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Dossiers d’artistes

La sous-série porte sur des artistes visuels québécoises œuvrant principalement pendant la deuxième moitié du 20ieme siècle.

Elle comprend des documents textuels et une photographie.

History and Founding Documents

The subseries provides information on the establishment of La Centrale in 1973. It also contains documentation related to its development .

The subseries includes by-laws, organizational charts, mandates, and other documents related to the functioning of the gallery.

Meetings and committees

The subseries provides information about committees involved in the administration of the La Centrale.

The subseries includes meeting minutes of the general assembly, the board of directors, and various permanent and ad hoc committees.

Artists and Events - Individual files

The subseries provides information on events organized by the gallery, as well as on participating artists. Events are not limited to exhibitions and performances, but also include conferences, workshops and fundraising activities like street sales and auctions. Artist files document not only the artist’s participation at La Centrale, but also include biographical information and documentation about projects that occurred outside the Gallery.

The subseries contains correspondence, brochures, résumés, exhibition contracts, artist’s statements, photographs, newspaper articles, posters, invitation cards, publications, and other documents.

Photo albums

The subseries documents events held at La Centrale from 1975 to 1999. In addition, it provides information about various Canadian women artists working around 1980.

In addition to slides and prints, the series also includes other graphic material, including posters and invitation cards. It also includes textual material, such as the exhibition catalog for ArtFemme ’75, promotional materials, press clippings, and CVs.

Guest books

The subseries provides information on the events held at the La Centrale from 1980 to 2003 by means of guestbook entries written by gallery visitors.

The subseries contains 10 guest books.

Grant applications - visual files

The subseries documents the programming and events organized by La Centrale in form of a neutral presentation. The aim of these visual presentations is to convince granting agencies to provide funding for different projects or for the general functioning of the gallery.

The subseries contains grant applications, photographs, press releases, publications, financial statements and other material.

Information about membership

The subseries provides information on the membership and member recruitment at La Centrale.

The subseries contains flyers, membership bylaws and meeting minutes.


The subseries provides information about the members of La Centrale throughout the years.

The subseries contains membership forms, membership applications and lists of members.

Members’ documents

The subseries reflects the role of the gallery’s members as active part of the organization. It presents documents collected by various members, including founding members, from the gallery’s beginnings in 1973 to 1999.
The subseries includes documents donated by :

Celine Boucher
Gail Bourgeois
Sheena Gourlay
Margaret Griffin
Suzanne Harwood
Gail Lauzzana
Pauline Morier
Joanna Nash
Ann Pearson.

The subseries includes newsletters, posters, correspondence, meeting minutes, invitations, newspaper clippings, photographs (mostly contact sheets) and publications.

Sur Rodney (Sur)’s talks, presentations and writings

The subseries illustrates Sur Rodney (Sur)’s career as an artist and his involvement in the art scene, from the beginning of his career in the 1960s to today. It documents Sur Rodney (Sur)’s various actions and implications not only as an artist, but also as spokesperson for artists from marginalized groups and especially those living with HIV/AIDS.
The subseries includes material on various of Sur Rodney’s projects, such as, among others, the video production The Scary truth About Cockroaches & Landlords, various exhibitions, Sur Rodney (Sur)’s contributions to numerous publications, his participation in various panels and talks, especially his presentation at the CCA Panel : Art Minus Hype : American Art in the 1980’s (1997), and the television shows Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1980) and All New Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1981), both moderated by Sur Rodney (Sur). In these shows Sur Rodney (Sur) presented artists from the Manhattan's Lower East Side art scene.
The subseries also includes interviews with Sur Rodney (Sur).

The subseries contains, but is not limited to, scripts, notebooks, calendars, a scrapbook, photographs, flyers, newspaper articles, magazines and other publications, moving images, a press kit, posters, and a sound recording.

Works of fellow artists

The subseries illustrates the art scene around Sur Rodney (Sur), focussing especially on artists from the New York East Village, but including some international artists as well. It gives an insight in the artistic career of various artists, as there are, among others, Andreas Senser, Gracie Mansion, Geoffrey Hendricks, and photographer Timothy Greathouse. The sub-series covers subjects like Black Contemporary Art, performance art, Queer Art, and the problematic of Aids. The sub-series includes the documentary "I'll be your Mirror", screened at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian film festival and featuring photographer Nan Goldin and the lower east side of Manhattan during the 1980s and HIV/AIDS. It also includes an Acker Award box from 2014, containing original art works and mementos contributed by the awardees.

The subseries consists of, but is not limited to, newspaper articles, exhibition catalogs, magazines, and other publications, correspondence, a poster, and an Acker Awards box.

Correspondence with fellow artists

The subseries illustrates the North-American and more precisely the New York East Village art scene around Sur Rodney (Sur) from the 1970s to 2009. It gives an insight in the life of various artists by the means of personal correspondence exchanged with Sur Rodney (Sur). The sub-series includes a scrap-book containing letters, photographs and drawings send to Sur Rodney (Sur) by artist Pauline Graham Leathem. The sub-series includes as well extensive correspondence with Ronald Heydon, photographer John Brill and artist Lorraine O'Grady. It also contains correspondence with artists Jordan Arseneault, Ann Fensterstock, Arnaud Gosselin, Angel Borrero, Carlo Pittore, Elspeth Duncan, Phyllis Wright, Al Hansen, Ruth Kligman, Adrian Piper, Ray Johnson, and others. Some of these artists were active, like Sur Rodney (Sur), with Visual Aids, an organization working on AIDS awareness through art projects, while supporting artists living with AIDS and archiving their work.

The subseries consists of, but is not limited to, correspondence, newspaper clippings, drafts, and a scrapbook.

