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The series provides information on donations and fundraising campaigns in support of Loyola College's educational mission. Included are records on donations from companies and individuals including parents, staff, and students. Also documented are general fundraising campaigns, funds for building projects, educational funds, bequests, financial aid, Alumni Association collaboration, and the development program. The series includes records on Loyola College's donations to external organizations.

The series contains correspondence, news releases, clippings, pamphlets, lists of donors and prospects, copies of wills, minutes, assignment reports, financial statements, vouchers, cheque requisitions, assignment sheets, and schedules.

The series is arranged in four sub-series:

I0147/06A General
I0147/06B Maintenance Drive
I0147/06C Loyola College Maintenance Fund Camapaign
I0147/06D Loyola's Development Program

External Relations

The series provides information on the relations between the Office of the President and such bodies as foundations, governments, and colleges and universities. It mainly documents the Government of Canada and the Quebec Ministry of Education, and the College's involvement in the development of education in Quebec.

The series contains correspondence, reports, statistics, clippings, and notes.

The series is organized into the following sub-series:

I0147/17A Foundations
I0147/17B Governments
I0147/17C Universities and Colleges.

Publicity and Public Relations

The series provides information on the organization of the Public Relations department and the planning of publicity about the College and its departments.

It contains documents concerning advertising and press publicity, including correspondence, publicity reports, clippings, and notes.

The series is divided into the following sub-series:
I0147/19A Publicity
I0147/19B Public Relations.

International Relations

The series provides information on relations between the Office of the President and Academic and Administrative departments as well as with the Deans' offices of the College between 1921 and 1975.

The series contains reports, statistics, correspondence, examination results, and notes pertaining to the administration and planning of departmental functions and organizations.

The series is organized into the following sub-series:
I0147/16A Academic
I0147/16B Administrative
I0147/16C Deans' offices
I0147/16D High School


The series provides information on student activities and services at Loyola College between 1929 and 1975. It contains records of fraternities and sororities, as well as Winter Carnivals and Student Aid.

The series contains correspondence, clippings, annual reports, and notes.


The series provides information on the management of academic and administrative personnel for the College between 1929 and 1975. It consists of records on the hiring of professors, the Committee on Appointments, Rank and Tenure (CART), appeal and review Boards, the Faculty Association, renewal of positions, retirements, promotions, recommendations, resignations, terminations, and salaries. It also contains records on Professor Srinivassa Santhanam.

The series contains applications, contracts, curricula vitae, correspondence, and notes.


The series provides information on the awarding of the Loyola Medal from 1960 to 1975, the Rhodes Scholarships and bursaries, prizes, government and industry scholarships, the Woodrow Wilson Scholarship Awards, and the Sociology Scholarship fund.

The series contains correspondence and notes regarding applicants and awarding bodies.

Religious Affairs

The series provides information on the President's relations with the Catholic Center, his participation in religious activities, correspondence with the Montreal Chancery, his involvement in the birth of the Catholic newspaper The Challenge, and the Summer School of Catholic Education.

The series contains clippings, correspondence, and notes.


The series documents the preparation and circulation of Loyola College's newspapers and bulletins. It includes the College Calendars, Loyola News, Loyola Review, the Free Voice, the Dean's Bulletin, the Faculty Manual, and others. It also contains records of subscriptions to external publications.

Departmental Affairs

The series documents the Office of the President's activities in relation to its administrative functions, including the production of policies and procedures, reports from Departments, receptions, trips, the acquisition of the Bernard Arctic Collection, and addresses and speeches given at conferences as well as legal affairs.

The series contains correspondence, statistics, clippings, reports, and notes.


The series consists of correspondence sent and received by the Office of the President, including Christmas wishes, general correspondence, correspondence with Pedro Suinga Y Lugan, Walter Bossy, Sam B. Blemur, Col. J. W. Flanagan, and the Harvesters company, and invitations to many events and activities, letters of recommendation, and memoranda.


The series provides information on the organization surrounding the Convocations at Loyola College and Concordia University. The convocations refer to the graduation ceremonies, the related activities and receptions organized around the Convocations such as the baccalaureate mass, the luncheon for honoured guests, or the graduation banquet and ball.The series contains convocation programs, invitation cards, convocation speeches, correspondence, lists of names, memoranda, Convocation Committee minutes, news releases, clippings, telegrams, Convocation Committee reports, biographical notes and rector's reports. Included also records concerning the graduation ceremonies.

Conferences, seminars, and special activities

The series provides information on conferences, seminars, and special activities and events held at Loyola, or in which Loyola participated. Activities documented in the series include a symposium of the National Committee for Canadianization of Canadian Universities, Canadian universities' participation in Canadian centennial projects in 1967, a 1975 Concordia University exposition on educational technology, a 1963 conference on educational television, the Canadian university exhibit at the Expo 1967 Montreal world's fair (2 folders), a film series, extension and community lectures, Founder's Day 1967-1974, the Silver Jubilee 1922, a 1964 long-range planning seminar for Canadian Colleges and Universities and other long-range planning activities, a 1973 N.D.G. [Notre Dame de Grâce is the Montreal neighbourhood in which Loyola is located] Conference on the Quality of Life, a performance by Irish actor Siobhan McKenna, the 1965 National Social Life Conference of the Canadian Catholic Conference Social Action Department, a testimonial dinner for Board of Governors member A.F. Mayne, the 1948 visit of Irish Prime Minister John Costello, and that of poet Alfred Noyes in 1940.

