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I0002 · Fonds · 1963 - 2001

The fonds documents the Public Relations efforts to establish effective communication services for the first 27 years of Concordia. It mainly consists of documentation on academic, social and cultural events (e.g. convocations, lectures, award ceremonies) and on various administrative and academic matters. The fonds also includes some records from the Sir George Williams University Information Office.

The fonds mainly includes press releases, information bulletins, media coverage records, information files on University people and events; correspondence, addresses and speeches, promotional materials, and general administrative records. It also includes some sound recordings and moving images as well as a large amount of photographs.

The fonds is organized into the following series:

I002/4120 Governing Bodies Committees
I002/4130 Organizational Charts and Mandates
I002/4210 University Policies and Procedures
I002/5110 Planning
I002/5112 Reports, Studies and Analysis
I002/5113 Statistics
I002/5160 University Events
I002/5160A Conference, Seminars and Lectures
I002/5160B Convocations
I002/5160C Homecoming
I002/5160D Memorial Golf Tournaments
I002/5160E Scholarships, Awards and Prizes
I002/5160F Shuffles
I002/5160G Special Events
I002/5170 External Relations
I002/5171 Conference and Seminars External
I002/5410 Internal News and Announcements
I002/5420 Media Relations
I002/5430 Media Coverage
I002/5450 Concordia University Publications
I002/6430 Pension Plans
I002/7110 Funding and Investments
I002/7210 Official Budgets
I002/8110 Space Management
I002/9211 Historical Evolution
I002/9211A Buildings and Properties
I002/9211B Concordia History
I002/9211C Correspondence
I002/9211D People
I002/9211E Student Life
I002/9211F Units and Programs
I002/9211G Various topics
I002/9211H Audio visual documents
I002/9211I Photographs
I002/9500 Sport Activities

Concordia University. Public Relations Department
Nouveau recteur à Concordia
I0002-09-0077 · Item · March 30, 1995
Part of Public Relations Department fonds

CBMT 18h09 Newswatch; CBFT 18h10 Montréal Ce Soir; CFCF 18h20 Pulse at Six; CBFT 12h08 Le Midi; CFTM 12h17 Les Nouvelles; CFCF 12h35 PUlse 12:30; CFTM 08h57 Salut, Bonjour; CFTM 08h09 Salut, Bonjour. Nomination of Frederick Lowy as Concordia's new rector.

I0002-09-0014 · Item · June 8, 1995
Part of Public Relations Department fonds

Discovery channel report (Beyond 2000) on the Leonardo Project at Concordia University which uses psychological assessment techniques to study and enhance musical performance. Norman Segalowitz (Psychologist) and Phil Cohen (Performance analyst) are interviewed. Anthony Griffis (reporter); Phil Cohen (Department of Music); Norman Segalowitz (Department of Psychology); Leonardo Project.

Dr. F. Lowy
I0002-09-0011 · Item · August 16, 1995
Part of Public Relations Department fonds

Message by Frederick Lowy to the students about their start of the academic year and his first year as President of Concordia.

I0002-09-0083 · Item · May 2, 1995
Part of Public Relations Department fonds

Open meeting with Dr. Frederick Lowy at the DeSève Cinema in which he answers the questions from the community sometime before his installation as rector of Concordia University. He is introduced by Charles Bertrand (Concordia's interim rector). The recording of the meeting is not complete. It stops abruptly in the middle of a answer given by Dr. Lowy.

Guido Molinari
I0002-02-1468 · Item · [198-]
Part of Public Relations Department fonds

Guido Molinari, artist and instructor for the Fine Arts faculty at Sir George Williams University and Concordia University. He was the posthumous recipient of degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa awarded by Concordia University in June 2004.

I0002-09-0035 · Item · November 3, 1989
Part of Public Relations Department fonds

The inaugural lecture of the Chair in Hindu Studies by Dr. Krishna Sivaraman. The Guest of Honour is the Hon. Gerry Weiner, Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and Citizenship. The speakers: 1- Dr. M.N.S. Swamy (Honourary Chairperson of the Steering Committee), 2- Dr. Patrick Kenniff (Rector); 3- Hon. Gerry Weiner, 4- Dr. Sivaranam. Lecture given in Hall building Alumni Auditorium (H-110).

1986 Honorary degree
i0002-02-2006 · Item · June 1986
Part of Public Relations Department fonds

Board of Governors Chairman Donald W. McNaughton, Lise Bissonnette, H.H. David Stern, Jean Mazeo accepting honorary degree on behalf of Simone de Beauvoir and Rector Patrick Kenniff