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C025 · Collection · 1916 ; 1934-2010

The collection documents the life, work, and interests of Alfie Roberts and Patricia Cambridge. It includes documentation about their post-secondary studies, their work experience in different companies and organizations, their contribution to the black community and their affiliation with various community organizations such as the St. Vincent and Grenadines Association of Montreal, the Emancipation 150 Committee, the Black Community Council of Quebec and the Project Genesis. The collection provides information about several Black community organizations in Montreal, the rest of Canada and North America, including promotional material of events, which provide an overview of the cultural activities held between the 60s and 90s. In addition, the collection contains numerous publications such as periodicals, booklets and books that were part of Roberts and Cambridge’s personal library and the Alfie Roberts Institute. Some of the periodicals found in the collection include issues of The Vincentian, Afro-Can, Gramma, Uhuru, Caribbean Contact, The Afro Canadian, The Militant, The Struggle, Outlet, Focus Umoja, Justice, Freedom, The Crusader, Nam Speaks, Speak Out, Day Clean, Forum, and New Beginning, among others publications. The collection covers topics that are related but not limited to Black history, imperialism, slavery, racism, liberation, colonialism, Marxism, communism, socialism, housing and segregation, urban planning, labour, history of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

The Alfie Roberts and Patricia Cambridge Collection is divided into four series:
C025/A Personal Records
C025/B Community relations
C025/C Library and Research Documentation
C025/D Biographies

The collection contains correspondence, handwritten notes, assignments, essays written by Alfie Roberts and Patricia Cambridge, reference and research documentation, books, periodicals, newspaper clippings, booklets, speech transcripts, flyers, drawings, conference documents, posters, objects, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, newsletters, bulletins, meeting minutes, agendas, photographs, maps, sound recordings, and objects.

Roberts, Alfie
Martin Duckworth fonds
P0290 · Fonds · 1975 - 2017

The fonds consists of records pertaining to Duckworth's professional life as a movie director and cinematographer.

The PRODUCTIONS sub-series contains records related to development of movies he worked on such as 'Peacemaker at War', 'Dear Santa', 'Oliver Jones in Africa' and 'Chaos in our Soul', among others. Contracts, proposals, correspondence, notes, research and reference documentation, photos and some media coverage are comprised in these files.

The TEACHING sub-series includes correspondence, course outlines, class lists, teaching and student evaluations, a sample of student works and some notes.

Duckworth, Martin
I0002 · Fonds · 1963 - 2001

The fonds documents the Public Relations efforts to establish effective communication services for the first 27 years of Concordia. It mainly consists of documentation on academic, social and cultural events (e.g. convocations, lectures, award ceremonies) and on various administrative and academic matters. The fonds also includes some records from the Sir George Williams University Information Office.

The fonds mainly includes press releases, information bulletins, media coverage records, information files on University people and events; correspondence, addresses and speeches, promotional materials, and general administrative records. It also includes some sound recordings and moving images as well as a large amount of photographs.

The fonds is organized into the following series:

I002/4120 Governing Bodies Committees
I002/4130 Organizational Charts and Mandates
I002/4210 University Policies and Procedures
I002/5110 Planning
I002/5112 Reports, Studies and Analysis
I002/5113 Statistics
I002/5160 University Events
I002/5160A Conference, Seminars and Lectures
I002/5160B Convocations
I002/5160C Homecoming
I002/5160D Memorial Golf Tournaments
I002/5160E Scholarships, Awards and Prizes
I002/5160F Shuffles
I002/5160G Special Events
I002/5170 External Relations
I002/5171 Conference and Seminars External
I002/5410 Internal News and Announcements
I002/5420 Media Relations
I002/5430 Media Coverage
I002/5450 Concordia University Publications
I002/6430 Pension Plans
I002/7110 Funding and Investments
I002/7210 Official Budgets
I002/8110 Space Management
I002/9211 Historical Evolution
I002/9211A Buildings and Properties
I002/9211B Concordia History
I002/9211C Correspondence
I002/9211D People
I002/9211E Student Life
I002/9211F Units and Programs
I002/9211G Various topics
I002/9211H Audio visual documents
I002/9211I Photographs
I002/9500 Sport Activities

Concordia University. Public Relations Department
Orson Shorey Wheeler fonds
P0067 · Fonds · 1949-1987, predominant 1961-1967

The fonds provides information on the teaching activities of Orson Shorey Wheeler and his work as sculptor. The fonds consists of clippings, term papers and exams, architectural sketches, invitations, correspondence, library addition listings, photographs, and minutes.

