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Archival description
Elizabeth Saccá fonds
P0137 · Fonds · 1984, 1995-2000

The fonds includes Dr. Saccá's Concordia University Board of Governors meeting files from February 1995 to April 2000. The files include annotated agendas, handwritten notes, minutes, meeting documents, and copies of notes regarding the meetings that were sent to Fine Arts Department faculty members. The fonds includes materials related to Dr. Saccá's activities as principal of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute and her participation in Concordia University's organizational review.

Saccá, Elizabeth
Eric Wesselow fonds
P201 · Fonds · [192-?]-1998

The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

Wesselow, Eric
Facilities Management fonds
I0135 · Fonds · 1913 - 2016

The fonds documents the activities of the Concordia University Facilities Management. This fonds primarily consists of records relating to building construction (including architectural plans), renovation projects, estate inventories, property files, and minutes of meetings.

Concordia University. Facilities Management
Financial Services fonds
I0132 · Fonds · 1974 - 2004

The fonds documents the financial management of Concordia University.

The fonds includes financial statements, general ledgers (on microfiches for some years) and account charts, control budget reports, some committee minutes (e.g. Budget and Audit committees) and general administrative records. There are also file copies of financial reports sent to the Quebec government such as the Rapport financier annuel, the Rapport périodique de dépenses d’investissement.

Concordia University. Financial Services
P0260 · Fonds · 1949-1953

The fonds provides information on student activities at Sir George between 1949 and 1953 such as freshman and graduation balls.

The fonds consists of photographs taken on various occasions.

Steinberg Friedman, Florence
Florence Yaffe fonds
P0120 · Fonds · 1958-1961

The fonds provides information on activities organised by the Sir George Williams Liberal Club and its guest speakers, such Lester B. Pearson, Leader of the Opposition, in 1958; Mr. Pearson would be prime minister of Canada from 1963 to 1968 and receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957.

The fonds consists of correspondence, clippings, photocopies of photographs on student life and the Liberal Club, a Sir George Williams College silk scarf, and a frosh button.

Yaffe, Florence
FOFA Gallery fonds
I0204 · Fonds · 2005 - 2019

The fonds documents the activites of the Concordia University FOFA Gallery. The fonds is organized in the following series:
5170 EXTERNAL RELATIONS (2013-2017)
5160 UNIVERSITY EVENTS (2006-2016)
5420 MEDIA RELATIONS ([200?])
5430 MEDIA COVERAGE (2007-2014)
5451 LEGAL DEPOSIT (2007)
9120 DONOR FILES (2015)

Concordia University. FOFA Gallery
François Brault fonds
P0110 · Fonds · 1961-1995

The fonds consists primarily of slides on liturgical art in Quebec. It includes slides on the production of films and books on art.

Brault, François
François-Marc Gagnon fonds
P0280 · Fonds · 1946-2019

The fonds is organized in 2 series: VIE PERSONNELLE and VIE PROFESSIONNELLE. The VIE PERSONNELLE series is comprised of records related to François-Marc Gagnon’s education at Collège Stanislas, Université de Paris, Université d’Ottawa and the Grand séminaire d’Ottawa. It also includes personal correspondence, photos and slides of his travels and his family and friends, journals and agendas and some drawings.

The VIE PROFESSIONNELLE series is comprised of 6 sub-series: the CONFÉRENCES, COLLOQUES ET EXPOSITIONS sub-series is comprised of records related to the many presentations and lectures Gagnon gave during his career in France, Israel and in the United States but mostly in Canada, on subjects as varied as modern American art, impressionist paintings, Mayan and archaic American art, visual perception, archeology, anthropology and philosophy but mostly Paul-Émile Borduas and the Refus global artists, the automatists, ancient art in Quebec and the representation of first nations in Canadian art.

The ENSEIGNEMENT sub-series includes course outlines and teaching material related to Gagnon’s teaching positions at Université de Montréal (1967-2000), McGill University (1999) and Concordia University (2000-2019). The ÉCRITS sub-series contains records related to the books Gagnon wrote or took part in as well as articles he wrote for Larousse, Muse, RACAR, Recherches amérindiennes du Québec, Espace and Études françaises to name a few. The DISTINCTIONS sub-series contains records related to the many prizes and awards Gagnon received: an honorary degree from Concordia University, the Prix d’excellence en enseignement and Professeur émérite of Université de Montréal, Prix Gérard-Morisset, Prix d’histoire du Gouverneur general and Officier de l’Ordre national du Québec among others. The CORRESPONDANCE sub-series testifies of the professional relations of Gagnon with different museums, cultural centres and institutions.

