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Linda Leith fonds

  • P227
  • Fonds
  • 1944-2008

The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

Leith, Linda

Alfie Roberts and Patricia Cambridge collection

  • C025
  • Collection
  • 1916 ; 1934-2010

The collection documents the life, work, and interests of Alfie Roberts and Patricia Cambridge. It includes documentation about their post-secondary studies, their work experience in different companies and organizations, their contribution to the black community and their affiliation with various community organizations such as the St. Vincent and Grenadines Association of Montreal, the Emancipation 150 Committee, the Black Community Council of Quebec and the Project Genesis. The collection provides information about several Black community organizations in Montreal, the rest of Canada and North America, including promotional material of events, which provide an overview of the cultural activities held between the 60s and 90s. In addition, the collection contains numerous publications such as periodicals, booklets and books that were part of Roberts and Cambridge’s personal library and the Alfie Roberts Institute. Some of the periodicals found in the collection include issues of The Vincentian, Afro-Can, Gramma, Uhuru, Caribbean Contact, The Afro Canadian, The Militant, The Struggle, Outlet, Focus Umoja, Justice, Freedom, The Crusader, Nam Speaks, Speak Out, Day Clean, Forum, and New Beginning, among others publications. The collection covers topics that are related but not limited to Black history, imperialism, slavery, racism, liberation, colonialism, Marxism, communism, socialism, housing and segregation, urban planning, labour, history of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

The Alfie Roberts and Patricia Cambridge Collection is divided into four series:
C025/A Personal Records
C025/B Community relations
C025/C Library and Research Documentation
C025/D Biographies

The collection contains correspondence, handwritten notes, assignments, essays written by Alfie Roberts and Patricia Cambridge, reference and research documentation, books, periodicals, newspaper clippings, booklets, speech transcripts, flyers, drawings, conference documents, posters, objects, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, newsletters, bulletins, meeting minutes, agendas, photographs, maps, sound recordings, and objects.

Roberts, Alfie

Frank R. Chalk fonds

  • P0034
  • Fonds
  • 1925 - 2008

The fonds provides information on Frank Chalk's career as a professor and an administrator at Sir George Williams and Concordia University, as well as a writer, researcher and expert on the questions of human rights and history of genocide.

The ADMINISTRATION sub-series includes records related to the role Chalk played in the Sir George Williams University and Concordia University, having been a member or in attendance of various committees: the Building Programme Co-ordinating Committee (BPCC), the Planning Committee of the Board of Governors or the Senate Library Committee, the Intra-University Committee, the Sir George Williams Association of University Teachers (SGWAUT) Council or the Sir George Williams Joint Committee on University Affairs (JCUA). The sub-series is also comprised of records related to the Perry Anderson case that lead to the Computer Centre protest of 1969 and its subsequent outcomes.

The TEACHING sub-series includes course outlines, teaching material, teaching evaluations, bibliographies, promotional material and correspondence related to the courses Chalk taught in the department of History and the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) (most notably The History and Sociology of Genocide course), his involvement with graduate students Edward Kissi and Bertha Kimambo and with the Summer Sessions in Sociology held at Sir George Williams University in the 1960's.

The CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, TALKS sub-series is comprised of presentations, promotional material, correspondence linked to the many conferences and colloquiums Chalk took part of or attended in Mexico, the United States and Canada, often in collaboration with fellow and frequent collaborator Kurt Jonassohn. The subseries also includes records related to a round table Chalk helped organized with African archivists at Sir George Williams University in 1974 and the Sixth Annual History in the Making Conference held at Concordia University in 2000 (Chalk gave the opening address).

The CORRESPONDENCE sub-series consists of letters and postcards from peers, most notably David Koff, Helen Fein, Michael Dobkowski, Norman Cohn, Jack Nusan Porter, Barbara Harff and William Taylor.

The WRITINGS sub-series includes press clippings, promotional material, reviews and texts written by Frank Chalk and Jonassohn such as 'A History of Genocide' or 'Genocide: an Historical Overview' published in the 1990's.

