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Black Studies Centre fonds
F035 · Fonds · 1912-2014

The Black Studies Centre fonds contains materials documenting the administration, services, and activities of the Black Studies Centre from its beginnings as the National Black Coalition Quebec Institute of Research until 2014. The fonds also documents the Centre’s role within Montreal’s Black communities, as well as its relationships to other organizations working within and outside Montreal. In addition, the Black Studies Centre fonds is an important source of reference documentation pertaining to the history, culture, and contributions of Black communities in Canada: it contains a rich collection of newspapers, periodicals, and books, dating from 1969 to 2012, including but not limited to copies of Contrast (1969-1999), Community Contact (1998-2008), Afro-Can (1981-1984), Focus Umoja (1974-1978), Uhuru (1969-1970), and Umoja (1969-1970, 1990), as well as books that were previously held in the collection of the Black Studies Centre’s Library.

The fonds is divided into the following series:
F034/A Administration
F034/B Financial records
F034/C External relations
F035/D Programming and Services
F035/E Research
F035/F Reference documentation

The Black Studies Centre fonds contains, among other documents, meeting minutes, agendas, reports, policies, correspondence, letters patent, statistics, photographs, architectural plans, deeds of sale, insurance policies, permits, contracts, agreements, organizational charts, resumes, job descriptions, lists, financial documents, grant applications, brochures, by-laws, directories, newspapers and newspaper articles, press releases, newsletters, leaflets, flyers, invitations, catalogs, notes, index cards, moving images, sound recordings, posters, biographies, schedules, attendance records, stories, poems, song texts, drawings, forms, costumes, research papers, bibliographies, bibliographic records, interview transcripts, reproductions of historical documents, speeches, summaries of newspaper articles, accession records, subscriptions, a guest book, books, magazines, periodicals, and a musical instrument.

Black Studies Center
Black Theater Workshop fonds
F034 · Fonds · [1940]-2016, predominant 1972-2013

The Black Theater Workshop fonds is composed of materials created and compiled by the Black Theater Workshop (BTW) and contains materials documenting the activities and operations of the BTW from its founding in 1972 to 2016. Textual records and other materials document the BTW's administration, finances, awards, plays, programming, promotional activities, communications, and facilities, among other things. Documents are also reflective of the BTW's contributions to Montreal’s Black communities and to theater in Canada.

The fonds is divided into the following series :
F034/A Administration
F034/B Financial records
F034/C External relations
F034/D Productions / Programming

The fonds is composed of financial documents, grant applications, board meeting minutes, reports, play scripts, newspapers and newspaper clippings, promotional material, correspondence; graphic materials such as photographs, posters, logos, drawings, sound recordings, moving images, and some objects, among others.

Black Theater Workshop
P0232 · Fonds · 1997-2005

The Blue Metropolis Foundation fonds provides information on the Blue Metropolis Foundation from its beginnings in 1997 to 2005. The fonds documents not only the administrative organisation of the Foundation, but also includes materials related to the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival's held between 1999 and 2004. The Festival takes place annually in Montreal, Quebec. The fonds also contains information about the artists which participated in the festival in various years.

The fonds contains administrative records, minutes, correspondence, financial records, programs, publicity material, photographs, biographical information, and newspapers.

The fonds is organized in the following series:
P0232/A Administrative records
P0232/B Blue Metropolis Literary Festival
P0232/C Writers
P0232/D Year-round Literacy activities

Blue Metropolis Foundation
Board of Governors fonds
I0203 · Fonds · August 10, 1973 - June 21, 2000

The fonds documents Concordia University’s management and decision making.

It mainly consists of meeting minutes (open and closed) and supporting documents of the Board of Governors and its associated committees.

