Antique maps collection

  • C005
  • Collection
  • [1570-18--]

Collection is composed mostly of early cartographers' depictions of Upper and Lower Canada, the Saint Lawrence River, and the East Coast of North America. Collection also contains eighteenth and nineteenth century maps of Europe, including maps of London and the surrounding areas.

Margaret Griffin and Clara Gutsche collection

  • C011
  • Collection
  • 1972-2014, predominant 1972-1974

Collection consists of materials accumulated by Margaret Griffin and Clara Gutsche, mostly relating to the founding and first exhibition of Powerhouse Gallery, now La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse. Items also document The Flaming Apron craft store, and various exhibitions held at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse. This collection contains items created by Margaret Griffin, Leslie Busch, Billie-Joe Mericle, and Stansje Plantenga, founding members of Powerhouse Gallery. Materials in this collection are primarily dated 1972-1974, with select documents dated 2001 and 2004. Some documents were annotated by Margaret Griffin and Clara Gutsche in 2014.

Materials documenting the establishment and history of Powerhouse Gallery include: correspondence, newspaper clippings, proposals, descriptions, timelines, publications, posters, slides, negatives, a leaflet, a drawing, a paintings, and clothing. These materials primarily concern the Gallery’s first exhibition, Windows: From the Inside Out: Painting, Photography, Ceramic and Sculpture (1973), presented at 1210 Greene Avenue in Westmount, Quebec. Items also document various exhibitions held at Powerhouse Gallery and La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, including: Codpieces: Phallic Paraphernalia (1974), The Past to the Present (2001), and Powerhouse: Where are we now? (2001). Materials concerning the activities of The Flaming Apron, a craft store in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, include: clothing, ceramics, and a newsletter. This collection also contains La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse publications, including Women’s Bookworks (1979) and Les Centrelles (2004), as well as items related to art and artist run centers in Canada.

Collection is divided into 3 series:
C011/A. Powerhouse Gallery/La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse
C011/B. The Flaming Apron
C011/C. Art in Canada

Griffin, Margaret

Dora Pleet fonds

  • F019
  • Fonds
  • 1955-2001

Fonds contains material documenting Dora Pleet’s relationship with Irving Layton, as well as material about Layton collected by Pleet. Material consists of correspondence, magazine and newspaper clippings, periodicals, a leaflet, a pamphlet, posters, and copies of various poems by Irving Layton. The Dora Pleet Fonds is part of the Irving Layton Collection.

The fonds is divided into five series:
F019 / A. Correspondence
F019 / B. Clippings
F019 / C. Periodicals
F019 / D. Poems
F019 / E. Promotional material

Pleet, Dora

Beatrice Bazar fonds

  • F008
  • Fonds
  • 1934-1935 ; 1967-1977.

The Beatrice Bazar fonds contains materials related to Bazar’s relationship with Irving Layton. Material consists of two clippings of Layton’s poems, one of which is signed, love letters and poems to Beatrice Bazar from Irving Layton, and a photograph accompanied by a brief letter. the Beatrice Bazar Fonds is part of the Irving Layton Collection.

The fonds is divided into three series:
F008/A Letters
F008/B Photographs
F008/C Poems.

Bazar, Beatrice

Fonds Saint Patrick’s Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society

  • P109
  • Fonds
  • 1868-1903

Le fonds témoigne des activités de la St. Patrick's Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society.

Le fonds contient les procès-verbaux de la St. Patrick's Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society.

St. Patrick’s Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society

Fonds Alex Robertson

  • P023
  • Fonds
  • 1853-1988

Entre les années 1940 et 1986, Alex Robertson collectionne des disques. La plupart d'entre eux sont des 78 r.p.m., produits par les compagnies Berliner et Compo : Berliner est la première maison canadienne à produire des disques et Compo est la première à enregistrer des musiciens noirs canadiens. La collection comprend aussi des disques et des documents sonores qui n'ont pas connu de commercialisation, ni de diffusion à grande échelle.

Le fonds comprend quelques 3000 partitions de types variés, datant d'environ 1885 jusqu'à 1970, dont 1000 ont du contenu canadien. Le fonds comprend également des catalogues et des brochures promotionnelles provenant des maisons d'édition des enregistrements et des partitions, des détaillants, des clubs de disques et des postes de radio. On y retrouve aussi des livres annotés par Alex Robertson durant ses recherches. Les matériaux de recherche d'Alex Robertson sur les étiquettes et sur les séries, aussi bien que sur l'activité musicale à Montréal entre 1913 et 1970, sont inclus dans le fonds. On y retrouve aussi sa vaste correspondance et des périodiques reliés. Le fonds comprend des photographies d'Alex Robertson et de sa famille, une photographie d'Alex Robertson avec George Martin, auteur sur le jazz et plusieurs photographies prises à l'occasion d'une réception tenue en honneur d'Alex Robertson en 1988 dans la salle de consultation du Service des archives de l'Université Concordia.

