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Camp Otoreke

Records in the sub-series document the administration, facilities, staff, campers, and program of Camp Otoreke. It includes correspondence, programs, financial records, publicity, and other materials. The sub-series is arranged in the following sub-sub-series:

P145/12C01 - General administration.
P145/12C02 - Financial administration.
P145/12C03 - Land, facilities, equipment, supplies.
P145/12C04 - Communications.
P145/12C05 - Staff, counsellors.
P145/12C06 - Campers.
P145/12C07 - Program.

Camp Thunderbird

The sub-series contains a file of correspondence and other materials documenting Camp Thunderbird.

Camping associations

The sub-series documents the founding and operations of the camping associations. It includes correspondence, reports, articles, minutes, and other materials. It is organized in the following sub-sub-series:

P145/12N01 - American Camping Association.
P145/12N02 - Canadian Camping Association.
P145/12N03 - Quebec Section, Canadian Camping Association.
P145/12N04 - Quebec Camping Association/Association des camps du Québec.

Canadian local YMCAs

The materials in the sub-sub-series include annual reports and other documents published or created by Canadian YMCAs or YM-YWCAs other than the Montreal YMCA, materials gathered in preparation for histories of the YMCA in Canada, and correspondence.


The materials in the sub-series document the Montreal YMCA's relations with Protestant churches and with the Roman Catholic Church.

The sub-series consists of correspondence, reports, news items, and other materials.

Commercial sound recordings

The sub-series contains audiocassettes and audio discs, including 78 rpm, 45 rpm, and 33 1/3 rpm phonograph recordings collected by Herb Johnson. The majority are 78 rpm recordings of jazz and big band performances.

Some of the 10-inch 78 rpm audio discs are in files, organized by Herb Johnson. Many of the audio discs are undated. A good number were pressed in Montreal.


The sub-series documents the various bodies that have had responsibility for the Montreal YMCA's camping and outdoor programs. The sub-series documents the general organization and management of the YMCA's camping and outdoor programs. It documents research programs related to camp leadership and to other aspects of the theory of camping.

It includes committee minutes, correspondence, membership lists, rosters, reports, questionnaires, and other materials.

Committees General

Sub-series consists of the records of the following bodies:

  • Academic Evaluation Review Board,
  • Academic Priorities Committee - Faculty of Arts,
  • Ad hoc Committee / Anglophone University Enrollments,
  • Ad hoc Committee on Enrollments,
  • Ad hoc Group - Competence on Written Expression,
  • Advisory Committee on Computer Resources and Utilization,
  • Alumni Committee,
  • Arts Faculty Council,
  • Board of Governors - Planning Committee,
  • CADESS (?)
  • Commerce and Administration Faculty Council,
  • Committee on Admission and Registration,
  • Committee on the Evening Division,
  • Concordia Mission and Strategy Study,
  • Cumulative Record Advisory Committee,
  • Editorial Board,
  • Faculty of Arts and Science - Chairmen's Meetings,
  • Faculty Workload Committee,
  • Independent Student Study,
  • Interim Council - Faculty of Arts and Science,
  • Honours Programme Committee,
  • International Institute of Quantitative Economics,
  • Loyola College Senate,
  • Loyola Evening Division,
  • Loyola's Office of Academic Planning,
  • Office of Graduate studies,
  • Office of Institutional Research,
  • Physical Resources and Evaluation Team,
  • Planning Committee - Sir George Williams University,
  • Registrars and Admission - SGW and Loyola
  • Rector's Advisory Committee on Non-Programme Students,
  • Rector's Cabinet,
  • Scholarship Committee,
  • Senate Committee on Academic Development,
  • Senate Committee on Priorities and Resources Allocation,
  • Senate Committee on Visiting Lecturers,
  • Senate Computer Science Committee,
  • Senate Evaluation Task Force - Learning and Teaching,
  • Senate Executive Committee
  • Sir George Williams - Faculty Council,
    -Sir George Williams University - Loyola Merger Committee,
  • Student Life Committee,
  • Student Residence Exploratory Committee,
  • Study Committee on Supplementals and Evaluative Mechanisms,
  • Summer Session Committee,
  • Task Force on Lifelong Education at Concordia,
  • Undergraduate Programme Appraisals Committee,
  • University Committee on Development,
  • University Council,
  • University Council Task Force on Evaluation,
  • University Senate.