Finally, the RECHERCHE ET MATÉRIEL DE RÉFÉRENCE sub-series is comprised of photocopies of articles and books chapters, reading fiches and notes on different subjects related to Gagnon’s fields of expertise: iconography of first peoples, Mayan art and history, modern art and artists Paul-Émile Borduas, Ozias Leduc, Fernand Léger and Jacques Hurtubise to only name a few. The subseries also includes scrapbooks containing extensive correspondence on or about Jean Dubuffet.

Gagnon, François-Marc
Frank Barry fonds
P0273 · Fonds · 1930-2013

The fonds provides information on Frank Barry’s career as an art educator and an artist.

The fonds contains course materials, sketching books, drawings and photographs, dated between ca. 1950 and 2013.

Barry, Frank
Frank R. Chalk fonds
P0034 · Fonds · 1925 - 2008

The fonds provides information on Frank Chalk's career as a professor and an administrator at Sir George Williams and Concordia University, as well as a writer, researcher and expert on the questions of human rights and history of genocide.

The ADMINISTRATION sub-series includes records related to the role Chalk played in the Sir George Williams University and Concordia University, having been a member or in attendance of various committees: the Building Programme Co-ordinating Committee (BPCC), the Planning Committee of the Board of Governors or the Senate Library Committee, the Intra-University Committee, the Sir George Williams Association of University Teachers (SGWAUT) Council or the Sir George Williams Joint Committee on University Affairs (JCUA). The sub-series is also comprised of records related to the Perry Anderson case that lead to the Computer Centre protest of 1969 and its subsequent outcomes.

The TEACHING sub-series includes course outlines, teaching material, teaching evaluations, bibliographies, promotional material and correspondence related to the courses Chalk taught in the department of History and the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) (most notably The History and Sociology of Genocide course), his involvement with graduate students Edward Kissi and Bertha Kimambo and with the Summer Sessions in Sociology held at Sir George Williams University in the 1960's.

The CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, TALKS sub-series is comprised of presentations, promotional material, correspondence linked to the many conferences and colloquiums Chalk took part of or attended in Mexico, the United States and Canada, often in collaboration with fellow and frequent collaborator Kurt Jonassohn. The subseries also includes records related to a round table Chalk helped organized with African archivists at Sir George Williams University in 1974 and the Sixth Annual History in the Making Conference held at Concordia University in 2000 (Chalk gave the opening address).

The CORRESPONDENCE sub-series consists of letters and postcards from peers, most notably David Koff, Helen Fein, Michael Dobkowski, Norman Cohn, Jack Nusan Porter, Barbara Harff and William Taylor.

The WRITINGS sub-series includes press clippings, promotional material, reviews and texts written by Frank Chalk and Jonassohn such as 'A History of Genocide' or 'Genocide: an Historical Overview' published in the 1990's.

The MONTREAL INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND GENOCIDE STUDIES sub-series is comprised of records testifying of Chalk's involvement in the institute he co-founded with Jonassohn: an annual report, records related to the Academic Advisory board of the institute, budgets, the management of the David J. Azrieli Holocaust Collection or logistics behind the organization of workshops and seminars by guest lecturers such as Stefanie Beck, Rhoda E. Howard or Gérard Chaliand among others and the Occasional Paper series.

The RESEARCH AND REFERENCE DOCUMENTATION sub-series consists of copies of articles, press clippings and notes related to antisemitism, South Africa and Canada, Ethiopian Jews as well as the management of the African Collection of Sir George Williams University (including correspondence with the Kenyan National Archives).

The DISTINCTION sub-series includes some correspondence related to the Rector's Circle Chalk was welcomed in, in 1995.

The PRIVATE LIFE series includes two diaries ('date books') written by an unknown person in 1925 and 1927, as well as correspondence related to an issue Chalk had with Chrysler Canada Ltd. that reached the Canadian House of Commons as well as the US Senate in 1966.

Chalk, Frank R.
Franklyn Harvey collection
C028 · Collection · [19--] ; 1954-2009, predominant 1970-1988

The Franklyn Harvey collection contains books, periodicals, and other documents that composed the library of Franklyn Harvey. This material is indicative of Harvey's interest and involvement in the Caribbean left and serves as a catalogue documenting, among other topics, the Caribbean left; activism in the Caribbean; politics, economic growth, change, and renewal in the Caribbean; political economy; communism; socialism; nationalism; power; and poverty.

The Franklyn Harvey collection contains 275 textual documents, mostly in English, 4 optical discs, and 1 map.

Harvey, Franklyn
Fraser F. Fulton fonds
P0101 · Fonds · 1964-1971

The fonds provides information on university administration.

The fonds consists of correspondence, speeches, press clippings, and a booklet on the opening of the Henry F. Hall Building, as well as photographs of the Norris Building and the Hall Building.