Wheeler, Orson Shorey
Philip Szporer fonds
P0289 · Fonds · 1980 - 2022

The fonds provides information on Philip Szporer's career as a part-time instructor at Concordia University but also as a filmmaker and a journalist.

The PROFESSIONAL LIFE series includes material related to Stress, the Official Journal of the International Institute of Stress and its Affiliates Szporer edited in the beginning of the 1980's, some of films he directed as well as conferences and festivals he attended or actively took part in.

The DISTINCTIONS sub-series is comprised of records related to the Jacqueline Lemieux Prize and the Distinguished Teaching Award he received in 2010 and 2016, respectively.

The TEACHING sub-series contains course outlines, records related to the CUPFA grants Szporer received throughout the years, some correspondence, a working copy of the Concordia University Contemporary Dance Department Assessment Report he produced in 2001 as well as some course materials, including slides on the history of modern dance as well as the works of dancers: Doris Humphrey, Isadora Duncan, Loie Fuller, Maud Allen, Martha Graham, Ruth St. Denis, and Twyla Tharp among others.

The WRITINGS sub-series includes articles Szporer wrote for Dance Connection, Dance Journal USA, Cinema Canada as well as Concordia's Thursday Report.

The PERSONAL LIFE series contains a case study on the distribution of 'Not a Love Story' submitted to the department of Communication Studies in 1981 while Szporer was completing his graduate studies at Concordia University.

Szporer, Philip
P0073 · Fonds · 1968-1975

The fonds provides information on student life in the period covered.

The fonds consists of reports, publications, a scrapbook, and a national interfraternity award certificate.

Loyola College. Loyola Students' Association
C052 · Collection · 1936 - 1950

The Eveline Mason Letters Collection documents Eveline’s life before, during, and after the Second World War as she moved between Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The letters describe her experience of moving alone to Scotland at a young age, and her plans of pursuing a university degree at Glasgow University, where she met Alexander Cairncross. The contents of the letters also tell of Eveline’s passage back to Canada at the start of the war, her struggles obtaining employment, finding her place in the workforce as a stenographer, her experience and thoughts of living and working in the United States during the war, and finally her return to the United Kingdom.

The collection includes 102 handwritten and typed letters.

Mason, Eveline
I0100 · Fonds · 1979 - 2015

The fonds provides information on the activities and management of the School.

The fonds includes files related to academic conferences, classes, correspondence, external relations, events, promotion of the School, student publications and various meetings.

The fonds is organized in the following series:

1131 Curriculum Development Files
1140 Academic Program Management
1313 Course Outlines
1410 Recruitment - Academic Appointments
1421 FT Faculties - Academic Dossier
1441 Fellowship Competitions
2460 Student Associations - Constitutions
3210 Research Chairs
3220 Research Co-operation
5100 Departmental Management
5111 Meetings of Units
5112 Reports, Studies & Analyses
5160 University Events
5170 External Relations
5430 Media Coverage
5440 Websites
5461 Promotional Material
9110 Fundraising Campaigns & Projects
9120 Donor Files

Concordia University. School of Community and Public Affairs
Item · November 19, 2016
Part of Department of Recreation and Athletics fonds

The Concordia Stingers 2016-2017 Men's Rugby roster: Brett Ablenas, Jonathan Banks, Philippe Bibeau Remedi, Craig Bowler, James Cross, Charles Debove, Eliott Goussanou, Vincent Jalbert-Murray, Nicolas Krawczyk, Andreas Krawczyk, Michael Laplaine-Pereira, Jérome Lévesque, Dylan MacDonald, Julien Mac Kay Cantin, Mathew Mariani, Jackson Marquardt, Nicholas Matte, Waleed Mohammed, Neil Nandlall, Alexander Ness, Zacharie Pelletier, Daniel Pelletier-Ragguette, Conner Rose, Nicholas Smith, Ryan Townes, Philippe Turgeon, Johnathan Vatcher-Alaei, Moritz Wittmann, François Yaccarini, Francisco Yarur Villanueva.

