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The sub-series documents Peter Madden’s work as a storyteller.

The sub-series includes drafts and final versions of stories for adults as well as for children.


This sub-series documents planning and development of the Black Theatre Workshop (BTW). It also provides insight into the search of a permanent location for the BTW in the 1980s, and the proposal for the establishment of a festival honoring Martin Luther King.

This sub-series contains, among other documents, 3-year-plans, action plans, newspaper articles, a proposal, and correspondence.

Senior Musicians’ Association

The Senior Musicians' Association was registered with the Department of National Revenue in August 1974 to qualify as a charitable organization, and obtained its certification in January 1975. Its purpose, according to the documents: "to provide an opportunity for retired musicians to get together socially, form an orchestra and give free concerts to golden age residences, hospitals, etc." Its funding came from government grants and the musicians union through its Music Performance Trust Funds, as well as private sponsors and donors. Led by Herb Johnson, the Senior Musicians Orchestra played from 1975 through 1987.

The documents in the sub-series are primarily administrative records reflecting the formation and activity of the Association.

Ideas and research notes

The subseries provides information on documentaries submitted to or developed by Brian McKenna between 1974 and 1996. Most of these proposals were not produced or further developed.

The subseries contains notes, correspondence, press clippings, and other documents, on the following:

Going Home. -1986. - Textual records.
Irish Film. - 1983-1984. - Textual Records. - 1 photograph.
Korea. -1978. - Textual records.
Middle East. -1984. - Textual records.
Operation Neat Pitch. - 1974. - Textual records. - 5 photographs: 4 slides.
Roman's Armed Forces Film. - [198?]. - Textual records.
Sri Lanka, Tamils. - [198?]. - Textual records.
Vanishing Coffins. - 1986. - Textual records.
Weather Warfare '79. - 1978. - Textual records.
WWI Diary Play.-1994. - Textual records.

CBC radio scripts

The subseries provides information on Brian McKenna's contribution to CBC radio in 1971. It contains scripts of news coverage of political activities at the time when McKenna was parliamentary correspondent in Ottawa.

CBC The City at 6

The subseries provides information on two short documentaries Brian McKenna produced between 1972 and 1974. It contains two incomplete scripts for The 1974 Municipal Election andThomas D'Arcy McGee. The subseries includes the following documentaries:

The 1974 Municipal Election. - Textual records.
Box number

HA 1151 (Textual records).
Thomas D'Arcy McGee. - Textual records.
In 1973, for CBC City at 6, McKenna wrote and directed his first film, a thirteen- minute story on the assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee.


The sub-series consists of statements of University policies, the University Code and Procedures, and the Code of Conduct, as well as correspondence.

Directors, presidents

Records in the sub-series document individuals who served as directors and presidents of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA. It includes correspondence, research notes, speeches, biographical records, obituaries, photographs, speeches, a menu, and other materials.

Organizational review

The sub-series documents the Montreal YMCA's reflection on and evaluation of the effectiveness of its structure for fulfilling its mission.

It includes reports, studies by organizational review committees and other individuals and groups, and related minutes and correspondence.

Planning, surveys

The materials in the sub-series document the Association's surveys and planning, and witness to the demographic evolution of Greater Montreal.

The sub-series consists of reports; studies; agendas, minutes and other committee documents; speeches and articles; correspondence; questionnaires and sets of completed questionnaires; architectural prospectuses, brochures, illustrations, and sketches; surveyors' reports; construction specifications; and maps, charts, and photographs. The sub-series is arranged as follows:

P145/05E01 - 1925 Montreal YMCA Population Study.
P145/05E02 - 1946 Hugg Study.
P145/05E03 - 1949-1952 Branch Study.
P145/05E04 - Guide Lines to the Sixties.
P145/05E05 - 1964-1969 Planning and Development.
P145/05E06 - 1969-1970 Planning Process.
P145/05E07 - 1971 Planning Process Mobilization.
P145/05E08 - Development Plan for 1980-1985.
P145/05E09 - 1984-1987 Strategic Plan.
P145/05E10 - 1986-1988 Strategic Planning Review.
P145/05E11 - 1990s surveys.
P145/05E12 - Small surveys and planning exercises
P145/05E13 - Proposals for unrealized branches, facilities.
P145/05E14 - Source materials.


The sub-series documents Montreal YMCA educational programs. The documents are arranged in the following sub-sub-series:

P145/10G01 - Constitutive documents, histories.
P145/10G02 - Administration.
P145/10G03 - Financial management.
P145/10G04 - Communications.
P145/10G05 - Buildings, properties.
P145/10G06 - Faculty, staff.
P145/10G07 - Students, student services, associations.
P145/10G08 - Curriculum, programs.
P145/10G09 - Research.
P145/10G10 - External relations.


The sub-series documents the various bodies that have had responsibility for the Montreal YMCA's camping and outdoor programs. The sub-series documents the general organization and management of the YMCA's camping and outdoor programs. It documents research programs related to camp leadership and to other aspects of the theory of camping.

It includes committee minutes, correspondence, membership lists, rosters, reports, questionnaires, and other materials.

Kamp Kanawana

The sub-series documents the administration, property, buildings, equipment, publicity, staff, campers, and program of Kamp Kanawana. The sub-series includes directors' reports, annual reports, correspondence, camper applications, blueprints, maps, photographs, publicity brochures and films, t-shirts, badges, ribbons, pennants, and other materials. The materials are arranged in the following sub-sub-series:

P145/12B01 - General administration.
P145/12B02 - Financial administration.
P145/12B03 - Land, facilities, equipment, supplies.
P145/12B04 - Communications.
P145/12B05 - Staff, counsellors.
P145/12B06 - Campers.
P145/12B07 - Program.

Day camp

Records in the sub-series document the organization, administration, promotion, and programs of Montreal YMCA day camps.

Camping associations

The sub-series documents the founding and operations of the camping associations. It includes correspondence, reports, articles, minutes, and other materials. It is organized in the following sub-sub-series:

P145/12N01 - American Camping Association.
P145/12N02 - Canadian Camping Association.
P145/12N03 - Quebec Section, Canadian Camping Association.
P145/12N04 - Quebec Camping Association/Association des camps du Québec.

The World Alliance of YMCAs, World Councils, World Conferences, international visits

The records in the sub-series document Montreal YMCA involvement at the world level, including international visits to the Montreal YMCA and by Montreal YMCA officials. The records include books, correspondence, conference proceedings and memorabilia, reports, and other materials. The materials are arranged in the following sub-series:

P145/14A01 - World Alliance, World Councils, World Conferences.
P145/14A02 - International visits.

YWCA, other organizations

The materials in the sub-series document the Montreal YMCA's relationships with organizations such as the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) and the Montreal Council of Social Agencies. The first joint YM-YWCA was opened in Windsor, Ontario in 1926. The sub-series also documents relations with the Student Christian Movement (which grew out of the YMCA's university branches in the 1920s), the Montreal Young Men's Hebrew Association, and other organizations.

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