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F045/C · Series · 1989-2019
Part of Black Community Resource Centre fonds

The series documents workshops, events, programs, and projects organized by the Black Community Resource Centre. It also documents those organized in partnership with community organizations, including the Quebec Community Groups Network, English Montreal School Board, Volunteer Bureau of Montreal, Centraide du Grand Montreal, and Batshaw Youth and Family Centres. Some of the projects covered in the series are the Holistic Project, the School Readiness Program, Mothers of Preschoolers (MOP), Mothers on the Move (MOM), Project Provigo, Volunteer Bureau, 1, 2, 3 Go!, House of King and Queens, Mini-Poste Project, Tim Hortons Camp, Hema Project, The New 3Rs, A Taste of the Caribbean festival, and the Living History project. The series also contains documentation concerning the renovation of the Union United Church.

The series includes, but is not limited to, contracts and partnership agreements with other community organizations, correspondence, agenda and meeting minutes, project descriptions and proposals, slide
presentations, photographs, and posters. This series also contains research documentation pertaining to projects and workshops organized by the BCRC (including those organized in partnership with other organizations), project evaluations, project reports, and promotional material. Finally, this series includes documentation prepared by the Black Advisory Committee concerning various programs and services, including that of the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres.

I0097 · Fonds · 1970 - 2019

This transfer contains administrative records from the Department of Religions and Cultures and the Department of Religion. The following RCRP categories are contained within this records transfer:

1313 Course Outlines
1131 Curriculum Development
1140 Academic Program Management
1210 Academic Cooperation Agreement
1410 Recruitment Academic Appointment
1421 CUFA Academic Dossier
1430 CUPFA Academic Dossier
2430 Awards & Scholarships Programs
2470 Relations with Student Associations
3110 Funding Programs for Research
3210 Research Chairs
4150 Honorary Distinction
5111 Meetings of Units
5112 Reports, Studies & Analyses
5160 University Events
5170 External Relations
5450 University Publications
5461 Promotional Material

The following publications are included in this fonds:

  • Department of Religion Newsletter, 2005
  • Chair in Hindu Studies Newsletter, 2003
  • Graduate Student Newsletter, 1996-1999
  • Course Guides, 1976-2004
  • Faculty Research Interests and Publications, 1998-2004
  • Journal of Religion - Concordia Religion Students Association (CRSA), 2004-2007
  • Journal of Religions and Cultures, 1996-2008 (PUB-313)
  • Local Knowledge from the Third Eye, 2002
Concordia University. Department of Religions and Cultures
François-Marc Gagnon fonds
P0280 · Fonds · 1946-2019

The fonds is organized in 2 series: VIE PERSONNELLE and VIE PROFESSIONNELLE. The VIE PERSONNELLE series is comprised of records related to François-Marc Gagnon’s education at Collège Stanislas, Université de Paris, Université d’Ottawa and the Grand séminaire d’Ottawa. It also includes personal correspondence, photos and slides of his travels and his family and friends, journals and agendas and some drawings.

The VIE PROFESSIONNELLE series is comprised of 6 sub-series: the CONFÉRENCES, COLLOQUES ET EXPOSITIONS sub-series is comprised of records related to the many presentations and lectures Gagnon gave during his career in France, Israel and in the United States but mostly in Canada, on subjects as varied as modern American art, impressionist paintings, Mayan and archaic American art, visual perception, archeology, anthropology and philosophy but mostly Paul-Émile Borduas and the Refus global artists, the automatists, ancient art in Quebec and the representation of first nations in Canadian art.

The ENSEIGNEMENT sub-series includes course outlines and teaching material related to Gagnon’s teaching positions at Université de Montréal (1967-2000), McGill University (1999) and Concordia University (2000-2019). The ÉCRITS sub-series contains records related to the books Gagnon wrote or took part in as well as articles he wrote for Larousse, Muse, RACAR, Recherches amérindiennes du Québec, Espace and Études françaises to name a few. The DISTINCTIONS sub-series contains records related to the many prizes and awards Gagnon received: an honorary degree from Concordia University, the Prix d’excellence en enseignement and Professeur émérite of Université de Montréal, Prix Gérard-Morisset, Prix d’histoire du Gouverneur general and Officier de l’Ordre national du Québec among others. The CORRESPONDANCE sub-series testifies of the professional relations of Gagnon with different museums, cultural centres and institutions.

