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Fonds Jacques Trépanier

  • P246
  • Fonds
  • 1947-1954

Le fonds couvre la carrière journalistique de Jacques Trépanier au début des années 1950 et documente principalement la scène artistique montréalaise. Le fonds se compose surtout de coupures de presse de La Patrie, conservées dans deux spicilèges. Plusieurs articles sont des chroniques portant sur les clubs de nuit à Montréal de 1950 à 1954, publiés sous une rubrique intitulée « La Ronde des cabarets ». Le fonds inclut également une quarantaine de photos de presse et quelques pièces de correspondance.

Trépanier, Jacques

Desmond Rupert Adams fonds

  • P241
  • Fonds
  • 1925-2007

The Desmond Rupert Adams fonds consists of personal, family, and studio photographs including studio portraits, commercial assignments and personal explorations. The majority of the photographs are portraits. Some photographs depict Expo '67, the Olympic games in Montreal 1976, and street life in Montreal.

The fonds contains a variety of photographic formats, art works, and exhibition prints. There are photo albums, some audio-visual documents and some studio client files.

Adams, Desmond Rupert

Merrily Weisbord fonds

  • P240
  • Fonds
  • 1941-1994

Fonds consists of research material and oral history interviews conducted by Merrily Weisbord for the writing of The Strangest Dream. The interviews cover various aspects of the evolution of the Communist Party of Canada (renamed the Labour Progressive Party in 1943) and the life of some of its Quebec members.

Fonds includes more than 20 hours of sound recordings consisting of interviews with about fifteen individuals who were members of the party between the 1930s and the 1950s, such as Lea Roback, Irene Kon, Gilles Hénault and Fred Taylor. All the players, from the upper middle class intellectual Stanley Ryerson to the working class lumber camp labour organizer, Gérard Fortin, are included. There is also a 15 minute recorded message by Paul Robeson urging Montreal voters to reelect Fred Rose in 1945. Fonds also includes interview notes and transcriptions, correspondence, and printed materials.

Weisbord, Merrily

Sur Rodney (Sur) fonds

  • P234
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1900]-2022, predominantly 1974-2019

The Sur Rodney (Sur) fonds gives an insight into the life and career of Sur Rodney (Sur), from his childhood in Montreal until today. It informs about his family background and early life as part of Montreal’s black community during the 1950s and 1960s. The fonds illustrates Sur Rodney’s work as an artist and activist, and it presents the North-American and more precisely the New York East Village art scene around Sur Rodney (Sur) from the 1960s to 2018, by the means of personal correspondence exchanged with Sur Rodney (Sur), exhibition catalogues, and documents related to The Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1980) and the All New Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1981). It also contains information about the AIDS crisis, the organization Visual Aids and Sur Rodney’s implication within this context.

The fonds is organized into the following series:

P0234/A The Adams family and Sur Rodney (Sur)’s personal life
P0234/B The Artist Sur Rodney (Sur) and fellow artists

The fonds includes, but is not limited to, photographs, art works, scrap-books, posters, speaking notes, correspondence, programs, flyers, newspaper clippings, ephemera, publications with contributions by Sur Rodney (Sur), moving images and sound recordings.

Sur Rodney (Sur)

Boyce Richardson fonds

  • P231
  • Fonds
  • 1948-2003

The fonds documents the professional life of Boyce Richardson.

It includes manuscripts of articles, research materials, correspondence, newspaper clippings, film proposals and scripts, and photographs of the James Bay Cree community.

Richardson, Boyce

Vernon Isaac fonds

  • P228
  • Fonds
  • [193-?]-2000

The materials in the fonds document Vernon Isaac’s life as a jazz musician and the Canadian jazz scene of the 1970s to 1990s. The fonds also contains information about Vernon Isaac’s family.

The fonds includes personal documents, photographs of Vernon Isaac’s family, friends and other performers, press clippings, programs, posters, commemorative plaques, and sound and audiovisual recordings of Vernon Isaac.

The fonds is organized into the following series:
P0228/A. Textual records
P0228/B. Scrapbooks, photo albums and other graphic material
P0228/C Audio-visual material
P0228/D Objects

Isaac, Vernon

Linda Leith fonds

  • P227
  • Fonds

The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

Taras Grescoe fonds

  • P223
  • Fonds
  • 1982-2005, predominant 1998-2004

Fonds consists of a record of the research Taras Grescoe conducted during the process of writing his books Sacré Blues, The Devil's Picnic, and The End of Elsewhere. They document Quebec Society, global tourism, and the prohibited food and substance business.

