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Planning, policy, structure

The series documents the Montreal YMCA's mission statements, philosophy, values, policies, procedures, planning process, and evolving organizational structure. It includes documents related to planning exercises including surveys and other research.

The series includes staff policy and procedure manuals and policy statements on a range of issues and related records; demographic and other studies of client groups; reports, correspondence, minutes, agendas, charts and tables, brochures, maps, and other records.

The series is arranged as follows:

P0145/05A Mission.
P0145/05B Organization charts, directories.
P0145/05C Organizational review.
P0145/05D Policies, procedures.
P0145/05D01 Manuals.
P0145/05D02 Policies.
P0145/05D03 Language policy.
P0145/05E Planning, surveys.
P0145/05E01 1925 Montreal YMCA Population Study.
P0145/05E02 1946 Hugg Study.
P0145/05E03 1949-1952 Branch Study.
P0145/05E04 Guide Lines to the Sixties.
P0145/05E05 1964-1969 Planning and Development.
P0145/05E06 1969-1970 Planning Process.
P0145/05E07 1971 Planning Process Mobilization.
P0145/05E08 Development Plan for 1980-1985.
P0145/05E09 1984-1987 Strategic Plan.
P0145/05E10 1986-1988 Strategic Planning Review.
P0145/05E11 1990s surveys.
P0145/05E12 Small surveys and planning exercises.
P0145/05E13 Proposals for unrealized branches, facilities.
P0145/05E14 Source materials.

Research Material and Publications

The series is composed of correspondence, articles, and photocopies of various documents (mainly 1887-1904) mainly related to the 16 pioneering female journalists. The Alice Asselin file contains a few original documents (textual and photos). The series also includes documentation specifically on the Canadian Women’s Press Club and various publications.


The series documents the Association's membership, membership policy and promotion, and related matters.

The series includes correspondence, reports, studies, minutes, agendas, meeting notices, clippings, moving films, video recordings, sound recordings, photographs, and other materials.


La série contient des prescriptions contre les maladies, des notes concernant l'imperméabilité de divers vêtements, des notes de recherche, de la poésie, des documents religieux comprenant des hymnes et un livre de saints, et un manuel de mathématiques manuscrit venant d'Écosse, qui couvre les notations, l'addition, la soustraction, la multiplication, la division, réduction, la règle de trois, la règle de cinq et une section pratique.


La série comprend un portefeuille en cuir et une boite en aluminium. Dans le portefeuille se trouvait de la correspondance, et le portefeuille était garde dans la boite.

Unidentified Letters

This series presents letters written between 1825 and 1831. Their origin and creator remains unclear at the moment. For now, it is hard to state if those archives are linked to the Vincent and Olga Diniacopoulos fonds, but they were found in their documents.
The letters are written in French, as the author appears to live in Paris. They seem to address money and art transactions. The quality of the written language makes them sometimes hard to read. They are in a rough condition due to their age.

Research material on Sir William Hale Hingston

The material was collected by Alan Hustak for the writing of Sir William Hingston 1829-1907 : Montreal mayor, surgeon and banker, published in Montreal by Price-Patterson in 2004.
The series gives information about Sir William Hingston and his family. Besides, it illustrates the author’s research as part of the writing process.

The series includes without limitations reference documentation, newspaper clippings, images, manuscripts, booklets and correspondence. Most of the material are reproductions.

Attestations, testaments et certificats

Le matériel comprend les testaments des membres de la famille Grant et des amis, la nomination de la tutelle des enfants, le transfert de fonds, les contrats de nature financiere, un diplôme d'enseignant, des bulletin scolaires, des polices d'assurance, et des documents relies a la vente de biens immobiliers.

Documents financiers

La série comprend des documents relatifs au paiement et à la réception de diverses taxes et factures, comme des reçus du bureau du trésorier de la Ville de Montréal pour les cotisations municipales, des reçus municipaux de Côte St-Louis (maintenant Mile End à Montréal), des reçus de paiement d’assurance, des reçus d'achat de meubles et des factures de chauffage.

