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RMA-2017-24 · Accession · 1965 - 2017
Part of Department of Communication Studies fonds

This transfer contains analog and digital administrative records from the Department of Communication Studies. The following RCRP categories are contained within this records transfer:

5111 Meetings of Units (1967-2008)
5160 University Events (1965-2000)
5430 Media Coverage (1967-2017)
5450 University Publications (1992-1993)
5461 Promotional Material (1969)
9130 Alumni Relations (2001)

Martin Duckworth fonds
P0290 · Fonds · 1975 - 2017

The fonds consists of records pertaining to Duckworth's professional life as a movie director and cinematographer.

The PRODUCTIONS sub-series contains records related to development of movies he worked on such as 'Peacemaker at War', 'Dear Santa', 'Oliver Jones in Africa' and 'Chaos in our Soul', among others. Contracts, proposals, correspondence, notes, research and reference documentation, photos and some media coverage are comprised in these files.

The TEACHING sub-series includes correspondence, course outlines, class lists, teaching and student evaluations, a sample of student works and some notes.

Duckworth, Martin
Departmental Management
I0185/5100 · Series · 1996-2006, 2012-2017
Part of University Communications Services fonds

The series consists of some management files of the Public Affairs and Government Relations department, mainly for the period 2002-2006. It includes reports, correspondence, and minutes. The series also consists of some digital records of moving images on Convocation ceremonies, 2012-2017.

The series is organized in the following sub-series:
I0185/5110 Administration Planning. - 2003-2005
I0185/5111 Meetings of Units. - 2002-2003
I0185/5112 Reports, Studies & Analysis. - 2001-2005
I0185/5160 University Events. - 2012-2017
I0185/5170 External Relations. - 1996-2004
I0185/5171 Conferences & Seminars - External. - 2002

I0104 · Fonds · 1965 - 2017

The fonds provides information on the activities and management of the department.

The fonds includes minutes of departmental meetings, budget and administrative files, brochures, and posters.

Concordia University. Department of Communication Studies
Granny Power (2014)
F038/A37 · Subseries · 2005-2017
Part of Magnus Isacsson fonds

Subseries provides information about the film Granny Power.

Subseries contains correspondence, research documents and notes, licensing agreements, fundraising documentation, flyers, brochures and programs of various film festivals, clippings, project summary, DVD jacket, photographs, mailing list, greeting cards and other documents.

RMA-2022-24 · Accession · 1979 - 2017
Part of Department of Finance fonds

This transfer contains digitized and born-digital administrative records from the Department of Finance. The following RCRP categories are contained within this records transfer:

1313 Course Outlines (1979-2014)
5111 Meetings of Units (2005-2017)

Documentary Projects
F038/A · Series · 1969 - 2017
Part of Magnus Isacsson fonds

Series provides documentation about the production and filmmaking process of Magnus Isacsson’s released and unreleased documentaries and audiovisual projects, from his first independent film Uranium (1990) to Granny Power (2014).

Series contains administrative and financial records, contracts, project proposals, scripts, interviews, promotional material, flyers, posters, leaflets, shooting tapes, masters betacams, copies of English and French versions of various films, audio mixes, DVDs, research material, clippings, newspapers, magazines, handwritten notes, communiqués, award and nomination certificates, invitation cards, press releases, brochures and press coverage.

Lorna Roth fonds
P0207 · Fonds · 1970-2017, predominant 1993-1999

The fonds provides information on Lorna Roth’s research and teaching activities mainly between 1983 and 2012, especially on the First Nations media development in Canada.

The fonds includes, articles, manuscripts, course materials, and research materials composed of reports, memoranda, articles, and media coverage. There is for instance material related to her studies on the CBC Northern Service for the Royal Commission on Electoral Reform and Party Financing (1989-1991), and on the development of the First Peoples TV broadcasting in Northern Canada. There are also Roth’s articles and material relating to the 1995 Oka Crisis and a few Roth’s articles on colour skin balance (2000-2012).

Roth, Lorna
Human Resources
F036/A5 · Subseries · 1982-2016
Part of articule fonds

The subseries provides information on the management of personnel at Articule from 1982 to 2016. It informs about different job positions, recruitment, and internships as well as working conditions at the gallery, but also about staff members themselves.

The subseries contains a notice of assessment, a greeting card, salary declarations, job descriptions, contracts, job postings, correspondence, subvention requests, a photograph, and other documents.

RMA-2023-46 · Accession · 2016
Part of Facilities Management fonds

This transfer consists of digital records pertaining to <<l’évaluation de l’intérêt patrimonial du campus loyola de l’université concordia>> The Assessment of the Heritage Significance of Concordia University's Loyola Campus. This assessment was produced by Susan Bronson at Facilities Management at Concordia University and the City of Montreal's Heritage Division. The following RCRP categories are contained within this records transfer:

  • 8121 Estate Inventories
F034/A · Series · 1942 ; 1964-2012 ; 2016
Part of Black Theater Workshop fonds

Series documents the historical and organizational development of the Black Theatre Workshop (BTW), from its beginnings in 1965 as the Trinidad & Tobago Association (TTA) Drama group, through its incorporation as the BTW in 1972, to today. This series contains materials concerning the work of the Board of Directors and related committees. It also documents the planning and the management of human resources at the BTW.

The series is divided into the following sub-series :
F034/A1 History and constitution
F034/A2 Meetings and committees
F034/A3 Human resources
F034/A4 Planning

The series contains, among other documents, letters patent, programs, newspaper clippings, a constitution, historical outlines, photographs, play scripts, letterheads, logos, poster, newsletters, membership lists, briefs, mission statements, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, lists of board members, organizational charts, job descriptions, meeting notes, grant applications, and contracts.

CBC documentaries
P112/G4 · Subseries · 1915-1919, 1963-1995, 1999-2016
Part of Brian McKenna fonds

The subseries provides information on documentaries Brian McKenna produced for the CBC. It includes research material, publications, work video, correspondence, notes, objects and other records related to the following documentaries:

And Then You Die
CBC-docudrama on the Montréal underworld, inspired by the true story of Irish gangsters in the West end of Montréal using Hell’s Angels as mercenaries to build a cocaine empire. It was broadcast internationally and won a pair of Gemini awards.


The Great War

His Worship, Jean Drapeau

The Killing Ground
A two-hour film on the 59,000 Canadians who died in the First World War. For this production, McKenna teamed up with his youngest brother Terence. The film won the Anik award for best CBC documentary in 1988.

Trudeau Memoirs

I0082 · Fonds · 1962-2016, predominant 1995-2011

The fonds provides information on the activities and management of the department.

The fonds includes curriculum development files, course outlines, minutes of departmental meetings, scholarship programs, and brochures. The fonds also includes research material on a Community Development Study of the Cree of the Mistassini-Chibougamau Region of Québec initiated in 1962 by Richard D. McDonald and Hedley Dimock, (both former Directors of the Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies and Chairmen the Department of Applied Social Science).

Concordia University. Department of Applied Human Sciences