The records include sound recordings and transcripts of interviews, research materials, drafts of book chapters and articles, travel note books, and correspondence.

Grescoe, Taras

Gerald Clark fonds

  • P220
  • Fonds
  • 1939-2001

The Gerald Clark fonds contains documents pertaining to the Gerald Cohen's professional life and documents current events occuring in the period that he was active as a newspaper correspondent.

The fonds is composed of research materials, notes, drafts of articles and books, clippings of articles, correspondence, and speeches, among other materials. It also includes recorded interviews with world figures.

Clark, Gerald

Daniel Feist fonds

  • P203
  • Fonds
  • 1953-2005, predominant [199-]-2004

The fonds documents Daniel Feist’s work as a freelance broadcaster, journalist, musician and teacher, including his travels and participation in events such as Montreal’s Nuits d’Afrique festival, the United Nations Conference on Racism, music awards, and others. The material mainly covers the genre of world-beat music (also known as world music) in the period from 1990 to 2005. Some sound recordings of music performances include interviews with the artists.

The fonds includes without limitations biographies of artists, drafts of articles, consulting reports, teaching material, correspondence, books, sound recordings (digital audio tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, cassette tapes, and CDs), newspaper clippings, notes, and photographs (on CD-ROM and printed out in black and white).

The fonds is organized in the following series:

P0203/A. – Personal life.

P0203/B. – Broadcasting.

P0203/C. – Radio consulting.

P0203/D. – Print journalism.

P0203/E. – Teaching.

P0203/F. – Resource materials.

Feist, Daniel

Eric Wesselow fonds

  • P201
  • Fonds
  • [192-?]-1998

The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

Wesselow, Eric

Peter K. Johnston fonds

  • P199
  • Fonds
  • [193- ?]-2005

The Peter K. Johnston fonds contains documentation pertaining to the American Jazz musician Harry James (1916-1983) and the Big band era. The fonds primarily documents the musical career of Harry James as bandleader and trumpeter. It also includes information on the Montreal Vintage Music Society (MVMS), and on other jazz musicians, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Metcalf, Oscar Peterson, and Glenn Miller, among many others.

The fonds contains memorabilia, correspondence, magazines, discographies, photographs, newspaper clippings, reference documentation, posters, moving images, and an audio recording, among other material. Some of the documents are arranged in scrapbooks.

The fonds is arranged in the following series :
P0199 / A Harry James
P0199 / B Other Jazz musicians
P0199 / C Peter Johnston as a collector

Johnston, Peter K.

Warren Reid fonds

  • P198
  • Fonds

The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

Bill Stewart fonds

  • P195
  • Fonds
  • [191-]-2004

The fonds documents William Stewart's early life, his family, his work as a World War II war correspondent, his later work as a journalist and executive with Canadian Press, and his activities in retirement. The fonds also documents the history of Canadian Press/La Presse Canadienne, Canadian politics, journalism, French-English relations in Canada, figures such as Roger Lemelin, J.W. Pickersgill, Claude Ryan, Clyde Gilmour, and other subjects.

The fonds includes news and feature articles by William Stewart in various forms (drafts, wire copy, clippings), correspondence received and sent, photographs, artwork, reports, newsletters, family documents, articles by other writers, and a small number of objects related to his work as a war correspondent and his later activity.

The materials are arranged in the following series:
P0195/1 Early life, family, visual art, diaries, personal documents, honors and awards
P0195/2 Correspondence with friends and colleagues
P0195/3 Canadian Press
P0195/4 Retirement, freelance activity
P0195/5 Canadian Press War Correspondents' Association
P0195/6 Canadian War Correspondents Association
P0195/7 Research materials

Stewart, Bill

Mildred Ryerson fonds

  • P193
  • Fonds

The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

Nick Morara fonds

  • P192
  • Fonds
  • [193-?]-[195-]

The fonds relates to Montreal Nightlife and Nick Morara’s career as a chef in Montreal clubs. It illustrates the Montreal clubs and nightlife from the point of view of a non-musician working in the club scene. It also includes information on the Old Lantern Inn.

The fonds includes photographs, newspaper clippings, a club menu, a business card and a fee receipt card.

Morara, Nick

Bob McKenna fonds

  • P180
  • Fonds
  • [1995?]-2001

The Bob McKenna fonds contains documents pertaining to the film “About the Corridart Affair,” produced by Bob McKenna in 2001.

