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Edited master of a studio performance by the band "Hyjack".

The Inuit Reality

Edited version of a documentary with Keith Crowe, from the Department of Northern and Indian Affairs discussing how the Inuit are surviving.

Steve Merrit with Bandelero

Seve Merrit conducts a square dancing workshop for Sir George Williams students as part of a Day Students Association party.

Ville Emard Blues Band

Ville Émard Blues Band performs at the final "Sunday in the Park" for the 1973 season at NDG Park.

Jak: A Monument of Faith

Historical video about the construction of Jak church in Hungary. This video was made for a history course.

Fine Arts Experiments in clay

Scenes from a television studio of children dressed in beachwear and painting on canvas chairs. The scene is accompanied by recorded music.


Satirical performance and lecture about how statistics can be manipulated. May have been used in a communication course.

Space to Learn

Educational video about the evolution of school designs (Department of Educational Technology course).

Square dancing

Country and rock music. Montreal bank teaches square dancing during a party sponsored by Loyola Day Students Association.

Business and Policy

This is a tape made by management students. First part is approximately sixteen minutes and includes a panel of three students who discuss the establishment of the "Joseph E. Seagram Ltd" problems of the industry as well as those of the company. The second part (approximately 22 minutes) includes a discussion panel to acquaint the viewer with the Kruger company which rose from a small store into a leading chain of enterprises.

Astronomy (Could it have been)

A video lecture and performance about the theory of Eric Van Donigan. The performance is a choreographed dance that interprets the prologue to "2001: A Space Odyssey".

A pilot's knowledge

Instructional video for beginner pilots that was possibly produced at Sir George WIlliams.

Learning how to use the TV as a tool

A presentation by students about the future of television in education. Students are shown preparing to interview a media expert Gabriel Moore and discussing the role of media in society.

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