Concordia University. Board of Governors
Bob and Kevin McKenna fonds
P154 · Fonds · 1976

The fonds is related to the exhibition Corridart dans la rue Sherbrooke that was organized by the Arts and Culture Committee of the 1976 international Olympic Games held in Montreal.
The fonds consists of material related to the installation Rues-Miroirs, a 60 feet long and 8 feet high photomontage by the McKenna brothers, which encompassed a panoramic view of five or six blocks of Sherbrooke street and St. Laurent street. The fonds is composed of 16 from a total of 20 panels forming the original artwork, three draft models of the photomontage, the original explanative board and one button advertising the Corrid'Art exhibition.

McKenna, Bob and Kevin
Bob McKenna fonds
P180 · Fonds · [1995?]-2001

The Bob McKenna fonds contains documents pertaining to the film “About the Corridart Affair,” produced by Bob McKenna in 2001.

The fonds contains original material used for the production of the film “About the Corridart Affair.” The documents consist primarily of on-camera interviews with the artists involved in the exhibition "Corridart dans la rue Sherbrooke," bearing witness to the artists’ careers and to the legal proceedings following the dismantling of the exhibition. Also included in the fonds are the film itself and a poster announcing the film, along with electronic photographs and newspaper clippings used in the production of the film.

McKenna, Bob
Bob Redmond fonds
P0064 · Fonds · 1935-2018

The Bob Redmond fonds provides information about Robert Redmond's life and his career as lead saxophonist with many bands like the Stardusters, the Escorts, and the Johnny Holmes Orchestra. It also provides information about Redmond's experience as a musician during World War II. Furthermore, it includes materials related to the history of Jazz in general and in Montreal in particular, as well as the big-band era in Montreal. The fonds includes several unpublished novels, poems and other texts written by Bob Redmond.

The fonds contains Redmond’s notes and essays as well as correspondence, sheet music, a scrapbook, clippings, photographs, publicity materials, directories, and books and magazines from Redmond’s library. It also contains audio cassettes, CDs, videocassettes, a DVD and over 300 audio discs

Redmond, Robert
Boyce Richardson fonds
P231 · Fonds · 1948-2003

The fonds documents the professional life of Boyce Richardson.

It includes manuscripts of articles, research materials, correspondence, newspaper clippings, film proposals and scripts, and photographs of the James Bay Cree community.

Richardson, Boyce
Brian McKenna fonds
P112 · Fonds · 1908-2018, predominant 1963-2017

The Brian McKenna fonds provides an insight in Brian McKennas career and accomplishments as journalist, author, filmmaker, and producer, from McKenna’s time as a reporter for the Loyola News in the 1960s to his latest works of independent filmmaking. Further, the fond is a valuable source for detailed background information on many events and personages of the twentieth century.
The fonds documents Brian McKenna’s work on various films, covering documentaries that he produced for the CBC, and especially for The Fifth Estate, as well as independent productions, and even film proposals that finally never had been produced.
As such, the fonds’ content spans from the 13-minute documentary Thomas D’Arcy McGee, McKenna’s first film that he wrote and directed for the CBC in 1973, to his later works as an independent filmmaker, as Newfoundland at Armageddon, produced in 2016.
The fonds also gives an overview of McKenna’s writings. It covers his articles related to Expo ‘67 in Montreal, his time as parliamentary correspondent in Ottawa, as well as his book on Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau, published in 1981.
The fonds is organized into the following series:
• P112/A. Personal records and student activities
• P112/B. Journalist
• P112/C. Involvement in the journalistic community
• P112/D. Speeches
• P112/E. Awards
• P112/F. Administration and personnel
• P112/G. Documentaries

The fonds contains, but is not limited to, film scripts, photographs, newsletters, reports, meeting minutes, newspaper articles, speeches, publications, correspondence, statues, plaques, a pewter, a medal, awards programs, certificates, CVs, pamphlets, project proposals, sound recordings, a webpage template, videos, interviews, research material, drafts, notes, court records, financial records, posters, newspapers (among others several issues of Loyola News), drawings, proof prints, and a replica of the satellite Sputnik from the United States Pavilion at Expo 67.