The fonds contains original material used for the production of the film “About the Corridart Affair.” The documents consist primarily of on-camera interviews with the artists involved in the exhibition "Corridart dans la rue Sherbrooke," bearing witness to the artists’ careers and to the legal proceedings following the dismantling of the exhibition. Also included in the fonds are the film itself and a poster announcing the film, along with electronic photographs and newspaper clippings used in the production of the film.

McKenna, Bob

Fonds Gail Bourgeois

  • P179
  • Fonds
  • 1983-2002

Le fonds contient des documents liés au travail de Gail Bourgeois en tant que commissaire de l'exposition Powerhouse: Qui sommes-nous aujourd'hui. Ils incluent de la correspondance ainsi que d'autres documents textuels administratifs et des photographies.

Bourgeois, Gail

Fonds Société du 5 avril

  • P170
  • Fonds
  • 1990-1997

Le fonds porte sur l'administration et les activités de la Société du 5 avril à Montréal, de ses débuts en 1990 jusqu'à la cessation de ses opérations en 1997. Il témoigne principalement des efforts de la Société visant la mise sur pied d'un centre d'artistes autogérés et à l'acquisition éventuelle d'un bâtiment à ces fins.

Le fonds se compose entre autres d'études de faisabilité, de dossiers de travail, de correspondance et de documents promotionnels.

Le fonds regroupe les séries suivantes :

P170/A Administration
P170/A, 1 Documents constitutifs et historiques
P170/A, 2 Assemblées statutaires

P170/B Finances
P170/B, 1 Financement
P170/B, 2 Comptabilisation
P170/B, 3 Opérations bancaires
P170/B, 4 Impôts et taxes
P170/B, 5 États financiers

P170/C Ressources mobilières et immobilières
P170/C, 1 Ressources mobilières
P170/C, 2 Ressources immobilières

P170/D Communications et relations publiques

P170/E Études de faisabilité
P170/E, 1 Documents de travail
P170/E, 2 Documentation de référence
P170/E, 3 Dossiers sur les membres
P170/E, 4 Listes d'équipement requis
P170/E, 5 Rapports

La Société du 5 avril

Fonds Ainslin (Terry Mosher)

  • P167
  • Fonds
  • 1976

Le fonds contient une caricature d'Aislin, liée à la démolition, ordonnée par la Ville de Montréal, de l'exposition Corridart. Cette exposition avait été commanditée par le Programme des arts et de la culture des Jeux olympiques de Montréal. La caricature est apparue dans la page éditoriale de la Gazette le 15 juillet 1976.

Mosher, Terry

Andy Dutkewych fonds

  • P166
  • Fonds
  • [1976?]

The fonds consists of 2 colour photographs of Dutkewych’s sculpture Suspension One. Suspension One was the prototype of Suspension Two, which was installed in the Lafontaine park next to the hospital Notre-Dame as part of the exhibition Corridart dans la rue Sherbrooke in Montreal, Quebec in 1976. Sponsored by the Arts and Culture Committee of the international Olympic Games held in Montreal, the exhibition was dismanteled by the city before its opening.

Dutkewych, Andrew

Quebec Drama Federation fonds

  • P164
  • Fonds
  • 1956-2001

The documents provide a portrait of English-language theatrical activity in Quebec, primarily in the period after the founding of QDF in 1972. The fonds contains budget, fundraising, and other financial records, legal documents, human resources documents, correspondence, records of the Quebec Drama Festival 1974-1984, documents relating to QDF-sponsored workshops, seminars, and programs, materials on the Dominion Drama Festival, theatre programs, and photographs. There is also material that was collected for a history of English-language theatre in Quebec.

Quebec Drama Federation

Tom Dubicanac fonds

  • P163
  • Fonds
  • March 1976 - August 1976

The fonds relates to the exhibition Corridart on Sherbrooke street, a major project of the Arts and Culture program of the 1976 international Olympic Games in Montreal, taking place in July 1976. More precisely, the fonds gives information on Archigrok’s installation “Pine Forest” as part of the Corridart exhibition.

The fonds consists of correspondence, quotes for material, contracts, and the official invitation to participate at Corridart.

Dubicanac, Tom

Fonds Kina Reusch

  • P162
  • Fonds
  • 1976-1988

Les documents concernent la carrière artistique de Kina Reusch et sa participation dans Corridart dans la rue Sherbrooke et les procédures légales qui s'en sont suivies, mieux connues sous le nom de l'Affaire Corridart.