Fulton, Fraser F.
Fred H. Knelman fonds
P0045 · Fonds · 1954-1983

The fonds provides information on science, technology, and society.

The fonds consists of correspondence, reports, and various texts from Fred Knelman's teaching career at Concordia University and from his activities as a speaker and writer.

Knelman, Fred H.
Fred Kerner fonds
P0069 · Fonds · 1939-1973

The fonds provides information on The Georgian and the Georgiantics during the late 1930s and 1940s, and the Alumni Association during the 1960s and 1970s.

The fonds consists of clippings, event programs, lists of participants, working rules, correspondence, and photographs of Georgiantics scenes and performers and of alumni events.

Kerner, Fred
Frederick Krantz fonds
P0044 · Fonds · 1981-1985

Frederick Krantz edited the book History from Below: Studies in Popular Protest and Popular Ideology in Honour of George Rudé.

The fonds consists of a copy of the book, manuscript copies of the articles contributed for the book, correspondence with contributors and the publisher, a list of contributors, and curricula vitae.

Krantz, Frederick
Gail Bourgeois fonds
P179 · Fonds · 1983-2002

The materials relate primarily to Gail Bourgeois’ work as curator of the exhibitions “amour-horreur”, taking place at La Centrale Gallery, Montreal, in 1999, and “Powerhouse: Who We Are Now”, at the McClure Gallery, Westmount, Quebec in 2001. The fonds also documents other implications of Gail Bourgeois at La Centrale.

The fond includes without limitations correspondence, submissions, newspaper clippings, publicity, photographs, and posters.

Bourgeois, Gail
Gail Valaskakis fonds
P0125 · Fonds · 1967

The fonds provides information on Gail Valaskakis' work at Loyola College.

The fonds consists of some correspondence (letter of thanks, letters of congratulations and other civilities) and invitations to university events.

Valaskakis, Gail
P0061 · Fonds · 1957-1987, predominant 1957-1968

The fonds provides information on the history of the Garnet Key Society of Concordia University and its founding institution Sir George Williams University.

The fonds consists of handbooks, minutes of meeting, correspondence, lists of nominations, and Garnet Key garments and objects.

Concordia University. Garnet Key Society
Gary Boyd fonds
P0249 · Fonds · 1968 - 2003

The fonds mainly provides information on Dr. Boyd’s research and teaching in Education. There are also some documents relating to the Centre for Instructional Technology at Sir George Williams University in the 1970s.

The fonds mostly includes correspondence, articles, lectures, reports, and course material.

Boyd, Gary
General Idea Collection
C048 · Collection · 1971-1996

The General Idea collection consists of a variety of works produced by General Ideal between 1971 and 1996.

The collection contains a complete run of FILE Megazine (1972-1989) and several rare multiples.

List of multiples in the collection:
• FILE Chart (Top 10) (1972)
• The Miss General Idea Pageant Programme (1971)
• Manipulating the Self [publication] (1971)
• The Getting into the Spirits Cocktail Book from the 1984 Miss General Idea Pavilion (1980).
• Artist and Models exhibition – 3 postcards (1977)
• Nazi Milk Cocktail Card [annotated by AA Bronson] (1980)
• A Poodle Creates a Portrait of General Idea as Three Pee Holes in the Snow (1981)
• Ghent Scarf (1984)
• Midelburg Tile (1985)
• Sigarbox (1985)
• Bondage (1987)
• 10 Crests: Down the Drink, Le Fin, Ouroboros, Phoenix with a P, Post Mortem, When Fur Flies, Eye of the Beholder, Lucre, Cartouche, Passion over Reason (1988-1991)
• Test Pattern: T.V. Dinner Plate (1988)
• Test Pattern: T.V. Dinner Plates from the Miss General Idea Pavilion Test Pattern Wallpaper [Offset publication with 4 perforated placemats] (1988)
• Test Pattern: T.V. Dinner Plates from the Miss General Idea Pavilion Test Pattern Wallpaper [Poster] (1988
• Test Pattern Wallpaper (1989)
• Mastercard and Trinitron pasta postcards (1989)
• AIDS (A Project of the Public Arts Fund Inc.) [offset on card] (1989)
• General Idea: The AIDS Project (1989)
• General Idea: The AIDS Project prints (1989)
• AIDS Ring (1993)
• Lucre Shopping Bag (1990)
• Yen Shopping Bag (1993)
• Placebo Pin (1991)
• Placebo Pin (1996)
•Magic Bullet (1992)
• General Idea’s Putti (1993)
• General Idea: Multiples - Catalogue Raisonné 1967-1993 (1993)
• XXX Voto (1995)

General Idea
George Rudé fonds
P0009 · Fonds · 1946 - 1989

The fonds mostly provides provides information on Rudé's professional life. The professional life series is divided in 5 main sub-series:


The material focuses primarily on the study of the crowd in history, European revolutions and protests, crime and punishment in Britain and Australia. The fonds consists of research notes, correspondence, course outlines, notes for presentations given at different conferences and seminars, manuscripts, press clippings of articles on Rudé or reviews of his many publications. It includes microfilmed documents from other archives and other reference documentation: photocopies of different articles and publications.

