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Prudence Allen fonds
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Can Feminism be a Humanism?

Recording of a lecture hold by Sr. Prudence Allen at the annual symposium of the Canadian Jacques Maritain Association at St Paul University in Ottawa on October 31, 1997. This lecture, entitled "Can Feminism be a Humanism", but also mentioned under the title "Glassmacher Lecture", has as topic the question of women in history of western philosophy, presenting different forms of humanism and feminism.

Christian Anthropology : Parts I and II

Study on Christian Anthropology, lectured by Sr. Prudence Allen. The lecture introduces into two aspects of Christian Anthropology: the Human Being and the Communion of Persons.
CD1 - The Human Being : Dignity from Creation (1hr. 04 min. 11 sec.)
CD2 - The Human Being : Wounds of the Fall and Redemption (1hr. 11 min. 07 sec.)
CD3 - Communion of Persons : Complementarity and Creation (1 hr. 19 min. 11 sec.)
CD4 - Communion of Persons : Rupture of the Fall and Glory of the Redemption (31 min. 50 sec.)

Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR) Assembly April 15-17, 1994

Recording of the Assembly of the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR), which took place from April 15 to April 17 1994.
Cassette 1 - Opening General Session ;
Cassette 2 - Women Religious in the New Evangelization ;
Cassette 3 - An Address by: The Most Reverend William C. Newman ;
Cassette 4 - Part 1 : The Human Person, Kerygma, and Religious Life ;
Cassette 5 - Part 2 : The Human Person, Kerygma, and Religious Life ;
Cassette 6 - Part 1 : Spiritual Maternity at the Service of the Kerygma ;
Cassette 7 - Part 2 : Spiritual Maternity at the service of the Kerygma ;
Cassette 8 - The Homilies / Roger Cardinal Mahoney and James Cardinal Hickey

Educating on the Nature & Dignity of Women (Endow) : Who We Are

Promotional video of Endow, divided in two parts:
1- Who We are (14 min. 15 sec.)
2 - Study Groups (3 min. 50 sec.), presenting the catholic educational program Endow, which is part of the New Feminism movement. Includes interviews with Terry Polakovic, Rev. Charles J. Chaput, Sister Prudence Allen, Martha Reichert, Mercedes Gutierrez, Brigid Sweeney, Allison LeChevalier, representatives from Women Of Machebeuf, Jeanette DeMelo and Joanie Todd.

Foundations of Religious Life, on KBVM Catholic Radio

Interview with Sr. Prudence Allen, conducted by Dina Marie Hale for KBVM Catholic Broadcasting Northwest. The Interview, broadcasted August 14, 2009, is about the release of "Foundations of Religious Life", a book compiled by the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious.

Lublin Lecture

Recording of three lectures hold by Prudence Allen in Lublin from the 7th to the 9th of May 1991. The lectures are about concepts of man and woman in philosophy, especially in western philosophy. The lectures are hold in English and translated to Polish, the introduction is in Polish.
Cassette 1 - May 7, 1991 : Lecture I : Man and Woman in Ancient Philosophy ;
Cassette 2 - May 8, 1991 : Lecture II : Man and Woman in Modern Philosophy ;
Cassette 3 - Lecture II, tape 2 ;
Cassette 4 - May 9, 1991 : Lecture III : Man and Woman in Contemporary Philosophy ;
Cassette 5 - Lecture III, tape 2 ;
Cassette 6 - May 29, 1991 : Lecture IV : Theory of Philosophy Advancement

Prudence Allen fonds

  • P0114
  • Fonds
  • 1941-2017

The fonds mainly provides information on Sister Prudence Allen’s research, teaching activities, and her religious life. Some materials are related, among others, to religious figures such as Hildergard of Bingen and Edith Stein, as well as philosophical perspectives on woman. The fonds also gives genealogical information on the Allen family and the Oneida Community

The fonds includes lectures, speeches, and articles; correspondence, daily journals, and photographs. The fonds also includes three dolls made by Sr. Prudence Allen’s grandmother, Christine Hamilton Allen (1875-1952), a social worker who worked closely with Eleonar Roosevelt during the Suffrage Movement. There are other artifacts such as a Tree of Life embroidered for Sr. Prudence Allen by Gretta Nemiroff.

Allen, Prudence

Vital Grandin Lecture Series : Man-Woman Complementarity : The Catholic Inspiration

Four lectures given by Sr. Prudence Allen and Sr. Moira Debono at the Newman Theological College in St. Albert (AB), November 7th and 8th, 2003, on the complementarity of man and woman.
Cassette 1 - "Ancient Roots";
Cassette 2 - "Modern Challenges & Responses";
Cassette 3 - "Contemporary Challenges & Responses";
Cassette 4 - Question Period

Women Encountering Christ in Friendship and Love : 2007 Archdiocese of Detroit Catholic Conference for Women

Series of four CD containing the proceeding of the Catholic Conference for Women, hold by the Archdiocese of Detroit on October 27, 2007.
CD 1 (42 min.)- Encountering God's Love / Most Reverend Daniel Flores ;
CD 2 (57 min.)- Women's Vocations in Friendship and Love / Sr. Prudence Allen ;
CD 3 (53 min.): The Role of Friendship in our Relationship with God and Others / Patricia Cooney-Hathaway; CD 4 (17 min.): Conference Opening - Mass Homily and Stage Comments