The series contains correspondence, programs, lists of names, minutes, press clippings and invitations.

Concordia University and Merger

The series provides information on the merger which in 1974 saw Loyola College unite with Sir George Williams University to create Concordia University. It includes a variety of reports reflecting on the future of Loyola College, documents on the proposed merger, and documents related to the actual merger itself. Included are records on legal, financial, personnel, academic and administrative aspects.

The series contains correspondence, reports, news releases, clippings, petitions, s and submissions, meeting notices, minutes, the Savage/Despland report on the merger, membership lists, organization charts, memorandum of agreement, by-laws, enrolment statistics, and other records.

The series is organized into four sub-series.


The series provides information on Loyola College internal committees. The series contains correspondence, meeting notices and agendas, minutes, reports, membership lists, terms or reference, by-laws, curricula vitae, statistics, research grant lists, programs of activities, draft constitutions, financial statements, pamphlets, and clippings.


The series includes records on Loyola's involvement with commissions of the federal and provincial governments and other organizations, including the Bladen Commission on the Financing of Higher Education, the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, the Royal Commission on Education (the Parent Commission), the Jesuit Commission for Higher Studies, the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, the Commission to Study the Rationalisation of University Research, and the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Constitutional Problems (the Tremblay Commission).

The series contains correspondence, statistical and other reports, proposals, submissions, terms of reference, agendas, minutes, and publicity items.

Charter and Status

From the time of its foundation in 1896, Loyola College did not have a university charter and graduates of the parent institution, Collège Ste-Marie, and Loyola College received their Bachelor's degrees from Université Laval and, from 1920 onward, from the newly established Université de Montréal. The canonical relationship between Laval and Collège Ste-Marie was laid out in the 1889 papal decree Jamdudum, whose terms were extended to Loyola in 1899, the same year An Act to Incorporate Loyola College was passed by the Quebec legislature. Under Jamdudum, Loyola was granted the same autonomy as Collège Ste-Marie over curriculum, methodology, and graduation requirements. The series provides information on Loyola's struggle to maintain academic autonomy and its efforts to obtain recognition by the Government of Quebec as a university. There are also documents on a proposed federation of Canadian Jesuit colleges.

The series contains correspondence, news releases, clippings, minutes, publications, the Act of Incorporation, enrollment statistics, petitions, memoranda of agreement, legal fees, addresses, by-laws, an excerpt from Jamdudum, and other records.

Canadian Officers Training Corps (COTC)

The series provides comprehensive information on Loyola College's involvement in military education and in University Training Reserve Units from 1919 to 1968. It includes records on the Loyola College Cadet Corps and the Loyola Contingent of the Canadian Officers Training Corps. The records reflect the Loyola President / Rector's relations with the Departments of National Defence and Veterans' Affairs, the Loyola Committee of Military Education, the Headquarters of Military District No. 4, the Advisory Committee on University Training for Veterans, the Joint Services University Training Committee, the National Rifle Association, the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Military College of St. John's (St-Jean, Quebec), the National Conference of Canadian Universities and Colleges and its successor body, the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, the Montreal Services United Institute, the University Naval Training Division, the Civil Service Commission of Canada, and the Canadian Universities Foundation.The series contains correspondence, proceedings, financial statements, receipts, catalogs, examination results, vouchers, militia orders, routine orders, magazines, reports, minutes, curricula vitae, invitation cards, leases, special reception menus, handbooks, pamphlets, press clippings, guest's lists, rolls of officers, and Orders-in-Council.


The series documents the physical plant of Loyola College. It includes records on the Administration Building, Athletic Complex, Bryan Building, Campus Centre, Central Building, Drummond Science Building, Langley Hall, Loyola Chapel, skating rink, and Vanier Library.

The series includes quotations, specifications, tenders, building permits, memoranda of agreement, contracts, inspection reports, and certificates of valuation, and blueprints, drawings, maps, and photographs. The series also includes correspondence, agendas, minutes, advertising sheets, pamphlets, trade magazines, clippings, invitation cards, guest lists, and a speech. It includes such financial records as auditor's reports, financial statements, budget estimates, payroll lists, statements of accounts, and invoices.


The series contains records related to Loyola College's operating and capital budgets and its operating expenses. The College's development program during this period of rapid expansion is fully documented. Fundraising, mortgages, and investments are documented, as are student and staff loans, other aid to higher education, and student associations' budgets.
The series contains correspondence, budget projections, financial statements, auditors' and other reports, capital expenditure request forms, accounts, invoices, cheque requisitions, pamphlets, charts of accounts, balance sheets, lists of assets, contracts, and other records.

Associations and Organizations

The series documents Loyola's involvement in a wide range of internal and external associations.
The series contains correspondence; programs, pamphlets; bylaws, constitutions, charters, policy statements, agendas, minutes; news releases, clippings; application forms, addresses, membership cards; briefs, transcripts; statistics; receipts, financial statements, and auditors' reports.

Assistant to the President

The series provides information on Loyola College. It includes background on the need for an Assistant to the President and on his activities in the management of administrative and cultural activities.

Alumni Association

The series covers the Loyola Alumni Association's fundraising, awards, and social activities.

The series includes correspondence, minutes and other documents of the Loyola Alumni Association Board of Directors, membership lists, news releases, clippings, financial records, programs, reports, and pamphlets.