McKenna, Brian
Bruce Le Dain fonds
P0294 · Fonds · 1941 - 1999

The fonds provides information on the professional life of Canadian artist Bruce Le Dain.

It is comprised of journals held more or less regularly by Le Dain between 1963 and 1999. They include records of personal accounting and painting income summaries as well as some correspondence and press clippings.

The CORRESPONDENCE subseries includes letters exchanged with fellow Canadian artist John Little between 1974 and 1992. It also includes a binder of miscellaneous correspondence and memorabilia as well as some reference documentation on the subject of art.

The DISTINCTIONS subseries includes some correspondence and framed honours granted to Le Dain: an Honorary Life Membership to the Arts Club of Montreal in 1994 as well as a recognition from the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA) for his contribution in the arts of painting in 1985.

The SLIDES subseries is comprised of annotated slides of many of Le Dain's paintings done between 1972 and 1999.

The fonds also includes a souvenir photo album of Le Dain's first one-man exhibition held at the Klinkhoff Gallery in 1972 and a wooden box custom-made by Le Dain, a box he used to store his tools when he was painting.

Le Dain, Bruce
P0132 · Fonds · 1998-1999

The fonds provide information on activities of the Concordia Chapter.
The fonds consists of the programs for the 14th and 15th Annual Bridge-Building Competition and the results from the 14th competition.

Concordia University. Canadian Society for Civil Engineering. Concordia Student Chapter
P0104 · Fonds · 1967-1995

The fonds provides information on the activities, evolution, and social involvement of the Caribbean Students' Union.

The fonds consists of programs, reports, and other documentation on activities held by the Caribbean Students' Union; expense reports and budgets; lists of members; correspondence with internal and external bodies, and policies and procedures.

Concordia University. Caribbean Students' Union
Carolyn Smith fonds
F002 · Fonds · [196-?]-2005

Fonds contains records relating to Carolyn Smith as Irving Layton’s friend. Material consists of letters, postcards, photographs, poems, and newspaper clippings. The Carolyn Smith Fonds is part of the Irving Layton Collection.

The fonds has been divided into 4 series:
F002/A Correspondence
F002/B Clippings
F002/C Photographs
F002/D Publicity

Smith, Carolyn
Cathy Mullen fonds
P0257 · Fonds · 1971-2010

The fonds provides information on Cathy Mullen’s the teaching activities at Concordia as well as her research interests on curriculum development and teaching in photography, light-based media, and digital arts.

The fonds includes course materials, research files, articles, press clippings, minutes, and correspondence.

Mullen, Cathy
I0098 · Fonds · 1973 - 2018

This fonds documents the administrative activities of the Centre for Continuing Education. The following RCRP categories are contained within this fonds:

1130 Program Feasibility & Development
1140 Academic Program Management
1210 Academic Cooperation - Agreements
1313 Course Outlines
1331 Examination & Test - Questionnaires
2120 Enrolment Statistics
2320 Diploma Management
2420 Support Services for Students
5111 Meetings of Units
5112 Report, Studies and Analyses
5170 External Relations
5440 Websites
5461 Promotional Material

I0125 · Fonds · 1963 - 2008

The fonds provides information on the administrative evolution and structure of the Centre and its main functions: consultation, training and research activities, mainly between 1970 and 2006.

The fonds includes administrative documents such as minutes, annual reports and correspondence as well as workshop documentation and evaluations, internal publications and promotional material.

Concordia University. Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies
I0158 · Fonds · 1971 - 2019

The fonds provides information on the activities and management of the Centre.

The fonds includes files related to the curriculum of the Humanities PHD program, minutes of meetings, reports and statistics, posters related to events organized by the Center, files related to the website of the Center, job profiles and promotional material.