Poste de péage Victoria

La série contient des documents relatifs au poste de péage Victoria sur avenue Victoria probablement situé à Montréal. Le matériel comprend un acte de location, une grille de paiement des péages de Turnpike Trust, des reçus de paiement, des instructions concernant le fonctionnement de la barre de péage et une liste des péages à payer.

Departmental Affairs

The series documents the Office of the President's activities in relation to its administrative functions, including the production of policies and procedures, reports from Departments, receptions, trips, the acquisition of the Bernard Arctic Collection, and addresses and speeches given at conferences as well as legal affairs.

The series contains correspondence, statistics, clippings, reports, and notes.

Sir William Hales Hingston

The series provides information on Sir William Hales Hingston's career as surgeon and politician, and his experience on different boards of directors, as well as some of the numerous honours he received during his career. It also contains some of his writings, most importantly the manuscript of the Climate of Canada and How It Affects Us which he published.

The series contains correspondence, notes, essays, press clippings, and other documents.

The series is organized into the following subseries:

P0134/A1 Medical Career
P0134/A2 Political Career
P0134/A3 Administrative Career
P0134/A4 Writings
P0134/A5 Honours


This series consists of photographic images of persons, events, activities and facilities of the Montreal YMCA.

Subjects photographed include staff, buildings, camp activities, soldiers during the WWI and WWII, fundraising activities, social events such as dancing, theatre, banquets, games, sports, general assemblies, and awards ceremonies.

Research on Montreal Music Activity

Mr. Robertson had many research subjects. Among them was one regarding musical activities in Montreal. He worked extensively on a list of all the performers, Canadian or not, who appeared in Montreal between 1913 and 1970. To achieve this task, he went through newspapers covering that period, including: La Presse, The Montreal Gazette, The Montreal Star, The Montreal Herald, The Montreal Standard, and La Patrie, The Montreal Daily. He compiled two lists, one alphabetical and the other chronological, both of which include the dates and places of performance. A database has been established to enter this data in the computer. It is accessible by: Entertainer's Name, Date of Performance, and Venue.

In addition to Montreal music activity, Mr. Robertson investigated other show business areas, such as: American vaudeville artists, Vaudeville artists, Rock n'roll bands, Montreal's musicians and bands, American comedy, Country music, Dance music, Dixieland jazz band, Quebec's burlesque theater, and Who's who in jazz.

This series also includes Mr. Robertson's research notes on all those subjects and the lists that he established.

External relations

Records in the series document relationships between the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA and the World Alliance of YMCAs, headquartered in Geneva; North America-wide YMCA organizations such as the International Committee and its World Service Committee/Division; the National Council of YMCAs of Canada; regional councils and committees of Canadian YMCAs; the YMCA in the United Kingdom; the YMCA in the United States; and other Canadian local YMCAs. The series also documents relationships between the Montreal association and the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), as well as other associations, churches, and governments.

The series includes correspondence; annual, financial, and other reports; meeting notices, agendas, and minutes; publicity materials; yearbooks, published materials on YMCA administration and other topics; research materials for Murray Ross' History of the YMCA in Canada; other YMCA histories and historical sketches, and other materials.

The documents are arranged in the following sub-series and sub-sub-series:

P0145/14A The World Alliance of YMCAs, World Councils, World Conferences, international visits.
P0145/14A01 World Alliance, World Councils, World Conferences.
P0145/14A02 International visits.
P0145/14B World Service, Foreign Work.
P0145/14C International Committee, other North American YMCA organizations.
P0145/14D National Council of YMCAs of Canada.
P0145/14D01 Constitutive documents.
P0145/14D02 Histories.
P0145/14D03 Annual Reports.
P0145/14D04 Correspondence, reports.
P0145/14D05 Meetings of Council, Board, Executive Committee, staff.
P0145/14D06 Committee meetings, reports.
P0145/14D07 Annual, Special General Meetings.
P0145/14D08 National conferences, conventions.
P0145/14D09 Policy, planning, surveys.
P0145/14D10 Program support.
P0145/14D11 Military Work.
P0145/14D11a Boer War.
P0145/14D11b World War I.
P0145/14D11c Interwar period.
P0145/14D11d World War II.
P0145/14D11e Post-World War II.
P0145/14D12 Geneva Park: Couchiching national centre.
P0145/14D13 Camp Canada.
P0145/14D14 Human resources administration.
P0145/14D15 Financial administration.
P0145/14D16 Communications, public relations.
P0145/14D17 Directories, rosters.
P0145/14E Regional YMCA councils, committees.
P0145/14F YMCAs of the United Kingdom.
P0145/14G YMCAs of the United States.
P0145/14H Canadian local YMCAs.
P0145/14I YWCA, other organizations.
P0145/14J Governments.
P0145/14K Churches.