General Associations

The sub-series consists of records documenting the relations between the Principal or Rector's Office and external associations. The sub-series contains records of activity related to the following associations:
Alliance Quebec
American Association of University Administrators
Association des professeurs des universités de langue française du Québec
Association canadienne des éducateurs de langue française
Association for Higher Education
Association of Canadian Universities Active in Northern Research
Association of Commonwealth Universities
Canadian Association for Hebrew Education and Culture
Canadian Association of College and University Student Services
Canadian Association of Adult Education
Canadian Association of University Teachers
Canadian Mental Health Association Québec Division
Canadian Political Science Association
Canadian University Association (Hong Kong)
Canadian Universities Foundation
Canadian University Service Overseas
Fédération des associations de professeurs des universités du Québec
International Association of Universities
Positive Action Group
Provincial Association of Protestant Teachers of Québec
Québec Student Debating Association.


The sub-series consists of records relating to the acquisition of land or property by S.G.W. It contains notes and correspondence.

Construction and renovation

The sub-series consists of records related to the construction and the renovation of the Norris Building and the Henry F. Hall Building. It contains correspondence with architects, minutes, sketches, and other documents.


The sub-series consists of records relating to the rental of Argyle School in Westmount by S.G.W. in 1961.

Space planning and Maintenance

The sub-series consists of records relating to space planning, allocation, and maintenance in the University. It documents the plan and negotiations to rent sporting facilities at the Olympic Stadium 1976-1981, plans for library buildings, a proposal for an athletics site at Covey Hill, the proposal for the University to acquire the HMCS Donnacona building (1957-1967), and room reservations. The sub-series contains correspondence, briefs, reports, and notes.

University organization

The sub-series consists of the University crest, records on the Act of Incorporation and Charter, a history of the development of education at the Y.M.C.A., organizational charts, and documents related to administrative organization and reorganization. A major part of the sub-series consists of records of negotiations and meetings of joint committees and task forces with Loyola relating to the merger. It also contains the University mission study.


The sub-series consists of statements of University policies, the University Code and Procedures, and the Code of Conduct, as well as correspondence.

Associations General

Sub-series consists of records documenting the relations between the University and external associations from 1968 to 1984. Sub-series contains the records of the following associations:

  • Alliance Québec (and initial body),
  • Association des Administrateurs de Recherche Universitaire du Québec,
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities,
  • Canadian Association of Graduate Schools,
  • Canadian Conference of Arts,
  • Comité de concertation / Relevé d'enseignement,
  • Commission d'étude / Formation des Adultes,
  • Commission d'étude sur les Universités,
  • Conseil des Collèges,
  • Conseil Pédagogique Interdisciplinaire du Québec / Interuniversity Group for Services Pédagogiques,
  • Conseil Supérieur de l'Éducation,
  • Études pour les Professions / Professionnels,
  • Maison des Sciences,
  • Opération Sciences Fondamentales / Sciences Santé,
  • Provincial Association of Catholic Principals,
  • Provincial Association of Protestant Teachers of Quebec.


Sub-series consists of records documenting the relations between the University and the A.U.C.C. Sub-series contains memoranda, reports and minutes.

Conseil des universités

Sub-series consists of records documenting the relations between the University and the Conseil des Universités. Sub-series contains reports, minutes, special projects and correspondence.


Sub-series consists of records documenting the relations between the University and C.R.E.P.U.Q. and all its sub-committees and special work group. Sub-series contains minutes, reports and correspondence.

Committees General

Sub-series consists of the records of the following bodies:

  • Academic Evaluation Review Board,
  • Academic Priorities Committee - Faculty of Arts,
  • Ad hoc Committee / Anglophone University Enrollments,
  • Ad hoc Committee on Enrollments,
  • Ad hoc Group - Competence on Written Expression,
  • Advisory Committee on Computer Resources and Utilization,
  • Alumni Committee,
  • Arts Faculty Council,
  • Board of Governors - Planning Committee,
  • CADESS (?)
  • Commerce and Administration Faculty Council,
  • Committee on Admission and Registration,
  • Committee on the Evening Division,
  • Concordia Mission and Strategy Study,
  • Cumulative Record Advisory Committee,
  • Editorial Board,
  • Faculty of Arts and Science - Chairmen's Meetings,
  • Faculty Workload Committee,
  • Independent Student Study,
  • Interim Council - Faculty of Arts and Science,
  • Honours Programme Committee,
  • International Institute of Quantitative Economics,
  • Loyola College Senate,
  • Loyola Evening Division,
  • Loyola's Office of Academic Planning,
  • Office of Graduate studies,
  • Office of Institutional Research,
  • Physical Resources and Evaluation Team,
  • Planning Committee - Sir George Williams University,
  • Registrars and Admission - SGW and Loyola
  • Rector's Advisory Committee on Non-Programme Students,
  • Rector's Cabinet,
  • Scholarship Committee,
  • Senate Committee on Academic Development,
  • Senate Committee on Priorities and Resources Allocation,
  • Senate Committee on Visiting Lecturers,
  • Senate Computer Science Committee,
  • Senate Evaluation Task Force - Learning and Teaching,
  • Senate Executive Committee
  • Sir George Williams - Faculty Council,
    -Sir George Williams University - Loyola Merger Committee,
  • Student Life Committee,
  • Student Residence Exploratory Committee,
  • Study Committee on Supplementals and Evaluative Mechanisms,
  • Summer Session Committee,
  • Task Force on Lifelong Education at Concordia,
  • Undergraduate Programme Appraisals Committee,
  • University Committee on Development,
  • University Council,
  • University Council Task Force on Evaluation,
  • University Senate.

Dean's Committee

Sub-series consists of the records documenting the activities of the Committee. Sub-series contains minutes, reports and correspondence.


Sub-series consists of records documenting the activities of the committee. Sub-series contains minutes, reports and correspondence.

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