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The series provides information on various theatre productions such as HIgh Tor, Coriolanus and Murder in the Cathedral. It consists of photographs.

Manuscripts and essays

Series consists of draft manuscripts for essays and reviews published by Derek Stanford concerning the work of Christopher Fry. Series contains 5 spiral-bound notebooks, 2 newspapers, and 2 typescripts.


Series contains a portrait of Irving Layton painted by Edith Mather in 1962.


  • F012/A
  • Série
  • [195- ?] ; 1957-1981, predominant 1957-1969
  • Fait partie de Edith Mather fonds

Series is composed of photographic prints, negatives, and slides, of Irving Layton, Betty (Sutherland) Layton, Aviva (Cantor) Layton, and children Max Layton, Naomi Layton, and David Layton.

Financial Records

Series provides information about the budget and expenses of the Conseil Quebecois de l’estampe (CQE) from 1980 to 2006.

Series consists of financial statements from 1980 to 1999, grant applications to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and financial assistance requests to other sources. It also contains correspondence, budget and expenses reports for events and publication projects as well as invoices and contributions, providing a record of members’ registration to the CQE.


Series provides an extensive collection of artists’ files, providing an important record of the Conseil Quebecois de l’estampe (CQE) members and their work.

Series contains artists’ statements, résumés, exhibition catalogues, newspaper clippings, brochures, posters, invitation cards, slides and photographs of artists’ artworks. It also contains correspondence between the artists and the CQE as well as membership forms.


The series provides information about the publication projects of the CQE.

The series includes the CQE bulletin, Bon-à-tirer, from 1987 to 2005. It contains documentation about the publication of exhibition catalogues, the Livre d’art and the Code d’éthique’s French, English and Spanish versions, including drafts, revisions with handwritten notes, press releases, meeting minutes and correspondence.


Series documents the exhibitions and events organized by the Conseil Quebecois de l’estampe (CQE) in Canada as well as exhibitions abroad in collaboration to other institutions.

Series contains yearly documentation of the Prix Albert-Dumouchel, correspondence, grant request from the CQE to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, photographs, printed promotional material for events, communiqués, press releases and newspaper clippings, exhibition catalogues, list of artworks and prices, list of exhibitors, exhibition contracts between the CQE and galleries and other documents.


Series provides documentation about the activities of the Conseil Quebecois de l’estampe (CQE) from 1978 to 2005.

Series contains meeting minutes, agendas, voting process of the members of the administrative council, summary of projects and project proposals. It also contains documentation from special meetings regarding the publication and amendments of the Code d’éthique, correspondence and activity reports.

Statistics and figures

Series consists of documents created, collected, and related to the Law & Order franchise. The documents consist of financial documents and network figures, ratings of Law & Order episodes, and profits for Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Seminars and conferences

Series consists of seminar and conference documents. Material consists of speeches made by René Balcer at conferences and seminars on the subject of television and script-writing.

Publicity and ads

Series consists of publicity and advertisement material collected by René Balcer. Material consists of publicity pamphlets for the Calligraffiti exhibit, publicity material for the production Gung Ho, and ads related to the Law & Order franchise.


Series consist of scrapbooks put together by René Balcer. The scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings, printed articles, magazine clippings, invitations, awards, photographs, and passes. The material chronicles Balcer’s participation in the Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and the Law & Order: Los Angeles series.


Series consists of publications that relate to René Balcer and his work. Material consist of Physician’s Management Manuals edited by René Balcer, publications for award shows including the Emmy’s and the Golden Globes, publications from festivals and a children’s book about police officers.


Series contains various projects produced by René Balcer in collaboration with other artists. Material consists of flash cards, a minidisc, correspondence and documentation and drafts of the poem “Backbone” used in Xu Bing’s exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Movie of the Week research and ideas

Series contains research relating to the Ruth Snyder murder trial. Material consists of copies of newspaper articles relating to the murder and the trial. Also included are copies of the trial transcripts. Material was collected and used by Balcer to write the script for the Ruth Snyder Story.

Movies of the week and television documents

Series consists of records relating to various movies and television ideas developed by René Balcer. Material consists of script drafts, scripts, first white drafts, revised drafts, beat sheets, story synopses, story ideas, notes, and research material.


