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YMCA of Montreal Fonds Series
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Annual and Special General Meetings

The series documents annual general meetings and special general meetings of members of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA. Minute books include minutes of members' and other regular monthly meetings, meeting notices, clippings of press notices, attendance reply cards, agendas, committee reports, financial reports, audited financial reports, annual reports of activity, and copies of speeches to the general meetings by YMCA presidents and others, including invited keynote speakers.

In addition to official minute books, the sub-series includes materials assembled by YMCA personnel, including minutes and other documents related to the general meetings.

Branches, buildings, facilities

The materials in the series document the branches of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA as physical entities and program delivery vehicles. Materials related to a specific branch as a management unit, physical entity, or program delivery vehicle may be found in the sub-series related to that branch.

The materials are arranged in the following sub-series

P145/11A Branches and facilities general.
P145/11B YMCA Centre-ville
P145/11B01 Histories.
P145/11B02 Administration, Board of Management.
P145/11B03 Annual Reports.
P145/11B04 Annual General Meetings.
P145/11B05 Financial administration.
P145/11B06 Planning.
P145/11B07 Human resources administration.
P145/11B08 Communications.
P145/11B09 Facilities, buildings, equipment, supplies.
P145/11B10 Programs.
P145/11C Du Parc/North/International/ Fairmount.
P145/11D Lachine/Lachine-Dorval.
P145/11E Pointe St-Charles.
P145/11F Railroad.
P145/11G West Island.
P145/11H Westmount.

Camping, outdoor programs

The series documents the camping and outdoor programs of the Montreal YMCA in the Laurentian region north of Montreal, from their founding through the twentieth century. Programs covered include boys, and later boys and girls, residential camping, family camping, and skiing. The records relate to planning, administration, land ownership, facilities, staff, campers, and activities. The series documents day camp programs that have taken place in Montreal. It includes records related to various camping associations to which the Montreal YMCA has belonged.

The series includes includes correspondence, reports, photographs, logs, maps, lists of campers and camp officials, application forms, architectural sketches and plans, building specifications, notes on activities, inventories, and financial records related to camp and outdoor planning and program, land, buildings, equipment, provisions, transportation, and campers.

The series is arranged according the following sub-series and sub-sub-series:

P145/12A Committees.
P145/12B Kamp Kanawana.
P145/12B01 General administration.
P145/12B02 Financial administration.
P145/12B03 Land, facilities, equipment, supplies.
P145/12B04 Communications.
P145/12B05 Staff, counsellors.
P145/12B06 Campers.
P145/12B07 Program.
P145/12C Camp Otoreke.
P145/12C01 General administration.
P145/12C02 Financial administration.
P145/12C03 Land, facilities, equipment, supplies.
P145/12C04 Communications.
P145/12C05 Staff, counsellors.
P145/12C06 Campers.
P145/12C07 Program.
P145/12D Camp Becsies.
P145/12E Camp Dorval.
P145/12F Camp Weredale.
P145/12G Camp Perrot.
P145/12H Ski lodge.
P145/12I Camp Thunderbird.
P145/12J Wilderness Survival Camp.
P145/12K Les Voyageurs de la Vérendrye.
P145/12L Lake St-Joseph/Camp Jubilee.
P145/12M Day camp.
P145/12N Camping associations.
P145/12N01 American Camping Association.
P145/12N02 Canadian Camping Association.
P145/12N03 Quebec Section, Canadian Camping Association.
P145/12N04 Quebec Camping Association/Association des camps du Québec.

External relations

Records in the series document relationships between the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA and the World Alliance of YMCAs, headquartered in Geneva; North America-wide YMCA organizations such as the International Committee and its World Service Committee/Division; the National Council of YMCAs of Canada; regional councils and committees of Canadian YMCAs; the YMCA in the United Kingdom; the YMCA in the United States; and other Canadian local YMCAs. The series also documents relationships between the Montreal association and the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), as well as other associations, churches, and governments.

The series includes correspondence; annual, financial, and other reports; meeting notices, agendas, and minutes; publicity materials; yearbooks, published materials on YMCA administration and other topics; research materials for Murray Ross' History of the YMCA in Canada; other YMCA histories and historical sketches, and other materials.

The documents are arranged in the following sub-series and sub-sub-series:

P145/14A The World Alliance of YMCAs, World Councils, World Conferences, international visits.
P145/14A01 World Alliance, World Councils, World Conferences.
P145/14A02 International visits.
P145/14B World Service, Foreign Work.
P145/14C International Committee, other North American YMCA organizations.
P145/14D National Council of YMCAs of Canada.
P145/14D01 Constitutive documents.
P145/14D02 Histories.
P145/14D03 Annual Reports.
P145/14D04 Correspondence, reports.
P145/14D05 Meetings of Council, Board, Executive Committee, staff.
P145/14D06 Committee meetings, reports.
P145/14D07 Annual, Special General Meetings.
P145/14D08 National conferences, conventions.
P145/14D09 Policy, planning, surveys.
P145/14D10 Program support.
P145/14D11 Military Work.
P145/14D11a Boer War.
P145/14D11b World War I.
P145/14D11c Interwar period.
P145/14D11d World War II.
P145/14D11e Post-World War II.
P145/14D12 Geneva Park: Couchiching national centre.
P145/14D13 Camp Canada.
P145/14D14 Human resources administration.
P145/14D15 Financial administration.
P145/14D16 Communications, public relations.
P145/14D17 Directories, rosters.
P145/14E Regional YMCA councils, committees.
P145/14F YMCAs of the United Kingdom.
P145/14G YMCAs of the United States.
P145/14H Canadian local YMCAs.
P145/14I YWCA, other organizations.
P145/14J Governments.
P145/14K Churches.