The MONTREAL INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND GENOCIDE STUDIES sub-series is comprised of records testifying of Chalk's involvement in the institute he co-founded with Jonassohn: an annual report, records related to the Academic Advisory board of the institute, budgets, the management of the David J. Azrieli Holocaust Collection or logistics behind the organization of workshops and seminars by guest lecturers such as Stefanie Beck, Rhoda E. Howard or Gérard Chaliand among others and the Occasional Paper series.

The RESEARCH AND REFERENCE DOCUMENTATION sub-series consists of copies of articles, press clippings and notes related to antisemitism, South Africa and Canada, Ethiopian Jews as well as the management of the African Collection of Sir George Williams University (including correspondence with the Kenyan National Archives).

The DISTINCTION sub-series includes some correspondence related to the Rector's Circle Chalk was welcomed in, in 1995.

The PRIVATE LIFE series includes two diaries ('date books') written by an unknown person in 1925 and 1927, as well as correspondence related to an issue Chalk had with Chrysler Canada Ltd. that reached the Canadian House of Commons as well as the US Senate in 1966.

Chalk, Frank R.

Kurt Jonassohn fonds

  • P0264
  • Fonds
  • 1962-1970

The fonds provides information on Kurt Jonassohn's teaching career as a professor at Sir George Williams University and Concordia University as well as a researcher in the field of the history and sociology of genocides.

The ADMINISTRATION subseries includes records related to Jonassohn's involvement in the Association of University Teachers Planning Committee (SGWAUT) and the Student's Undergraduate Society. It is comprised of meeting minutes, correspondence, notes and a honorary degree nomination form for Norman Cohn.
The TEACHING subseries consists of teaching material, course outlines, course notes, readings lists as well as some promotional material (posters and brochures) related to the Summer Session in Sociology Project held at Sir George Williams University in the 1960's and 1970's.
The CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, TALKS subseries includes speaking notes, programs and correspondence related to the many conferences, symposiums and talks Jonassohn's took part in, often in collaboration with fellow Frank Chalk, such as 'Culture, Persecution, Perpetrator Intent and Their Effects on the Human Rights Agenda' presented to the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Anthropological Association in 1984 or 'Conceptualizations of Genocide and Ethnocide' presented at Famine Ukraine 1933 Symposium held in Montreal, in August 1983.
The WRITINGS subseries is comprised of some correspondence and texts and written by Jonassohn or in collaboration with Frank Chalk such as 'A Typology of Genocide and Some Implications for the Human Rights Agenda' in 1984.
The MONTREAL INSTITUTE FOR GENOCIDE STUDIES subseries includes records related to the development of the Audio-visual Collection and the Azrieli Collection of the institute as well as 'Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust', a lecture by Frank Chalk from 1995.
The CORRESPONDENCE subseries consists of communications exchanged with organizations such as the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Centre for Comparative Genocide Studies and with other scholars, most notably Helen Fein, Jack Porter and Norman Cohn.
The RESEARCH AND REFERENCE DOCUMENTATION subseries is comprised of articles, papers, reports and press clippings on subjects close to history and sociology of genocides: the holocaust, the Armenian people, ethnic minorities, history revisionism and gypsy communities name a few.

Jonassohn, Kurt

Henry Beissel fonds

  • P0287
  • Fonds
  • 1941 - 2022

The fonds is organized in 2 series: PROFESSIONAL LIFE and PRIVATE LIFE.

The PROFESSIONAL LIFE series is comprised of 8 sub-series. The CORRESPONDENCE sub-series consists of letters, postcards and greeting cards from peers (artists, writers, professors, humanists, publishers) of Beissel including Angelika Arend, Werner Berchem, Werner Berg, Per Brask, Ronnie Brown, Anthony Cassils, Patrick Drysdale, Leo Enright, Heide Fruth-Sachs, Keith Garebian, Gary Geddes, Albert-Reiner Glaap, Amanda Hale, Jack Herbert, Jürgen Jankofsky, Anne Kulling, Renée Makino, Helmut Markus, Rob McLennan, Najwa Nasr, Anja Oppermann, Bruno Petrenko, Andrew Proctor, Uta Regoli, Walter Riedell, Gillian Rimington, Gerd Rohmann, Fruma Rothberg Sanders, Desmond Scott, John Smith, Richard Thain, Axel Vieregg and Norman Yates, to name a few. There is also an extended correspondence with Edward Lacey, Walter Bauer and Wolfgang Bottenberg.

