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P234/B · Série · [ca. 1960]-1963, 1972-2022
Fait partie de Sur Rodney (Sur) fonds

The series illustrates the North-American and more precisely the New York East Village art scene around Sur Rodney (Sur) from the 1960s to 2018. It depicts Sur Rodney (Sur)’s career as an artist, his involvement in the art scene and his relation to fellow artists. It gives an insight in the life of various artists by the means of personal correspondence exchanged with Sur Rodney (Sur), exhibition catalogues, and documents related to The Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1980) and the All New Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1981), which were both presenting artists from the Manhattan's Lower East Side art scene. Artists mentioned in the series are, among others, Andreas Senser, Gracie Mansion, Geoffrey Hendricks, Pauline Graham Leathem, Ronald Heydon, Nan Goldin, John Brill and Lorraine O'Grady. The series covers subjects like Black Contemporary Art, Performance art, and Queer Art. It also refers to Visual Aids, an organization working on AIDS awareness through art projects, while supporting artists living with AIDS and archiving their work.

The series is organized into the following sub-series:
P0234/ B1 Sur Rodney (Sur)’s talks, presentations and writings
P0234/ B2 Works of fellow artists
P0234/ B3 Correspondence with fellow artists

The series contains, but is not limited to, correspondence, newspaper articles, drafts, scrapbooks, exhibition catalogs, magazines and other publications, posters, notebooks, calendars, photographs, flyers, moving images, a press kit, a sound recording, and an Acker Awards box.

P234/A · Série · [ca. 1900]-2017
Fait partie de Sur Rodney (Sur) fonds

The series documents Sur Rodney (Sur)’s childhood in Montreal and his family background, illustrating the life of a black family in Montreal in the second half of the 20th century. Most of the documents have been collected by Jean [Gertrude Peters] Gordon.
The series contains correspondence between Sur Rodney (Sur) and his parents, Desmond Adams and Jean Adams, and documents related to family members, namely Desmond Rupert Adams, Sur Rodney (Sur)’s grandmother Hazel Irene Pierce, and Rodney’s brother David Adams. Several photo albums illustrate Sur Rodney’s childhood and his larger family. This series also contains documents related to the Negro Community Centre (NCC) and Union United Church, which both were frequented by family members, as well as Expo 67 and the Watchtower Society. Furthermore, the series informs about Sur Rodney (Sur)’s name change and his marriage to Geoffrey Hendricks.

The series includes, but is not limited to, correspondence, photographs, leaflets, programs, flyers, forms, diploma, passports and other pieces of identification, artwork, postcards, brochures, newspaper clippings, a scrapbook and an autograph book.

P228/ D · Série · [197-?]-1993
Fait partie de Vernon Isaac fonds

The series contains materials that document the Ottawa International Jazz Festival and Jazz Ottawa.

It contains four Jazz Ottawa badges and three plaques from the Ottawa International Jazz Festival.

Audio-visual material
P228/ C · Série · 1962-1998
Fait partie de Vernon Isaac fonds

The series contains documentation pertaining to the history of jazz in Canada in the second half of the 20th century. It documents Vernon Isaac’s career as a jazz musician through recordings of the LVJ Trio, Vernon Isaac’s Big Band, Jazz Ottawa and an interview with Vernon Isaac. It also includes recordings of Allan Wellman and Oliver Jones.

The series contains sound recordings and moving images.

P228/ B · Série · [193-?]-2000
Fait partie de Vernon Isaac fonds

The series illustrates Vernon Isaac’s personal life as well as his career as a musician, and includes documents concerning his work with Three Jacks and a Jill, the Vernon Isaac trio, Jazz Ottawa, Ebony in Rhythm, and others. The photographs mostly relate to Vernon Isaac's work as a musician, but also includes images of him as a soldier, and of his family and friends. Some images depict his travels to Greenland and Alert, Nunavut. The series also includes publicity photographs showcasing other artists (some publicity photographs are inscribed by the artists).

The series contains 11 photo albums of various sizes, 10 scrapbooks (composed of press clippings, photographs, advertisements, correspondence, programs, postcards), loose photographs, posters, and a drawing.

Textual records
P228/ A · Série · 1939-2000
Fait partie de Vernon Isaac fonds

The series provides information on Vernon Isaac and other jazz musicians. It presents Isaac’s life as a musician as well as his family. It also contains material on Jazz Ottawa.

