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Series documents the historical and organizational development of the Black Theatre Workshop (BTW), from its beginnings in 1965 as the Trinidad & Tobago Association (TTA) Drama group, through its incorporation as the BTW in 1972, to today. This series contains materials concerning the work of the Board of Directors and related committees. It also documents the planning and the management of human resources at the BTW.

The series is divided into the following sub-series :
F034/A1 History and constitution
F034/A2 Meetings and committees
F034/A3 Human resources
F034/A4 Planning

The series contains, among other documents, letters patent, programs, newspaper clippings, a constitution, historical outlines, photographs, play scripts, letterheads, logos, poster, newsletters, membership lists, briefs, mission statements, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, lists of board members, organizational charts, job descriptions, meeting notes, grant applications, and contracts.


The series gives information on the administration of the Optica Gallery.

The series contains the charter, a historical sketch, the organization chart, leases, insurance contracts, and correspondence.

The series is organized into the following four sub-series :
P0056/2A Incorporation
P0056/2B Physical facilities
P0056/2C External relations
P0056/2D Reports of activity, schedules


Series provides documentation about the activities of the Conseil Quebecois de l’estampe (CQE) from 1978 to 2005.

Series contains meeting minutes, agendas, voting process of the members of the administrative council, summary of projects and project proposals. It also contains documentation from special meetings regarding the publication and amendments of the Code d’éthique, correspondence and activity reports.


The series contains documentation about the administration and organization of the Black Community Resource Centre between 1994 and 2021.

The series contains agendas, meeting minutes, communiques, correspondence, bulletins, press releases, newsletters, annual reports, policies, organizational charts, job descriptions and job postings, memos, invitation letters, updates on programs, and group discussions, among other documents.


The series provides information on the establishment and evolution of La Centrale from its beginnings in 1973 to the present, including its administrative structure, its objectives and mission, as well as general planning. It also contains information about the Société du 5 avril, of which La Centrale was a member.

The series includes founding documents, meeting minutes, correspondence, interviews, reports, and organizational charts, among other records.

The series is organized into the following sub-series:

P128/A1 History and founding documents
P128/A2 Meetings and committees


The series documents the management and development of the Black Studies Center from its beginnings as National Black Coalition Quebec Institute of Research, founded and directed by Dr. Clarence Bayne, to 2007. It provides important insight into the administration and organizational structure of the Black Studies Center. It also contains information about the building occupied by the Black Studies Center, located at 1968 De Maisonneuve West in Montreal.

The series is divided into the following subseries:
F035/A1 History and constitution
F035/A2 Meetings and committees
F035/A3 Facilities Management
F035/A4 Human resources
F035/A5 Legal Affairs

The series contains, among other documents, meeting minutes, agendas, reports, policies, correspondence, memos, a case study, letters patent, a constitution, statistics, a video of the opening reception of the institute, proposals, programs, registered charity information returns, photographs, architectural plans, descriptive texts of the BSC, a letterhead, two logos, deeds of sale, a certificate of location, insurance policies, permits, contracts, agreements, organizational charts, resumes, work schedules, job descriptions, attendance register, lists, insurance claims, funding requests, and the Black Studies Center Newsletter vol. 1, no. 1 (June 1974), including working documents related to its production.

Administration and personnel

The series provides information on Wartime Production Inc., a company Brian McKenna created with Susan Purcell and used for The Valour and the Horror. The series also provides information on people McKenna worked with or contracted for his documentaries.

It contains legal correspondence, an act of incorporation, financial statements, minutes, a curriculum vitae, memos, notes, and other documents. The series is organized into the following subseries:

P0112/F1 Wartime Production Inc.
P0112/F2 Personnel files and correspondence.

Administrative documents

Series consists of administrative documents created by René Balcer. Material consists of a chronology of achievements, proposal for a television production company, notes to the archivist and user regarding the material in the fonds, a log of progress made on early scripts, headshots, the writer’s resume and architectural plans for the Balcer residence.

Administrative Records

The series provides information on the administrative structure of the Blue Metropolis Foundation. It includes information on different committees and their meetings. It also provides information on the funding of the foundation.

The series contains meeting minutes, financial records, mandates, correspondence, flyers, job applications, contracts and other materials.

Administrative records

The series provides information on the evolution, general organization and history of the St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal, mainly through official documents, minutes of meetings, and general correspondence.