Concordia University

Documents in the sub-series relate to the operational transition from Loyola College as an independent entity through its merger with Sir George Williams to form Concordia University. The sub-series contains correspondence, press clippings, minutes, job descriptions, organization charts, enrolment statistics, news releases, legal documents, and other records related to the academic and administrative organization of Concordia University. It includes records on positions and appointments, financing and development, curriculum planning, space planning, and the restructuring of various departments.

Conseil des universités

Sub-series consists of records documenting the relations between the University and the Conseil des Universités. Sub-series contains reports, minutes, special projects and correspondence.

Construction and renovation

The sub-series consists of records related to the construction and the renovation of the Norris Building and the Henry F. Hall Building. It contains correspondence with architects, minutes, sketches, and other documents.


Subseries contains correspondence related to Swinging in Paradise: The Story of Jazz in Montreal.

Correspondence and research notes

Subseries contains information on musicians and jazz music. It is predominantly composed of correspondence and research notes, but also includes questionnaires sent by Gilmore to musicians in an effort to obtain information about their careers and activities.

Correspondence with fellow artists

The subseries illustrates the North-American and more precisely the New York East Village art scene around Sur Rodney (Sur) from the 1970s to 2009. It gives an insight in the life of various artists by the means of personal correspondence exchanged with Sur Rodney (Sur). The sub-series includes a scrap-book containing letters, photographs and drawings send to Sur Rodney (Sur) by artist Pauline Graham Leathem. The sub-series includes as well extensive correspondence with Ronald Heydon, photographer John Brill and artist Lorraine O'Grady. It also contains correspondence with artists Jordan Arseneault, Ann Fensterstock, Arnaud Gosselin, Angel Borrero, Carlo Pittore, Elspeth Duncan, Phyllis Wright, Al Hansen, Ruth Kligman, Adrian Piper, Ray Johnson, and others. Some of these artists were active, like Sur Rodney (Sur), with Visual Aids, an organization working on AIDS awareness through art projects, while supporting artists living with AIDS and archiving their work.

The subseries consists of, but is not limited to, correspondence, newspaper clippings, drafts, and a scrapbook.

Council of Universities

The sub-series contains correspondence, reports, minutes, news releases, clippings, and other records related to the Council of Universities report The General Orientation of English-speaking Universities and the Future of Bishop's and Loyola. It includes records on comments regarding Council of Universities recommendations.

Curriculum General

Sub-series consists of records documenting the following activities:

  • Ad hoc Committee on French Language Courses,
  • Admission and Liaison,
  • Advisory Committee on Continuing Education,
  • Board of Graduate Studies,
  • Committee on Academic Planning, Priorities and Budget,
  • Continuing Education,
  • Loyola Curriculum Coordinating Committee,
  • Native North American Institutes,
  • Opération Sciences Fondamentales,
  • Policy,
  • Principals / Directors Meetings,
  • Procedure for Programmes Submissions,
  • Programme Committee of the Conseil des Universités,
  • Projections for Faculty,
  • Senior/Mature Student Committee - Advisory Committee,
  • Summer Session,
  • Teacher-Training Programme,
  • University Curriculum Coordinating Committee,
  • University Writing Test.

Sub-series contains minutes, programmes proposals, working documents, and correspondence.

Day camp

Records in the sub-series document the organization, administration, promotion, and programs of Montreal YMCA day camps.

Dean's Committee

Sub-series consists of the records documenting the activities of the Committee. Sub-series contains minutes, reports and correspondence.

Directors, presidents

Records in the sub-series document individuals who served as directors and presidents of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA. It includes correspondence, research notes, speeches, biographical records, obituaries, photographs, speeches, a menu, and other materials.

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