The series contains, among other materials, personal papers, newspaper clippings, correspondence, flyers, programs, biographies, invitations, newsletters, meeting minutes, financial documents and certificates.

Peter Johnston as a collector
P199 / C · Série · [193-?], 1958-1977, 1994-2004-2005
Fait partie de Peter K. Johnston fonds

The series relates to Peter K. Johnston’s activities as a collector of jazz-related items. It documents Johnston’s relations to other collectors as well as to Peter Levinson, who wrote a biography on Harry James in 1999, and his involvement in the Montreal Vintage Music Society (MVMS) and the Canadian Collectors’ Congress.

The series includes correspondence, directories, reference documentation, and photographs, among other material.

Jazz musicians
P199 / B · Série · 1940-2003
Fait partie de Peter K. Johnston fonds

The series documents the jazz scenes in both the United States and Canada in the second half of the 20th century. It refers not only to celebrated jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong and Oscar Peterson, but also to a variety of less well-known known performers.

The series includes two scrapbooks, 4 wall calendars, biographical information, discographies, press clippings, memorabilia, moving images, a sound recording, and a magazine, among other material.

Harry James
P199 / A · Série · [193-?]-2005
Fait partie de Peter K. Johnston fonds

The series illustrates the career of Harry James, an American Jazz musician. Harry James was born in Albany, Georgia, United States in 1916. He was a trumpet player and band leader during the Big Band Era. Harry James was married to actress Betty Grable. He died in 1983.

The series includes without limitations two scrapbooks, photographs, correspondence, discographies, press clippings, posters, and several issues of The Music Maker, a magazine published by the Harry James Appreciation Society.

Canadian Press
P195/3 · Série · 1932-1983
Fait partie de Bill Stewart fonds

Contains records related to Stewart's career in the Canadian press.

The series is divided in sub-series:
P0195/3A 1933-1940
P0195/3B World War II Europe 1941-1945 and post-war
P0195/3C World War II Southeast Asia Command 1945 and post-war
P0195/3D Far East correspondent 1945-1947
P0195/3E Quebec City bureau chief 1948-1952
P0195/3F Montreal bureau chief 1952-1974
P0195/3G CP General executive 1975-1979

Literary publications by other authors
P182/F · Série · 1857, 1874, 1878, 1963, 1972-2014
Fait partie de Mark Abley fonds

The series gives an insight into English literature from Quebec, especially poetry, in, dating from the 1970s to 2014. Marc Abley was in contact with many fellow writers, including Emily Cran, Gary Geddes, Eric Wesselow, and many others. As a result, he gathered a small collection of chapbooks and monographies signed by the authors. He also collected some literary magazines and several issues of Ogmios, published by the Foundation for Endangered Languages. Finally, the series includes some pages from old newspapers that Abley preserved.

The series contains, but is not limited to, journals, leaflets, magazines, monographs, newspapers, newspaper articles, notes, a poster, chapbooks, and a bookmark.

Contacts with fellow writers
P182/E · Série · 1964, 1978-2011, 2015
Fait partie de Mark Abley fonds

The series illustrates Abley’s position within the literary community through his contacts to fellow writers and feedback from his readers. The series also includes literary works by other writers and a portrait of Abley.

The series contains, but is not limited to, a critique, a CV, correspondence, drafts, drawings, a leaflet, a chapbook, journals, photographs, invitations, newspaper articles, notes, poems, novels, and a poster.

