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Unidentified Letters

This series presents letters written between 1825 and 1831. Their origin and creator remains unclear at the moment. For now, it is hard to state if those archives are linked to the Vincent and Olga Diniacopoulos fonds, but they were found in their documents.
The letters are written in French, as the author appears to live in Paris. They seem to address money and art transactions. The quality of the written language makes them sometimes hard to read. They are in a rough condition due to their age.

Victoria Toll Bar

Series contains records relating to the Victoria Toll Bar on Victoria Road probably located in Montreal. Material consists of a deed of lease, toll payment grid from the Turnpike Trust, receipts of payment, instructions regarding how the toll bar functions, and a list of tolls to be paid.


The series documents the Association's membership, membership policy and promotion, and related matters.

The series includes correspondence, reports, studies, minutes, agendas, meeting notices, clippings, moving films, video recordings, sound recordings, photographs, and other materials.

Instructional records

Series contains prescriptions for ailments, notes regarding waterproofing of various garments, research notes, sheets of poetry, religious documents including hymns and a book of saints, and a handwritten math textbook from Scotland, which covers addition, notations, subtraction, multiplication, division, reduction, the rule of three, the rule of five, and a practice section.

Business records

Series consists of materials concerning the town of Saint-Malachie and the O'Farrell Family's general store. Documents include a tax roll, 2 ledgers, correspondence, and notes. The tax roll for the town of Saint-Malachie, likely saved by James O'Farrell who served as the Secretary Treasurer for the town, documents the taxes paid on different parcels of land (information is organized by land parcel, or "rang"). 2 ledgers, notes, and correspondence document transactions at the O'Farrell Family's general store in Saint-Malachie. The ledgers, organized according to the name of individuals or families list purchases made, balances due, and how debts were paid. Correspondence, notes, and loose ledger pages also document the activities of the general store.

Personal records

Series consists of 4 diaries written by Mary Bridget O'Farrell. The diaries document the life of Mary Bridget O'Farrell, as well as that of the O'Farrell family.

Financial records

Series consists of records relating to payment and receipt of various taxes and bills. The material includes receipts from the City of Montreal’s Treasurer Office for City Dues, municipal receipts for Côte St- Louis, (now Mile End in Montreal), insurance payment receipts, payment for household furnishings, and heating bills.

Attestations, wills, and certificates

Material consists of family members and friends’ last wills and testaments, appointment of tutorship of children, the transfer of funds, contracts regarding payment dates, a diploma of Teacher of a Model School, grades, insurance policies, fire policies, and the sale of property.


Series contains one leather wallet and a tin box, which held the wallet. The wallet previously held correspondence.


Series consists of correspondence sent to different Grant family members. Letters are between members of the immediate family, cousins, uncles, and aunts, family and friends in Scotland, Spain, and Ontario, between tenants and landlords, correspondence with city officials and departments such as the Palais de Justice in Montreal, letters from lawyers and notaries, and invitations to events.


Material consists of love poems and love letters written by Irving Layton to Beatrice Bazar.


Series consists of an early photograph of Irving Layton and a note to Bazar written by Layton on the back of the picture frame.

Scrapbook II

Scrapbook II contains illustrations from the magazine "Canadian Forum", poems by JEH MacDonald and clippings of articles on Canadian Art.


Series contains 54 photographs documenting the daily life of Dorothy Harper. Photographs, which include portraits and landscapes, were mostly taken in Quebec, specifically in Montreal, Sainte- Agathe, Saint-Sauveur, and Sainte-Adèle. Photographs also showcase scenes in Ottawa, Ontario; Burlington, Vermont; and New York City, New York. Significantly, a number of photographs were taken inside jazz clubs in Montreal, including Café Esquire and El Morocco. Three photographs depict Oscar Peterson in concert.

Sound recordings

Series contains two phonographic records by Oscar Peterson and Eddie Baxter. The first contains the songs "Just You and Me" and "Body and Soul" (cracked). The second contains "Laura" and "I got Rhythm."

Scrapbook I

Scrapbook I is a collection of newspaper clippings on Canadian art and artists.

Family Correspondence

The series provides personal information on the members of the Hingston Family, through their personal correspondence.
The series contains correspondence between the members of the family and with other correspondents. The letters were received by Sir William, Lady Hingston and three of their children: Aileen, Basil and Harold. They were sent by members of the family: Sir William Hales Hingston, William Hingston, S.J., Harold Hingston and Aileen Hingston; and friends and relations.

A.Y. Jackson

Materials regarding A.Y. Jackson collected by Anne Savage are included in this series.

Clippings on Art Education

The series holds newspaper clippings collected by Anne Savage related to art education in Quebec, Canada, United States and Great Britain.

Pedagogical Notes

The series contains Anne Savage's pedagogical notes for her teaching activities at the Art Association of Montreal and at McGill University.


Series contains 471 documents of all types dated between 1915 and 1954 organized into folders, probably by S.A. Rochlin. Documents include minutes, agendas, accounts, manuscripts, poems, leaflets, flyers, pamphlets, posters, newspaper clippings, manifestos, petitions, reports, speeches, constitutions, telegrams, press releases, applications, invitations, correspondence, and handbills. Documents concern the South African Labour Party, Workers’ International League, South African Labour Defence, Irish Republican Association of South Africa, South African Labour Defence, African National Congress, Communist Party of South Africa, African National Improvement Movement, Congress of the People, United Communist Party, United Communist Party of South Africa, South African Section of the Communist International, International Socialist League, Communist Propaganda Group, and Youth League of South Africa, among others.

Periodicals and newspapers

Series contains 46 periodicals and newspapers dated between 1919 and 1957 collected by S.A. Rochlin published by the Communist Party of South Africa, South African Labour Party, the Socialist Workers’ League, Labour League of the Youth of South Africa, Anti-Nazi Vigilance Committee, League for the Maintenance of Democracy, Industrial Socialist League, South African Labour Defence, Youth League of South Africa, Young Communist League of South Africa, and Young Communist International, among others.

Newspapers and periodicals include: Labour's Voice, Socialist Action, The Revolutionary Communist: a journal, of Marxist-Leninism, Anti-Nazi, The Democrat, The Bolshevik: official organ of the Industrial Socialist League of South Africa, Umvikeli-Thebe/The African Defender, The African World: the mouthpiece of the Cape African National Congress, South African Young Communist, organ of the Young Communist League, The Torch: the organ of the unemployed of South Africa, The Workers' Dreadnought for International Communism, and The Workers' Voice, among others.


The series provides information on various theatre productions such as HIgh Tor, Coriolanus and Murder in the Cathedral. It consists of photographs.

Teaching activities

The series contains a paper evaluating Sir George Williams College based on a survey by two students (1942) and a group of papers written in 1957-1958 on various Canadian Y.M.C.A. activities by students in a Sociology class given by Henry F. Hall.

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