Finally, the RECHERCHE ET MATÉRIEL DE RÉFÉRENCE sub-series is comprised of photocopies of articles and books chapters, reading fiches and notes on different subjects related to Gagnon’s fields of expertise: iconography of first peoples, Mayan art and history, modern art and artists Paul-Émile Borduas, Ozias Leduc, Fernand Léger and Jacques Hurtubise to only name a few. The subseries also includes scrapbooks containing extensive correspondence on or about Jean Dubuffet.

Gagnon, François-Marc
I0166 · Fonds · 1993 - 2019

The fonds documents the activities of the Concordia University Office of Rights and Responsibilities. This fonds consists mainly of reports and annual reports. The following RCRP categories are contained within this fonds:

4120 Governing Bodies - Committees
5111 Meetings of Units
5112 Reports, Studies and Analyses
5461 Promotional Material

RMA-2023-13 · Accession · 1982 - 2019
Part of Institute for Cooperative Education fonds

This transfer contains paper-based, digitized and born-digital administrative records from the Institute of Cooperative Education. The following RCRP categories are contained within this records transfer:

2430 Awards & Scholarships (2002-2011)
5112 Reports, Studies & Analyses (2006-2009)
5160 University Events (2007-2019)
5430 Media Coverage (1982-2009)
5450 University Publications (1984-2004)
5461 Promotional Material

RMA-2018-34 · Accession · 2017 - 2018
Part of Library fonds

This transfer contains records related to the Concordia University Library Committee. The following RCRP categories are contained within this records transfer:

5111 Meetings of Units (2017-2018)

Musical Career
F040/C · Series · 1967-2018
Part of Guy Thouin fonds

The series provides information about Guy Thouin’s musical career from 1967 to 2018, including performances, interviews, and promotional material.

The series contains clippings, press releases, flyers, posters, correspondence, illustrations of album covers, and several audio recordings of Thouin’s performances with The Heart Ensemble, L’Infonie, From the Basement, and Group Edo. It contains official records of Le Quatuor du nouveau jazz libre du Quebec, L’Infonie, and other albums in which Thouin played the tabla or percussion for other artists. The Series also includes interviews with Guy Thouin in Radio-Quebec, CBC, and CIBC, and a drawing of Guy Thouin playing tabla with Catherine Potter and Tampura.

P112/G5 · Subseries · 1936-2018
Part of Brian McKenna fonds

The subseries provides information on documentaries Brian McKenna worked on or produced for The Fifth Estate.
The subseries contains research materials, monographs, notes, scripts, drafts of documentaries and correspondence, court records, work copies of videos, a sound recording, and other documents.

The subseries includes the following documentaries:

In January 1988 McKenna travelled to Yugoslavia to investigate the claims of six peasant children that they were experiencing apparitions of the Virgin Mary every day at 6:45 pm, and the impact on their small Serbian village.

Arnold Expedition Reenactment

This film documents attempts to save the small white whales from massive pollution of their St. Lawrence River habitat.


Bourrassa and Lévesque

Car Rackets
This investigation into corruption and cover-up in the auto industry was produced by McKenna in his first season at The Fifth Estate.

The Cardinal
Profile of Cardinal Paul-Émile Léger as he travelled to the Thai-Cambodian border to draw attention to the terrible plight of refugees fleeing the killing fields.


Children of the Lost
The story of two Argentine doctors attempting to heal the trauma in children whose parents were killed or disappeared during the so-called dirty war.

With researcher and associate producer Oleh Rumak, McKenna investigated how top Slovak officials from the Nazi Collaborationist government ended up in Canada. The film, code-named Slovaks II has not been shown to the public.

A Cruel Place
The film documents the state-sponsored terrorism during the Civil War in El Salvador.

Death Squad

Death in Tripoli
Film on the violent and mysterious death of Canadian Christopher Halens, a young Southam journalist in Libya.

Empress of Ireland
Documentary on the Empress of Ireland, a Titanic -size steamship which sank in the St. Lawrence River

Fallen Star
The history of the final days of the century-old newspaper, The Montreal Star.

Gypsies (never produced)


The Hooded Men
In 1982, when Argentina returned to democracy, McKenna took newspaper publisher Jacobo Timmerman back to the jail on the outskirts of Buenos Aires where he had been held and tortured.

Iran Drug Film

A Journey Back
Investigation on Nazi collaborators hiding in Canada, focusing on the story of New York off-Broadway producer Jack Garfein, brought back to his hometown in Slovakia for the first time and then to the Auschwitz and Birkenhau death camps to discover his past. In the film Garfein confronts the gauleiter who had killed his family.

Lévesque in New York
Quebec’s newly elected and first separatist premier’s trip to New York to try to reassure nervous investors.

Examination of the stress that creates among police the highest rate of alcoholism, divorce and suicide of any profession, seen through the eyes of a Montréal police officer.