P182/D · Série · 1981-2015
Fait partie de Mark Abley fonds

During his career as an author and journalist, Mark Abley has reached out to readers and the literary community as a teacher, lecturer, speaker, panelist, and more. He participated in conferences and festivals, visited schools, and was involved with various organisations, such as the Quebec Writers' Federation and the Writer’s Union of Canada.
An important aspect of Ableys work consists of the promotion of English language as part of Quebec culture as well as raising awareness for endangered languages. In this context, Abley took part in the Quanglos tour to promote Quebec English-language writers in 1995. In 2013, Abley participated in the production of a DVD produced by the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN).
Abley has taught in many institutions, including Concordia, Oxford, Cambridge, and Ohio State Universities. He has led several non-fiction workshops, among others for the Quebec Writers’ Federation and at the Banff Centre for the Arts, where he also got involved as a writer, editor, and guest lecturer in the Creative Nonfiction program.
Abley also reached out to young audiences, for example through school visits to promote his book Ghost Cat.
In 2011, Abley was writer in residence at the Pointe-Claire Public library, and in March 2016 at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.
As a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, Abley has led several religious services, which are also documented in this series.
Finally, Abley served as literary executor of the poet Anne Szumigalski.
The series is completed with interviews with Mark Abley, and his CVs.
The series contains, but is not limited to, agendas, an address book, CVs, policies, biographies, correspondence, course outlines, brochures, drafts, essays, posters, handbooks, handouts, interviews, invitations, notes, lectures, lists, photographs, newspaper articles, poems, periodicals, programs, reviews, speeches, a will, a festival schedule, pamphlets, a sound recording, and a multi-media production.

Awards and scholarships
P182/C · Série · 1977, 1980, 1989-1993, 2000-2011
Fait partie de Mark Abley fonds

The series provides information on awards and scholarships obtained by Mark Abley between 1977 and 2011, such as the Rhodes Scholarship, the LiberPress Prize, the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Torgi Literary Award, and the Alumni of Influence Award of the University of Saskatchewan. The series also includes documents related to the funding organizations, and to Abley's studies in English as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford in the 1970s.

The series contains, but is not limited to, a book, programs, correspondence, brochures, notes, essays, handouts, a pamphlet, a photograph, press clippings, a proposal, a report, and a video.

Freelance writer
P182/B · Série · 1922, 1940, 1979-2015
Fait partie de Mark Abley fonds

The series provides information on Abley’s work as a freelance writer from 1979 to 2015. It includes poetry, editorial work, children books, as well as non-fiction books. The series contains published and unpublished materials.

The series is organized into the following subseries:

P182/B1 Poetry
P182/B2 Non-fiction
P182/B3 Young Audiences
P182/B4 Editorial Work

The series contains, but is not limited to, drafts, comments, contracts, correspondence, a grant application, manuscripts, notes, poems, research material, reviews, book excerpts, business cards, agreements, mock-up covers, a directory, essays, an invitation, publicity material, newspaper articles, periodicals, permissions, proposals, reports, a score, a speech, biographies, an awards program, an outline, proofs, a style guide, a work plan, and a class paper.

Journalistic career
P182/A · Série · [1909?], 1916, [1924], [1948, 1965], 1976-2010, 2014-2015
Fait partie de Mark Abley fonds

The series illustrates Mark Abley’s career as journalist, especially for The Gazette, but also as a freelancer. The series gives an insight into Abley’s interests and viewpoints through his journalistic work on a variety of subjects, such as the Armenian genocide and developing countries.
The series also includes interviews that Abley conducted within his research with writers, politicians, and other personalities such as Jane Goodall, Henry Kissinger, and more.

The series is organized into the following subseries:

P182/A1 Research material
P182/A2 Articles
P182/A3 Work at La Gazette

The series contains, but is not limited to, business cards, essays, notes, articles, correspondence, publications, photographs, a press kit, reports, archival material (photocopies), sound recordings, book reviews, drafts, ID-cards, a proposal, a schedule, a staff policy manual, a memorandum of Agreement, and a seed package.

P128/L · Série · 1981-2006, 2010
Fait partie de Fonds La Centrale

La série donne une présentation statistique de La Centrale a l’aide des sondages menés par la galerie et des statistiques sur la galerie.

La série comprend des formulaires de sondage ainsi que des rapports et statistiques issues des sondages.

Ressources humaines
P128/K · Série · 1983-2014
Fait partie de Fonds La Centrale

La série donne de l’information sur la gestion du personnel à La Centrale de 1983 à 2011. Elle renseigne sur diverses positions administratives, le processus de recrutement, le bénévolat, les stages et les conditions de travail à la galerie.

La série comprend notamment une convention collective, des descriptions de poste, des contrats, des CVs, des rapports de stage, des lignes directrices, et de la correspondance.

Gestion des membres
P128/J · Série · 1973-2014
Fait partie de Fonds La Centrale

La série donne de l’information sur l'adhésion à La Centrale, le recrutement des membres et les cotisations depuis les débuts de la galerie en 1973 jusqu'à 2007. De plus, en donnant accès à des documents conservés par différents membres, la série documente l'implication des membres dans le quotidien de la galerie.

