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              Aislin (Terry Mosher) fonds
              P167 · Fonds · 1976

              The fonds consists of the original of a cartoon by Aislin related to the dismantling ordered by the City of Montreal of the Corridart exhibition that was sponsored by the Arts and Culture Committee of the international Olympic Games held in Montreal. The cartoon appeared on the editorial page of the Montreal Gazette on July 15, 1976.

              Mosher, Terry
              Aubes 3935 fonds
              P079 · Fonds · 1980-1990

              The fonds provides information on the visual arts and on the administration and activities which occurred in and around Aubes 3935.

              The fonds contains administrative and financial information, artist files, exhibition files, catalogues, postcards, invitations, posters, photographs, and videos.

              The fonds also contains the documents of artist Denis Demers (1948-1987), primarily photographs of his work, correspondence, newspaper articles, and photocopies of publicity for La Biennale de dessins et d'estampes du Québec '83, in which he won first prize for his drawings.

              Aubes 3935
              Bill Vazan fonds
              P121 · Fonds · 1987-2003

              The fonds provides information on Bill Vazan's work and exhibitions.

              The fonds consists of posters, photographs and catalogs from several of his exhibitions.

              Vazan, Bill
              Bob and Kevin McKenna fonds
              P154 · Fonds · 1976

              The fonds is related to the exhibition Corridart dans la rue Sherbrooke that was organized by the Arts and Culture Committee of the 1976 international Olympic Games held in Montreal.
              The fonds consists of material related to the installation Rues-Miroirs, a 60 feet long and 8 feet high photomontage by the McKenna brothers, which encompassed a panoramic view of five or six blocks of Sherbrooke street and St. Laurent street. The fonds is composed of 16 from a total of 20 panels forming the original artwork, three draft models of the photomontage, the original explanative board and one button advertising the Corrid'Art exhibition.

              McKenna, Bob and Kevin
              Bob McKenna fonds
              P180 · Fonds · [1995?]-2001

              The Bob McKenna fonds contains documents pertaining to the film “About the Corridart Affair,” produced by Bob McKenna in 2001.

              The fonds contains original material used for the production of the film “About the Corridart Affair.” The documents consist primarily of on-camera interviews with the artists involved in the exhibition "Corridart dans la rue Sherbrooke," bearing witness to the artists’ careers and to the legal proceedings following the dismantling of the exhibition. Also included in the fonds are the film itself and a poster announcing the film, along with electronic photographs and newspaper clippings used in the production of the film.

              McKenna, Bob
              P159 · Fonds

              The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

              F037 · Fonds · [1971] ; 1978-2008

              The Conseil Quebecois de l’estampe (CQE) fonds provides information about the administration, finances, publications, and programming activities of the CQE from its founding in 1978 to 2005, when it changed its name to Arprim (Regroupement pour la promotion de l’art imprimé). In addition to documentation about the administration and programming of the CQE, the fonds also includes an extensive collection of artists’ files, providing an important record of members and their work. These files contain photographs, exhibition catalogues, newspaper clippings, brochures, slides and other documents. The fonds also contains the CQE bulletin, Bon-à-tirer, documentation concerning the publication of the Code d’éthique and yearly documentation of the Prix Albert-Dumouchel¸among other documents.

              The Conseil québécois de l’estampe fonds is divided into 5 series:

              • F037/A Administration
              • F037/B Programming
              • F037/C Publications
              • F037/D Membership
              • F037/E Financial records
              Conseil québécois de l’estampe
              Corridart collection
              P119 · Collection · 1976-1981

              The collection consists of materials assembled by the plaintiffs' lawyers and deposited with the Quebec Superior Court in connection with the Corridart case. The collection documents the conception and execution of Corridart, as well as its abrupt dismantling and the legal proceedings that followed. There are materials related to the careers of the artists who participated in the court case, and information about related legal precedents.

              The collection includes an inventory by Melvin Charney of the sites along Sherbrooke Street, explaining the conception of Corridart as a rue-musée qu'on visite à pied. There is also a comprehensive set of photographs of Corridart, documenting the common elements (the continuous assemblage), as well as the works exhibited along Sherbrooke Street, the panels of text, and the sites of activities. These photographs trace the entire Corridart route from east to west. There are photographs documenting the dismantling. Others show impounded works and several illustrate damage to works. The collection includes project proposals, planning documents, contracts between artists and COJO, correspondence, articles from legal journals, reports of meetings, blueprints, and sketches. There are also artists' curricula vitae, photographs, brochures, and other documents related to the artists' careers that were assembled to establish their status as professional artists.