Making of a Saint

Marathon Man Jerome Drayton


The Money Pit
Investigation of attempts made to find buried treasure in the mysterious and secret man-made passages of Nova Scotia’s Oak Island

Murder of Hilda Murrer
Investigation of the murder of this eccentric English country woman whose death may have been linked to secrets surrounding the sinking of the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano during the Falklands war.

Noah's Ark
Astronaut James Irwin was leading an expedition of Christian fundamentalist Americans in search of the remains of Noah’s Ark at Turkey’s Mount Ararat, to prove that the Bible and Creation story are literally true.

The Old Man and the C
A profile of Nobel laureate Linus Pauling and his claims for the healing properties of Vitamin C.

Olympic Connection
In his first season at The Fifth Estate, McKenna did investigations of corruption during the construction for the 1976 Montréal
Olympic Games

Olympic Tower

Panzers on the Prairies
Story of German Army building tanks in Alberta

Papa Plouffe
A profile of a character in Roger Lemelin’s Les Plouffe series (CBC).

Peroff Mounties

Pipe Major

The Plot

Political Corruption

The Power and the Glory
Inquiry into the politics surrounding the building of the James Bay Hydroelectric Project.

A documentary looking at referendums, including the 1948 vote that brought Newfoundland into Canadian Confederation and leading up to the 1980 referendum on Québec independence and sovereignty association and the “Yvette” women’s movement, as well as the slick methods used in California referendums.

René Lévesque

Richard Blass
In his first season at The Fifth Estate, McKenna started with a film about a mobster named Richard Blass.

Robert F. Kennedy

The Rocket at 50
In his first season at The Fifth Estate McKenna made a feature on hockey star Maurice “The Rocket” Richard as he turned 50.

Rosie Douglas
A look at mobster Rosie Douglas.

Secret Cargo
Documentary on allegations that Pakistan was attempting to smuggle and import through Canada and the United States key components for the construction of an Islamic atomic bomb.

Secret Test
Film on the CIA-sponsored brainwashing experiments in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s on unsuspecting psychiatric patients at the Royal Victoria Hospital / Allen Memorial Psychiatric Institute in Montréal.

Shooting the Messenger
Film on the torture and murder of Latin American journalists and the occasional foreign correspondent.

State of Siege
Inquiry into communist and fascist terrorism in Italy including the infamous Red Brigade.

Sunshine Soldiers



Who Shot JFK?
In 1978, McKenna wrote and directed the first national television documentary challenging the conclusions of the official report into the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963, Dallas and After. It was followed by three more documentaries on new evidence: In 1979, Crossfire reported the conclusion of a Congressional Committee that Kennedy was probably killed as the result of a conspiracy. The Coffin was Empty (198?) is a testimony that medical evidence was tampered with during and after the autopsy of Kennedy. McKenna produced Who Shot JFK?, a program summarizing the evidence, on the 20th anniversary of the assassination.

P112/G6 · Subseries · 1944, 1950, 1956, 1963-2018
Part of Brian McKenna fonds

The subseries provides information on documentaries Brian McKenna worked on or produced as an independent producer.

The subseries contains interviews, research material, monographs, notes, publications, photographs, scripts, drafts of documentaries, correspondence, court records, financial records, posters, sound recordings, videos and other documents.

The subseries relates to the following documentaries :

  • Addiction for Sale
  • Battlefield Quebec (Plains of Abraham)
  • Big Sugar
    Documentary on the political history of the sugar industry
  • The Bribe or the Bullet
    Documentary on the impact of narcotics trafficking on Mexico
  • Chiefs
  • Famine and Shipwreck
  • La fin de la Nouvelle-France
  • Fire and Ice: The Rocket Richard Riot
  • Jean Drapeau
  • Korea : The Unfinished War
  • Little Viper
  • Migraine
  • Newfoundland at Armageddon
  • Nuclear War
  • Secret World of Gold
  • Theatre Schmeatre
  • Tycoon
  • The Valour and the Horror
    Directed and co-written with his brother Terence McKenna, The Valour and the Horror summarizes a three- year inquiry into three
    Second World War battles. The films were honoured with five Gemini Awards.
  • War of 1812
  • The War Reporters
    A Lauron Productions (Toronto) documentary on abuses suffered by journalists in Argentina, among them Jacobo Timmerman, as
    well as the danger and distress they face while covering war and revolution.
  • A Web of War
    A series of documentary films on the Second World War : The War at Sea (2 hours), a critical examination of Canadian naval
    leadership, A Web of War (1 h), an emotional tribute to the women of the Warsaw uprising, and the Polish division fighting under
    Canadian command,
  • A Battle Lost, story of how Nazi U-Boats blockaded the St. Lawrence River during WWII.
P234/ B3 · Subseries · 1976-2009, 2018
Part of Sur Rodney (Sur) fonds