The series includes objects collected by or donated to the St. Patrick’s Society.

The series contains 5 St. Patrick’s Society badges, 2 ribbons, 2 spikes taken from the old floor of St. Patrick’s Church in Montreal, and 3 pieces of stone taken from headstones and the Kilmainham Goal Wall to commemorate the Irish uprising in 1916. Also included is a stained-glass window from the Father Dowd Memorial Home, completed in 1869 as a home for the aged, infirm, and the homeless.

Metropolitan Board of Directors

The series documents the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA as well as its Executive Committee and Nominating Committee. It includes minutes and other meeting documents, reports, correspondence, photographs, brochures, and biographical records related to Board presidents and members. It includes Metropolitan Montreal YMCA Annual Reports.

It is arranged in the following sub-series:

P0145/02A Directors, presidents.
P0145/02B Metropolitan Board and Executive Committee meetings.
P0145/02C Nominating Committee.
P0145/02D Annual Reports.

Founding Documents, Constitution, By-Laws, Histories

The series documents the founding, legislative and regulatory framework, and administrative history of the Quebec YMCA.

The records include constitutions, by-laws, amendments, declarations and other documents related to the status of the Quebec YMCA as a legal corporate entity. The records also include handwritten notes on the legal and administrative history of the Quebec YMCA.

Financial Administration

The series documents the financial administration and related activities of the Quebec YMCA, from 1885 to 1976.

The records include annual financial statements and reports, comparative reports, early subscription receipts, records of receipts and expenditures, and some financial memoranda and other finance-related correspondence. The records also include legal documents and account statements related to bequeathed estates, including the John Holt and Whitefield Shannon estates.

Family History

The series provides historical information on the members of the Hingston Family.

The series contains notices of death, biographical sketches of Sir William, historical brochures, books, admission tickets, maps, newspapers clippings and two family trees. It also contains 133 photographs of family members, partly in a photo album.

Research on Labels and Series

Mr. Robertson did extensive research on record labels pressed in Lachine by the Compo Company Limited. His objectives were to correct the inaccuracies often found in the record catalogues and to find out which musicians recorded under more than one name, either in Canada or another country. He achieved three lists of numericals: (1) The Apex 8000 Numerical, (2) Canadian Compo Numericals, and (3) Canadian Gennett and Starr-Gennett 9000 Numerical. Some of this work was done with the help of George Humble and many of his other correspondents. Mr. Robertson's work on numericals was partly published in The Record Research, a periodical, in 1983 and 1986. This series includes Mr. Robertson's documentation, research notes and lists.

Mr. Robertson used various materials to complete his research; record catalogues and pamphlets, periodicals and books. These have been filed in alphabetical order and are described in the following categories: (1) Record Catalogs and Brochures, (2) Periodicals, and (3) Annotated Books.

Mr. Robertson collected many record catalogs and brochures to work on his lists of numericals. In them he found a lot of inaccuracies and tried to correct them in his final lists. This category includes all the catalogues and brochures collected by Mr. Robertson. They have been organized into 7 sections: (1) Record Companies, (2) Independent Companies, (3) Independent Dealers, (4) Public Bodies, (5) Radio Stations, (6) Record Clubs, and (7) Sheetmusic Catalogues. Within each of these sections, the material is organized alphabetically by company and then, chronologically.

Mr. Robertson collected many music periodicals. Some of them are specifically about jazz. This category includes all the periodicals kept in the Archives. They are classified chronologically. A list of the discarded periodicals is also available.

Mr. Robertson collected many books to help him in his research. Those which he annotated have been kept in the Archives. This category includes a listing of these books.