The fonds is organized in the following series:

1131 Curriculum Development Files
1140 Academic Program Management
1160 Academic Program Appraisals
1313 Course Outlines
1410 Recruitment - Academic Appointments
2120 Enrollment Statistics
2410 Student Orientation Activities
2430 Awards & Scholarships - Programs
3310 Research Projects - Description
4120 Governing Bodies – Committees
5110 Administrative Planning
5111 Meetings of Units
5112 Reports, Studies & Analyses
5113 Statistics
5160 University Events
5170 External Relations
5440 Websites
5460 Marketing Campaigns
5461 Promotional Material
6111 Job Profiles
7200 Budgets
9130 Alumni Relations

Concordia University. Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
I0095 · Fonds · 1977 - 2007

The fonds documents the administration and activities of the Centre for Mature Students, between 1977 and 2007. It mainly consists of reports, correspondence, and promotional material.

Concordia University. Centre for Mature Students
Christian Fleury fonds
P0255 · Fonds · 1995 - 2002

The fonds provides visual information on academic, social and cultural events at Concordia University.
The fonds consists of photographs, negatives and release forms.

Fleury, Christian
Christopher Fry fonds
F014 · Fonds · 1955-1970, predominant 1969-1970

Fonds consists of material accumulated and created by Derek Stanford about Christopher Fry. It also contains documents created by Christopher Fry. Materials in this fonds are primarily dated 1969-1970, though select documents are dated 1955.

Materials include correspondence, manuscripts, published essays and reviews, newspaper clippings, photographs, theater programs, and other ephemera documenting Stanford professional relationship with Fry and the British playwright’s work. Documents primarily concern Fry’s A Yard of Sun (1970) and his English translation of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt (1970). The fonds also contains limited material regarding A Sleep of Prisoners (1951). Documents also concern essays about the life and work of Christopher Fry written by Derek Stanford.

The fonds is divided into 5 series:
F014 / A. Manuscripts and essays
F014 / B. Correspondence
F014 / C. Clippings
F014 / D. Photographs
F014 / E. Publicity and ephemera

Fry, Christopher
Christopher Jackson fonds
P0262 · Fonds · 1977 - 2014

The fonds provides information on Christopher Jackson’s career as university administrator and teacher in the department of Music at Concordia University.

The TEACHING subseries includes records related to Christopher Jackson's employment at Concordia University such as his Full Professor application as well as a University Chorus course manual. The ADMINISTRATION subseries is comprised of files related to the Grey Nuns project, in which Jackson was involved. It includes copies of the Catalogue partiel d'oeuvres d'art de la Maison-Mère des Soeurs Grises de Montréal from 1973, as well as some reports and studies related to the development of the building acquired by Concordia in 2007.

The CONSULTING SERVICES subseries is comprised of correspondence related to Jackson's work as a technical consultant to appraise organs with the Comité spécial pour le projet d'orgues du Grand Séminaire de Montréal, the Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church, the Comité de l'orgue Saint-Pierre-Apôtre, the Fabrique Saint-Léon de Westmount or the Fabrique Notre-Dame between 1983 and 1994.

The COMITÉ DES ORGUES DE LA FONDATION DU PATRIMOINE RELIGIEUX DU QUÉBEC subseries testifies of Jackson's involvement with the committee from1988 to 2009, with records such as agendas, meeting minutes and some correspondence. The subseries also includes technical reports on church organs in St-Paul-d'Abbotsford, Sherbooke, Dunham, St-Paul de Grand-Mère, St-Narcisse or Saint-Lambert, among others.

The RESEARCH ANDREFERENCE DOCUMENTATION subseries includes files with miscellaneous documentation on different subjects close to Jackson's expertise such as Music of New France, Auguste Fay (organ builder), and historical organs.

The fonds also includes promotional material related to the Orfeo of Claudio Monteverdi concert as well as the Liliane M. Stewart funeral that Jackson was a musical director of and some correspondence with the Organ Historical society (1989-1999) and the Studio de musique ancienne (1989-1999).