The series contains constitutions and by-laws, minutes of meetings, committee files, annual reports, and general correspondence. Minutes of meetings include president’s reports from annual meetings, special meeting minutes such as from the grants committee or cultural committee, and some copies of financial reports. Some copies of annual financial records are also within the meeting files. The correspondence files document the activities and administration of the Society and its relations with individuals and organizations, such as the United Irish Societies of Montreal.


Series contains agenda and message books relating to René Balcer Archives. Material consists of agendas, message books containing messages from phone calls, wall calendars, notebooks of drawings and treatment ideas.

Alumni Association

The series covers the Loyola Alumni Association's fundraising, awards, and social activities.

The series includes correspondence, minutes and other documents of the Loyola Alumni Association Board of Directors, membership lists, news releases, clippings, financial records, programs, reports, and pamphlets.

Annual and Special General Meetings

The series documents annual general meetings and special general meetings of members of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA. Minute books include minutes of members' and other regular monthly meetings, meeting notices, clippings of press notices, attendance reply cards, agendas, committee reports, financial reports, audited financial reports, annual reports of activity, and copies of speeches to the general meetings by YMCA presidents and others, including invited keynote speakers.

In addition to official minute books, the sub-series includes materials assembled by YMCA personnel, including minutes and other documents related to the general meetings.

Ars Classica Gallery

This series is about the activities of the Ars Classica gallery, located in Montreal and operating in the 50’ and 60’. It contains textual records mainly about the exhibitions organized by Ars Classica, or to which it contributed.

Diniacopoulos, Vincent

Art Education: Pamphlets and Papers

Included in this series are the pamphlets and papers related to art, art education and the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal collected by Anne Savage.

Art in Canada

Series contains miscellaneous documents concerning the Canadian art scene in the 1970s. Documents include a pamphlet for Corridart dans la Rue Sherbrooke, an exhibition put on in conjunction with the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, and Vehicle: Handbook of Toronto Cultural Resources (1972) edited by Isobel Harry and Marlene Sober.

Articles and blogs

Series contains articles relating to René Balcer and his work. Material consists of articles about the three Law & Order television series, a printout of webpage search results for Law & Order, blog posts about the shows, printouts of interviews with Balcer, audio interview about screen writing, and articles dealing with Universal and Vivendi studios.

Artists and events

The series provides information on a wide variety of Quebec, Canadian and international women artists. Most of these artists exhibited at La Centrale or participated in events organized by the gallery. The documentation often goes beyond the events and exhibitions organized by La Centrale and also provides information about the professional development of the artists. The series also includes information related to the preparation of events at La Centrale.

The series contains, but is not limited to, correspondence, brochures, résumés, exhibition contracts, artist’s statements, photographs, newspaper articles, publications, posters, invitation cards, sound recordings, moving images, guest books, and a few objects.

The series is organized into the following subseries:

P128/E1 Artists and Events - Individual files
P128/E2 Photo albums
P128/E3 Guest books
P128/E4 Grant applications - visual files

Artists, exhibitions and performances

The series provides information on the artists and groups of artists who exhibited or performed at Véhicule.

The artist files consist principally of correspondence, press releases, press clippings, résumés, and photographs. The exhibition and performance files consist principally of press clippings, press releases, exhibition requests, and photographs.

The series is organized into the following sub-series:
P0027/05a Artists
P0027/05b Exhibitions and performances


Series contains a portrait of Irving Layton painted by Edith Mather in 1962.


Series contains drawings, sketches, and paintings given to Irving Layton.

Assistant to the President

The series provides information on Loyola College. It includes background on the need for an Assistant to the President and on his activities in the management of administrative and cultural activities.


The series provides information on arts associations that were of interest to Véhicule Art Inc.

The series contains publications, press releases, and licences related to Canadian Artist's Representative / Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC) and the Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of Canada / l'Association des compositeurs et des éditeurs du Canada (CAPAC).


Series provides information, for the period 1968-1984, on the relations between the University and external associations which promote and defend the interests of their members. Series is divided according to the following sub-series:

I0038/01A Associations General
I0038/01B Association of Universities & Colleges of Canada (A.U.C.C.)
I0038/01C Conseil des Universités
I0038/01D Conférence des Recteurs et Principaux des Universités du Québec (C.R.E.P.U.Q.).

Associations and Organizations

The series documents Loyola's involvement in a wide range of internal and external associations.
The series contains correspondence; programs, pamphlets; bylaws, constitutions, charters, policy statements, agendas, minutes; news releases, clippings; application forms, addresses, membership cards; briefs, transcripts; statistics; receipts, financial statements, and auditors' reports.

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