The collection contains about 1000 78 rpm records, most of which were pressed in Montreal by Berliner and Compo. Berliner was the first canadian record production company and Compo was the first one to produce black musician's records. A database was established to list and provide access to the records. The data can be accessed by: Item number, Company, Label, Catalog number, Title, Type of music, Recording artist, and Composer.

The Alex Robertson collection contains about 3000 pieces of sheet music, which include various kinds of music, such as jazz, popular, country, contemporary and classical. About 1000 of them have a canadian content; i.e. the music was written by a canadian author, published in Canada, or the sheet music was sold by a canadian store or had an insert that would confirm it was originally performed by a canadian artist. The computer program was established to list and provide access to the sheet music. The data can be accessed by: Item number, Title, Composer, Lyricist, Names in comments, Publisher, Place of publication, Type of music, Copyright date, and Photo on cover.

Administrative records

The series provides information on the evolution, general organization and history of the St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal, mainly through official documents, minutes of meetings, and general correspondence.

The series contains constitutions and by-laws, minutes of meetings, committee files, annual reports, and general correspondence. Minutes of meetings include president’s reports from annual meetings, special meeting minutes such as from the grants committee or cultural committee, and some copies of financial reports. Some copies of annual financial records are also within the meeting files. The correspondence files document the activities and administration of the Society and its relations with individuals and organizations, such as the United Irish Societies of Montreal.


The series documents the Society’s membership and its membership processes. Over time the Society changed the requirements of membership in its constitution to allow more new members to join.

The series contains printed directories of members, membership lists, applications for membership, voting lists, and correspondence regarding membership to the society.

Reports and Minutes

The series documents the activities of the administrative boards and committees of the Quebec YMCA from 1870 until 1976.

The records include meeting minutes and reports from general annual meetings, board of trustees minutes, board of directors minutes, and special committees minutes, as well as some general correspondence and memoranda addressed to administrative figures. The records include 22 bound minute books produced by various committees, with dates ranging from 1870 to 1948.

Special events

Records in the series document open houses, openings, anniversaries, jubilees, a royal visit; testimonials, memorials, and honours; and the Montreal YMCA's participation in the Expo 67 world's fair and the 1967 Canadian centennial, as well as the 1976 summer Olympic games in Montreal.

The series includes correspondence, reports, invitations, speeches, publicity materials, t-shirt, lapel pins, and other materials.

The materials are arranged in the following sub-sub-series:

P0145/13A Visits of dignitaries.
P0145/13B Anniversaries.
P0145/13C Open house.
P0145/13D Memorials, tributes, testimonials, honours.
P0145/13E Expo 1967/Canadian centennial.
P0145/13F 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.


The series documents in photographic form the people, places, and activities of the Quebec YMCA from the 1870s until the 1990s.

Subjects photographed include staff, buildings, camp activities, soldiers at the YMCA during the Second World War, social events such as dancing, theatre, banquets, games, sports, general assemblies, and awards ceremonies. There are also many photographs of the performances of the Quebec YMCA theatre group "La Patère", mostly from the early 1980s.

The total number of photographs also includes 5 photo albums, which feature photographs of YMCA camps and activities, promotional pamphlets and cards, and small memorabilia such as medals and patches, with approximate dates ranging from the 1920s to the 1980s.

External Relations

The series documents the external relations of the Quebec YMCA and other YMCA bodies and branches with the public, through publicity and press coverage, between 1871 and 2001.

The records include promotional pamphlets, programs, and brochures for the Quebec YMCA, photocopies of press clippings on activities and events, and transcripts of public addresses for the opening of the Holt Memorial. The records also include 12 scrapbooks containing press clippings, pamphlets, and publicities on subjects such as the opening of the Holt Memorial, the YMCA's involvement with the Second World War, and general YMCA events and activities, with dates ranging from 1871 to 1971.

The records also include 66 objects which evidence the promotional activities of the Quebec YMCA, including pins, flags, trophies, plaques, mostly from the 1980s and 1990s. Notable items include dedication plaques for the first Quebec YMCA building, and 42 printing plates identified as belonging to the Y's Men's Club. The records also include two promotional videocassettes on YMCA Camps and the history of the Quebec YMCA.

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