Jackson, Christopher
Clarence S. Bayne fonds
P0083 · Fonds · ca. 1943-2022

The fonds provides information on Clarence S. Bayne’s professional life as a teacher at Sir George Williams University and Concordia University, an administrator in the department of Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems as well as in the DIA/DSA program, a researcher in the field of community development, a lecturer in many conferences and colloquiums around the world, a published author, poet, activist and important member of the Black English-speaking community of Montreal. The fonds also provides some information on his personal life.

The TEACHING subseries is comprised of records related to Bayne’s work as a teacher of quantitative methods, forecasting, economics and management. It includes course materials, course outlines, coursepacks (textbooks), lecture notes, course evaluations, notebooks, some statistics and a sample of student assignments from class such as ‘Business Forecasting’, ‘Quantitative Methods in Managerial Economics’, 'Managerial Economics for Sport and Leisure’, ‘Marketing the Arts’ and ‘Quantitative Techniques Applied to Economics of Nonprofit Organizations’ to name a few.

The ADMINISTRATION subseries contains records (minutes of meetings, correspondence, notes) related to Bayne’s role as an administrator of the Diploma in Administration and Sport Administration (DIA/DSA) , the Cree-Concordia University Training Program and the Entrepreneurship Institute for the Development of Minority Communities (EIDMC), as well as his work on different committees and task forces at Concordia University most notably the Task Force on Multiculturalism (ca. 1990-1999), the Concordia Council on First Nations Education and the Council of the School of Graduate Studies.

The CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, TALKS subseries includes presentation notes, conference programs, promotional material and some press clippings related to Bayne’s participation to difference conferences and colloquiums: the Canadian Association of Administrative Sciences (CAAS) 1976 Conference at Université Laval, the Northeast AIDS Meeting in Bostin in April 1981, the International Caribbean Carnival Association (ICCA) Conference in Boston in 1994, the Multiple Lenses, Voices from the Diaspora Conference at Dalhousie University in October 2005, the 8th International Conference of the International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) in Barcelona in 2008 and the Informing Science + It Conference held in Tampa in 2015, to only name a few.

The WRITINGS subseries is comprised of manuscripts, correspondence and notes related to the articles and papers Bayne has published in different academic publications as well as his literary works in essays, theatre and poetry as early as the end of the 1950s.

The RESEARCH AND REFERENCE DOCUMENTATION subseries includes miscellaneous copies of articles, papers, press clippings and some notes on subjects such as management of non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurship, health and sports economics, oil economics in Trinidad and Tobago and ethnical minorities in Montreal, among others. It also includes records related to the management of the Institute for Community Entrepreneurship and Development (ICED): reports, some correspondence and meeting minutes.

The COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT subseries testifies of Bayne’s active involvement in other organizations outside of Concordia University. It includes minutes of meetings, correspondence and some reference documentation (reports, statistics, etc.) related to his role with most notably the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) of Montreal and the Centre-West Community Health Corporation, the Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC), the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), the Comité aviseur sur les relations interculturelles de Montréal (CARIM), the Conseil des arts de la Communauté urbaine de Montréal (CACUM), the Foundation for Minority Arts and Culture (FMAC), the Protestant School Board of Montreal and the Quebec Board of Black Educators Inc. (QBBE).

The DISTINCTIONS subseries is comprised of records related to the distinctions Bayne has received throughout his career: the Achievement in Education Award from the Quebec Board of Black Educators Inc., he Community Builder Award from the House of Commons and the 30, 35 and 40 years Long Service Awards from Concordia University.

The PROFESSIONAL LIFE series also includes curriculum vitae, agendas and notebooks as well as some media coverage (press clippings, copies of articles) on Bayne, as well as photographs of his Promotion to professor party as well as some convocation photos.

