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I0049-11-0009 · Item · October 1, 2003
Part of Records Management and Archives fonds

A lecture at Concordia University by Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire, Force Commander of the UN peacekeeping mission during the 1993-1994 Rwandan genocide. An Abitibi-Consolidated Lecture. Welcome by John Aylen, President of the Concordia University Alumni Association. Lieutenant-General Dallaire is introduced by Dr. F. Lowy, Rector and Vice Chancellor of Concordia University

I0049-09-0001 · Item · December 1998
Part of Records Management and Archives fonds

A selection of moving images from Concordia University Archives AV collection. This was made for the IITS Open House in December 17, 1998. The selection is composed of the eight following excerpts: 1) Prelude to the Computer Riot: Scenes from the Anderson Hearing, 29 January 1969 (I006-09-0031); 2) Interview with Michel Tremblay, [ca. 1975] (I0066-09-0057); 3) Dr. Roby Kidd interviews Dr. Henry F. Hall, 21 August 1969 (P0024-09-0056); 4) SGWU Fine Arts Department, Fifth floor of the Hall Building, March 1973 (P0024-09-0010); 5) From "In Concert in Old Montreal" - CUTV presents: Gary Burdon [197-?] (P0024-09-0054); 6) Bernard Lonergan, S.J., Thomas Aquinas today: Tradition & Innovation, 18 November 1974 (I0007-09-0020); 7) Margaret Atwood at Loyola, 16 October 1974 (I0007-09-0002); 8) Jerry Rubin at Loyola, 2 December 1975 (I0006-09-0013).