Series consists of works created by René Balcer. Material consists of drafts for a novel and short stories, a novel treatment for The Mother-in-Law Manual, which also includes research of the treatment, and other assorted writings including a poem “I Like Running Out of Time” by Balcer.

Law & Order: Los Angeles research

Series consists of research associated with the series Law & Order: Los Angeles (LOLA). Material consists of news articles from newspapers and online news sources that were explored and consulted for story ideas for the series.

Law & Order: Los Angeles documents

Series consists of production documents associated with the series Law & Order: Los Angeles (LOLA). Material consists of filming schedules, scripts, administrative documents, cast lists, set diagrams, props, research, broadcasting standards, on screen credits and beat sheets

Law & Order: Criminal Intent costs

Series contains financial records relating to the series Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Material consists of episodic cost recaps, amortization cost reports, drafts and full budget reports for different seasons, production costs, and episodic cost breakdowns.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent documents

Series consists of production documents associated with the series Law & Order: Criminal Intent (LOCI). Material consists of filming schedules, scripts, administrative documents, cast lists, research regarding clearance of character and company names used in the production, broadcasting standards, screen credits, consulting documents, and beat sheets.

Law & Order and Criminal Intent research and ideas

Series contains documents used for research and script development for Law & Order and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Material consists of newspaper articles and printouts of research ideas focusing on themes of murder, kidnapping, suicide, law enforcement, informants, manslaughter, conflict of interest, jury misconduct, self-incrimination, the mob, juveniles, witness, surveillance, attorney-client privilege, tax fraud, and issues regarding aids, homosexuality, and transsexuality. The contents also feature a list of story ideas used in both series.

Law & Order documents

Series consists of production documents associated with the series Law & Order. Material consists of filming schedules, drafts and final scripts, administrative documents, cast list, set diagrams, props, research, broadcasting standards, screen credits beat sheets, DVDs of episodes, and the Law & Order production bible featuring samples of forms, sample budgets, press releases, production report and schedules, wardrobe and custom notes, props breakdown, location scouting information, crew and cast lists, and character breakdowns.

Hopewell documents

Series includes records relating to the television series Hopewell. Material consists of drafts and final scripts, beat sheets, research, photographs of production stills used for the opening sequence, set design drawings for set construction and layout, photographs of set items with annotations about the colour, design and layout of a particular set, samples of flooring, paint colours, and shades used in the production, location agreements, a list of directors, cast and crew lists, schedules, production budgets, contacts, and contracts.


The series contains materials that document the Ottawa International Jazz Festival and Jazz Ottawa.

It contains four Jazz Ottawa badges and three plaques from the Ottawa International Jazz Festival.

Audio-visual material

The series contains documentation pertaining to the history of jazz in Canada in the second half of the 20th century. It documents Vernon Isaac’s career as a jazz musician through recordings of the LVJ Trio, Vernon Isaac’s Big Band, Jazz Ottawa and an interview with Vernon Isaac. It also includes recordings of Allan Wellman and Oliver Jones.

The series contains sound recordings and moving images.

Scrapbooks, photo albums and other graphic material

The series illustrates Vernon Isaac’s personal life as well as his career as a musician, and includes documents concerning his work with Three Jacks and a Jill, the Vernon Isaac trio, Jazz Ottawa, Ebony in Rhythm, and others. The photographs mostly relate to Vernon Isaac's work as a musician, but also includes images of him as a soldier, and of his family and friends. Some images depict his travels to Greenland and Alert, Nunavut. The series also includes publicity photographs showcasing other artists (some publicity photographs are inscribed by the artists).

The series contains 11 photo albums of various sizes, 10 scrapbooks (composed of press clippings, photographs, advertisements, correspondence, programs, postcards), loose photographs, posters, and a drawing.

Textual records

The series provides information on Vernon Isaac and other jazz musicians. it presents Isaac’s life as a musician as well as his family. It also contains material on Jazz Ottawa.

The series contains, among other materials, personal papers, newspaper clippings, correspondence, flyers, programs, biographies, invitations, newsletters, meeting minutes, financial documents and certificates.


Series contains expenses and finances relating to René Balcer. Material consists of travel expenses for René Balcer and his wife Carolyn, invoices and receipts from various projects, and meetings with clients.

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