The fonds also contains some information about his private life.

Rudé, George
Gerald Clark fonds
P220 · Fonds · 1939-2001

The Gerald Clark fonds contains documents pertaining to the Gerald Cohen's professional life and documents current events occuring in the period that he was active as a newspaper correspondent.

The fonds is composed of research materials, notes, drafts of articles and books, clippings of articles, correspondence, and speeches, among other materials. It also includes recorded interviews with world figures.

Clark, Gerald
Gerry Hanson fonds
P0175 · Fonds · [194-]-1983

The Gerry Hanson fonds contains documentation pertaining to Montreal's music scene during the big-band era, and illustrates Gerry Hanson’s life as a musician.

The fonds consists of 12 photographs showcasing Montreal orchestras in which Hanson performed, including the Westernaires, the Blue Serenaders, the Alouette Band, and Paul Beauregard’s Orchestra. The performers depicted in these photographs are mostly identified. The fonds also includes photocopies of press clippings.

Hanson, Gerry
Gertrude Katz collection
C010 · Collection · 1956-2007, predominant 1956-1983

The collection consists of materials accumulated by Gertrude and Carl Katz related to Gertrude's friendship and working relationship with Irving Layton. The documents concern the life and work of Irving Layton.

The collection includes correspondence, poems, offprints and reprints, programs, photographs, clippings, financial documents, a transcript, a deed of sale, books and a phonographic record.

The collection is divided into six series:
C010/A. Correspondence
C010/B. Poetry and publications
C010/C. Promotional materials
C010/D. Photographs
C010/E. Clippings
C010/F. Financial documents

Katz, Gertrude
Gordie Fleming fonds
P178 · Fonds · [195-]-[197-]

The fonds consists mainly of recordings of radio broadcasts featuring musical performances by Gordie Fleming and his group. Most were broadcast on Radio-Canada and CBC on Lower Canada Swing, Saturday Set, Les joyeux troubadours, Jazz en liberté and Les fantaisistes.

Fleming, Gordie
P0022 · Fonds · 1970-1997

The fonds provides information on activities of the Graduate Students' Association and the support it has given to other associations and individuals at Concordia.

The fonds consists of minutes, funding requests, correspondence, financial records, activity reports, representative listings, and election documentation.

Concordia University. Graduate Students’ Association
Graeme Clyke fonds
F027 · Fonds · [19--] ; 1951-2014, predominantly [197-]-[198-]

The Graeme Clyke fonds consists of materials created and accumulated by Graeme Baxter Clyke related to the Negro Community Centre (NCC), Union United Church, Royal Arthur School, Little Burgundy, and Saint-Henri. Photographs showcase programs and activities offered at NCC, including dance and music lessons, arts and crafts, wood working, sports, summer camps, and games. They also depict NCC staff, including but not limited to Stanley Clyke, Emily Clyke, Lawrence Sitahal, Daisy Peterson Sweeney, Martha Griffiths, and Mrs. Palmas. Photographs also show the interior and exterior of the NCC, Union United Church, Royal Arthur School, and the Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.). They also depict many other buildings around Little Burgundy and Saint-Henri. Students and teachers at the NCC and Royal Arthur School appear throughout the photographs, as do members of the Union United Church. Textual records in the fonds consist of those documenting the administration of the NCC, including its programs, activities, and services, and the memorial service of Roy States.

The Graeme Clyke fonds is divided into 4 series:
• F027/A Negro Community Centre
• F027/B Union United Church
• F027/C Royal Arthur School
• F027/D Little Burgundy and Saint-Henri

Clyke, Graeme
Grant Family fonds
F010 · Fonds · 1796-1933

Fonds contains records relating to the Grant family’s everyday activities and occupations. The material includes bills, receipts, certificates, wills, policies, instructional documents, poetry, prescriptions, correspondence between friends and family in Ontario, Montreal, Scotland, and the United States, sermons, religious material, and records relating to the Victoria Toll Bar on Victoria Road.

The fonds has been divided into six series:
F010/A. Attestations, wills, and certificates
F010/B. Correspondence
F010/C. Financial records
F010/D. Instructional records
F010/E. Objects
F010/F. Victoria Toll Bar

Grant family