Le fonds s'organise selon les séries suivantes :

P023/A Correspondance
P023/B Recherche sur les étiquettes de disques et sur les séries
P023/C Recherche sur les activités musicales de Montréal
P023/D Photographies

Robertson, Alex

Walton Hannah fonds

  • P015
  • Fonds
  • [189-]-1966, predominant [1930]-1966

The fonds provides information on the history, structure, aims, and activities of Freemasonry and other secret organizations, with a particular focus on anglophone and francophone Freemasonry in Quebec.

The fonds includes correspondence, articles, transcripts of lectures, programs for ceremonies, minutes, membership lists, photographs, and other materials. Among the correspondence are original letters and manuscript notes dated 1913-1931 in which francophone Catholics report to the church hierarchy the names of suspected Freemasons. There are an original letter and a certificate of resignation from Freemasonry. The fonds includes a collection of objects. Their significance is explained in various works in the Masonic Collection; see below, Associated Materials.

The fonds is organized according to the following series:
P015/A Early life; Hannah family
P015/B Research on Freemasonry and other secret societies

Hannah, Walton

Fonds Jack Litchfield

  • P035
  • Fonds
  • [198-]-1989

Le fonds Jack Litchfield porte sur l'oeuvre qu'il a produit A Chronology of Five Montreal Record-Collectors' Clubs et A Chronology of Six Montreal Record-Collectors Club (1989). Il contient les manuscrits dactylographiés des ouvrages.

Litchfield, Jack

Fonds Gordie Fleming

  • P178
  • Fonds
  • [195-]-[197-]

Le fonds contient des performances musicales de Gordie Fleming et de son groupe présentées lors d'émissions radiophoniques sur les ondes de Radio-Canada, CBC et autres (Les joyeux troubadours, Jazz en liberté, Les fantaisistes, Lower Canada Swing et Saturday Set).

Fleming, Gordie

Gerald Clark fonds

  • P220
  • Fonds
  • 1939-2001

The Gerald Clark fonds contains documents pertaining to the Gerald Cohen's professional life and documents current events occuring in the period that he was active as a newspaper correspondent.

The fonds is composed of research materials, notes, drafts of articles and books, clippings of articles, correspondence, and speeches, among other materials. It also includes recorded interviews with world figures.

Clark, Gerald

Don Bell fonds

  • P235
  • Fonds
  • 1936-2004

The fonds documents the personal and professional life of Don Bell, his work as a magazine journalist and used and rare book dealer and many features of life in Montreal and elsewhere during his working life.

It includes personal and family documents, correspondence, manuscripts, research materials, notebooks, and photographs.

Bell, Don

Fonds Tina Brereton

  • P074
  • Fonds
  • [194-]

Le fonds est constitué de photographies évoquant les moments où Tina Brereton dansait dans des spectacles accompagnés de musique de jazz au Café St-Michel, à Montréal durant les années 1940.

Brereton, Tina

Fonds Johnny Reno

  • P065
  • Fonds
  • 1943

Le fonds Johnny Reno est constitué de deux photographies de l'orchestre les Victory Serenadors de Percy Ferguson à l'amphithéâtre du Canadien Pacifique à Rosemont, Montréal en 1943. Le pianiste Oscar Peterson faisait partie de ce groupe.

Reno, Johnny

Ann Charney fonds

  • P237
  • Fonds
  • 1954-2009

The Ann Charney fonds provides information on Ann Charney’s journalistic and literary career as well as her personal life. It documents both Charney's fiction and non-fiction writings from the 1960s until 2009, and provides insight into the process of publishing from the author’s point of view. The fonds also includes information on the Blue Metropolis foundation, a not-for-profit organization located in Montreal, Quebec, responsible for the annual Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival. Finally, the fonds provides a glimpse into the life of Jewish emigrants. It also contains information about Canadian and international artists working during the second half of the 20th century.

The fonds contains drafts and final versions of novels and short stories written by Ann Charney; personal and professional correspondence; newspaper articles; publicity material; meeting minutes; agreements; financial documents; photographs; reports; and magazines, among other documents.

