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China Old and New
P0275-11-0001 · Item
Part of Martin Singer fonds

These audio cassettes are arrangement as follows:

  1. The Old Muscle - Power Economy - North China
  2. Mountains and Rivers: Flood and Famine
  3. South China's Livelihood: Rice, Tea, and Silk
  4. Aspects of the Old Ruling Class
  5. The Nomads of Inner Asia
  6. Peking and Its Manchu Rulers
  7. Early European Contact - Pulsed
  8. The Opening of China 1830-60 - Pulsed
  9. Rise of the Treaty Ports - Pulsed
  10. Early Modernization
  11. The End of the Chinese Empire
  12. [Missing]
  13. The Rise of the Chinese Communist Party
  14. A Recent Visit to the People's Republic
  15. Education in China Today
China Talks
P0275-11-0013 · Item
Part of Martin Singer fonds

"China Talks" by John K. Fair Bank, Harvard University Press, Mass Communications

These audio cassettes are arrangement as follows:

  1. The Confucian Social Order
  2. China and the Barbarians
  3. Traders, Missionaires, and Diplomats
  4. The Revolutionary Process
  5. After the Takeover, Discussion
  6. A Perspective on Ourselves, Discussion
Martin Singer fonds
P0275 · Fonds · 1972 - 2009

The fonds provides information on Martin Singer’s research and teaching between 1972 and 2009. It also documents his career as a university administrator at Concordia University.

The fonds consists of course materials, lectures, reports, and presentations. There is for instance material related to the extensive field trips to East Asia in 1975 and 1976 (which include more than 700 slides and a few sound recordings of lectures and interviews. The fonds also contains extensive research material related to the Martin Singer research projects on Canadian academic relations with China, sponsored respectively by IDRC (1982-1986) and AUCC (1994-1996). This material is composed of cassette tapes of interviews made with numerous Canadian and Chinese academics and government and NGO officials across Canada.

Singer, Martin