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National Council of YMCAs of Canada

The sub-series documents the Montreal YMCA's relationships with the National Council and the Montreal YMCA's participation in national conventions and conferences.

Records in the sub-series include correspondence, conference proceedings, annual and other reports, architectural drawings, photographs, maps, and other materials.The materials are arranged in the following sub-sub-series:

P145/14D01 - Constitutive documents.
P145/14D02 - Histories.
P145/14D03 - Annual Reports.
P145/14D04 - Correspondence, reports.
P145/14D05 - Meetings of Council, Board, Executive Committee, staff.
P145/14D06 - Committee meetings, reports.
P145/14D07 - Annual, Special General Meetings.
P145/14D08 - National conferences, conventions.
P145/14D09 - Policy, planning, surveys.
P145/14D10 - Program support.
P145/14D11 - Military Work.
P145/14D11e - Post-World War II.
P145/14D12 - Geneva Park: Couchiching national centre.
P145/14D13 - Camp Canada.
P145/14D14 - Human resources administration.
P145/14D15 - Financial administration.
P145/14D16 - Communications, public relations.
P145/14D17 - Directories, rosters.

Organization charts, directories

The sub-series consists of documents prepared for internal circulation, including organization charts, rosters and directories of staff, board and committee members, and internal telephone directories.

Organizational review

The sub-series documents the Montreal YMCA's reflection on and evaluation of the effectiveness of its structure for fulfilling its mission.

It includes reports, studies by organizational review committees and other individuals and groups, and related minutes and correspondence.

Personal business correspondents

The sub-series contains 8 folders, chronologically arranged, of correspondence received by Herb Johnson. The documents reflect his interests, his personal and family affairs, his music business, and his involvement in musicians' union affairs.

Photo albums

The subseries documents events held at La Centrale from 1975 to 1999. In addition, it provides information about various Canadian women artists working around 1980.

In addition to slides and prints, the series also includes other graphic material, including posters and invitation cards. It also includes textual material, such as the exhibition catalog for ArtFemme ’75, promotional materials, press clippings, and CVs.

Photographic materials

Subseries contains photographic materials documenting Windows: From the Inside Out: Painting, Photography, Ceramic and Sculpture. This series is composed of slides of the exhibition taken by Margaret Griffin documenting the artworks and their placement in the Gallery.


The sub-series contains photographs related to Herb Johnson's career and family. Included are various bands and combos in which he played and some which he led, including Gurley Brothers Orchestra, Roseland Orchestra, Herb Johnson and his Orchestra, Jimmy Jones Band, Marlboro (Connecticut) Jazz Quartet, and the Earl Howard Orchestra. Featured also are such nightclubs as the Café St. Michel, Club Belmar, and the Chinese Paradise Grill. The sub-series includes autographed photographs of performers and personal photographs of Herb Johnson's family and friends. There are photographs of the Seniors Musicians Orchestra at various sites.


Subseries contains photographs used by John Gilmore for research purposes. Many of them were published in Swinging in Paradise: The Story of Jazz in Montreal and Who's Who of Jazz in Montreal: Ragtime to 1970.

Physical facilities

The sub-series gives information on the rental and management of gallery spaces.

The sub-series includes leases, insurance contracts, installation plans, and legal notices.


This sub-series documents planning and development of the Black Theatre Workshop (BTW). It also provides insight into the search of a permanent location for the BTW in the 1980s, and the proposal for the establishment of a festival honoring Martin Luther King.

This sub-series contains, among other documents, 3-year-plans, action plans, newspaper articles, a proposal, and correspondence.

Planning, surveys

The materials in the sub-series document the Association's surveys and planning, and witness to the demographic evolution of Greater Montreal.

The sub-series consists of reports; studies; agendas, minutes and other committee documents; speeches and articles; correspondence; questionnaires and sets of completed questionnaires; architectural prospectuses, brochures, illustrations, and sketches; surveyors' reports; construction specifications; and maps, charts, and photographs. The sub-series is arranged as follows:

P145/05E01 - 1925 Montreal YMCA Population Study.
P145/05E02 - 1946 Hugg Study.
P145/05E03 - 1949-1952 Branch Study.
P145/05E04 - Guide Lines to the Sixties.
P145/05E05 - 1964-1969 Planning and Development.
P145/05E06 - 1969-1970 Planning Process.
P145/05E07 - 1971 Planning Process Mobilization.
P145/05E08 - Development Plan for 1980-1985.
P145/05E09 - 1984-1987 Strategic Plan.
P145/05E10 - 1986-1988 Strategic Planning Review.
P145/05E11 - 1990s surveys.
P145/05E12 - Small surveys and planning exercises
P145/05E13 - Proposals for unrealized branches, facilities.
P145/05E14 - Source materials.


The sub-series documents Peter Madden’s work as a playwright.

The sub-series includes Peter Madden’s theatre plays, screenplays as well as radio dramas. It contains drafts and final versions, photographs, newspaper clippings, ephemera and an audio reel.


The sub-series documents Peter Madden’s work as a poet.

The sub-series contains drafts and final versions of poems as well as some paintings used as illustrations.

Pointe St-Charles

The sub-series documents the development, facilities, and activities of the Pointe St-Charles Branch YMCA. It includes correspondence, reports, and other documents.

Policies, procedures

The sub-series documents YMCA policy related to issues that span the whole Association. It also documents YMCA policies regarding matters in the environment in which it operates and on specific issues. The sub-series is arranged in sub-sub-series as follows:

P145/05D01 - Manuals.
P145/05D02 - Policies.
P145/05D03 - Language policy.


The sub-series consists of statements of University policies, the University Code and Procedures, and the Code of Conduct, as well as correspondence.

Privately recorded sound recordings

Included (according to the handwritten notes) are recordings of jazz radio programs, copies of recorded music, and recordings made of the Senior Musicians Orchestra in performance.

There appear, in addition, to be copies of recordings by performers such as the Glen Miller Band, Art Morrow, Thad Jones, Oliver Nelson, and others. Some tapes include comedy routines by Redd Foxx and others.

Some of the privately recorded audio reels and audio cassettes are accompanied by notes and lists that were made by Herb Johnson. Many of these are inserted in the sound recording enclosure, but others are stored in a file folder and it may be possible to relate these to specific recordings. Most of the notes include the date of creation of the reproduction and playing times, and some include the date of the original recording session.

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