On y retrouve des photographies (diapositives et épreuves), des documents textuels incluant des articles, des coupures de presse et des documents personnels, ainsi qu'une cassette viédo de la CBC Kina Reusch: the New Penelope. Le fonds contient aussi un mémoire de 151 pages (Mémoire des appellants) pour les audiences de l'Affaire Corridart à la cour d'appel et un exemplaire de la publication Arts Canada de juillet-août 1976, dans laquelle on retrouve un article sur Corridart.

Reusch, Kina

Conseil de la peinture du Québec fonds

  • P159
  • Fonds

The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

Fonds Henry Whiston

  • P158
  • Fonds
  • 1943-1976, predominant 1956-1976

Les fonds porte sur l'histoire du jazz du milieu du 20ième siècle.

Le fonds est constitué de 491 bobines audio. La plupart d'entre elles contiennent des entrevues réalisées par Henry Whiston avec des personnalités du monde du jazz pour l'émission Jazz at Its Best. Ils ont servi de source documentaire et des extraits en furent inclus dans les différents émissions.

Whiston, Henry

Bob and Kevin McKenna fonds

  • P154
  • Fonds
  • 1976

The fonds is related to the exhibition Corridart dans la rue Sherbrooke that was organized by the Arts and Culture Committee of the 1976 international Olympic Games held in Montreal.
The fonds consists of material related to the installation Rues-Miroirs, a 60 feet long and 8 feet high photomontage by the McKenna brothers, which encompassed a panoramic view of five or six blocks of Sherbrooke street and St. Laurent street. The fonds is composed of 16 from a total of 20 panels forming the original artwork, three draft models of the photomontage, the original explanative board and one button advertising the Corrid'Art exhibition.

McKenna, Bob and Kevin

Fonds Melvin Charney

  • P152
  • Fonds
  • 1976-[197-]

Le fonds se compose de pièces provenant de l'exposition Corridart dans la rue Sherbrooke, incluant des affiches, des dépliants, des cartes géographiques, un distributeur de dépliants, une photographie et un document vidéo concernant l'installation de Monsieur Charney, Les Maisons de la rue Sherbrooke.

Charney, Melvin

Fonds Meilan Lam

  • P135
  • Fonds
  • 1931-1999

Le fonds se compose de documents recueillis ou créés durant la production du documentaire Show Girls de l'Office national du film du Canada. Il porte sur la scène du jazz montréalaise des années 1920 aux années 1960 et fait la chronique de la vie de trois femmes, Tina Baines Brereton, Bernice Jordan Whims et Olga Spencer Foderingham, qui ont fait partie de chorus lines dans des boîtes de nuit comme Rockhead's Paradise, The Terminal et le Café St-Michel.

Le fonds comprend des notes de recherche, des séquences inédites, des vidéocassettes, des transcriptions d'entrevues avec les protagonistes du film, des enregistrements sonores d'entrevues de différentes sources, des plans d'archives, des listes de plans, des coupures de presse de publicités des boîtes de nuit, des livres de référence et des copies VHS du documentaire.

Lam, Meilan

Fonds La Centrale

  • P128
  • Fonds
  • 1971-2013

Le fonds offre des informations sur l’administration, la programmation et sur les activités de la galerie La Centrale. Il englobe le développement de la galerie dès ses débuts en 1973 jusqu'en 2013. Le fonds document l’histoire de la galerie aussi bien que son rôle dans la scène artistique montréalaise. En plus des évènements et expositions organise par La Centrale, le fonds illustre des évènements montréalais comme le Mois de la performance, Viva!, le Mois de la photographie, et le festival HTMlles. Le fonds contient aussi de l’information biographique sur un grand nombre d’artistes répartis à travers le monde.

Le fonds est composé d’une grande variété de documents, y compris des procès-verbaux, des bulletins d'information, des rapports, des coupures de presse, des publications, des CV d'artistes, de la correspondance, des photographies, des affiches et autres publicités, des programmes, des documents financiers et des objets.

Le fonds est organisé selon les séries suivantes:

P128/A. Administration
P128/B. Ressources financières
P128/C. Programmation
P128/D. Communication
P128/E. Artistes et événements
P128/F. Publications
P128/G. Relations externes
P128/H. Ressources immobilières
P128/I. Affaires juridiques
P128/J. Gestion des membres
P128/K. Ressources humaines
P128/L. Sondages

La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse

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