The fonds is organized into the following series:

P237/A Fiction
P237/B Non-fiction
P237/C Correspondence
P237/D Blue Metropolis

Charney, Ann

May Cutler fonds

  • P197
  • Fonds
  • 1977-1979, 1991

The fonds relates to language and cultural policy in Quebec. First, it provides information on the implementation of bill 101, also known as Charter of the French Language, and the reactions of Anglophone publishers. Second, it provides information on the protest against the so-called Arpin-report, published 1991 under the title “Une politique de la culture et des arts”.

The fonds includes without limitation correspondence, newspaper clippings, government publications, newsletters, court documents

The fonds is organized into the following series:

P197/A Quebec Publisher fight against Bill 101
P197/B Fight against Arpin Report

Cutler, May E.

Overdale collection

  • P169
  • Collection
  • 1986-1988

The collection documents the events which occurred in 1987 and 1988 in the Overdale neighbourhood. It witnesses to the efforts made not only by the local residents but also architects, planners, and others to influence the City of Montreal to avoid demolishing historic buildings and established neighborhoods, and to preserve the city’s built heritage.

The collection includes photographs, moving images, sound recordings, press releases, clippings, meeting notices, correspondence, reports, newsletters and statements on the Overdale resistance prepared by former residents.


Fonds Lucien Desmarais

  • P063
  • Fonds
  • 1911-1988, surtout 1947-1988

Le fonds permet de suivre l’évolution de la carrière de Lucien Desmarais de ses débuts, avec sa formation à l’École de Beaux-Arts, jusqu’à sa mort en 1988, en passant par ses activités pour diverses pièces de théâtre ainsi que les voyages qu’il a effectués. Le fonds permet de connaître les intérêts de Lucien Desmarais pour les arts de la scène, les divertissements et la culture en général. Le fonds témoigne de l’art et de l’artisanat à Montréal et ailleurs, durant la période qui s’étend des années 1940 jusqu’aux années 1980. Il inclut une importante collection de documents sur l’histoire des textiles et des artistes et artisans qui les ont fabriqués. Le fonds porte sur les activités de Lucien Desmarais en tant que tisserand-concepteur et renseigne sur ses créations, tant pour la haute couture que pour la décoration intérieure, et sur les expositions auxquelles il a participé. Le fonds témoigne de son implication dans de nombreuses associations et organismes culturels en tant que fondateur, administrateur et membre de jury. Le fonds témoigne de ses activités d’enseignement et permet de connaître les cours qu’il a donnés dans de divers CÉGEPs, ainsi que les conférences qu’il a prononcées.

Le fonds contient de la correspondance, des échantillons de tissus, des notes de cours, des programmes de théâtre, des affiches, des invitations à des vernissages et à des expositions, des photographies, des coupures de presse, des dessins techniques, des albums et un spicilège qui contient des photographies de mode et des échantillons des tissus employés dans la confection des vêtements montrés.

Le fonds regroupe les séries suivantes:

P063/A Biographie
P063/B Formation
P063/C Administration
P063/D Finances
P063/E Accessoiriste
P063/F Tisserand, concepteur
P063/G Conseiller
P063/H Enseignement et conférences
P063/I Relations extérieures
P063/J Voyages
P063/K Prix et honneurs
P063/L Écrits et publications
P063/M Documentation
P063/N Spectacles
P063/O Documents iconographiques

Desmarais, Lucien

Nick Morara fonds

  • P192
  • Fonds
  • [193-?]-[195-]

The fonds relates to Montreal Nightlife and Nick Morara’s career as a chef in Montreal clubs. It illustrates the Montreal clubs and nightlife from the point of view of a non-musician working in the club scene. It also includes information on the Old Lantern Inn.

The fonds includes photographs, newspaper clippings, a club menu, a business card and a fee receipt card.

Morara, Nick

Vernon Isaac fonds

  • P228
  • Fonds
  • [193-?]-2000

The materials in the fonds document Vernon Isaac’s life as a jazz musician and the Canadian jazz scene of the 1970s to 1990s. The fonds also contains information about Vernon Isaac’s family.

The fonds includes personal documents, photographs of Vernon Isaac’s family, friends and other performers, press clippings, programs, posters, commemorative plaques, and sound and audiovisual recordings of Vernon Isaac.

The fonds is organized into the following series:
P228/A. Textual records
P228/B. Scrapbooks, photo albums and other graphic material
P228/C Audio-visual material
P228/D Objects

Isaac, Vernon

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