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Concordia University. Concordia HIV/AIDS Project

  • Corporate body
  • 1993 -

In 1986, the Concordia University Office of the Rector became concerned with the rising of social and health issues related to HIV/AIDS. In 1988, the possibility of establishing a HIV/AIDS policy to protect persons studying or working at Concordia, living with HIV or AIDS, began to make it-self clear. After a consultation process, on December 1, 1988, the University Guidelines on HIV/AIDS Related Concerns was approved by the Rector, the Vice-Rectors and the Secretary-General. This policy made provisions for the following:

A HIV/AIDS Resource person to work with the University’s Health Services to provide confidential information, counselling and referral services;
A part-time coordinator working with departments, associations and individuals to develop an on-going training and information programme to counter the effects of misinformation and the possible discrimination it breeds;
A HIV/AIDS Advisory Committee to implement and update the new guidelines on a regular basis.

In the same month, the HIV/AIDS Advisory Committee was established. In 1993, the Committee, with a group of faculty and staff, founded the HIV/AIDS Project. That same year, the HIV/AIDS Lecture Series was launched. Speakers are social, scientific, medical, arts and community leaders who provide public lectures in their respective areas of expertise. In 1994-1995, the Course HIV and AIDS: Cultural, Social and Scientific Aspects of the Pandemic was introduced. Enrolled students have to do an internship in an HIV/AIDS community organization. As course projects, students are asked to produce creative works which are exhibited in a gallery at the end of the academic year. In 1998, the Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality was introduced. In 2001-2002, an on-line course HIV/AIDS: An Interdisciplinary Introduction was launched. It is offered throughout Canada.

Malone, Patrick G.

  • PGM1
  • Person
  • June 28, 1918-February 26, 2001

Father Patrick G. Malone, S. J. was born June 28, 1918 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and died in Pickering, Ontario, on February 26, 2001. Although born in Belfast, he grew up in Toronto where he received his early education. He entered the Jesuits at Guelph, Ontario in 1936 and followed their program of studies. He also studied politics and economics at the University of Toronto (M.A. 1945). In July 1946, he was assigned to the Jesuit Seminary in Toronto, to begin theological studies and was ordained to priesthood on June 27, 1949. After a further year of studies in theology there, he went for a year of spiritual theology at the Institut Saint-Robert-Bellarmin in Belgium. On his return to Canada in 1951, Father Malone’s first assignment was at Saint Mary’s University and High School in Halifax as professor and Dean of Studies. In 1956, he was appointed President of Saint Mary’s University. On August 15, 1959, Father Malone became the 13th Rector and first President of Loyola College in Montreal and held the position until the end of the academic year 1973-1974. In the context of the merger of Loyola College and Sir George Williams University, he had also been appointed Vice-Rector and Principal of Loyola Campus on August 10, 1973, by the Board of Governors of the coming new institution which officially became Concordia University in August 1974. Only a few months before, on March 20, 1974, Father Malone announced his resignation from both positions. Father Malone received an Honorary degree from Concordia University at its Inaugural Convocation (Loyola Faculty of Arts and Science) in June 1975.

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