              The collection is arranged into the following two series:

              P0119/1 Textual and related documents
              P0119/2 Photographs of Corridart installations

              Corridart dans la rue Sherbrooke
              Eric Wesselow fonds
              P201 · Fonds · [192-?]-1998

              The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

              Wesselow, Eric
              François Brault fonds
              P0110 · Fonds · 1961-1995

              The fonds consists primarily of slides on liturgical art in Quebec. It includes slides on the production of films and books on art.

              Brault, François
              Gail Bourgeois fonds
              P179 · Fonds · 1983-2002

              The materials relate primarily to Gail Bourgeois’ work as curator of the exhibitions “amour-horreur”, taking place at La Centrale Gallery, Montreal, in 1999, and “Powerhouse: Who We Are Now”, at the McClure Gallery, Westmount, Quebec in 2001. The fonds also documents other implications of Gail Bourgeois at La Centrale.

              The fond includes without limitations correspondence, submissions, newspaper clippings, publicity, photographs, and posters.

              Bourgeois, Gail
              General Idea Collection
              C048 · Collection · 1971-1996

              The General Idea collection consists of a variety of works produced by General Ideal between 1971 and 1996.

              The collection contains a complete run of FILE Megazine (1972-1989) and several rare multiples.

              List of multiples in the collection:
              • FILE Chart (Top 10) (1972)
              • The Miss General Idea Pageant Programme (1971)
              • Manipulating the Self [publication] (1971)
              • The Getting into the Spirits Cocktail Book from the 1984 Miss General Idea Pavilion (1980).
              • Artist and Models exhibition – 3 postcards (1977)
              • Nazi Milk Cocktail Card [annotated by AA Bronson] (1980)
              • A Poodle Creates a Portrait of General Idea as Three Pee Holes in the Snow (1981)
              • Ghent Scarf (1984)
              • Midelburg Tile (1985)
              • Sigarbox (1985)
              • Bondage (1987)
              • 10 Crests: Down the Drink, Le Fin, Ouroboros, Phoenix with a P, Post Mortem, When Fur Flies, Eye of the Beholder, Lucre, Cartouche, Passion over Reason (1988-1991)
              • Test Pattern: T.V. Dinner Plate (1988)
              • Test Pattern: T.V. Dinner Plates from the Miss General Idea Pavilion Test Pattern Wallpaper [Offset publication with 4 perforated placemats] (1988)
              • Test Pattern: T.V. Dinner Plates from the Miss General Idea Pavilion Test Pattern Wallpaper [Poster] (1988
              • Test Pattern Wallpaper (1989)
              • Mastercard and Trinitron pasta postcards (1989)
              • AIDS (A Project of the Public Arts Fund Inc.) [offset on card] (1989)
              • General Idea: The AIDS Project (1989)
              • General Idea: The AIDS Project prints (1989)
              • AIDS Ring (1993)
              • Lucre Shopping Bag (1990)
              • Yen Shopping Bag (1993)
              • Placebo Pin (1991)
              • Placebo Pin (1996)
              •Magic Bullet (1992)
              • General Idea’s Putti (1993)
              • General Idea: Multiples - Catalogue Raisonné 1967-1993 (1993)
              • XXX Voto (1995)

              General Idea
              Hour collection
              C033 · Collection · 1993-2012

              The Hour collection is composed of 72 bound volumes of the Hour newspaper published between 1993 and 2011 and those issues published under the name Hour Community in 2011 and 2012. The bound volumes comprise almost every issue of Hour and Hour Community published between February 1993 and May 2012, with the exception of volume 2, numbers 18 to 35 (1994), which are missing from the collection. The collection also contains the prototype of Hour.

              Jean Noël fonds
              P122 · Fonds · 1976-1977

              The fonds provides information on the artwork "FFF (banderoles)" which Jean Noël created for the exhibition Corridart in Montreal in 1976.

              The fonds consists of slides of Noël's artwork and a poster for a 1977 exhibit of the work at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art.

              Noël, Jean
              Kina Reusch fonds
              P162 · Fonds · 1976-1988

              The documents relate to the artistic career of Kina Reusch and her participation in Corridart dans la rue Sherbrooke and the subsequent legal proceedings known as L'Affaire Corridart.

