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Budget Control and Accounting

Series provides information on the spending of money by the University. Series contains the 5-year plan for new programmes and the budget of the Coordinator of Academic Planning.

Cooperation and Exchange Activities

Series provides information on various academic cooperative and exchange activities in which the University was involved:
Quebec / California Exchange Programme,
Student and Professional Exchange Programme.

Series contains correspondence, report and programme information.

Relations/Services - External

Series provides information on the relations between the University and the followings external bodies and groups:

  • Canadian Association for Adult Education
  • Canadian Research Institutes
  • College and Post-Secondary Institutes
  • Commission d'enquête sur la situation de la langue française et les droits linguistiques
  • Coop Proposal
  • Corporate - Higher Education Forum
  • Direction Générale de l'Enseignement et Recherche Universitaire
  • English Language Post-Secondary Institutions Committee
  • IBM / Capital Campaign
  • International Congress of University Adult Education
  • Language Legislation
  • Metavision
  • Ministère des Affaires culturelles
  • Ministère de l'Éducation
  • Quebec Association of Protestant School Boards
  • Quebec Association of Protestant School Administrators
  • Universities (Quebec / Non-Quebec)
  • U.S. Junior College / Programmes for Undergraduate.

Relations/Services - Internal

Series provides information on the operations of the following University departments and internal services as well as their relations with the Academic Planning Office:

  • Audio-Visual Department
  • Centre de Recherche en Histoire Économique du Canada Français
  • Centre for Building Studies
  • Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies
  • College / The Provost
  • Computer Centre
  • Computer Riot
  • Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Guidance Information Centre
  • Information Services
  • Interuniversity Centre for the Study of Religion
  • Learning Development Committee
  • McGill - Concordia Task Force
  • Office of the Rector
  • Off-Campus Education
  • Vice-Principal - Academic
  • Purchasing Department
  • Research Centres
  • Space Studies / Changes in all Faculties
  • Student Information System
  • Translation Services
  • University Archives.
    Series contains reports, correspondence, programmes and studies.


Series provides information on the financing of the University, through the planning of the Capital Campaign for 1981-1983. Series contains planning reports.

Staff - General

Series consists of documents relating to policies and benefits programmes regarding staff in general. Series contains Human Resources policies and procedures, tuition waiver, negotiation and appointments.

University Organization, Policy and Planning

Series provides information on the organization and policies of the University. Series contains the following documentation:

  • Academic Planning
  • Board of Governors Report on Priorities and Planning
  • Examination Timetable
  • General Point Average Methods (G.P.A.)
  • Grading Regulations
  • Planning and Studies on Loyola / Sir George Williams University Merger
  • Planning for the New Concordia University
  • Studies with the Conseil des Universités
  • Undergraduate Scholars Programmes Regulation Procedure
  • University By-laws
  • University Code of Conduct
  • University Organization Charts
  • University Policy.


Series provides information, for the period 1968-1984, on the relations between the University and external associations which promote and defend the interests of their members. Series is divided according to the following sub-series:

I0038/01A Associations General
I0038/01B Association of Universities & Colleges of Canada (A.U.C.C.)
I0038/01C Conseil des Universités
I0038/01D Conférence des Recteurs et Principaux des Universités du Québec (C.R.E.P.U.Q.).


Series provides information on a great number of internal committees, subcommittees, advisory committees and task forces in which Mr. Whitelaw participated from 1961-1984. Series is divided according to the following sub-series:

I0038/04A Committees General
I0038/04B Dean's Committee
I0038/04C Rector's Advisory Committee on Academic Administration (R.A.C.A.A.).

Computer Facilities and Operations

Series provides information on project proposals which influenced internal and external activities. Series contains the Concordia University Student Information Systems (COUSINS) manual, definition of terms for the "Système d'informatique et de gestion des Universités" and the systems software proposal / planning.

Curriculum and Programmes

Series provides information on the various steps (conception, authorization, evaluation, revision, modification) involved in the planning and adoption of courses or programmes by departments of Sir George Williams University, Loyola College and Concordia University. Series includes academic planning materials, proposals, course descriptions, course outline, notes and correspondence. Series is divided according to the following sub-series:

I0038/07A Curriculum General
I0038/07B Faculty of Arts and Science
I0038/07C Faculty of Commerce and Administration
I0038/07D Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
I0038/07E Faculty of Fine Arts
I0038/07F C.E.G.E.P. Curriculum.

Student Life

Series consists of student oriented documents and information. Series contains the Programme for New Student Orientation, questionnaires, survey results and a proposed timetable.


Series provides information on the preparation, adoption and modification of the University budget. Series contains consultation documents from the Senate Committee on Priorities and Resource Allocation.

Departmental Affairs

Series consists of documents relating to the activities, goals and functions of the department. Series contains a historical review of the Academic Planning Committee, from 1963 to 1967, produced by Mr. Whitelaw at the beginning of his mandate as Curriculum Coordinator (Academic), the Academic Planning Office filing system [which was probably developed by Mr. Whitelaw] and a Space Need / Proposal for Sir George Williams University.

General Correspondence

Series consists of external and internal correspondence sent by Mr. Whitelaw. Series contains the chronological files for [all] the correspondence that was sent in 1971-1972, 1980-1981 and 1981-1982.


Series provides information on the preparation, distribution and circulation of publications and brochures produced by the University. Series contains graduate calendar entries, academic programme at Concordia (posters), programme booklets, drafts for Concordia publicity.

Research Activities

Series consists of documents relating to the organization and administration of research at the University. Series contains the file for the project submission entitled Application of Simulation on Computers for Long-Range Efficient Planning in a University Planning study, and a negotiated grant and Annual Report from the Faculty of Engineering - Fluid Control System Team.

Staff - Teaching

Series consists of records from the following bodies and groups:

  • Full-Time Faculty, Deans, Collegial instructors,
  • Sir George Williams Association of University Teachers.

Series contains reports, listings and invitation.


Series provides information on studies and projections prepared for future planning. Series is divided according to the following sub-series:

I0038/17A Statistics General
I0038/17B Enrollment Statistics
I0038/17C Teaching Activity Statistics.