The WRITINGS sub-series includes notebooks, manuscript and some correspondence related to Beissel's works in poetry (What If Zen Gardens, Season of Blood suite, Cantos North, The Dragon and the Pearl, Feel with your Eyes, etc.) and theatre (Inuk in the Sun, Under Coyote's Eye, For Crying Out Loud, Goya, The Noose and Improvisations for Mr. X., etc.) mostly but also essays (On the High Wires of the Imagination, Recovering the Child Inside or How to Write for Sarah and Jason, The Second Humanist Revolution: Eco-Humanism, Epic in Transition: A Challenge to the Contemporary Poet, etc.) and prose (The Sniper, As Flies to Wanton Boys, etc.). The sub-series also contains records related to the Irving Layton Festschrift published by Concordia that Beissel edited with Joy Bennett in the beginning of the 1990's.

The TRANSLATION sub-series includes notes and manuscripts of translations of works by Pablo Neruda, Tor Age Bringsvaerd, François Charron, Tankred Dorst, Shie Min, André Simard, Helmut Markus and Henrik Ibsen among others, but most notably Walter Bauer and Peter Huchel.

The CONFERENCES, TOURS AND RESEARCH TRIPS sub-series is comprised of correspondence, promotional material, speaking notes and travel reports related to Beissel's participation in many conferences, talks, festivals around the world including Peru, Kenya, China, Japan and Mexico but mostly in Canada and Germany where he often toured extensively. It also contains records one the Face-to-Face National Conference on Contemporary English-Canadian Theatre Beissel helped organize at Concordia University in 1975.

The TEACHING sub-series includes records related to Beissel's work at the University of the West Indies, the University of Alberta and the Munich University in Germany, but mostly at Concordia University as a full professor at the Department of English and as a coordinator of the Creative Writing Program he was instrumental in establishing and coordinating. The sub-series is comprised of correspondence, evaluations, some meeting minutes and course notes on modern European literature, Canadian literature and modern drama.

The COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT sub-series testifies of Beissel's involvement with different organizations and associations (the League of Canadian Poets, the Humanist Association of Ottawa, the Universities Faculty Committee for Peace in Vietnam, the Canadian Humanists Publications, the Book and Periodical Development Council, the Writers' Union of Canada, the International Theatre Institute, the Playwrights Guild of Canada and more) and his work as an editor of the magazines Humanist Perspectives and Edge. It is comprised mostly of correspondence but also includes some meeting agendas, minutes and notes.

The DISTINCTIONS sub-series is comprised of records related to the prizes and awards Beissel either won or was nominated for, including a Literary Award in Honour of Walter Bauer, an Ottawa Book Award and a Concordia University Alumni Associations Honorary Life Membership.

The MEDIA COVERAGE sub-series includes miscellaneous press clippings, reviews of Beissel's prose, poetry and plays as well as promotional material related to his publications, correspondence with poetry magazines as well as an extensive interview with Per Brask.

The PRIVATE LIFE series is comprised of 3 sub-series. The EDUCATION sub-series includes records related to Beissel's studies at University of Toronto: course notes, correspondence and syllabi of the courses he attended to. The sub-series also includes earlier course notes and writings [ca.1943-1950].

The JOURNALS sub-series includes the many diaries Beissel held between 1941 and 2015, including travel diaries written in Cuba, Kenya, Japan, England and China and a German war camp journal.

The CORRESPONDENCE sub-series consists of letters, greeting cards and postcards from friends and family members, including Beissel's parents and his daughters.

Beissel, Henry

Dan McLeod

Poetry Reading Series - Gerry Gilbert introduces Dan McLeod at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

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