              Included are photographs (slides,prints and negatives), textual documents including articles, clippings, and personal records, and a video of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program "Kina Reusch: the New Penelope". The fonds includes a 151-page brief (Mémoire des appellants) for the Corridart hearings at the Appeal Court and a copy of the July-August 1976 issue of ArtsCanada which has a feature on Corridart.

              Reusch, Kina
              La Centrale fonds
              P128 · Fonds · 1971-2013

              The fonds provides information on the administration, programming, and activities of La Centrale. It covers the gallery’s development from its beginnings in 1973 until 2013. The fonds documents the gallery’s history, as well as its role in the Montreal art scene. In addition to events and exhibitions, the fonds includes documentation concerning the Mois de la performance, Viva!, the Mois de la photographie, and HTMlles, and other Montreal-based events. It also contains biographical information on a significant number of artists based around the world.

              The fonds contains a wide variety of documents, including but not limited to, meeting minutes, newsletters, reports, press clippings, publications, artists’ CVs, correspondence, photographs, posters and other publicity, programs, audio recordings and moving images, contracts, financial records, and objects.

              The fonds is organized into the following series:

              P128/A. Administration
              P128/B. Financial Records
              P128/C. Programming
              P128/D. Communications
              P128/E. Artists and Events
              P128/F. Publications
              P128/G. External Relations
              P128/H. Facilities Management
              P128/I. Legal Affairs
              P128/J. Membership
              P128/K. Human Resources
              P128/L. Surveys

              La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse
              Lawrence Hayward collection
              C018 · Collection · [19--] ; [1966-1978]

              The Lawrence Hayward collection contains documentation concerning Lawrence Hayward’s research on Canadian sculptors working between 1840 and 1910. The collection contains material on a diverse array of artists, including Charles Adamson, Walter S. Allward, Emile Brunet, John Lisney Banks, Allan Archibald Cameron, Frederick Alexander Turner Dunbar, Ulric Stonewall Jackson Dunbar, Merle Foster, George William Hill, Frances Norma Loring, Hamilton T. C. P. MacCarthy, Vernon March, Charles Duncan Mckechnie, Robert Tait McKenzie, Eleanor Milne, Lauréat Vallière, Marshall Wood, Percy Wood, and Florence Wyle, among others.

              The collection consists of research materials, correspondence, reports, index cards, slides, photographs, and drawings documenting Lawrence Hayward’s research into Canadian sculptors. Research files contain materials compiled by Hayward, including clippings, biographical information, articles, correspondence, and catalogues, among other items.

              Hayward, Lawrence
              Logos collection
              C034 · Collection · 1967-1972

              The Logos collection contains 27 issues of Logos, published between 1967 and 1972. It also contains three issues of The Local Rag, also published in Montreal, which date to 1969, and one issue of The Astral Projection (published in the 1960s or 1970s).

              Lucien Desmarais fonds
              P063 · Fonds · 1911-1988, predominant 1947-1988

              The fonds documents the arts and crafts in Montreal and elsewhere between the late 1940s and the 1980s. The fonds covers the evolution of Lucien Desmarais' career from its beginnings at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts until his death in 1988, including his activities in theatre and his travels. The fonds also reveals his diverse interests in theatre, entertainment, and general culture. The fonds is based on the professional activities of Lucien Desmarais, tisserand concepteur (weaver-designer) and gives information on his creations for high fashion and interior decoration and the annual exhibitions in which he participated. The fonds also gives information on his involvement in numerous associations and cultural organizations as founder, director, and jury member. The fonds gives information on his teaching activities and the courses he gave at various colleges, as well as his speeches.

              The fonds includes correspondence, textile samples, course notes, theatre programs, posters, invitations to openings and exhibits, photographs, clippings, drawings, albums, and a scrapbook of clippings of fashion photographs with swatches of the fabrics used in the garments shown. It includes a major collection of documents on the history of textiles and the artists and craftspersons who made them.