The series documents the Association's membership, membership policy and promotion, and related matters.

The series includes correspondence, reports, studies, minutes, agendas, meeting notices, clippings, moving films, video recordings, sound recordings, photographs, and other materials.

Metropolitan Board of Directors

The series documents the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA as well as its Executive Committee and Nominating Committee. It includes minutes and other meeting documents, reports, correspondence, photographs, brochures, and biographical records related to Board presidents and members. It includes Metropolitan Montreal YMCA Annual Reports.

It is arranged in the following sub-series:

P145/02A Directors, presidents.
P145/02B Metropolitan Board and Executive Committee meetings.
P145/02C Nominating Committee.
P145/02D Annual Reports.

Planning, policy, structure

The series documents the Montreal YMCA's mission statements, philosophy, values, policies, procedures, planning process, and evolving organizational structure. It includes documents related to planning exercises including surveys and other research.

The series includes staff policy and procedure manuals and policy statements on a range of issues and related records; demographic and other studies of client groups; reports, correspondence, minutes, agendas, charts and tables, brochures, maps, and other records.

The series is arranged as follows:

P145/05A Mission.
P145/05B Organization charts, directories.
P145/05C Organizational review.
P145/05D Policies, procedures.
P145/05D01 Manuals.
P145/05D02 Policies.
P145/05D03 Language policy.
P145/05E Planning, surveys.
P145/05E01 1925 Montreal YMCA Population Study.
P145/05E02 1946 Hugg Study.
P145/05E03 1949-1952 Branch Study.
P145/05E04 Guide Lines to the Sixties.
P145/05E05 1964-1969 Planning and Development.
P145/05E06 1969-1970 Planning Process.
P145/05E07 1971 Planning Process Mobilization.
P145/05E08 Development Plan for 1980-1985.
P145/05E09 1984-1987 Strategic Plan.
P145/05E10 1986-1988 Strategic Planning Review.
P145/05E11 1990s surveys.
P145/05E12 Small surveys and planning exercises.
P145/05E13 Proposals for unrealized branches, facilities.
P145/05E14 Source materials.

Professional staff

The materials in the series document senior managers of the Montreal YMCA, their training and professional development, and various organizations to which they belonged, such as the Association of Secretaries.

The materials are arranged as follows:

P145/04A Individual senior employed officers.
P145/04B Staff professional development.
P145/04C Training for YMCA secretaryship (Fellowship Plan).
P145/04D Managerial groups.
P145/04D01 Meetings, conferences, administration.
P145/04D02 Publications, studies.


The records in the series are related to the development, management, and delivery of programs of the Metropolitan Montreal YMCA.

The series is arranged in the following sub-series:

P145/10A Committees, policies.
P145/10B Aquatics.
P145/10C Boys Work, Boys and Girls Work, Girls Work, Youth Work.
P145/10D Citizenship training.
P145/10E Community development.
P145/10F Community justice.
P145/10G Education.
P145/10G01 Constitutive documents, histories.
P145/10G02 Administration.
P145/10G03 Financial management.
P145/10G04 Communications.
P145/10G05 Buildings, properties.
P145/10G06 Faculty, staff.
P145/10G07 Students, student services, associations.
P145/10G08 Curriculum, programs.
P145/10G09 Research.
P145/10G10 External relations.
P145/10H Employment.
P145/10I Environment.
P145/10J Handicapped persons.
P145/10K Health care.
P145/10L Immigrants, refugees.
P145/10M Industrial Work.
P145/10N International Development.
P145/10O Leadership Development.
P145/10P Physical Education.
P145/10Q Pre-school, children.
P145/10R Railroad Work.
P145/10S Religious Work.
P145/10T Seniors.
P145/10U Social recreation.
P145/10V Women.
P145/10W Y's Men, Y's Menettes.

Special events

Records in the series document open houses, openings, anniversaries, jubilees, a royal visit; testimonials, memorials, and honours; and the Montreal YMCA's participation in the Expo 67 world's fair and the 1967 Canadian centennial, as well as the 1976 summer Olympic games in Montreal.

The series includes correspondence, reports, invitations, speeches, publicity materials, t-shirt, lapel pins, and other materials.

The materials are arranged in the following sub-sub-series:

P145/13A Visits of dignitaries.
P145/13B Anniversaries.
P145/13C Open house.
P145/13D Memorials, tributes, testimonials, honours.
P145/13E Expo 1967/Canadian centennial.
P145/13F 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.