RMA-2024-16 · Accession · 1952-195-
Part of Concordia University Alumni Archives Collection

These records document the academic career of Kenneth John Arthur at Sir George Williams College.

It contains textual records, graphic material and objects dating from 1952 to 1956. These includes student transcripts of Credit, correspondence from Sir George Williams College, the Charles E. Frosst medal awarded in 1956 as well as a patch of the Frosst medal crest.

Arthur, Kenneth John
Clarence S. Bayne fonds
P0083 · Fonds · ca. 1943-2022

The fonds provides information on Clarence S. Bayne’s professional life as a teacher at Sir George Williams University and Concordia University, an administrator in the department of Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems as well as in the DIA/DSA program, a researcher in the field of community development, a lecturer in many conferences and colloquiums around the world, a published author, poet, activist and important member of the Black English-speaking community of Montreal. The fonds also provides some information on his personal life.

The TEACHING subseries is comprised of records related to Bayne’s work as a teacher of quantitative methods, forecasting, economics and management. It includes course materials, course outlines, coursepacks (textbooks), lecture notes, course evaluations, notebooks, some statistics and a sample of student assignments from class such as ‘Business Forecasting’, ‘Quantitative Methods in Managerial Economics’, 'Managerial Economics for Sport and Leisure’, ‘Marketing the Arts’ and ‘Quantitative Techniques Applied to Economics of Nonprofit Organizations’ to name a few.

The ADMINISTRATION subseries contains records (minutes of meetings, correspondence, notes) related to Bayne’s role as an administrator of the Diploma in Administration and Sport Administration (DIA/DSA) , the Cree-Concordia University Training Program and the Entrepreneurship Institute for the Development of Minority Communities (EIDMC), as well as his work on different committees and task forces at Concordia University most notably the Task Force on Multiculturalism (ca. 1990-1999), the Concordia Council on First Nations Education and the Council of the School of Graduate Studies.

The CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, TALKS subseries includes presentation notes, conference programs, promotional material and some press clippings related to Bayne’s participation to difference conferences and colloquiums: the Canadian Association of Administrative Sciences (CAAS) 1976 Conference at Université Laval, the Northeast AIDS Meeting in Bostin in April 1981, the International Caribbean Carnival Association (ICCA) Conference in Boston in 1994, the Multiple Lenses, Voices from the Diaspora Conference at Dalhousie University in October 2005, the 8th International Conference of the International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) in Barcelona in 2008 and the Informing Science + It Conference held in Tampa in 2015, to only name a few.

The WRITINGS subseries is comprised of manuscripts, correspondence and notes related to the articles and papers Bayne has published in different academic publications as well as his literary works in essays, theatre and poetry as early as the end of the 1950s.

The RESEARCH AND REFERENCE DOCUMENTATION subseries includes miscellaneous copies of articles, papers, press clippings and some notes on subjects such as management of non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurship, health and sports economics, oil economics in Trinidad and Tobago and ethnical minorities in Montreal, among others. It also includes records related to the management of the Institute for Community Entrepreneurship and Development (ICED): reports, some correspondence and meeting minutes.

The COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT subseries testifies of Bayne’s active involvement in other organizations outside of Concordia University. It includes minutes of meetings, correspondence and some reference documentation (reports, statistics, etc.) related to his role with most notably the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) of Montreal and the Centre-West Community Health Corporation, the Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC), the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), the Comité aviseur sur les relations interculturelles de Montréal (CARIM), the Conseil des arts de la Communauté urbaine de Montréal (CACUM), the Foundation for Minority Arts and Culture (FMAC), the Protestant School Board of Montreal and the Quebec Board of Black Educators Inc. (QBBE).

The DISTINCTIONS subseries is comprised of records related to the distinctions Bayne has received throughout his career: the Achievement in Education Award from the Quebec Board of Black Educators Inc., he Community Builder Award from the House of Commons and the 30, 35 and 40 years Long Service Awards from Concordia University.

The PROFESSIONAL LIFE series also includes curriculum vitae, agendas and notebooks as well as some media coverage (press clippings, copies of articles) on Bayne, as well as photographs of his Promotion to professor party as well as some convocation photos.