              The fonds is organized into the following series:
              P063/A Biography
              P063/B Education
              P063/C Administration
              P063/D Financial records
              P063/E Theatrical properties man
              P063/F Weaver-designer
              P063/G Consultant
              P063/H Teaching and speeches
              P063/I External relations
              P063/J Travels
              P063/K Awards and honours
              P063/L Writings and publications
              P063/M Research documents
              P063/N Shows
              P063/O Graphic materials

              Desmarais, Lucien
              C011 · Collection · 1972-2014, predominant 1972-1974

              Collection consists of materials accumulated by Margaret Griffin and Clara Gutsche, mostly relating to the founding and first exhibition of Powerhouse Gallery, now La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse. Items also document The Flaming Apron craft store, and various exhibitions held at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse. This collection contains items created by Margaret Griffin, Leslie Busch, Billie-Joe Mericle, and Stansje Plantenga, founding members of Powerhouse Gallery. Materials in this collection are primarily dated 1972-1974, with select documents dated 2001 and 2004. Some documents were annotated by Margaret Griffin and Clara Gutsche in 2014.

              Materials documenting the establishment and history of Powerhouse Gallery include: correspondence, newspaper clippings, proposals, descriptions, timelines, publications, posters, slides, negatives, a leaflet, a drawing, a paintings, and clothing. These materials primarily concern the Gallery’s first exhibition, Windows: From the Inside Out: Painting, Photography, Ceramic and Sculpture (1973), presented at 1210 Greene Avenue in Westmount, Quebec. Items also document various exhibitions held at Powerhouse Gallery and La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, including: Codpieces: Phallic Paraphernalia (1974), The Past to the Present (2001), and Powerhouse: Where are we now? (2001). Materials concerning the activities of The Flaming Apron, a craft store in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, include: clothing, ceramics, and a newsletter. This collection also contains La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse publications, including Women’s Bookworks (1979) and Les Centrelles (2004), as well as items related to art and artist run centers in Canada.

              Collection is divided into 3 series:
              C011/A. Powerhouse Gallery/La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse
              C011/B. The Flaming Apron
              C011/C. Art in Canada

              Griffin, Margaret
              Mary Morter fonds
              P0239 · Fonds · 1914-2001, predominantly 1969-1975

              The Mary Morter fond contains documents pertaining to theater in Montreal. More specifically, the fonds is composed of materials concerning the Instant Theatre and the Pendulum Theatre, both located in Montreal and founded and run by Mary Morter in the 1960s and 1970s. The fonds provides an overview of the programming at both theatres. It also provides insight into how the theaters were perceived by the public. In addition, the fonds contains a number of documents focusing on the play North American Indian Legends by Pendulum Theatre. Documents created by other theatres located in Montreal or Toronto provide additional insight into the English-speaking theatre scene in those cities in the 20th century.

              The Mary Morter fonds contains theatre programs, photographs, posters, correspondence, magazines, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, a sound recording, and various plays, among other documents.

              Morter, Mary
              C019 · Collection · [ca.1977-1988]

              The Mary-Jacques Cambay Collection is the result of Mary-Jacques Cambay‘s research into stained-glass in Quebec, and the contributions of artists working in stained-glass to the Province's artistic heritage. The collection documents stained-glass windows existing in Quebec churches during the 1970s and 1980s. It also includes information pertaining to select churches. In addition, the collection documents the works of a number of stained glass artists, including Guido Nincheri, Charles William Kelsey, and Flavien St. Pierre, and the stained-glass studio "Canadian Pittsburgh Industries Limited" (C.P.I.). Importantly, it contains oral history interviews conducted by Cambay with artists working in stained glass.

              The Mary-Jacques Cambay collection is composed mostly of photographic materials in form of prints and slides, but also audio cassettes and textual records. As textual materials, the collection consists in pamphlets, newspaper clippings, correspondence, extracts from reference works, and handwritten notes. An index of Quebec churches with stained glass windows completes the collection.

              Cambay, Mary-Jacques
              Mildred Ryerson fonds
              P193 · Fonds

              The description of this fonds is not available. Please contact Concordia University Libraries Special Collections for more information.

              C020 · Collection · [198-] ; [ca. 1982]

              The collection is composed of images taken by François Lachapelle for the book "Répertoire des gravures conservées au Monastère des ursulines de Québec" (1982), created in collaboration with Mario Béland. The collection includes 465 slides, both black and white and colour, showing engravings, paintings, and embroidery from the collection of the Monastère des Ursulines de Québec. It also contains a handwritten inventory, which provides details about the items in the collection of the Ursulines de Québec.