The PERSONAL LIFE series is comprised of records related to Bayne’s EDUCATION: course notes, diplomas and some correspondence related to his studies at the Sir George Williams High School, the University of British Columbia and most notably McGill University where he completed his graduate studies. The series also includes records related to Bayne’s immigration to Canada as well as photographs of family and friends, including those of Norma Smith's costumes worn at different carnivals in Montreal as well as slides of different travels in the United States and Canada, including those of a visit to Expo 67 ‘Man and His World’ in Montreal.

Bayne, Clarence S.
P0039 · Fonds · [19--], 1937-1951

The fonds provides information from Thompson's writing projects on the history of Scouting, and on humanism, as well as his participation in World War I.

The fonds consists of memorabilia of Claude W. Thompson's and his brother's participation in World War I. It includes correspondence, press clippings, and a copy of a paper he wrote on Canadian author and historian William Wood (1864-1947). There is also a review of William Wood's book The Fight for Canada, and a copy of the book.

Thompson, Claude Willett
Clifford C. Sparling fonds
P0059 · Fonds · 1982

The fonds consists of a letter of thanks from Henry F. Hall to his colleagues on the occasion of his retirement as principal of Sir George Williams University in 1962 and three photographs of Clifford Sparling.

Sparling, Clifford C.
Clyde Duncan Fonds
P018 · Fonds · [193-]-1986

The fonds provides information about Clyde Duncan's career as a jazz musician.

The fonds contains musical engagement contracts (1939-1940), the Canadian Federation of Musicians by-laws (1930), concert programs, press clippings, photographs, and sound recordings.

Duncan, Clyde
P0092 · Fonds · 1987-1993

The fonds provides information on the executive and administration of the Commerce and Administration Students' Association and its activities.

The fonds consists of minutes, executive lists, memoranda, the association's policies and constitution, and the presidents' annual reports. It also contains copies of a student profile book and CASA publications, including its newsletter, as well as photographs, posters, and objects related to CASA activities.

Concordia University. Commerce and Administration Students' Association
Computing Services fonds
I0026 · Fonds · 1974 - 1996

The fonds provides information on the activities and management of the Computer Centre/Computing Services at Concordia between 1974 and 1996 and during its period at Sir George between 1970 and 1974. There are also some files which document the activities of the Loyola College Computing Centre (1970-1971) and its Data Processing Department (1971-1974). The fonds also includes the research material for the History of Computing Services Project, realized in 1995-1996, which include recorded interviews with employees of the unit and its four directors: Graham Martin, Ivan Fuchs, Jack Fearnley, and John Woodrow.

The fonds mainly consists of reports, correspondence, minutes of meetings, handbooks, computer program files, photographs and videos of employee social events, and sound recordings.

Concordia University. Computing Services
P0130 · Fonds · 1994-1996

The fonds provides information on the Concordia Graduate History Students' Association annual conferences.

The fonds consists of schedules, expense records, correspondence, and conference proceedings.

Concordia University. Graduate History Students Association
I0031 · Collection · 1988-2008

The collection documents the Concordia University initiatives regarding HIV/AIDS from the end of the 1980s. It consists of records produced by the Concordia HIV/AIDS Project, instructors of the HIV/AIDS courses, and the Office of the Rector.

The fonds mainly includes committee meetings, reports, programs, press clippings, course packs, sponsorship kits and posters.

The fonds is organized into the following series and sub-series:
I0031/1330. – Teaching Activities
I0031/1330A. – AIDS/HIV: Cultural, Social, and Scientific Aspects of the Pandemic Course
I0031/1330B. – HIV/AIDS: An Interdisciplinary Introduction Course
I0031/1340. – Training and Practicums-Management
I0031/4210. – University Policies and Procedures
I0031/5111. – Committees and Meetings
I0031/5160. – University Events

Concordia University. Concordia HIV/AIDS Project
I0187 · Fonds · 1999

The fonds provides information on the activities of the Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies from 1987 until 2013.

It contains annual reports, event files, publications, promotional materials, minutes and press clippings.

Concordia University. Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies