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Series is composed of photographic prints, negatives, and slides, of Irving Layton, Betty (Sutherland) Layton, Aviva (Cantor) Layton, and children Max Layton, Naomi Layton, and David Layton.


Material consists of photographs of Irving Layton at book signings, at Wynne Francis’ home, and of Layton on vacation near the Dead Sea and in France.


Material consists of correspondence between Francis and various individuals from whom she sought information about Layton for her biography, correspondence to the publisher McClelland and Stewart Limited, correspondence from Jonathan Williams at Jargon Press, correspondence concerning the content and structure of the biography, correspondence between Layton and Francis which includes postcards, and letters between Francis and Anna Pottier.

Écrits et publications

La série porte sur les écrits et publications de Lucien Desmarais. Elle témoigne des contributions de Lucien Desmarais à des ouvrages de différents auteurs. Elle comprend des notes, des manuscrits et des épreuves de préfaces, les publications elles-mêmes, ainsi que quelques articles qu’il a rédigés pour des revues. Elle comprend aussi des coupures de presse, des revues de presse et de la correspondance.

Research Material

Material consists of photocopied correspondence between Irving Layton and various individuals with Francis’ research notes attached or written on the copies. Also included are planning diagrams for Francis’ research, notes concering Layton’s political views, an annotated transcript of an interview between Irving Layton and Mervin Butovsky, and notes on various chapter drafts.


The series provides information on the financing of the University through Quebec provincial government grants, fund-raising, and gifts as well as donations for the Henry F. Hall Building, the Student Loan Fund, and other special projects. It includes records on financial planning and correspondence. The series is divided into the following sub-series:

I010/10A Government of Quebec
I010/10B Fund-raising.

Ars Classica Gallery

This series is about the activities of the Ars Classica gallery, located in Montreal and operating in the 50’ and 60’. It contains textual records mainly about the exhibitions organized by Ars Classica, or to which it contributed.

Diniacopoulos, Vincent


La série témoigne des activités d’accessoiriste et d’assistant décorateur de Lucien Desmarais au cours des années 1950, de son intérêt pour le théâtre et de sa participation comme figurant dans le film Tit-Coq ainsi qu’au tournage de films de long métrage de l’Office national du film du Canada (ONF).

La série contient des notes, le script annoté de Tit-Coq, celui d’un épisode de Sol et Gobelet, de L’Esprit du mal, de Coeur de maman, de Noël sur la place. On y retrouve aussi des programmes de pièces de théâtre, des lettres, des coupures de presse, ainsi que des photographies de tournages, de Gratien Gélinas, Monique Miller et Rosanna Seaborn.


The series provides information on various theatre productions such as HIgh Tor, Coriolanus and Murder in the Cathedral. It consists of photographs.


Series contains newspaper articles about Irving Layton from international and national newspapers, including the Gazette, the Toronto Star, the Georgian, the Telegram, and the Poetry Canada Review.


La série témoigne de la vie et de la carrière professionnelle de Lucien Desmarais.

La série contient des curriculum vitae, des extraits de naissance de Lucien Desmarais, des coupures de presse ainsi que des publications à caractère biographique.


The series provides information on Loyola College internal committees. The series contains correspondence, meeting notices and agendas, minutes, reports, membership lists, terms or reference, by-laws, curricula vitae, statistics, research grant lists, programs of activities, draft constitutions, financial statements, pamphlets, and clippings.

Notebooks and journals

The series contains notebooks and journals written by Irving Layton and includes sketches of several of Layton’s poems and journal entries about the author’s day and trips.


The series includes records on Loyola's involvement with commissions of the federal and provincial governments and other organizations, including the Bladen Commission on the Financing of Higher Education, the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, the Royal Commission on Education (the Parent Commission), the Jesuit Commission for Higher Studies, the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, the Commission to Study the Rationalisation of University Research, and the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Constitutional Problems (the Tremblay Commission).

The series contains correspondence, statistical and other reports, proposals, submissions, terms of reference, agendas, minutes, and publicity items.


The series provides an insight into Ann Charney's personal and professional lives. The series contains materials documenting Ann Charney’s personal life, as well as that of the people around her, and contains correspondence sent to her by various family members and friends, including Melvin Charney and fellow artists like Morty Schiff, Joyce Ravid, Alison Strayer, Susan Kealey, Moyra Davey, Joan Micklin Silver, Geraldine Sherman, Elizabeth Spencer, Lionel Tiger, Christina McCall, George Szanto, and others. The series also illustrates Ann Charney’s professional life, by the means of correspondence with various literary agents, publishers and editors, the UNEQ (Union des écrivaines et écrivains Québécois), as well as granting agencies.

The series contains letters, mostly handwritten, postcards, photographs, and newspaper clippings.

Awards and certificates

Series contains awards, plaques and certificates awarded to René Balcer. Material consists of Emmy Award certificates, transcripts for high school, college, and university, from the Quebec Department of Education, music certificates and grades, and a certificate of promotion.


The series provides information on student life, university planning and development, publicity, personnel, and numerous other matters. It includes records of internal committees, subcommittees, advisory committees, search committees, task forces, the Board of Governors, and the Senate. The series contains correspondence, reports, membership lists, a code of conduct, a copy of the University charter, and records related to bylaws and amendments, appointments, resignations, and election to and attendance at committees.

The series includes a large number of files covering a wide range of activity. A detailed list of file titles is given in the box contents listing included as an appendix to this finding aid. The committee files are grouped as follows: General, Board of Governors, Financial Aid to Students, Planning and Priorities, Publicity and Identity, Search Committees, Senate, Space and Buildings, University Committee on Development, and University Council on Student Life.


Series contains records related to Dora Pleet fonds. Series contains photocopies of various poems by Irving Layton, including The Incarnation, The bull calf, Cain, After Auschwitz, The Burning Bush, Post-Auschwitz Jew, The Black Huntsman, Song for Naomi, Love Letters, Rhine Boat Trip, and Catacombe dei Cappucini.


Series consists of 2 photographs of Christopher Fry. The first is an undated reproduction of a photograph by Tom L. Blau which appeared in the biography Christopher Fry by Derek Stanford, first published in 1954. The second is a black and white portrait of the playwright (photographer unknown).


The series contains records related to Loyola College's operating and capital budgets and its operating expenses. The College's development program during this period of rapid expansion is fully documented. Fundraising, mortgages, and investments are documented, as are student and staff loans, other aid to higher education, and student associations' budgets.
The series contains correspondence, budget projections, financial statements, auditors' and other reports, capital expenditure request forms, accounts, invoices, cheque requisitions, pamphlets, charts of accounts, balance sheets, lists of assets, contracts, and other records.


Series contains records relating to the Dora Pleet fonds. Material consists mainly of newspaper clippings that include reviews of Layton’s works, comments and criticisms regarding Layton’s style as a poet, and editorials by Layton addressing criticism of his life and work. Many clippings concern the biography <i>Irving Layton, a portrait</i> by Elspeth Cameron (1985), as well as Layton’s criticism of the publication and its author. Newspapers include the <i>Montreal Gazette</i>, the <i>Montreal Star</i>, the <i>Toronto Star</i>, <i>The Herald</i>, the <i>Globe and Mail</i>, <i>McGill Daily</i>, <i>The Suburban</i>, <i>The Canadian Jewish News</i>, and the <i>Thursday Report</i> (Concordia University). Also included are photocopies of excerpts from books and periodicals.

Publicity and ephemera

Series consists of pamphlets and ephemera collected by Derek Stanford for productions of Christopher Fry’s plays, including Peer Gynt, A Yard of Sun, and A Sleep of Prisoners. Also includes pamphlets and a tabloid for the Nottingham Festival (1970).

Staff - Teaching

Series consists of records from the following bodies and groups:

  • Full-Time Faculty, Deans, Collegial instructors,
  • Sir George Williams Association of University Teachers.

Series contains reports, listings and invitation.


The series includes CVs, autobiographical sketches and a student paper entitled "Anne Savage: A Feminist Biography".


The series provides information on insurance plans for employees of the Y.M.C.A. in 1956-1957, and a 1966 proposal for insurance for the Henry F. Hall Building. It contains correspondence and notes.

Poetry and publications

Series contains a typescript of Irving Layton’s “The Red Moujhik,” and offprints of the poet’s “A Tall Man Executes a Jog” (1958), “Cain” (1961), and “On the Assassination of President Kennedy” (1964). Appended to “The Red Moujhik” is a letter signed by Irving Layton. Series also contains a catalogue based on exhibition of Irving Layton’s books, a list of the poet’s rare and out-of-print books, and a transcript of a rare recording of the short story “The World We Live In” by Irving Layton that aired on CBC’s “Wednesday Night Short Stores” on August 24, 1960. Series also contains rare first editions, limited editions, and presentation copies of Irving Layton’s books. Books include The Bull Calf and Other Poems (1956), Improved Binoculars (1956), A laughter in the Mind (1958), The Swinging Flesh (1961), Love Where the Nights are Long (1962), The Laughing Rooster (1964), Periods of the Moon (1967), The Shattered Plinths (1968), The Whole Bloody Bird (1969), Nail Polish (1971), Lovers and Lesser Men (1973), Seventy-five Greek Poems (1974), The Pole Vaulter (1974), For My Brother Jesus (1976), The Covenant (1977), Treici Poesie e Sette Disegni (1978), Waiting for the Messiah (1985), Anvil Blood (1973), and New Holes in the Wall (1973). Series also contains a phonographic record of Irving Layton reading his poetry at Le Hibou in 1963.

Budget control and accounting

The series provides information on the spending of money by S.G.W. It contains records on revised budgets for departments and offices (1962-1967), and on financial separation from the Y.M.C.A. (1967). It includes financial statements for the periods 1957-1958 and 1962-1967, budget control reports for 1966-1968, and the Treasurer's report for 1968.

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