The PERSONAL LIFE series is comprised of records related to Bayne’s EDUCATION: course notes, diplomas and some correspondence related to his studies at the Sir George Williams High School, the University of British Columbia and most notably McGill University where he completed his graduate studies. The series also includes records related to Bayne’s immigration to Canada as well as photographs of family and friends, including those of Norma Smith's costumes worn at different carnivals in Montreal as well as slides of different travels in the United States and Canada, including those of a visit to Expo 67 ‘Man and His World’ in Montreal.

Bayne, Clarence S.
John O'Neill Gallery fonds
P0136 · Fonds · 1913-1919

The fonds provides information on sports at Loyola College and McGill University, real-estate transactions in Montreal, and Canadian history.

The fonds consists of a scrapbook of press clippings documenting student sports activities at Loyola College; the clippings were gathered by John O'Neill Gallery while he was a student. Also included are early 20th-century legal documents, primarily related to real estate transactions conducted by the O'Neill / Gallery families; nine late 19th- / early 20th-century books on Montreal and Canadian history; a 1904 book entitled Irish Literature, and a photograph of the 1919 McGill University rugby team .

Gallery, John O'Neill
P135-11-006 · Item · 2003-12-16
Part of Meilan Lam fonds

June 1998 working interview with Bernice Jordan Whims by Meilan Lam, for the making of the film Show Girls (National Film Board).

Lam, Meilan
C039 · Collection · [194-]-[199-]

The Velma Weeks Barker collection contains materials related to the life and contributions of Velma Weeks Barker.

This collection contains photographs and textual records. The personal photographs that comprise the collection show Weeks Barker and her family and include photographs taken in Little Burgundy and inside community spaces, including Union United Church. Many of the images were also taken in family spaces. The textual records include newspaper clippings referring to activities occurring at the Negro Community Centre and the Negro Theater Guild. This collection also contains materials related to her husband, Darnley Cecil Barker, including information about his participation in the Canadian Army and his immigration from Barbados to Canada to serve.

The Velma Weeks Barker collection includes the following items:

  • 35 photographs
  • 1 honorary degree certificate (Concordia University)
  • 1 marriage certificate (Union United Church)
  • 6 newspaper clippings
  • 1 letter

It also includes the following material, which belonged to her husband Darnley Cecil Barker:

  • 1 army discharge certificate
  • 3 soldier's pay book
  • 1 certificate of Canadian citizenship
  • 1 tradesman qualifications certificate
  • 1 discharge certificate from the Canadian Army
Weeks Barker, Velma
F045 · Fonds · 1992-2021

The Black Community Resource Centre fonds (BCRC) provides information about the administration, finances, projects, services, and activities of the BCRC from its founding in 1992 to 2021. The fonds also includes extensive documentation on several partnerships between the BCRC and other organizations with whom they partnered on a variety of programs and workshops.

The Black Community Resource Centre fonds consists mostly of textual records that detail the administrative process of the organization and the daily activities of the BCRC. The fonds contains partnership agreements, meeting minutes, agendas, bulletins, newsletters, correspondence, annual reports, financial records, project evaluations, presentation slides, and job descriptions, among other administrative documents. In addition, the fonds includes photographs, posters, and promotional materials for several events and programs offered by the BCRC and other organizations, including but not limited to the School Readiness Program, Volunteer Bureau, House of King and Queens, and A Taste of the Caribbean festival. It also contains research documentation and other materials preserved by the BCRC for use in their resource centre.

The Black Community Resource Center fonds is divided into 4 series:

  • F045/A Administration
  • F045/B Financial Records
  • F045/C Projects, Events and Partnerships
  • F045/D Reference Documentation
Black Community Resource Centre
Lorna Roth fonds
P0207 · Fonds · 1970-2017, predominant 1993-1999

The fonds provides information on Lorna Roth’s research and teaching activities mainly between 1983 and 2012, especially on the First Nations media development in Canada.

The fonds includes, articles, manuscripts, course materials, and research materials composed of reports, memoranda, articles, and media coverage. There is for instance material related to her studies on the CBC Northern Service for the Royal Commission on Electoral Reform and Party Financing (1989-1991), and on the development of the First Peoples TV broadcasting in Northern Canada. There are also Roth’s articles and material relating to the 1995 Oka Crisis and a few Roth’s articles on colour skin balance (2000-2012).

Roth, Lorna