The subseries illustrates the North-American and more precisely the New York East Village art scene around Sur Rodney (Sur) from the 1970s to 2009. It gives an insight in the life of various artists by the means of personal correspondence exchanged with Sur Rodney (Sur). The sub-series includes a scrap-book containing letters, photographs and drawings send to Sur Rodney (Sur) by artist Pauline Graham Leathem. The sub-series includes as well extensive correspondence with Ronald Heydon, photographer John Brill and artist Lorraine O'Grady. It also contains correspondence with artists Jordan Arseneault, Ann Fensterstock, Arnaud Gosselin, Angel Borrero, Carlo Pittore, Elspeth Duncan, Phyllis Wright, Al Hansen, Ruth Kligman, Adrian Piper, Ray Johnson, and others. Some of these artists were active, like Sur Rodney (Sur), with Visual Aids, an organization working on AIDS awareness through art projects, while supporting artists living with AIDS and archiving their work.

The subseries consists of, but is not limited to, correspondence, newspaper clippings, drafts, and a scrapbook.

Susan Briscoe fonds
P0281 · Fonds · 1966 - 2018

The fonds highlights Susan Briscoe's professional life as an educator and writer. It consists of records pertaining to her teaching and research work while at Dawson College. A personal records series consists of born-digital photos taken by Susan Briscoe on subjects including: Flora and fauna, family and travel.

Briscoe, Susan J.
I0136 · Fonds · 1972 - 2018

This fonds documents the administrative activities of the Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics. The fonds only consists of part-time and full time teachers files.

The following RCRP categories are contained within this fonds:

1421 CUFA Academic and Professional Dossiers
1430 CUPFA Academic and Professional Dossiers

Concordia University. Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics
Personal papers
F032/C · Series · [20--] ; 1975-2018, predominant 2000-2009
Part of Leon Llewellyn fonds

Series contains personal documents concerning the life, work, and interests of Leon Llewellyn. This series also contains documentation pertaining to Eric Llewellyn's publication, "A Journey Into Our Caribbean Past."

I0185 · Fonds · 1989 - 2018

The fonds documents the activities of the University Communications Services, mainly for the period of 2002-2009. It mainly consists of correspondence, reports, press and internal releases, newspaper clippings, photographs and moving images.

The fonds is organized in the following series:
I0185/5100 Departmental Management
I0185/5400 Communications

Concordia University. University Communications Services
Bob Redmond fonds
P0064 · Fonds · 1935-2018

The Bob Redmond fonds provides information about Robert Redmond's life and his career as lead saxophonist with many bands like the Stardusters, the Escorts, and the Johnny Holmes Orchestra. It also provides information about Redmond's experience as a musician during World War II. Furthermore, it includes materials related to the history of Jazz in general and in Montreal in particular, as well as the big-band era in Montreal. The fonds includes several unpublished novels, poems and other texts written by Bob Redmond.

The fonds contains Redmond’s notes and essays as well as correspondence, sheet music, a scrapbook, clippings, photographs, publicity materials, directories, and books and magazines from Redmond’s library. It also contains audio cassettes, CDs, videocassettes, a DVD and over 300 audio discs

Redmond, Robert
I0052 · Fonds · 1964-2018, predominant 1975-1995

The fonds documents the activities of the Office of the Dean and some academic departments, mainly for the period of 1975 to 1995. The fonds includes the administrative records of the Council of the Faculty. It also includes the records (4 boxes) of the Permanent Review Committee on the Status of Women of the Faculty Council which existed between 1984 and 1994.

The fonds consists of reports, correspondence, minutes of meetings (such as Deans and Chairs meetings and Council committee meetings) and some photographs and audio visual materials mainly on University events.

Concordia University. Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts
Paul Monty collection
C023 · Collection · 1968-2018

The Paul Monty collection contains documents related to the history and decisions of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) dating from its inception on April 1, 1968 until 2019. Documents are filed by topic and issue to facilitate research on the history of Canadian broadcasting policy and regulation.

The collection contains analog and digital materials concerning broadcasting; broadcasting distribution undertakings; radio; television and telecommunications; and discretionary services. Documents include annual reports and other reports; official publications; acts, regulations, and decisions; policy statements and policies; bibliographies; lists; newspaper articles; and speeches, among other materials.

Monty, Paul