              The Monastère des Ursulines de Québec collection is divided into 2 series:
              • C020/A. Textual material
              • C020/B. Photographic material

              Monastère des Ursulines de Québec
              Optica Art Gallery fonds
              P056 · Fonds · 1971-1996

              The fonds provides information on the administration and activities of the Optica Gallery from its beginning in 1972 to 1996.

              The fonds contains such documents as exhibition programs, artists' curricula vitae and portfolios, audiovisual works from exhibitions, personnel and financial records, grants applications, and correspondence.

              The fonds is organized according to the following series :
              P056/1 Finances
              P056/2 Organization
              P056/3 Human resources
              P056/4 Programming
              P056/5 Exhibitions and activities

              Optica Art Gallery
              Pauline Morier fonds
              F030 · Fonds · 1973-1982

              The fonds consists of textual documents related to Pauline Morier's participation in the exhibition "Pare-Chocs" at Vehicule Art gallery in 1981, and the following correspondence due to vandalizm on her works.

              Morier, Pauline
              P164 · Fonds · 1956-2001

              The documents provide a portrait of English-language theatrical activity in Quebec, primarily in the period after the founding of QDF in 1972. The fonds contains budget, fundraising, and other financial records, legal documents, human resources documents, correspondence, records of the Quebec Drama Festival 1974-1984, documents relating to QDF-sponsored workshops, seminars, and programs, materials on the Dominion Drama Festival, theatre programs, and photographs. There is also material that was collected for a history of English-language theatre in Quebec.

              Quebec Drama Federation
              Société du 5 avril fonds
              P170 · Fonds · 1990-1997

              The fonds relates to the management and activities of the Société du 5 avril of Montreal, from its inception in 1990 through the cessation of operations in 1997. It primarily documents the Société's efforts to launch a self-managed artist's centre and the plan to acquire a building for that purpose.

              The fonds is composed of feasibility studies, working files, correspondence, and promotional documents.

              The fonds is arranged in the following series:

              P170/A Administration
              P170/A,1 Founding documents and histories
              P170/A,2 General meetings

              P170/B Financial administration
              P170/B,1 Fund-raising
              P170/B,2 Accounting
              P170/B,3 Banking
              P170/B,4 Taxes
              P170/B,5 Financial statements

              P170/C Buildings, equipment and supplies
              P170/C,1 Equipment and supplies
              P170/C,2 Buildings

              P170/D Communications and public relations

              P170/E Feasibility studies
              P170/E,1 Working documents
              P170/E,2 Reference documentation
              P170/E,3 Member files
              P170/E,4 Lists of equipment required
              P170/E,5 Reports

              La Société du 5 avril
              Sur Rodney (Sur) fonds
              P234 · Fonds · [ca. 1900]-2022, predominantly 1974-2019

              The Sur Rodney (Sur) fonds gives an insight into the life and career of Sur Rodney (Sur), from his childhood in Montreal until today. It informs about his family background and early life as part of Montreal’s black community during the 1950s and 1960s. The fonds illustrates Sur Rodney’s work as an artist and activist, and it presents the North-American and more precisely the New York East Village art scene around Sur Rodney (Sur) from the 1960s to 2018, by the means of personal correspondence exchanged with Sur Rodney (Sur), exhibition catalogues, and documents related to The Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1980) and the All New Sur Rodney (Sur) Show (1981). It also contains information about the AIDS crisis, the organization Visual Aids and Sur Rodney’s implication within this context.

              The fonds is organized into the following series:

              P0234/A The Adams family and Sur Rodney (Sur)’s personal life
              P0234/B The Artist Sur Rodney (Sur) and fellow artists

              The fonds includes, but is not limited to, photographs, art works, scrap-books, posters, speaking notes, correspondence, programs, flyers, newspaper clippings, ephemera, publications with contributions by Sur Rodney (Sur), moving images and sound recordings.

              Sur Rodney (Sur)
              Tom Dubicanac fonds
              P163 · Fonds · March 1976 - August 1976

              The fonds relates to the exhibition Corridart on Sherbrooke street, a major project of the Arts and Culture program of the 1976 international Olympic Games in Montreal, taking place in July 1976. More precisely, the fonds gives information on Archigrok’s installation “Pine Forest” as part of the Corridart exhibition.

              The fonds consists of correspondence, quotes for material, contracts, and the official invitation to participate at Corridart.

              Dubicanac, Tom