La série comprend notamment des dépliants, des règlements, des procès-verbaux, des formulaires d'adhésion, des listes de membres, des bulletins d'information, des affiches, de la correspondance, des invitations, des coupures de presse, des publications et des photographies.

La série est organisée selon les sous-séries suivantes:

P128/J1 – Informations sur l'adhésion
P128/J2 – Membres
P128/J3 – Documents des membres

Affaires juridiques
P128/I · Série · 2002, 2007
Fait partie de Fonds La Centrale

La série donne de l’information sur la gestion de la sécurité à la galerie.

La série comprend des rapports d’incident.

Ressources immobilières
P128/H · Série · 1974-2013
Fait partie de Fonds La Centrale

La série donne de l’information sur les ressources immobilières de La Centrale de 1974 à 2009. Elle contient également des informations sur l'équipement de la galerie.

La série comprend des plans et descriptions des différents locaux, ou la galerie fut logée, des photographies des espaces d'exposition, des contrats de location, des polices d'assurance et de la documentation sur l’équipement mobile.

Relations externes
P128/G · Série · 1971-2010
Fait partie de Fonds La Centrale

La série donne de l’information sur les relations entre La Centrale et autre organisations de la scène artistique, ainsi que des informations sur la scène culturelle de Québec et Canada. La série inclut une banque de données sur les organisations liées à l'art au Canada, aux États-Unis et en Europe du début des années 1990. La série donne aussi de l’information sur le RCAAQ [Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec], dont La Centrale était membre.

La série comprend notamment de la correspondance, des rapports, des brochures, des procès-verbaux, des coupures de presse, de la documentation de référence ainsi que des affiches.

P128/F · Série · 1979-2012, 2015
Fait partie de Fonds La Centrale

La série donne de l’information sur les documents publies par La Centrale, incluant le processus de publication.

La série comprend notamment des publications, des documents de travail (correspondance, programmes, rapports, résumés, ébauches, notes, etc.), des contrats, ainsi que des documents relies au comité de publication.

Artistes et événements
P128/E · Série · 1973-2015
Fait partie de Fonds La Centrale

La série donne de l’information sur un grand nombre de femmes artistes québécoises, canadiennes et internationales. La plupart de ces artistes ont exposé à La Centrale ou ont participé à des évènements organises par la galerie. La documentation va souvent au-delà les événements et les expositions organisées par La Centrale, et fournit également des informations sur le développement professionnel des artistes. La série inclut aussi de l’information concernant la préparation des évènements par La Centrale.

La série comprend notamment de la correspondance, des brochures, des résumés, des contrats d’exposition, des déclarations d'artistes, des photographies, des articles de journaux, des publications, des affiches, des cartes d'invitation, des enregistrements sonores, des images en mouvement, des livres d'or et quelques objets.

La série est organisée selon les sous-séries suivantes:

P128/E1 Artistes et événements – Dossiers individuels
P128/E2 Albums de photo
P128/E3 Livres d’or
P128/ E4 Demandes de subvention – dossiers visuels

P128/D · Série · 1973-2011
Fait partie de Fonds La Centrale

La série donne de l’information sur la promotion des évènements de la galerie par La Centrale ainsi que la couverture médiatique de La Centrale et ses activités.

La série comprend des communiqués, des entretiens, de la publicité, des cartes d'invitation, ainsi que des communiqués de presse et des coupures de presse sur la galerie et ses activités. Il comprend également de la correspondance et des documents de référence relatifs à l'impression et à la distribution de la publicité, des formulaires vierges utilisés par La Centrale et les documents liés à la page Web de la galerie. De plus, on y trouve des bulletins d’information, des notes de service et toute autre correspondance générale adressée aux membres de la galerie.

P128/C · Série · 1975-2013
Fait partie de Fonds La Centrale

La série donne de l’information sur la programmation des expositions et évènements a la galerie La Centrale. Elle renseigne également sur le processus de sélection.

La série comprends des propositions d'exposition, y compris du matériel visuel et des CVs, ainsi que des dossiers de sélection et des comptes rendus de réunion du comité de programmation, incluant des comités spéciaux tels que le comité du 25ième anniversaire. La série contient également les brochures de programmation annuelles.